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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, main.jpg)

093859  No.5322934

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Friday 02.22.2019

>>5320727 rt >>5320696 ————————— Just another coincidence we dropped [LL] was offered a SC seat

>>5320696 ————————————–——– The Deal of a Lifetime?

>>5320205 ————————————–——– Our reach is a direct threat to their control. (caps >>5320232)

>>5319456 ————————————–——– Attacker = member of local ANTIFA chapter (joined April 2018).

>>5319191 ————————————–——– Pepe is proud and has never been more popular.

>>5318964 ————————————–——– [Soft Push of New Narrative - Example] (caps >>5319029)

Thursday 02.21.2019

>>5311412 ————————————–——– Welcome to the Democrat Party.

>>5311089 ————————————–——– They know what's best for our Country?

>>5310417 ————————————–——– #WWG1WGA

>>5309759 ————————————–——– #Truth

>>5309085 ————————————–——– Why are memes so important?

>>5308930 rt >>5308748 ————————— THEY WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO REGAIN POWER.

>>5308748 ————————————–——– Political forces @ work?

>>5308483 ————————————–——– Equal justice under the law or RIGGED SYS?

>>5305044 ————————————–——– You have more than you know.

>>5304336 ————————————–——– Be ready for the 'Q', Anon(s).

>>5304214 rt >>5303949 ————————— We are the news now (WW).

>>5303685 ————————————–——– What is the process to enter a SCIF?

Wednesday 02.20.2019

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Tuesday 02.19.2019

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are not endorsements


>>5177229 MEMES ARE IMPORTANT: Memetic Warfare Division is RECRUITING

>>5251148 Board search got its own domain: https://qresear.ch


>>5322597, >>5322600, >>5322602, >>5322626 Trump touts criminal justice reform and low black unemployment at African American History Month event (potential POTUS meme material)

>>5322688 NJ Senate passes bill that would keep Trump off 2020 ballot unless he releases tax returns

>>5322162, >>5322214, >>5322295 In memory of 10 US airmen who died when their bomber crashed in Sheffield in 1944

>>5322353 Iran Claims Infiltration of U.S. Command Center, Commandeers Drones (q2793, >>5247821 related?)

>>5322733 DoD tweet - "USMC training in extreme environments to maintain maximum lethality..."

>>5322538, >>5322617 7.7 Magnitude EQ strikes Ecuador @ 5:17am est. Yes folks, 77@17. (QNN Reporting)

>>5322666 Eminem not happy about Netflix cancelling Marvel's 'The Punisher'

>>5322191 173 arrest warrants issued in human trafficking case, with more anticipated

>>5322200 Fact check on Governor Gavin Newsom State of the State (of California)

>>5322237 Dig on origin of Planned Parenthood - Netherland/Cabal connection?

>>5322245 Dig on the crazy town that is current Finnish politics

>>5322270 NXIVM case update

>>5322336 4Chon post that didn't age well

>>5322340 ABC Staffers Are Defending Robin Roberts

>>5322362 Babies being born without arms in France

>>5322366 Former FDA commissioner says agency erred in allowing drug companies to promote opioids for long-term use

>>5322370 FF? Food from Sandtown Middle School where kids got sick had THC

>>5322371 “THE” Keystone State: Pennsylvania.

>>5322378 China Uses DNA to Track Its People, With the Help of American Expertise

>>5322395 Oral-B Glide floss tied to potentially toxic PFAS chemicals, study suggests.

>>5322396 Oregon housing squeeze sets stage for statewide rent control

>>5322346 LGBT Sports Group Drops Martina Navratilova Over Objections to Transgender Athletes

>>5322349 Hillary Clinton met with Biden, Klobuchar on 2020

>>5322849 Researchers were able to follow the movements of battalions during NATO's Trident Juncture exercise using social media


>>5321388 Mike Rogers leads NSA to retake Oath to Constitution in December 2015

>>5321391 some additional pb notables from PBA

>>5321423 Portland's city council voted to pull out of FBI terrorism task force

>>5321486 Huawei and 5G

>>5321487 Creepy Porn Lawyer was paid to blackmail Cohen?

>>5321361 anon got a reply from OIG on a FOIA request about q-post re: Don Mcgahn emails

>>5321589 Julian Assange received an Australian passport in September 2018

>>5321699 AOC scolds media for reporting on her new luxury high-rise

>>5321710 US Army - That feeling when youve completed the mission

>>5321680, >>5321657 Pope, UAE, Roths - Holy See, old Q post, Roths loan, maybe a dig here

>>5321909 Feast of the Chair of St Peter 02/22/2019

>>5321777 KEK: digits confirm weze comfy AF during a happening tonight

>>5321392 for keks, footage of the Smollett "attack" just released.

>>5322063 #6801


>>5320716 Charles Barkley making fun of Jussie

>>5320690 Berkeley pd 8/2018 arrest list

>>5320645 5 Americans Arrested in Haiti With Arsenal

>>5320618 Q The Basics in Hindi

>>5320871 Q post 2856

>>5320748, >>5320766 DIA FOIA 01/16/2019 repost

>>5321077, >>5320890 LL past Q drops

>>5320715, >>5320938, >>5321165 LL/SC deal proofs/graphics

>>5321228 Berkely Antifa are looking for this guy (twat from today)

>>5321272 #6800


>>5319856, >>5319930, >>5319939 The hunt for antifa guy, long hair guy was arresteed in 2017 riots

>>5319874 The hunt for antifa guy, agent provacatuer comparison

>>5320376, >>5320337 Berkeley Antifa FB page

>>5319954 Berkeley flyer

>>5319924 NSA surveillance allows for "2hops" in the communication chain

>>5320347 Defense Patrick M. Shanahan’s Meeting With Belgian Deputy PM

>>5320541 #6799

#6798 Baker Change

>>5319188 March MADNESS Q post 911

>>5319146 MSN normalisation of vampires and blood drinking

>>5319415 Smollett family friend Angela Davis

>>5319680 Antifa Berkeley Guy ID bun

>>5319671 News articles regarding antifa guy

>>5319719 #6798

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7ffbb3  No.5322947

QANN: Q Anon News Network

Opening up a QANN of whoop-ass on the Deep-State.

093859  No.5322948

Hand Off Request

Bakers lurking?

889b96  No.5322949



Those deals are shitty. If you start from the point where the gov's take what money they need from the pockets of the populous, then you have conclude that any tax break and give away's AMZN get;s is paid for by everyone else.

You cannot drive past a walmart without noticing even the fucking traffic lights are not set up for the traffic but to make it easy to go to fucking walmart.

This all part of the sell out, don't jump on the side to promote these deals just because some stupid bitch opposes them.

0b8be6  No.5322950


btw, she really had nothing to do with amazon not going to ny. the local community outrage was what did it. it is already a heavily congested area with cars and subway is crazy crowded, close to a bridge going to manhattan so amazon being there would have made it beyond absolutely insane. so that is a complete and utter lie and misdirection to say she had anything to do with it.

5d80f3  No.5322951

File: b4b770d112a0381⋯.png (77.57 KB, 624x514, 312:257, reti[q]latingkrumbz.png)

File: 8e22f86003e77cd⋯.jpg (91.18 KB, 931x1200, 931:1200, Dzx6cfxUYAAnD6T.jpg)

File: 3129ebe0e05c471⋯.png (621.15 KB, 600x1200, 1:2, itscornretard.png)

File: a5d5b64c529d5b9⋯.png (624.82 KB, 600x1200, 1:2, itscornretardimpicklerick.png)






we even got the _right_ _kind_ _of_ _pizza_ *wink wink* *elbow*

folks here are some meme breadcrumbs for you to feast on keep it locked here on Radio Free Penis Pump, home of the loli of the onloliline.

>wow ulillilia much

>wow nice typo

68a0db  No.5322952

File: 029bc3c9795b0e1⋯.png (89.23 KB, 629x430, 629:430, QNN-blank.png)

had some fun with this

093859  No.5322953

baker signing off

ghost handoff in effect

anons prep for Ebake in case no one picks up

c3b1ad  No.5322954


These are all great.


399311  No.5322956

File: 1d749b8e9a47424⋯.jpeg (322.33 KB, 1600x829, 1600:829, 4E4E3CEB-B1AB-46E2-BCAF-6….jpeg)

Told ya….kek

Elite hate your commoner asses

791f5d  No.5322957


I can bake a bread. Where is the dough post?

Confirming Handoff?

508d25  No.5322958

File: b81cf0c12021cc9⋯.jpg (21.46 KB, 600x319, 600:319, McConnelObama3525.jpg)

>>5322878 lb

Because Republicans are just a different brand of communist than Democrats. Aside from paleos, libertarians and tea partiers of course.


68a0db  No.5322959


no thanks

553c8d  No.5322960

I'm sure that Anons have an idea that the person who attacked the conservative in Berkley is lively a member of Antifa?

How do you find him? He forgot he wasn't wearing a mask?

5d80f3  No.5322961

File: b6bf33a0162b8da⋯.png (726.9 KB, 600x838, 300:419, b7440583c536bbe9f6bc8c7da5….png)


>it's cool the loli and the weird arabs who have renounced boys or ddos have now taken over the bread

>wow thankfully stuxnet is what saved the middle east

>phew wow weird right?

>yeah wow super weird

>iran thanks the nsa for stuxnet

>iran yeah bigups from iran

>yeah wow arab brothers right

>totally good fighters

>wow rude pick a side dude

>no u


a2158e  No.5322963

It’s actually BLACK history month, not AAHM. There is a distinction.

e1c0b1  No.5322964


Q World News

0b8be6  No.5322965


what about ANN, Anon News Network

5d80f3  No.5322966


>understandable have a nice day

>children you're doing so much better

>old b must survive the storm


4ac5ff  No.5322967

File: 3820973cc4cd8c7⋯.jpg (7.64 KB, 255x143, 255:143, Best Black History month e….jpg)



a2158e  No.5322968

He has already been identified. Read Q? >>5322960

ebb159  No.5322969

What happens when no dough is posted?

889b96  No.5322970

File: 5f2bc576d8a15e1⋯.png (156.9 KB, 1350x764, 675:382, ClipboardImage.png)

a2158e  No.5322971


For reelz!

5d80f3  No.5322972


>we have dough

>confirm dumb link?



92c63e  No.5322973


fuck off shitstain

c3b1ad  No.5322974

File: bc3e0759808f6c8⋯.jpg (60.27 KB, 640x560, 8:7, D0Ah4wKX0AM-oWr.jpg)


5d80f3  No.5322975


>show me ur butt

ce87f1  No.5322976

File: 828488ec8626b8c⋯.jpg (96.82 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1550806802019.jpg)

It's great to see Q knocking the piss out of Ann Coulter. I'd love to see you guys troll more "esteemed" right wing personalities.

Pic unrelated: Just young Jussie with a cool looking helmet.

e46509  No.5322977

Baker, please provide pastebin for lurking Baker ready to!

5d80f3  No.5322978


>hi dear loli translator here, very good at lolimaic

>she is saying

>"ur buttmad"

081935  No.5322979

File: 67cb601d6ed64f5⋯.png (1.58 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 9F0DC7F0-D376-4A23-8876-3E….png)

File: bf9c07647579dab⋯.png (424.33 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, AEDE424C-3536-4B00-8EA5-96….png)

File: 401027f7c82a11a⋯.png (804.67 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 1CD2D8D9-F040-4E72-A431-FB….png)

File: 49fc45ff90e1416⋯.png (221.28 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, F7752718-7157-4760-8367-24….png)


Not entirely true, fren.

AOC’s big mouth was partly to blame.


5d80f3  No.5322980


>google last measure

59481f  No.5322981

File: e17de1eceb3e3a5⋯.jpg (191.44 KB, 760x368, 95:46, morning.jpg)

7f4939  No.5322982

File: 8f7970b477e9480⋯.jpg (115.68 KB, 800x500, 8:5, 2uc391.jpg)

File: e28e6f3b056a06e⋯.jpg (110.77 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 2sead7.jpg)

488b5f  No.5322983


>What happens when no dough is posted?

