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Bailey Jay

Blue Bailey Bow Baby.


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Looking for a roleplay partner/buddy

Okay this is my first posting this sort of currently looking for an like-minded pervert and who most of things I'm into as I'm looking for some detailed literate pretty self indulgent, erotic roleplay that's primarily centered in fandoms.Here's more information on what I'm exactly looking for:


Please contact me if you actually interested.

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Fokk3rs thread

Does ANYONE have Ed-Fokk3r's Patreon exclusive TFTG sequences

if so, PLEASE post 'em here

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Nken/Uturou paid content thread

TFTG arts from Nken's Pixiv fanbox, Fantia, or Enty.

Previous theread : 8ch.net/tf/res/4020.html

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Prinnydood and Grepstrash TFTG

Someone please post these pictures of Prinnydood and Grepstrash

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Friendly hello from


Feel free to check us out and hopefully post some stuff

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Best Kept MTF and FTM Celebrity Secrets:

Which Celebrities do you think pass the best? I think Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lopez are tied for me.

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Was wondering what recommendations their are for Art and Artists of TGs and TFs

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Dragon Transformation

Post Some Scalies and whatnot

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Rules of posting pics (forgot to post it)

1. Do not post IRL pics

2. Do not post guro pics

3. Do not post scat pics

4. Do not post snuff pics

5. Only post Transformation and Transgender pics

For example: Bimbofication or Monsterfication

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Tg Artwork

i noticed that their is not a lot on this thread so i'm just going to try start something, just post any TG artwork you got or want to share

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Bimbofication TFTG

Somebody post bimbo art pics plz