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manténganse hidratados

File: 978f6e70c43ef3c⋯.jpg (120.85 KB,1204x803,1204:803,1638643131882_2_.jpg)


I'm glad to hear that there are still a few havens left where feminist, materialist cultural imperalism hasn't taken hold over mankind's natural urge and need to reproduce.Don't let biased, hateful and medically inaccurate articles like this ruin your appreciation for the way nature works.

Women should breed as soon as they start Turning Red. It's better for their physical and mental health, better for the children, and better for society. Paraguay may have many problems, but they're right about this.

I hope the Socialist-Capitalist conspiracy never takes over this tiny remaining oasis, extolling them with the "joys" of school, industrial work, abortion and childlessness, and they can remain a beacon to the rest of the world until the day comes when the change we want will spread over the world again!


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