Pick it up from previous bread and update as required.

e46509  No.5322984


google is for asshats

791f5d  No.5322985

File: 713f93815fc2f38⋯.png (331.51 KB, 500x609, 500:609, P&LMadafakas.png)


Looks like I have to go back a bread a re-create…


I can manage…

Morning Fags

f69290  No.5322986

>>5322957 Baker - I have a notepad which includes LB notables. Should I make a paste for it? - looks like baker signed off. See >>5322953

c3b1ad  No.5322987



Gotta use sour dough from PB i think?

(I have no idea… just wanted to say sour dough)

e46509  No.5322988

e1c0b1  No.5322989



Q Anon News?

5d80f3  No.5322990

File: 693b4cc8faa6c2f⋯.gif (777.17 KB, 850x850, 1:1, 5C084D16-27D5-6E98-6044F7D….gif)

>you should show them the mp3 stuff you guys have been doing it's fun



>well spoil it for them

>oh okay that's fair

>this is stupid play it in a media player

>*extremely Bill Murray voice* Yuuuule LOVE IT!

889b96  No.5322991


so you would rather go after AOC or Bezos?

Seems if your enemies are destroying themselves, you should get out of they way.

c28695  No.5322992

The truth about Ann Coulter and Donald Trump beef?


002b45  No.5322993


“WTP” We The People

3f810a  No.5322994

File: eb465790066e04c⋯.png (44.23 KB, 275x183, 275:183, night-shift-together.png)


tyb! You were here a long time, I just napped and came back

a68857  No.5322995

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

"We all pee when we get excited!"

This is what we're up against, anons. Normalising Urolagnia through children's toys!

Peeing Pup Game


>It's a game of ""hot potato"" as kids take turns passing the pup and petting its head, and then when the puppy barks it's time to pass him to the next person. The little pup makes cute sounds with all this attention…but watch out! He loves to be petted but he just might pee. The only player not to get peed on by the pup wins!

These people are SICK!

2e1799  No.5322996

File: 4f93d07ae3b71bf⋯.jpg (109.5 KB, 1148x746, 574:373, SickCuntPepe.jpg)

TimeZone Anon, out.

Good night, Glorious Faggots.

Love you all (no homo)

f69290  No.5322997


Was keeping tabs on things - created a pastebin w/LB notables just in case:


e1c0b1  No.5322998

File: 0ec4d03af8ec146⋯.jpeg (37.96 KB, 255x198, 85:66, 886DC326-28C2-4B8A-B2F2-0….jpeg)

5d80f3  No.5322999


>understandable link is dumb and benign

>indeed oldfags know it well and true

>indeed but who knows if the christmas islands are important


>is it a holiday in the christmas islands


>what else does cx stand for


>consider the following: x3

>ah hm indeed

>also consider the gentoolians

>perhaps there is a missing letter: cxx?

>ah the legend of the sea plus




>good job!


5d80f3  No.5323001



>>minecraft kids


5be25e  No.5323002


>>5322924 lb


"Fair, but not Balanced"

Q-SPAN still has that noice, bipartisan ring to it. "Not left vs. right" "Good vs. Evil."

I love Q-SPAN. Identifies itself clearly as Cable news, but no ode to CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, or NBC…

791f5d  No.5323003


Nah, it is ok - I am already back at pb grabbing un-risen dough


Appreciate the help anon. If you can watch for notables while I get this going I would be grateful.

081935  No.5323004


Kek. I agree with you there, fren.

Stand back and enjoy the fireworks.

fee8ff  No.5323005

More and more this situation has me thinking about the end of the civil war in a tactical / strategic sense. Confederates being deep state / cabal and Q / POTUS being the Union army. During the siege of Petersburg it seemed nothing was being done but the Confederate ability to wage war was slowly being destroyed. The Confeds eventually ran out of men and materials (These BS investigations) until Petersburg and the capital RIchmond had to be suddenly abandoned (DECLAS) and the Army of Northern Virginia fled west in a desperate attempt to link up with any reaming CSA forces (Who had their own problems). But soon found themselves surrounded be three Union armies. General Lee was left with only two choices: Fight and die or surrender. Things went from what appeared to be stagnation to the end of the war very quickly.

When things start to move they will move fast so buckle up patriots and God bless you one and all!!!!

002b45  No.5323006


WTP “We The People”

e46509  No.5323007


And that's why you're that guy! Thank you

f69290  No.5323008

>>5323003 Will Do.

e1c0b1  No.5323009

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Music theme

722135  No.5323011

6G= Free energy/tesla?

ebb159  No.5323012


Thanks, fren. I'm no baker. Just curious if no dough would create a rift in the space/time continuum.

29358c  No.5323013

File: fef0fcd93b440cf⋯.png (263.19 KB, 643x485, 643:485, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 614808b94225081⋯.png (163.52 KB, 565x392, 565:392, ClipboardImage.png)

a68857  No.5323014

File: ed2301d4317bed0⋯.mp4 (2.69 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Peeing Pup Game Hasbro Ga….mp4)


"Peeing Pup" video from the Hasbro website.

553c8d  No.5323015



Thanks…Yes I do..

e46509  No.5323016

File: 4d07ae9261fe6a3⋯.jpg (355.16 KB, 1016x1620, 254:405, Pacific_exposition_tower.jpg)

File: 783d614a5595172⋯.jpg (76.8 KB, 661x900, 661:900, wireless_electricity_24.jpg)


older tech ;)

7f4939  No.5323017

File: 84099d6259982c4⋯.jpg (132.64 KB, 889x500, 889:500, 2uc2ha.jpg)

File: 80150ece2daf3c1⋯.jpg (119.89 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 2uc2zt.jpg)

081935  No.5323018


Qanon United Information News

Qanon United Information Network


5d80f3  No.5323019

File: 429d53fa7a6b602⋯.jpg (30.49 KB, 702x395, 702:395, thinkaboutit.jpg)


>sensing a China thing here

>ah yes there's been weird tiger and dragon shit going on in the overworld loli's world

>indeed, a good distinction

>does that make you nether loli?


>wow nifty





>trying to seed from the thread

>slow thread is slow am I right


>did you know

>every cat?

>is technically a long cat

>think about it

>wow carrots and fingersnaps all around

>I've got ranch, kids

b398fd  No.5323020


Fellow mudflooder?

68a0db  No.5323021

File: 9b529ed0f1f9497⋯.png (152.48 KB, 409x284, 409:284, QNN-original.png)


this was the original

and last night they were working on it

to make it better

I just played with the graphics a bit

59481f  No.5323022

File: 30b16814a47bdf2⋯.jpg (228.9 KB, 1531x861, 1531:861, genedrivefinal-1_custom-1b….jpg)

Scientists Release Controversial Genetically Modified Mosquitoes In High-Security Lab

Scientists have launched a major new phase in the testing of a controversial genetically modified organism: a mosquito designed to quickly spread a genetic mutation lethal to its own species, NPR has learned.

For the first time, researchers have begun large-scale releases of the engineered insects, into a high-security laboratory in Terni, Italy.

"This will really be a breakthrough experiment," says Ruth Mueller, an entomologist who runs the lab. "It's a historic moment."

The goal is to see if the mosquitoes could eventually provide a powerful new weapon to help eradicate malaria in Africa, where most cases occur.

"It's very exciting," Mueller says.

NPR was the only news organization allowed into the lab to witness the moment the releases began in early February.

The lab was specially built to evaluate the modified insects in as close to a natural environment as possible without the risk of releasing them into the wild, about which there are deep concerns regarding unforeseen effects on the environment.

"This is an experimental technology which could have devastating impacts," says Dana Perls of Friends of the Earth, an environmental group that's part of an international coalition fighting this new generation of modified organisms.



5d80f3  No.5323023

File: cf2294a837057fb⋯.png (429.92 KB, 610x413, 610:413, psyopsareunderp.png)

>haha memes tho

e46509  No.5323024


Morning Fren :)

29358c  No.5323025


Tartaria like?

791f5d  No.5323026

File: 2be1b25d3276b82⋯.jpeg (121.65 KB, 1200x818, 600:409, PepeHandoffConfirmed.jpeg)

Assuming Responsibilities

Baker is Bakering!!

c3b1ad  No.5323027

HiQ News

High IQ News


a630d3  No.5323028


YES! Definitely yes. It should be Anon News Network, because anons are the news, and we are Q.

2ad4f3  No.5323029

File: 16ab44d4f4188a6⋯.png (339.19 KB, 623x603, 623:603, ClipboardImage.png)


e46509  No.5323030


Yes, possibly.

5d80f3  No.5323031


>plant: *grows*



>plant: *grows*



>plant: *sprouts*


59481f  No.5323032

File: 834f4fb837781d2⋯.jpg (326.74 KB, 2360x1330, 236:133, sketch.mit.v2.jpg)

China’s CRISPR twins might have had their brains inadvertently enhanced

New research suggests that a controversial gene-editing experiment to make children resistant to HIV may also have enhanced their ability to learn and form memories.


60b51e  No.5323033

File: 7818ee2e817d358⋯.png (572.53 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, SANGER-RUTGERS-EN.png)


Dutch Anons need help. Help dig for more Dutch info, it's in the center of the Cabal's empire.

I'm on it…




Connections to CF

Politicians like Rutte and Dijsselbloem

Is Wilders connected to Israel/Mossad?

Human trafficking/Ignored adoptionbans

Nederlandsche Bank

Go for it!

68a0db  No.5323034


goes back to bread 6792 or 6793

4ac5ff  No.5323035

File: 85eceeb835d2770⋯.jpg (71.27 KB, 533x800, 533:800, Democratic Bull Shit.jpg)

29358c  No.5323036


Mudflood imminent… :(

508d25  No.5323037

File: 286a92e1190f7ab⋯.jpg (49.11 KB, 400x500, 4:5, 1549056301707.jpg)


Theyre fucking retarded. Shouldnt be playing God. Everything exists for a reason…

e46509  No.5323038


Looks that way, possible 5G use.

8462a7  No.5323039

File: d07b502387478ab⋯.jpg (52.43 KB, 540x458, 270:229, fake crime fake ratings.JPG)

081935  No.5323040

File: 66f36d8004e5c87⋯.png (1.06 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 291D8F79-D2F4-4EBD-9575-B7….png)


Good Morning, Baker!


59481f  No.5323041

File: a21f901605fde17⋯.jpeg (732.43 KB, 1446x2158, 723:1079, 19670304_c1.jpeg)

c3b1ad  No.5323042

File: 7d6e2d9515db68b⋯.png (345.28 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KekArmyHiRes.png)

Need to sleep

Here's kek army render Hi Res

(not Gif)

722135  No.5323043

File: d5fbf21d384a6ec⋯.jpg (90.39 KB, 449x600, 449:600, 41468_1-449x600.jpg)

5be25e  No.5323044


anybody got a blank one?


c0c0e6  No.5323045


for Search, DIGn, n, Q_JUSTICE to prevail on QNN


3ef68f  No.5323046

Anons.. need halp

Just turned 30 not too long ago. Don’t have much to my name and mediocre job <$30k/yr

Sick of spinning my wheels so to speak. I have to make things happen this year. I’m not asking for any handouts just advise. >”Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.”

I want the American dream. I want a little land (small homestead) and to build my own house. Steel house frame kit is $30k (doesn’t include sheathing, subfloor, insulation, roof decking or shingles etc) so I need to make $100k total in next two years to fulfill my dream. I don’t have a degree but do have writing skills, web design skills, could be decent in sales job.

Do any six figure anons know how I can get to that goal?

In addition to my job should I:

Write another book? (I’ve wrote 2 so far. I could make money writing erotica but it feels like selling soul. Plus if I ever had kids I’d have to lie about how I got bread on table.)

