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File: d698e5b71b8d072⋯.jpg (6.04 KB,richard.jpg)


Hi everyone.

First I have to say that THIS TOPIC IS NOT SPAM!

I need a favor and only an American/Canadian citizen can do it for me.

It is not something complicated.

Let me explain:

I need a source code of a free program which is distributed only to American and Canadian citizens. Is the code of a block cipher called Hasty Pudding Cipher (HPC): http://richard.schroeppel.name:8015/hpc/

/\ In that page is said: "The code for the Hasty Pudding Cipher is freely available in the US and Canada. Send me email with a phone number, the city where you will receive the reply message, and stating your citizenship. I will email you the program. (You get to compile it)."

Here is the favor:

Send an e-mail to rcs@cs.arizona.edu asking for the Hasty Pudding Cipher source code, also write in the e-mail a your (american) phone number, the city you are living and state your citizenship. He (Richard Schroeppel) will call you by the phone number, so when he do that, state your citizenship, say that you are a cryptographer wanting the Hasty Pudding Cipher for studying it, say that you want all the source codes of Hasty Pudding Cipher that are on his page (the files are: hpc-gcc.c and hpc-ansi.c), and tell him the city you are living actually.

Once having the two source code files, send them as attachments to my e-mail: nobody667@dnmx.org

If you could do this favor for me I would be very grateful.


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