Build niche website? (Been there done that)

YouTube? (Who wants to see my mug? Although I’d be good at comedy. Definitely not gonna try ‘Q decode’ channel and beg for muh donations kek)

Keep inventing? I’ve temporarily patented a few things but couldn’t get the pitch out for it and lost rights. I do have really good ideas yet to be told. Some of my fears are that ideas would get seized and it would take me years before I’d make a buck if at all.

Or what else could I do to reach my goal?

e46509  No.5323047


Woah, so pretty.?

5d80f3  No.5323048

File: 4f7fd2dcdd0539a⋯.png (410.19 KB, 1920x1280, 3:2, 1920px-Flag_of_Afghanistan….png)

>hey langley did the burritos in the cafeteria improve

>the loli actually really wants to know

>yes I've been using my kids to keep up with MuckRock and what have you to make sure you've been doing okay with the food they have there

>I understand how things have been upsetting with regard to quality control in the cafeteria

>I hope you're all doing okay

>frankly, I don't care

>but, you know, I still care. kind of.


>'cause they love me.

59481f  No.5323049

File: de42d5dc6a6c530⋯.png (369.93 KB, 1500x1018, 750:509, 9903421a8babf3d4717c4fb578….png)

b398fd  No.5323050


The hole is much deeper than we think

f69290  No.5323051

>>5323026 Only notable up to the point of bakering. TY Baker.

>>5323022 Scientists release genetically modified mosquitoes in Hi-Security lab

081935  No.5323052

859aa3  No.5323053


The world is officially fucked.

It's that sad that is laughable, what worries me with shit like this is.







3b921b  No.5323054


Of course the puppy is peeing on their faces, wtf

5be25e  No.5323055

791f5d  No.5323056

File: b0ac359b3c02bd9⋯.jpg (38.96 KB, 800x533, 800:533, Dough.jpg)

Hey Look!! DOUGH!!!

Better late than never.


722135  No.5323057

File: cad984e77ce4e82⋯.jpg (45.12 KB, 696x522, 4:3, qaa.jpg)

b7e17c  No.5323058


I kind of think this is is a two fold problem.

The younger crowd hates the establishment too, but because they are programmed into a left vs right paradigm they elect one of their own who spouts the left wing talking points but does not have the real knowledge or experience. This is highlighted by frequent public gaffs that end with accusations of attacks and claiming victim status (liberal defense), the problem is even victim status cannot defend against absolutely absurd comments and policy statements. The left, fearing that this behaviour will ultimately destroy their power (even though they believe in the policies) will do one of the following.

1. radically shift further to the left because their media allies have created a false echo chamber, which makes them think that there is more support than there really is. (Ref. Reagan vs Mondale). This is a replay.

2. continue to throw radical candidates out there, pushing radical policies and ideas causing a dramatic shift in support from moderates, independents and even those within their own party. They will do this while secretly holding back their real candidate that once presented will seem moderate and less crazy pulling back the base.

Both are dangerous because both lead to the same outcome and policies. One is done secretly, the other is done radically. Overton Window in full effect.

With 90+% of the media negative towards trump, its obvious they are setting this strategy up. The in your face is the fact that the base across the entire spectrum is noticing this and hopefully will not fall victim to this BS.

Unfortunately, since representation is based on the total population and not on citizens, the continued importation of immigrants will soon make the left right choice obviously just a choice amongst a uniparty line. This is validated by the obvious actions of both parties that they we the people mean nothing because we the people can be replaced by we the immigrants. The problem with this ideology is that with the replacement strategy, they will eventually be replaced once the base replacement has been completed. In the end we all lose and unless some serious changes occurs we are just riding the coaster towards the end of the line.

791f5d  No.5323059


Oops, I am a barely-awake Fag



c0c0e6  No.5323060



e46509  No.5323061


Agreed, I'm learning slowly I know nothing of this realm and have been purposely lied to.

Every knew finding destroys percieved reality, I'm begining to think we as a species organically manifest this place overtime. wild thoughts this early

e2fb05  No.5323062



b331b4  No.5323063

Morning anons…

>>5322177 (lb)


791f5d  No.5323064


Thanks Anon. Have updated new current Dough.

3b01ca  No.5323065


More like a massive sucking sound caused by the vacuum at the moment the last remnant of free speech, real newz and truth was extinguished forever from the interwebs.

e39ebf  No.5323066

Been here since day one but so much is clicking together now.

Q's post yesterday regarding Renegade: The realization of how much self-control was possessed by those who KNEW, but could not act, just blows me away. Some of us are Peters who would have cut off the ear and ruined the plan. Admiration.

He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty,

And he who rules his spirit, than he who captures a city.

Like a city that is broken into and without walls

Is a man who has no control over his spirit.

efed31  No.5323067


No secrets with our news.

3f810a  No.5323068

File: 2a1b55d05f0eb6c⋯.jpg (28.24 KB, 255x173, 255:173, news pepe.jpg)


It's a GREAT meme….many thanks, anon. I laughed my way through many breads last night. Just took a nap and got back. Here's my favorite Pepe newscaster. There was some text in the second mirror that I took out. Please keep making more variants, great stuff.


f6fdb7  No.5323069

File: e402261079c1e13⋯.jpg (1.34 MB, 1577x2020, 1577:2020, SatSriAkalQGoldenTemple.jpg)

File: 3e4e3b65e478d37⋯.png (2.2 MB, 1577x2020, 1577:2020, SatSriAkal.png)

Autism compelled me.

Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru

ccaa4b  No.5323070


It takes time, I did not start to “make it” until I was in my 40’s. The journey is more important than the destination.

3b921b  No.5323071


As they'd say "literally"

4e4b10  No.5323072


Infinity News

4b1f0d  No.5323073

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

There’s a YT video before Christmas of a lady walking through Walmart showing all the sick and demented toys…. this is mild compared to some of the toys… there’s also a poo game….


722135  No.5323074

File: 91db902d0951a9a⋯.png (490.83 KB, 634x621, 634:621, 234234.png)

5:5 First Lady!

5d80f3  No.5323075


>qnx news 1700 here with a commercial

>the movie "the core" is coming out soon

>turns out it's turtles all the way down

>more traffic on the 10s when we manage to get our helicopter out of… well we have no idea where it is

>great update bill

>we need to practice after all

7f4939  No.5323076

File: 042991b6eb7000a⋯.jpg (123.68 KB, 800x500, 8:5, i87yu7.jpg)

399311  No.5323077

File: 6a6abea17bd9418⋯.jpeg (86 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 4616F3CA-CEC4-4019-A341-6….jpeg)

e1c0b1  No.5323079


If you are good in writing

Write for other people

Like memoirs

or tutor students to write essays

Or help people with cover letter/resume writing

3b01ca  No.5323080


Good morning fren. Welcome to this brave new World.

29358c  No.5323081


WTF - From the Daily Beast

A former member of Fox News’ “Medical A-Team” was reportedly sued by three female patients within the past year claiming he lured them into sexual relationships that degraded the women through beatings and bondage. One woman even got a tattoo featuring the doctor’s initials so that he could claim “ownership” of her.

According to The Boston Globe, the three malpractice lawsuits against Dr. Keith Ablow claim that he instilled feelings of distrust and “self-recrimination” while treating the women for depression. The three women involved said they relocated to Massachusetts from other states at Ablow’s request.

One Ohio woman described how she received Ketamine shots after visiting Ablow in 2015 to treat her depression and started having Skype sessions with him. Ablow reportedly began to ask the woman personal questions, then started asking her about her sexual preferences—specifically if she liked to be dominant or submissive.

“I had never had a therapist or any professional take such an interest in me,” the woman said in her affidavit, obtained by the Globe. “At some point, it became normalized and frankly necessary for me to communicate with Dr. Ablow several times a day.”

She soon moved to Newburyport to be closer to Ablow for sessions. She reportedly recalled undressing in front of him and performing oral sex. He also allegedly beat her while she kneeled on the floor.

“Sometimes he would use his hands and other times he would take off the belt he was wearing and use that to strike me,” the woman wrote. “This belt had a metal buckle with a skull on it.”

Another former patient of Ablow’s, from New York, got a tattoo of Ablow’s initials upon his request and endured allegedly abusive behavior.

“He began to hit me when we engaged in sexual activities,” she wrote in her affidavit. “He would have me on my knees and begin to beat me with his hands on my breasts,” she wrote, “occasionally saying, ‘I own you,’ or ‘You are my slave.’”

The third woman—from Minnesota—filed her lawsuit against Ablow last year, and reportedly claimed her sexual relationship with him started when he promised to help her music career while treating her. Two days after Ablow set up a meeting with her and his music producer friend, he took her to an adjoining room in his office and had sex with her.

“I remember that my mind concentrated on a ticking clock in the office to get through it,” she said.

After she stopped seeing him in November 2015, Ablow allegedly claimed she “trespassed her property”—which the woman said never occurred. Ablow also denied her malpractice claims and said she was “negligent to a greater degree” in a legal filing.


29358c  No.5323082



Three former co-workers of Ablow’s reportedly filed affidavits supporting the patients’ claims, and also accusing Ablow of sexual harassment. Amy Dixon, a former staffer, told the newspaper she had an on-and-off sexual relationship where he would hit her and tell her he wanted a “master/slave relationship” with her. She claimed that Ablow pointed a gun directly at her during sex at one point, and their encounters often left “bruises and abrasions.”

Another former employee, Janna McCarthy, wrote in her affidavit that he would ask her to schedule appointments with attractive women who were struggling through trauma and were “sad, lonely”—specifically during times when no one else would be in the office.

“I was concerned that he was engaging in sexual contact with some of these women,” she wrote.

Clyde Bergstresser, whose firm represents the three women, told The Daily Beast that he was “proud to represent these brave women.” He added: “I think it was very courageous for the former employees to submit affidavits for these patients.”

Ablow’s attorney, A. Bernard Guekguezian, told the Globe that Ablow denies “any and all allegations of improper behavior or substandard care in their entirety.”

“Dr. Ablow has been a respected and highly regarded psychiatrist who has for decades helped countless patients,” he told the newspaper.

Aside from his medical practice, Ablow has had a long career as a TV commentator, including a stint as Glenn Beck’s co-author and preferred on-air shrink, and perhaps most notoriously as a Fox News contributor, where he often heavily dosed his medical commentary with overtly sexist, right-wing politics.

In 2014, the psychiatrist mocked first lady Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity initiative by saying “She needs to drop a few” pounds. “Let’s be honest. We’re taking nutrition advice from who?” The following week, he told four female Fox News co-hosts that they “could lose five pounds, probably.” A year later he said “men should be able to veto women’s abortions,” and defended shushing a female interviewer as being “sort of playful and warm.”

At other points during his Fox News career, which ended in 2017, Ablow claimed that President Obama was supposedly not doing enough to protect the U.S. from an Ebola outbreak because his “affinities” lie with Africa. In another infamous instance, the quack doctor claimed Obama does not want to help Americans, adding, “unless the American people want to commit suicide as a nation and he's the guy who will push you off a cliff.”

Ablow resigned from the American Psychiatric Association in 2011 over his views on transgender issues, and has been criticized by other medical professionals, including former APA president Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman, who said in 2014: “It is shameful and unfortunate that he is given a platform by Fox News or any other media organization. Basically he is a narcissistic self-promoter of limited and dubious expertise.”


5d80f3  No.5323083


>the truth flag keeps getting spammed

>book of john 7:4?

>the googling begins


>"No one who wants to become a public figure acts in secret. Since you are doing these things, show yourself to the world."


>someone attempting to unmask Q?

>heard "doubtful" echo in her head

>yeah more rats, probably associated

>very likely, ghosts are legal in Japan

>of course, thank you 2channel

>*bows hir head*


>we have learned a lot from the overworld loli

d20879  No.5323084

File: f6f5696eb2b7ba0⋯.gif (1.87 MB, 480x270, 16:9, KEKE army.gif)


More hear in MEMEWARS 202 bread. Scroll down for Weather forecast version.

https://8ch.net/qresearch res/4731041.html#5316199

b331b4  No.5323085


Your time is coming anon…world about to change…

Use your gifts and get in front of a problem…so what will happen when the biscuit flips and we really understand how evil our world has been? Will there be needs for NEW services? Different information sources? Will health change? New opportunities there?

We all have gifts, find yours and develop that gift…hell if you are here you then you are called for something this will spawn or lead to…

It will come to you anon…

efed31  No.5323086

“What are the facts? Again and again and again – what are the facts? Shun wishful thinking, ignore divine revelation, forget what “the stars foretell,” avoid opinion, care not what the neighbors think, never mind the unguessable “verdict of history” – what are the facts, and to how many decimal places? You pilot always into an unknown future; facts are your single clue. Get the facts!”

― Robert Heinlein

4ac5ff  No.5323088

File: ebec0f1bf63b783⋯.gif (1.34 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Jussie assulted at gunpoin….gif)

OMG!!! So Funny!!!

Someone posted this last bread…

Jussie getting robbed at gunpoint…

Help me!!! Help me!!! Help me!!!!

7ec6f5  No.5323089

File: 84c5517001ed1aa⋯.jpg (115.23 KB, 882x833, 18:17, 1a.JPG)

File: cafa2f7cb02ce36⋯.jpg (77.4 KB, 743x483, 743:483, 3.JPG)

Police raid home of former Goldman banker


3ef68f  No.5323090


How is the journey more important?

Also, I don’t want to look for a wife and have kids if I down have land with garden and a few livestock. My greatest fear with having kids is that when the economy goes sour again I wouldn’t be able to feed them. I went hungry sometimes growing up myself and out grew my clothes and was called the poor kid in school kek. So having land, garden and house without debt is priority for me.

85b282  No.5323091

File: 3fd354556f3dbbc⋯.jpg (81.51 KB, 962x642, 481:321, BobWoodson.jpg)

My favorite line from Trump's speech last night - given by Bob Woodson (far right in pic):

"Mr. President, I want to thank you . . . for turning over the tables at the Temple!"

7f4939  No.5323092

File: fecdd2a9851ecff⋯.jpg (117.45 KB, 750x499, 750:499, 1l5iyk.jpg)

File: 9676dbca7999536⋯.jpg (334.85 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1ltbzh.jpg)

5b0edd  No.5323093

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Good morning you glorious anons, POTUS, Q!

Did anyone catch this?

These beautiful, suffering people have been focused by POTUS many times, but m-bird media will NOT pay any attention to them. Wonder why?

Love to all of you and prayers for /OUR/ victory over evil.


4ac5ff  No.5323094

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Another YouTube version of it with sound!!!

c52ce3  No.5323095

File: 538d01259765b5a⋯.jpg (225.77 KB, 1500x1018, 750:509, Roseanne Barr Smollet WTAF….jpg)

f6fdb7  No.5323096

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What if Pewdiepie VS T-Series was an anime (part 2)

b331b4  No.5323097


AI development of Spiritual development…choice soon…I do also think we are way past singularity..

I doubt Q is AI, just to much creativity needed…just sayin'

5d80f3  No.5323098





>found the rat

>wow that wasn't hard thanks loli loli


889b96  No.5323099


It's an uphill battle. Part of the problem is the opportunity has diminished.

Hard to do while you keep the Lights, the water and the wife turned on.

One of the reason the Fed is at the top of my list. 50 years ago, one man, one job and your kids can go to college. Now 2 jobs and you struggle to make middle class.

What has happened is a crime. Labor has been devalued and opportunity extinguished.

85b282  No.5323100


I think this idea would make a great meme - or Garrison cartoon!

f586a7  No.5323101

File: fd35c4ecc871138⋯.jpg (37.92 KB, 315x542, 315:542, NORTH.jpg)

>>5322761 lb




Agree. Speaking of handlers, at the ripe old age of 11, Smollett had a supporting role in North, directed by none other than this guy.

>>5318964 Q pb


Dig the pink rabbit.

cf93c3  No.5323102



5d80f3  No.5323103


>consider colloquialisms

>who calls what "AI"?

>what is "AI"?

>Silicon Valley calls longcat functions "AI"

>oh wow 300 sloc that's some baller machine learning

>AI is fake news

>think on that one kids

e2fb05  No.5323104


keep putting away small amounts for savings, keep applying for better paying jobs. Ask for raise. Look for other income (dog walking, house sitting, people who need help help with shopping etc.)

c52ce3  No.5323105

File: b3ecf489795ed60⋯.jpg (231.68 KB, 1500x1018, 750:509, Roseanne Barr Smollet WTAF….jpg)

5d80f3  No.5323106


>not a fileshare server

f6fdb7  No.5323107

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Quit Cryin… Build The Wall

264c8a  No.5323108

File: 3831e91be741c82⋯.jpg (310.97 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, ORCHARD-063-1.jpg)


NEW! Now with real piss. Come on kids you too can smell like Granpa.

e1c0b1  No.5323109


Neon greennot red,imho

5d80f3  No.5323110


>build the wall

>peek over the wall

>learn to break their wall

>learn to defend your wall

>all of the above are important for various reasons

5d80f3  No.5323111


>"peeking through the fence" goes all the way back to huckleberry finn

>oh the forbidden blog


7f4939  No.5323112

File: ea85705256fc86c⋯.jpg (84.64 KB, 562x499, 562:499, 2q7qks.jpg)

File: d07232e7a8fefdf⋯.jpg (81.76 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2twqy0.jpg)


u take yourself with you wherever you go.

the only destination is death, therefore, u gots to enjoy the ride & journey along the way with what is available here & now.

your life will not get better after you get such & such.

there will always be unexpected illness, injury, disease and misfortune.

u live in hell.

f6fdb7  No.5323113


when life gives you a hurdle or wall… you have a few options.

3f810a  No.5323114


Thanks baker for recreating the dough. Educational to watch the process go down and all the cooperation among anons. Great work, anons!

Plz tell me if this is correct. To update the dough, you had to go back and grab the notes plus any Q posts (there were none this time) and insert them into the previous version of the dough in notepad, then upload it into pastebin.com, and generate a new dough (and updated pastebin link). Have I got this straight?

1a6186  No.5323115

File: 1202b581b04d34c⋯.png (4.2 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 006B2F02-3F9B-47E7-9CAE-1F….png)

File: 0d9d897c277941b⋯.gif (3.79 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 5C838D96-484C-4B42-BF5A-DA….gif)

Didn’t see it yesterday but another example of why we need stronger walls!!

cf93c3  No.5323116


greentext shill's new?

98f132  No.5323117

The End : Grid

Third March

Part 1. Trivial lookups

Twenty nineth March

Part 2. Non-trivial lookups

e4655d  No.5323118



as in, 'we are the'

8c0b77  No.5323119

File: 8adbb8c54398def⋯.jpg (57.41 KB, 620x393, 620:393, kamalabig.jpg)

791f5d  No.5323120


Exactly correct future BakerAnon!! Ready to give it a try?

5d80f3  No.5323121


>get one of those controls with a turbo button boom next question

6a3fdc  No.5323122

File: ce670174cebd165⋯.jpg (30.53 KB, 500x433, 500:433, keks in vuvuzela.jpg)

They're pushing the narrative that the Smolett was a purely an attempt to "boost his career" thing.

Bullshit. %100 spin. Damage control.

>All those photos of this assclown with a who's who of corrupt demtard fuckery. Gillum, etc.

>family connections

>knowing exactly who these people are and how they think.

Make no mistake, the guy is an activist first, actor second.

The "boost" he was expecting for his career was merely a side benefit.

If the investigation/trial isn't sandbagged by the usual swine, It's gonna come out that he was coached/given a go ahead in some way shape or form.

f43eef  No.5323123

File: 718682dd8a33d06⋯.png (369.52 KB, 514x637, 514:637, 17C04D07-04C9-482B-8B30-C9….png)


God bless these amazing patriots who are working so hard to spread the truth.

3f810a  No.5323124


Ah, a "pepe green" QNN version. Very nice.

b331b4  No.5323125


almost a notable…PERFECT!

728363  No.5323126

Just wanted to throw this out there to see what y'all think.

If somebody is found guilty of a crime and it's found to be racially motivated then there is an extra penalty - as it can be classed as a hate crime.

What if somebody fakes a crime to incriminate or discredit a particular racial group, such as a hate crime hoax. Could then the charge of "hate crime" be also added to another charge such as "filing a fake report"?

Context is [Jussie]

5d80f3  No.5323127


>my character in every thread is the newfag retard who won't stop shitposting, please learn the Q anon larp and lore, they're on /erp/

b331b4  No.5323128



f69290  No.5323129

File: 58d01085df79ca2⋯.jpg (427.48 KB, 1153x1387, 1153:1387, geragos-www.geragos.com-20….jpg)

File: 81a3eedde91a813⋯.jpg (407.92 KB, 959x3030, 959:3030, geragos2-www.geragos.com-2….jpg)

File: 9d1738794071579⋯.jpg (560.06 KB, 1239x1863, 413:621, geragos edited landmark ca….jpg)

Reposting from last bread. Smollet's attorneys. Mark Garagos of "Garagos and Garagos". Offices in L.A., Las Vegas, Rhode Island and NY. So what have they been up to in the past? Oh ya know, just saving the asses of some bottom dwellers like Chris Brown, Roger Clinton, and (Friend of Wm/HRC) Susan MacDougal. You know - the usual stuff.

Important to archive before posting websites Anons!!! Garagos' web site was edited between 0620 Eastern and just now! WE ARE THE NEWS!

http://www.geragos.com/about/notable-clients (archived: http://archive.fo/4hxqn)

5d80f3  No.5323130




>common occurance

>ah, I see, no, that one is easy

>but it explains the battlefield


8c0b77  No.5323131

File: eee1f9650536c97⋯.png (891.23 KB, 1917x1079, 1917:1079, eee1f9650536c97229fee2fd62….png)

b331b4  No.5323132


everybody.."STAY BACK"..he has a gun!


c0c0e6  No.5323133

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


embed: click "Show post options …"

look for embed and pasty tasty view :)

791f5d  No.5323134


Well, almost exactly correct… I run a MacBook, so instead of notepad I have to use an app called "COT Editor"

5d80f3  No.5323135


>"notable" occurred in the middle of our post arabs

>did we just go to a different country

>wow this board doesn't do more than one arabic language

>wow not inclusive


>oh thank god

6a3fdc  No.5323136

File: 4a2f17c8d744102⋯.jpg (17.48 KB, 474x296, 237:148, me gusta.jpg)




8c0b77  No.5323137

File: 298f322ce19cf79⋯.jpeg (66.76 KB, 450x570, 15:19, eed73944b76d701968249e9c4….jpeg)

3ef68f  No.5323138


I agree with you completely and recognize this fact and do my part by supporting MAGA, voicing support, voting and sharing MEMES etc

But the fact is before boomers the generations before it didn’t have it so good. Only the boomers. They won the birth lottery kek. But it’s not to say we can’t have it good again and we are on our way to MAGA land which is good.

Despite the adversity, there are folks who didn’t go to college still making it 6 figures right now so I just need advice on how to get there in next few years so I can have the American dream. There’s got to be some talent I can exemplify in a way that I’ve not realized before.

093859  No.5323139




Past Baker Here

Sorry for the sour dough, frens. Will do better next time! Thanks for cleaning my mess. Happy to return the favor some time. What else are frens for. WWG1WGA!

5d80f3  No.5323140


>wow look out men he just might be serious

a5388c  No.5323141

>>5322937 (lb)

Bishop revealed yesterday in Oz news that her political heroine was one M. Albright . . . . .

5d80f3  No.5323142


>why are the bakers ignoring afghanistan, kids

>why won't they pick up afghani crumbs

>this might be of interest

notable but not official

29358c  No.5323143

File: 0edb69e54b5d1b3⋯.png (264.73 KB, 1081x488, 1081:488, ClipboardImage.png)


>Dig the pink rabbit

"…with its entrails spilling out"

081935  No.5323144

File: 7479033feafaf92⋯.png (1.68 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 77178899-29FC-4072-B497-E4….png)

File: b9b608a070f25f1⋯.png (1.32 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 6A41F245-0D76-4EF5-8AD1-87….png)

File: 504954f7305d0e9⋯.png (895.33 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 664D72EF-C8D5-4269-A4C0-EC….png)

Charles Barkley throws out Jussie Smollet Keks during halftime show.


f6fdb7  No.5323145


"Your dough is bad, and you should feel bad."

I feel like there's a meme here…

889b96  No.5323146


What if everything that can happen, did happen, and you align with a timeline based on your vibration. Change your vibration and change your timeline. If you are in Hell, fix your vibration.

It's not about what happens to you, it's about how you react, you define your timeline.

Then there is no blame, there is just you, and how you are.

4b1f0d  No.5323147

Hmm feb and sunrise is already here at 6:30 am. Midwest… seems the days are already getting longer…

88b32e  No.5323148

File: cd11d7081d095b2⋯.png (251.13 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, image.png)


BOMBSHELL UN DOSSIER UN aid workers raped 60,000 people as it’s claimed organisation employs 3,300 paedophiles

The dossier claims United Nations aid workers have raped 60,000 people and estimate that the organisation employs 3,300 peadophiles

6a3fdc  No.5323149

File: 759a727448e4486⋯.png (167.77 KB, 517x316, 517:316, nice.png)


>"Mr. President, I want to thank you . . . for turning over the tables at the Temple!"

f6fdb7  No.5323150

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Heroin Hell Yea

cf93c3  No.5323151


f6fdb7  No.5323153



Wil'in out an' gittin' violent ain't off the table, my nigga!

68a0db  No.5323154

File: d3ebc9c228ed5a7⋯.png (179.96 KB, 629x430, 629:430, QNN-berkeley-thug.png)

002b45  No.5323155


Do something you love, you will excel at it! Also, find a niche nobody else is addressing in your field

791f5d  No.5323156

File: 60589315e2944ab⋯.jpg (109.28 KB, 710x508, 355:254, BakerFren.jpg)


50 Lashes for (You) MR!!

Kek, it's all good man :)

f6fdb7  No.5323157

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


5d80f3  No.5323158

File: e29b90f02e70807⋯.png (199.42 KB, 802x500, 401:250, DF084D16-27D5-6E98-C86B27C….png)


>he would build a house

f69290  No.5323159

>>5323120 Thanks Baker - you gud? I'm off to IRL but can check in if needed.

081935  No.5323160

File: 5087794b7025dc7⋯.png (1.02 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, A03E19D2-027D-4DAA-AE7E-DB….png)

File: 6cf05f46562411c⋯.png (1.97 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 3F56B31C-A167-4112-A3A8-29….png)

File: 994e892f655fa62⋯.png (1.85 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 8A6F4952-8667-4AB7-A858-2E….png)

Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris are offering reparations to black Americans, in order to hang on to black vote. Pathetic.


f6fdb7  No.5323161


gotta git muh shekels somehow, i guess

399311  No.5323162


EMT guys love to stalk women, and the cops let it happen

dd9bb3  No.5323163


this is fucking disgusting that this country kisses illegal alien ass and gives the finder to these citizens. This vid needs to go viral. BUILD THE WALL but more importantly- we need to DEPORT every single illegal alien NOW.

5d80f3  No.5323164


>yeah let me sip my juice and eat my carrots

>you can't hear me for a reason dumbass

f582e2  No.5323165


Yep, green wins.

c94d72  No.5323166


Good morning, P&L.

Operating on standby owing to workfagging.

Should be able to bake later this morning or this afternoon if need be.

Hope you're doing well.

God bless and kick ass.

3b01ca  No.5323167


Aye, softpornfag, you are at a very dangerous place if selling your soul is an option that you so casually throw out for consideration. Learn a trade, or a craft rather, that would be in high demand in tough times. Work hard and keep those devilish hands of yours busy adding something positive. Create and PLEDGE to a bi-weekly secure drop box for savings and take good care of your teeth. Learn from this oldfags’ mistakes.

5d80f3  No.5323168


call out the bakers for ignoring afghanistan

get called out for jewing the thread

notable but not official

>carefagging owns

002b45  No.5323169

File: 32c911cd60e83ed⋯.jpeg (445.76 KB, 1125x728, 1125:728, F131EED9-1E29-4061-BD64-D….jpeg)

Ahhh, coffee is ready…

4147f7  No.5323170


Is Q a quantum computer calculating possible scenarios? Even knows to make spelling errors to appear human.

d20879  No.5323171


Love this guy…

2ad4f3  No.5323172

File: e6c30eb5bc1572d⋯.png (449.12 KB, 566x710, 283:355, Jussie Smollett Innocent.png)



Hate hoaxer Smollett's past tweets keep coming back to haunt him!

5d80f3  No.5323173


>oh weird israel doesn't even pay attention to afghanistan

>weird no not at all

>weird the middle east isn't important at all

>weird what's arabic

>uh do you mean numbers

>no I mean the word

>oh you know actually it's kind of a misnomer there are lots of different dialects of the loopyloops they're quite pretty

c3bdb3  No.5323174


Trying to buy back the black vote

7e4288  No.5323175

Two days ago…these two faithful Cardinal of the Catholic Church have identified the problem - homosexuality among the clergy. This is one of the forms by which the Luciferian cabal has invaded not only the Church but society and governments at large.


An open letter from two cardinals

Walter Cardinal Brandmüller | Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke

Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Dear Brothers, Presidents of the Conferences of Bishops,

We turn to you with deep distress!

The Catholic world is adrift, and, with anguish, the question is asked: Where is the Church going?

Before the drift in process, it seems that the difficulty is reduced to that of the abuse of minors, a horrible crime, especially when it is perpetrated by a priest, which is, however, only part of a much greater crisis. The plague of the homosexual agenda has been spread within the Church, promoted by organized networks and protected by a climate of complicity and a conspiracy of silence. The roots of this phenomenon are clearly found in that atmosphere of materialism, of relativism and of hedonism, in which the existence of an absolute moral law, that is without exceptions, is openly called into question.

Sexual abuse is blamed on clericalism. But the first and primary fault of the clergy does not rest in the abuse of power but in having gone away from the truth of the Gospel. The even public denial, by words and by acts, of the divine and natural law, is at the root of the evil that corrupts certain circles in the Church.

In the face of this situation, Cardinals and Bishops are silent. Will you also be silent on the occasion of the meeting called in the Vatican for this coming February 21st?

We are among those who in 2016 presented to the Holy Father certain questions, “dubia,” which were dividing the Church in the wake of the conclusions of the Synod on the Family. Today, those “dubia” have not only not had any response but are part of a more general crisis of the Faith. Therefore, we encourage you to raise your voice to safeguard and proclaim the integrity of the doctrine of the Church.

We pray to the Holy Spirit, that He may assist the Church and bring light to the Pastors who guide her. A decisive act now is urgent and necessary. We trust in the Lord Who has promised: “Behold I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world” (Mt 28,20).


081935  No.5323176

7.5 magnitude earthquake strikes near Ecuador-Peru border.


4fd64b  No.5323177

File: f0c9a407bb91a1a⋯.jpg (274.83 KB, 1498x1012, 749:506, QNN LLJenner.jpg)

5d80f3  No.5323178

File: 2e94cce648bc9ee⋯.png (868.76 KB, 1354x784, 677:392, surprisedpikachu.png)


>muh larp

>muh juice

>mfw red team thinks everyone but them has brain damage despite that being true

f6fdb7  No.5323179


so… what payment did carpenters work for in israel ba-… fuck.

They would have been using Roman currency.

You're technically correct, which is the best and most respectable kind.

Muh Denarii

cf93c3  No.5323180


If Q wasn't real trump would have tweeted about it.

End of story.

081935  No.5323181


Definitely. Makes them look even more racist, imo.

532e3b  No.5323182


UF did that years ago with Love Bugs…to no avail. They were supposed to eat the mosquitoes, but didn't. Now FL is overrun with Love Bugs every April and Oct.

b331b4  No.5323183



3ef68f  No.5323184


But it is the twinkle in the eye that shines of our persuit of happiness; not the dreary haze, sunken eyes and regret.

Our existence is so much more.

5d80f3  No.5323185


>haha catholics are freaking out

>weird who pretends to be a catholic

>haha suka blyad

>haha suka blyad indeed

889b96  No.5323186


baby boomers ruined everything, they coming in in the wake of that generation is like walking through a waste land, plundered and squandered.

I learned (when I was making 35K) you can only focus on what is in front of you. Knowing what you know is the first step.

it's harder to control what you make, it's easier to control what you spend. Easy to say, hard to do.

I bought some property when I was making 35K, paid it off in 5 years, build a pond, built a house (250K in value).

I did it all myself, I don't ask for help or forgiveness. You can do it too, it's your only hope for a nice retirement, not what you have in the bank, but what are your expenses?

I work from home, I carved out my own life but it is never easy.

Cut your cost, avoid debt, and get your home paid for. If you have a 30YR MTG, you pare paying 2X over that time.

08ab2e  No.5323187


QNN The Most Factual Name in News?

532e3b  No.5323188



Messing with the food chain.

5d80f3  No.5323189


>haha vomtorialoli

d2d487  No.5323190


Learn a trade, like building slides!

791f5d  No.5323191


I am good. Happy IRL'ing to you <3

cd8922  No.5323192

File: d80b9d6cc811424⋯.jpg (353.54 KB, 1080x2004, 90:167, Screenshot_20190222-043346….jpg)


The left will eat up bezos and Amazon if this is legit.

Imagine the backlash they would get from lefties when the report that was just handed to them by amazon totally exonerates POTUS. It's like a big middle finger delivered straight to them!

438a53  No.5323193

File: 3e8530032d01b60⋯.jpeg (174.2 KB, 725x924, 725:924, 712035EC-BEE3-4E42-B9C8-F….jpeg)


What A Beautiful Day

For A Great Awakening…

Try Your Best To Remember

Every Patriot Over The Last

100 Fucking Years!!

Some Have Known The Truth

Longer/Shorter Then Other Anons…

As Long As It Is Known Is What Matters

MOST! Love All My Frens! (No Homo)

Mostly Muh Night Shiftin Niggas

Couldnt Possibly Forget Morning/Day

Shift Niggas! All My Anons…

We Almost There Niggas..

Someone Falls Pick em The Fuck Up!

As Always… If You Niggas See Somethin..

Then FFS Say Somethin!!!

ebb1af  No.5323194

This whole thing about the blood is a mystery to anon.

Have written about it before.

Blood drinking will do nothing to extend human lifespan.

There is not a single study that suggests otherwise.

The study linked in the NYPost story has nothing to do with blood drinking


The article Q linked in the NY Post is idiotic - no untypical Tabloid reporting - make shit up sell papers.

Ambrosia treatment was a clinical trial - did not use blood -

blood did not sell for $ 8000 a liter - blood was not used in the protocol plasma was, but IT was not priced at 8 k a liter either.

Does the reporter ask "what were the results of the treatment? "

This ooking about blood gets posted here over and over, and it is wrong, every time, and no one bother to fact check or correct. MSM tier reporting. That embarrasses us all or it should.

the real question for anon is why did Q link a fake news story about blood drinking in NY Post?

Does anyone have any idea?


Cultists may well drink children's blood, they rape and torture them - but if they do drink children's blood, they do not do it to treat aging; they do it for their own unHoly reasons because drinking blood, young, old, straight or on the rocks ,will do SHIT for longevity.

So what's with this bullshit?



4147f7  No.5323195


Not if MI is using it FOR his benefit.

1ab2cf  No.5323196


This meme is outstanding. BEST. MEME. EVER.

The whole series of these - whoever came up with this is a GENIUS.

5d80f3  No.5323197


>does control have a name


f69290  No.5323198

>>5323191 (You) Making America Great Again - one bake at a time. Sincere respect.

791f5d  No.5323199


Morning DB. I will bake next bread, prolly sketchy after that…

Glad to be here in my element amongst my fellow patriots!!

081935  No.5323200

File: 7e36dcdf0446b9b⋯.png (241.55 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 5E177B6E-3F37-457B-9F1A-AB….png)

File: fad9fef4cb22e12⋯.png (3.16 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, BC8C780F-056F-4958-B15E-DE….png)

File: a6dabdd38bec767⋯.png (3.35 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 88E61C64-5CCD-4CE0-8669-E3….png)

File: e69743cb73e8816⋯.png (3.63 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, AA128883-0CC5-4EE8-9D74-3F….png)



29358c  No.5323201


Its nothing about EMTs. But ok.

3f810a  No.5323202


Not tonight, I think. I'm practice baking but am very slow. I can do all the different pieces but when I put them together, I'm close to blanking out from the "cognitive overload." In order to bake, I would need to make this an automatic process–overlearn it. Which I will try to do with practice bakes for the moment.

This cognitive overload is why even some people who know how to bake don't do it regularly. Has to do with temperament, I think. Belief many bakers are "faster" thinkers–often lightning fast. I'm a digger synthesizer–deep but slower.

But I am also developing baking instructions for myself and perhaps others. This is because the current instructions tell new bakers to make a new thread early–but no baker I've asked actually does this. So I changed the order to reflect that.

Would like feedback (I first wrote "feedbake") on those instructions if things are slow enough for you to give it. Feedback from anyone would be welcome. I can upload after watermarking so no one takes them "as is." Don't want them floating around until nailed down.

d2d487  No.5323203

File: 4027d7ea8149220⋯.jpeg (35.51 KB, 462x463, 462:463, 1dae84ca5aa9616227771c92c….jpeg)

f582e2  No.5323204


The UN needs to go.

c0c0e6  No.5323205



/lb NOTABLE for DIGn here

for Search, DIGn, n, Q_JUSTICE to prevail on QNN

>>5322875 /lb

please clean up the noted text to "[not S. O'Conner]"

5d80f3  No.5323206


>hi we've got a live update from the zfi am 740 news room more reti[q]lating crumbz

>bakers who were working on the baking and were outright ignoring afghanistan are heard to be stonewalling on the issue of why they are outright ignoring afghanistan

>more on this as it develops but we might just have to just shut up and see what tumbles out of the lolidom

>haha cute


002b45  No.5323207


Agreed! Love it

8462a7  No.5323208

File: 9962d741f42e0af⋯.jpg (85.76 KB, 708x611, 708:611, svoc 5g.JPG)


5d80f3  No.5323209



b331b4  No.5323210


>they do not do it to treat aging

Yes they do anon..apologies, but they do…see below:


"In the parabiosis experiments, it was elegantly shown that factors derived from the young systemic environment are able to activate molecular signaling pathways in hepatic, muscle or neural stem cells of the old parabiont leading to increased tissue regeneration. Eventually, further studies have brought to identify some soluble factors in part responsible for these rejuvenating effects, including the chemokine CCL11, the growth differentiation factor 11, a member of the TGF-β superfamily, and oxytocin. The question about giving whole blood or specific factors in helping rejuvenation is open, as well as the mechanisms of action of these factors, deserving further studies to be translated into the life of (old) human beings."

1ab2cf  No.5323211


It's Willie's willie.

5d80f3  No.5323212


>taunt for seeing patterns

903fc9  No.5323213

File: 84cb9f8ff950190⋯.png (579.57 KB, 2200x837, 2200:837, pepe frens.png)

399311  No.5323214


UN needs to go!


e46509  No.5323215

File: d9bd1d81b9d10e6⋯.jpg (34.9 KB, 231x255, 77:85, cortz.jpg)

ada329  No.5323216

Q hopefully you guys have your FED plan in place. It’s looking like the economy is turning over. Numbers aren’t looking good and it’s looking like a big one. I’d say get it done and dusted before 2020 but that’s just me.

f6fdb7  No.5323217



<What's going on in Afghanistan?

2b570f  No.5323218

File: dc13e8aff5031d5⋯.png (10.17 MB, 2864x2897, 2864:2897, merkabaspin.png)


c0f917  No.5323219

File: e25a120da82da96⋯.jpg (25.43 KB, 333x499, 333:499, 51UPvHlJmWL._SX331_BO1,204….jpg)

b331b4  No.5323220



with the other one…

UN is heart of fuckery…just sayin'

cf93c3  No.5323221


oh, I thought it was the old Q is a larp AI.

Q team not being human would indeed be interesting but I'm going for human so far.

8462a7  No.5323222


How about Irish Americans…slave labor…forced out of the UK with a FF disease on the potato crop.

c94d72  No.5323223


Amen to that.

Jazzed as fuck right now.

Today is going to be a good day.

God bless, Anons.

I hope you all have a great day.

d2d487  No.5323224

File: 1be3301f6c58b19⋯.jpeg (12.91 KB, 255x171, 85:57, c15e2b835920c7cb5fb4879ea….jpeg)

f6fdb7  No.5323225


Don't forget about PALANTIR.

It's an obvious blend.

ffs people -_-

dab612  No.5323226

So another patriot friend mentions:

>>I’ve been thinking more and more about that lynching Bill being a Q proof. I think it got passed due to the “they’ll be afraid to walk down the streets once we find out all that they’ve done”

It's certainly a possibility, but we need the outrage against what Smollett was actually trying to accomplish to build from the normies.

Clearly he would've been fine with a Ferguson-type situation as a direct consequence of his actions to get a fucking raise at his play-pretend job.

That can't stand.

The bill passed the Senate, but runs the risk of approval in the House if we don't get most folks to make the 2+2 connection that the premise that "we have a racial emergency on our hands" that got it over the hump in the Senate is utter fantasy.

Folks are going to have to call out the fabrication to their House members and we need a couple dozen reps on the left to be afraid for their jobs.

5d80f3  No.5323227


<subtle, moving too fast, suddenly bots

>wow robot kid vs intersekt much


889b96  No.5323228


Anyone who says hundreds of thousand of poor white southerns marched into a hell of canon fire to keep slavery, when they owned none, is full of shit.

History is written by the victor, and re-written for convenience by the status qua .

3ef68f  No.5323229


Learned a few trades. Have to do desk work now. I have the skills to build my own house but will do so few hours a day. Not in best shape to do construction 8-10 hours a day like I use to. Glad to see local population building homes again when I drive past construction sites. Used to be nothing but illegals.

68a0db  No.5323230

File: 4714caaa423cf65⋯.png (180.78 KB, 629x430, 629:430, QNN-shoe-fail.png)

2a7c5a  No.5323231

File: 273ec8d79d3665f⋯.png (64.97 KB, 614x400, 307:200, Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at ….png)

Noting that POTUS omitted a question mark after asking, "Was she promised…."

5d80f3  No.5323232


>Q isn't real, Trump has never tweeted directly to Q

>it's logic I agree


f586a7  No.5323233

File: 3db71474a6c5080⋯.png (52.96 KB, 610x219, 610:219, prisoner-dilemma.png)

>>5320205 pb Q


perceptive comment


f6fdb7  No.5323234


She was!

Her choice.

21eb2b  No.5323235

File: 41cc83527aab62f⋯.png (747.44 KB, 888x500, 222:125, ClipboardImage.png)

Savage fucking meme anons! Thanks for that meme voodoo that you do so well! This one needs to go viral!

791f5d  No.5323236


I appreciate that you are trying Anon. Baking is really not hard, technically. Most of the fear comes from being roasted about ones choice of notables… If you wanna try, I recommend taking a mid-night shift. The breads move slower so you have more time to think & process.

You can do it!

c0c0e6  No.5323237



PROJECT: FREE $$$ for (((you))), VOTE for (((them))) distraction _narRATives

8a1d6c  No.5323238


fox will now give him a leading role, huge pay increase and fox can say they are not racist

this is how warped the society now is

081935  No.5323239

File: fbb1e9e052cba4f⋯.png (1.89 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, C8E224F7-AF60-4B03-BA06-2B….png)

File: d3947e5093c1b54⋯.png (198.6 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 13748B75-C4F6-4780-A864-8E….png)

File: 7c853b8d9b6ec6d⋯.png (236.48 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 988525B2-1D2B-4383-BE48-91….png)

File: 0fb98d802603cd2⋯.png (1.47 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 48FCECDA-9C36-42FF-9E37-5B….png)

ISIS Bride still in UK news.



c0f917  No.5323240

File: 91b71c2cea3f11f⋯.jpg (103.05 KB, 500x738, 250:369, 4rttye5yw4tf5ty.jpg)

0aaf7c  No.5323241

File: 17082a19f1dcd2e⋯.jpeg (130.9 KB, 977x961, 977:961, LL Q.jpeg)

Rational analysis of the last two Q drop. We know something very fishy went on at the infamous tarmac meeting. But what we don't know is what was discuss or what was offered. Q and Trump Chimed in and affirm that LL was offered RGB seat at the Supreme court. OK…..

Where is the evidence for this? This is a very big accusation. I think we should demand more than just affirmation without confirmation. You know just being rational here.

6e8681  No.5323242

There will be a lot of vinyl products headed to the dump. Our couch needs to go asap. Getting an antique couch from auction.

85b282  No.5323243


Don't waste your life "preparing to live"; focus on where you want to go, but enjoy the journey! I lost a good friend a few years back; he'd worked hard, built a nest egg, always wanted a farm. Well, he sold his business and bought that farm, about 80 acres with nice house, big barn, fields ready for corn or something; a year later, he had a massive heart attack, and died. So, don't lose the joy of living day-to-day in pursuit of that dream;

1ab2cf  No.5323244


I wish I was more computer-capable.

Are these memes done with some kind of software package?

57f39a  No.5323245

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Attacks coming from all sides:

David Icke says Q is "Bollocks" (British slang for Nonsense; rubbish)


f88e27  No.5323246

File: 34dbae5cdc32659⋯.png (464.59 KB, 1000x611, 1000:611, Barr-meathead.png)

File: 279b5d8e1d95331⋯.png (460.07 KB, 1000x611, 1000:611, Barr-media.png)


[Soft Push of New Narrative - Example]https://twitter.comhttps:



IF enough of us take on each of their twitter statements with memes showing their true intent their will become an incentive for them not for them to spew false narratives, knowing if they do they help educate their followers to Q

e.g. below

5d80f3  No.5323247



>triggered zalgo

>that was neat

>yeah the "you can hear the loli level" is basically "fuck you and die"

>oh no wonder we've been fyading and pumping so hard

>yeah pretty much


>right now

>"hi. we see you."

>or rather.


>keep hitting it and seeing what happens

>they unlocked your stupid legend lol

>you're dead just stop

2a7c5a  No.5323248

Looks like it was a blessed Nightshift.


532e3b  No.5323249


Is there a "blank" of this meme?

8c0b77  No.5323250



Freemasons psyoping North v South to kill each other to weaken the US. Same way the Freemasons were psyoping France and England into destroying each other in the 1700's.

081935  No.5323251


Reminds me of the stuff that went on during Obama election. Remember the old black lady saying she was voting for Obama because he was going to pay off her house? Kek.

b331b4  No.5323252


>Q hopefully you guys have your FED plan in place.

for anons paying attention POTUS interviewed an EXCELLENT candidate recently who has a track record of speaking on IRS/FED reforms…a VERY VERY good sign of where we are headed and NO WAY POTUS even interviews this person if he was not thinking reform…

399311  No.5323253


The absolute disregard for the American people by traitors

Just give a seat to SCOTUS…..WTF…..

Hang the traitors

791f5d  No.5323254


I actually "start" a new thread at about post 600 – at 650 I actually post it…

By 700 I am usually done when I post "Bakin', only have the dough & fresh bread posts to make at that point. When Q is in the house I post the new thread at about 625

5d80f3  No.5323255


>kids I think my favorite part about this level is you can just be full blown retarded here and people are just like "oh keep it down" and that's pretty much when you know they fucked up

>and then when they're silent you can be like "haha neat we can have a campfire story"

>there's lots of things you can do when the adults ignore you while they attempt to stab and kill each other all in the name of their big numbers and their pointy triangular titties and their stupid lawns

>adults are stupid, kids

>can we get more carrots please

>would you like juice?

>boy they sure seem to love


>in this thread


>good one kiddo

>thanks little loli

>ooh nice

1931c0  No.5323256

Something is clearly up with precious metals. Palladium when on a tear against other metals for not much good reason unless it was either/both a car play or/and a wedge issue metal to leverage the fix on an unconcerned market. Platinum Silver and Gold all started to react finally, but now Silver and Gold stopped and both Platinum and Palladium are moving up against the former. Is silver next to break it's chains? Is this a stealth monitization of precious metals by moving value through the weakest fixes? Keep an eye on Platinum now and look for divergence and start to pay attention to JP Morgan Chase. They have the Silver hoard. Then…then Gold.

081935  No.5323257


Kek. Yeppers.

c28695  No.5323258

File: 0f63a8ebe98f566⋯.png (842.38 KB, 1169x514, 1169:514, Tax the rich out of existe….png)


He's right. It's all about Ann-on. Qanon is over.

5d80f3  No.5323259


>notable, loud, 64

>who's the one who doesn't think they're being watched


e46509  No.5323260


Uh, Artistanon here, they can be done in microsoft paint,lol most look as though they are.

Photoshop is the standard though.

dab612  No.5323261



Those people are mentally-incapable of reconciling that slavery might've been the final straw, but the CW was a state's rights conflict, pure and simple.

c0f917  No.5323262

File: 5d1d3ecca96df13⋯.jpg (35.06 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 5d1d3ecca96df1337575ab7ad9….jpg)


David Icke is a lunatic!

He once said that he was reincarnated Jesus!

Mega KEK!

ebb1af  No.5323263

ee06f3  No.5323264


I love how POTUS pays attention to the most finest of details.

57f39a  No.5323265

File: 7b15267b7cbc8da⋯.jpg (47.46 KB, 514x309, 514:309, fb.jpg)

One set of rules for Them… Another for everyone else… Whatever happened to EQUAL Justice??? When is it going to stop?

fd8892  No.5323266

NJ is essentially ALL blue now. Every council member of every township and every mayor and every congressional representative and every state senator and everyone on the assembly committee is moving toward the same goal. NJ is the new Bolshevik Russia right behind California.

you idiots sign this into law and the rest of us who you have taxed to DEATH or taxed us so much that we have to move out of our home state because you have made it so unattractive for business to come here you will not get this without a fight. we are tired of your shit and your cheating. and guess what?

you aren't that smart.

29358c  No.5323268

File: 6120d0e6ff5c021⋯.png (757.77 KB, 1220x791, 1220:791, ClipboardImage.png)


Damn, anon. Possibly know when Jussie was turned out. :( These poor kids they put in movies. Doesnt make up for his actions… but damn.

791f5d  No.5323269


I don't mess with past bakers notables… Wasn't this re-posted this bread? You didn't tag.

5d80f3  No.5323270


>anonymous reply replying to no one

>someone lost their butt from being so mad

903fc9  No.5323271

File: 38a9a2cbe086d0d⋯.png (113.79 KB, 624x514, 312:257, reti[q]latingkrumbz.png)

081935  No.5323272



2a7c5a  No.5323273


Stable genius.

2aea04  No.5323274

File: 8420b88d735d7ca⋯.png (23.95 KB, 156x88, 39:22, ClipboardImage.png)


Time's Up CEO resigns after sexual assault allegations against her son: report


6a3fdc  No.5323275


ah. it's the usual "women stronk!" while simultaneously bearing no responsibility for their actions in entirely voluntary relationships.

Perpetual victims culturally absolved of all responsibility for their decisions while demanding equal footing and leadership roles.

As history shows, no good will come of allowing this to continue.

efed31  No.5323276



791f5d  No.5323277

File: b694d987d1ea9a5⋯.png (380.04 KB, 596x578, 298:289, PantiesWithBow.png)

1ab2cf  No.5323278


The HYPOCRACY is stunning, but also expected.

Society was asleep for a LONG TIME.

The Great Awakening.


e2fb05  No.5323279


simply having a private meeting shows appearance of impropriety and wrongdoing, especially for top US AG; what was discussed is almost irrelevant.

dd9bb3  No.5323280

two words: Colin Flaherty

29358c  No.5323281

File: 15d93645389b87c⋯.png (68.2 KB, 496x375, 496:375, ClipboardImage.png)



he just posted that.

2a7c5a  No.5323282


the medical profession is sick.

52e13e  No.5323283

File: 0aadc4dd2cb5139⋯.png (754.31 KB, 802x448, 401:224, Capture.PNG)

Philadelphia sues seven big banks for getting ‘money for nothing’ from bond collusion

The city of Philadelphia is suing Bank of America and six other major banks for conspiring to manipulate the rates of municipal bonds, illegally making millions of dollars while depriving the city of funds for public services.

Pennsylvania’s largest city, with over 1.5 million residents, filed the complaint late on Wednesday in the federal court in Manhattan. The city accuses Bank of America, Barclays, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Royal Bank of Canada and Wells Fargo of colluding to manipulate rates of variable-rate demand obligations (VRDO), of which Philadelphia has issued over $1.6 billion-worth.

The fees the banks collected, in violation of federal antitrust laws, have deprived Philadelphia and other jurisdictions of critical funding for public services, the lawsuit claims.

New: The City of Philadelphia has sued multiple banks for allegedly colluding to set artificially high interest rates on bonds, costing the city billions. pic.twitter.com/RrKKKFgVP4

— Aaron Leibowitz (@aaron_leib) February 21, 2019

According to the court documents, the banks are already being criminally investigated by the Department of Justice’s antitrust division, while the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has contacted four of the defendants with questions about their conduct.

The lawsuit claims that phone and email records will show that the banks agreed not to compete with each other for VRDO remarketing services between February 2008 and June 2016, resulting in artificially high rates and banks collecting fees “for doing, essentially, nothing.”


fd8892  No.5323285


yeah sorry. just steamed my buns. i'll just lurk until I cool off. thanks for keeping me in check.

5757b2  No.5323286

File: dce0a8391a7bc52⋯.jpg (199.78 KB, 449x600, 449:600, Quantum Q Crumbs.jpg)

I have been around here since almost the beginning breads.

Never seen Q so active and FORTHRIGHT!

Means we are in the Quantum Q Realm!

495d29  No.5323287


Ask and answered by Q

2a7c5a  No.5323288


wait, what? is there a single bit of truth in that rant after the 1st sentence?

b331b4  No.5323289


>David Icke is a lunatic!

All these "conspiracy" guys just pretty lights to distract discerning anons…just sayin'…

b7e17c  No.5323290

File: 73deb11124597ff⋯.jpg (55.95 KB, 431x290, 431:290, wangdoodle.jpg)



2aea04  No.5323292


She was already AG at the time…come on now…your slipping.

0f54ac  No.5323293


I take issue with your assertion that the Confederacy was DS. If anything, the Federalists gave rise to that abomination.

Who was for states' rights?

Who was for more central control?

Ding, Ding. Ding.

1ab2cf  No.5323294


Eating their own. Interdasting.

Link between Riener and Epstein?

There's a back story here somewhere…

a1f191  No.5323295

Berkeley Antifa is a parody account, I thought?

889b96  No.5323296


This does not violate Question everything.

He is right about action, we have to hold Q to results. If this is not a game, we should take nothing at face value.

I dislike the cheer leading, WE should be leading,

f582e2  No.5323297

File: 3c0d5095e319a3f⋯.png (75.44 KB, 775x337, 775:337, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e8987663a62241d⋯.png (13.36 KB, 760x237, 760:237, ClipboardImage.png)


Rob Reiner is a mutt.


399311  No.5323298


I feel for ya anon….lived in NJ a long time, it’s gone from OK to commie in 30 years, a true Dem ghetto

Living behind enemy lines is tough

3ef68f  No.5323299


I could lie like a devil and be rich. I could be a dirty used car salesman and cheat others. I could climb the corporate ladder and step on so many heads and manipulate my way into an easy life. All things legal but all things soul destroying. What field or what talent to exemplify in an honest way with integrity to get where I need to go?

b7e17c  No.5323300


While perhaps true in some regards, this is projection at its finest.

495d29  No.5323301

File: 6c7adb513b69819⋯.jpeg (16.78 KB, 255x159, 85:53, 29F0EE9D-70BC-4D34-8CF9-4….jpeg)

19b3ba  No.5323302

File: 94dd6e475826a3c⋯.png (1.81 MB, 900x800, 9:8, ClipboardImage.png)

a1f191  No.5323303

File: 3b4431f2cd4aca6⋯.jpeg (105.67 KB, 402x562, 201:281, 556BB55A-57C1-4AE9-9760-F….jpeg)



6e8681  No.5323304




The Punisher was cancelled by force. Like all shows it is a weapon… but it was a bad bad one. Signals with visuals. Personal experience combine with seeing that in notables… no coincidences

1931c0  No.5323305


Here come the Lizard(Lazard) shills.

e46509  No.5323306


That is a Fasces, sound weapon.

c0f917  No.5323307

File: bbdae7bfb344aff⋯.jpg (29.82 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ASNBLkhW_400x400.jpg)


Can you type that again?

dd37d4  No.5323308


Hmmm, convienetly left out that the “lying” one’s DOJ is the one that is prosecuting the Labor Secretary for crimes committed during the Obama Administration.

cf93c3  No.5323309


Using AI as a tool and using AI to act as Q are two completly different scenarios.

btw palantir smells a lot

0aaf7c  No.5323310


>simply having a private meeting shows appearance of impropriety and wrongdoing, especially for top US AG; what was discussed is almost irrelevant.

Yes and no. It was absolutely improper. But for the rest it is just pure speculation…… Until some evidence to the contrary emerge. Q and Trump made some Very serious accusation……. So where is the sauce? This is not a religion, I need more than just unsupported accusation.

f6fdb7  No.5323311


Sikh Verband Deutschland?

2a7c5a  No.5323312




don't have a memory for baseball players/positions, either.

5d80f3  No.5323313


>wow arabs are still getting ddosd despite peace in the middle east

>what's up with america man


ddf62c  No.5323314

Arizona anon here. Quiana dumped record amounts of snow on us yesterday and last night. Isn't it odd that this storm has a Q name?

78d9c1  No.5323315

File: 224fcea9072730d⋯.jpeg (97.26 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 1533172252.jpeg)

c94d72  No.5323316


And of course workfagging gets hectic.

Will not be able to accept a handoff in the next bread.

Exact return time uncertain because numpty wrangling.

Wish me luck.

3ce9cf  No.5323317


POTUS joked about hanging out with Epstein and how he likes young girl, back in the early 2000s.

It looks bad now tbh, but Q said attacks would get worse so I bet the "POTUS is a pedo" angle is coming from (((them))).

>“I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” Trump told New York magazine in 2002. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it—Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

0ae11d  No.5323318


Oh yes.

495d29  No.5323319


Hi grammar nazi. Love you (no homo)

88b32e  No.5323320


Isis bride in the news as 'we don't want her'

News ignoring the 100's white hats that are being sent here with there families. Councils asking to put them up. But yeh We won't allow this one women and child. Wankers…..

740a75  No.5323321


Memes really are effective kek

1ab2cf  No.5323322



4fd64b  No.5323323

File: d5dad4814cee9dc⋯.jpeg (32.75 KB, 540x281, 540:281, rosanne.jpeg)

5d80f3  No.5323324


>we have all kinds of cake in… the bakery *wink*

>there are… lots of… *wink* vaults *wink* in Fallout

>wow no clop please we're getting ready for school

>oh sorry loli

>sorry loli sorry loli

>that's a fun chungle

c0f917  No.5323325


Is this guy serious or he is projecting?

3ef68f  No.5323326


I’ve reached millions of folks by flying signs and memes.

Fought in the great meme war did two tours of duty, ‘16 & ‘18 elections.

Least I can ask of anons is some simple advise.

I appreciate all the oldfags for their wisdom.

b4192c  No.5323327

File: 6ff2b22311b458a⋯.png (19.11 KB, 255x92, 255:92, image.png)


Good catch anon.

Clark's comment is perceptive.

A simple investigative principle:

The moar they talk, the moar they incriminate themselves.

Let'em talks. Keep'em talking. They WILL contradict themselves. It's inevitable.

Thanks for the post.

f6fdb7  No.5323328


sensors are fun.


Has anyone put together that Christians used to be the Leftists/Liberals/Soyboys/etc etc?

Good times.

57f39a  No.5323329


didn't say I disagreed (or agreed) with what was said, just pointing out another area from where criticism is coming… thanks anon.. kek

f582e2  No.5323330

File: 89f0af00a894d62⋯.png (1.22 MB, 852x819, 284:273, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 36ed77618c57d72⋯.png (122.11 KB, 782x903, 782:903, ClipboardImage.png)

Ex-marine still in prison in Russia. Accused of spying. Russia not playing fair, according to embassy spokeswoman Andrea Kalan.


dbee2f  No.5323331


Watson = mossad = AJ buddy

3b921b  No.5323332


Don't make the black kids angry, white girl bleed

8c0b77  No.5323333


Wonder if ai can tell whether other people are ai or not. If not they would just be reacting to ai's as though they're human I imagine the conversation would get weird pretty quick

e7308e  No.5323334


never noticed shatner has the weird left eye thing going on

f17539  No.5323335


Who is "The Pathological Liar", Rob Reiner is talking about?

Does Reiner mean Trump here?

And if…why does he not say "Trump"?

399311  No.5323336



When was pervert Jeffy convicted….How did Trump influence the ruling….coked up Hollywood commies shouldn’t tweet

1a6186  No.5323337


Would love to find out Trump was the one who took those pics of the security cameras

“They allowed phones in”

2aea04  No.5323338


Joined the enemy…you know…ISIS?

Remember them?

The other ones your talking about haven't been vetted…so hard to say who is/was an ISIS member or not.

889b96  No.5323339



b331b4  No.5323340


Jump on it anons!

how the f*ck would he know what was said in SWORN TESTIMONY???

Dig on ties between Reiner and Epstein…

b4192c  No.5323341


* Let'em talks.

Let'em talk.

efed31  No.5323342


Saw it late last night. Glad to help.

52e13e  No.5323343

File: e02ec60edb6c8f6⋯.png (396.7 KB, 740x435, 148:87, Capture.PNG)

EXCLUSIVE: Testimony by FBI Lawyer Trisha Anderson Reveals Extensive Role in Trump, Clinton Investigations

A key player in the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation of Donald Trump and his 2016 presidential campaign was Trisha Anderson, who, at the time, was the No. 2 lawyer at the agency’s Office of General Counsel.

Despite having no specific experience in counterintelligence before coming to the FBI, Anderson was, in some manner, involved in virtually all of the significant events of the investigation.

Anderson told members of the House Judiciary and Oversight committees in August last year during closed-door testimony that she was one of only about 10 people who had known about the Trump–Russia investigation prior to its official opening.

A transcript of Anderson’s testimony, which was reviewed for this article, reveals that she had read all of the FBI’s FD302 forms detailing information that the author of the Steele dossier, former British spy Christopher Steele, had provided to high-ranking Department of Justice (DOJ) official Bruce Ohr.


791f5d  No.5323344


Heard, rots of ruck with Numpty!!

e2fb05  No.5323345


idk, but how can anyone provide proof conversation content without acknowledging that there was eavesdropping equipment or other spying, which would be illegal, no? Kind of a tricky situation.

dd37d4  No.5323346


go learn a trade

not joking

good money to be made there

relative in late 20s was working car wash after college - no real job to be found

Started working HVACs 2 years ago.

Making better money than myself now, happy for him

57f39a  No.5323347


who cares… what he said was correct… you can agree with what some one says, even if you disagree with what they stand for….

a1f191  No.5323348

File: da78b20955a72cb⋯.jpeg (115.32 KB, 862x500, 431:250, 264B9507-2A2F-4CC1-9349-2….jpeg)

5be25e  No.5323349

File: 6e78a93dec786b9⋯.png (456.74 KB, 1490x999, 1490:999, ClipboardImage.png)

a3ea14  No.5323350

File: 9a859e6563b8be4⋯.jpg (84.55 KB, 631x414, 631:414, 5gtweet.jpg)

File: 707f9baa435bd8e⋯.jpg (222.41 KB, 1023x660, 31:20, pizap.com15508267394421.jpg)

File: c2cc663bc8acb1a⋯.jpg (659.55 KB, 1588x1080, 397:270, pizap.com15508268337372.jpg)

Trump declared himself an enemy of humanity yesterday.

Young children will suffer the most from deadly 5G and 6G high frequency radiation.

Fuck Trump and fuck Q for staying silent.

cf93c3  No.5323351

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


for keks

081935  No.5323352

File: 058f228762fbde3⋯.png (3.85 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 5DE19778-534D-4DD1-898C-70….png)

File: d4987f7818527b4⋯.png (191.75 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 03E84AD5-95C1-4FF7-B187-57….png)

File: f77ec1dcbf08d8f⋯.png (2.33 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, CDE4C3E5-BFDF-463B-8778-C8….png)

File: 7f960089e144eee⋯.png (435.94 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 9CC05F5E-0369-45B1-A1F2-1C….png)

Interdasting - UK press is calling peppers “cowards,” etc.


dbee2f  No.5323353


Would love to see what kind of skeletons Reiner has in his closet

dd37d4  No.5323354


is this screencap for ants?

0aaf7c  No.5323355


Yes indeed…. But as stated by Q in an earlier post… a Journalist was conveniently tip off and present at the time. So……. Where is the sauce?

88b32e  No.5323356


I was getting to the fact, that she's being used a smokescreen to hide the fact other terrorists are welcome. Close the boarders, we don't have to build a wall, we have a water boarder.

Sorry. Just venting.

2aea04  No.5323357


>she was one of only about 10 people who had known about the Trump–Russia investigation prior to its official opening.

So Q is Mueller?

e46509  No.5323358


This is what worries me.

52e13e  No.5323359

File: cef43f5972144ac⋯.png (202.24 KB, 499x277, 499:277, Capture.PNG)

Video: Illegal Alien Deported Three Times Killed After Shooting at Deputy; Illegal Was Reportedly Protected by CA Sanctuary Laws From Multiple ICE Detainers


c28695  No.5323360

File: 5c5bfc75d6c8a46⋯.jpg (76.22 KB, 600x500, 6:5, president of nascar.jpg)

Is Trump compromised?

78d9c1  No.5323361

File: 13122b5040ecc90⋯.jpeg (110.75 KB, 663x921, 221:307, 1550841020.jpeg)

181be5  No.5323362


They are keeping 'The Connors' alive with fake ratings to save face. Nobody watches that SJW shit show.

efed31  No.5323363

a1f191  No.5323364

File: dd463820aa12e09⋯.jpeg (84.54 KB, 722x500, 361:250, 2B641A68-43D6-4575-B8C4-F….jpeg)


Check ur wokeness

0f54ac  No.5323365


Border NOT boarder

0aaf7c  No.5323366


Without solid evidence you sound as retarded as a Flat earther.

bd1f4b  No.5323367


Those who shout the loudest have the most to lose

c28695  No.5323368

File: 47cb06c6fc481e9⋯.png (324.98 KB, 578x638, 289:319, 1550739290698.png)


Oh, that's not good.

dab612  No.5323369



19b3ba  No.5323370

File: 0eee93a589d6285⋯.png (1.91 MB, 900x800, 9:8, ClipboardImage.png)

dd9bb3  No.5323371


It's never going to stop. The only way it stops is with overwhelming force and voting all the lib progs out. Also do NOT watch the fucking show! Don't talk about it. Turn off fox. Kill by making the show irrelevant. Any one asks, simply say why would I watch that? It's boring. I'd rather watch (fill in the blank) instead.

c0f917  No.5323372



Be a sceptic.

Trust no one.

903fc9  No.5323373



Isn't he connected to Henry Winkler ( the fonz ) somehow?

88b32e  No.5323374


Sorry American isn't my 1st language.

889b96  No.5323375



2a7c5a  No.5323376


maybe the "Christians" in yer neighborhood.

e2fb05  No.5323377


At this point you should try to find the journalist and see what they know.

b331b4  No.5323378

File: f94c0d31bf352ee⋯.png (424.47 KB, 1226x1084, 613:542, Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at ….png)



aad21d  No.5323379

File: 3fe54b73aef7484⋯.jpeg (422.88 KB, 2000x1331, 2000:1331, 62DC1575-A780-44A0-B067-8….jpeg)


a3ea14  No.5323380

File: 226966b7bda2c18⋯.jpg (134.47 KB, 1080x1338, 180:223, 45733070_287496718545969_6….jpg)

File: afc64b6e55c0c23⋯.jpg (109.17 KB, 922x674, 461:337, DiOj5NGXUAAU4W_.jpg large.jpg)

File: 83edcadc1b57cf5⋯.jpg (83.24 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Dra9MC1UcAAjyY5.jpg)

File: ca3e5120b0fdb27⋯.jpg (109.72 KB, 737x530, 737:530, pizap.com15508266394531.jpg)

d2d487  No.5323381

File: 728b0945c94c49c⋯.png (3.44 MB, 2992x3524, 748:881, 728b0945c94c49c7800e290214….png)


>Where is the evidence for this?

17edad  No.5323382




6e8681  No.5323383

File: c3248d1d4c9c6f5⋯.jpg (52.56 KB, 330x330, 1:1, IMG_1139.JPG)


There has to be. I actually believe It's …

"Follow the wives"

The real dig is on his deceased wife …(executed/suicide weekend)

6a3fdc  No.5323384


thx for the template!

dbee2f  No.5323385


I care….be carefull who you follow

bd1f4b  No.5323386


You here to shill, that is obvious, Why come to Q's board other than to try to be a disruption, Well we patriots here don't listen to crap

ebb1af  No.5323387


Parabiosis is transfusion

Blood drinking destroys proteins (blood factors) in the stomach

Anon spent a year an a half researching this subject

anon wanted to know why, when we knew how to treat aging, we weren't.

"Irina Conboy wanted to confirm her husband’s conjecture that pro-aging and pro-rejuvenation factors exist in the blood of old and young animals using a surgical technique called “parabiosis” (para, beside, biosis, living) to join the circulatory systems of two mice. Since in this proposed experiment the mice sharing their common blood supply would be of different ages to allow scientists to study the effect of exposure to one another’s blood, it would be called “heterochronic parabiosis (hetero, different, chronic, ages).

Today, before a researcher can conduct an experiment using animals that may or must die, he or she must submit a written protocol describing the proposed experiment to an institutional committee for review. In order to be approved the protocol document must include a comprehensive description of anesthetic, analgesic, and surgical methodology and postsurgical care. It must include a historical review of the procedure and the scientific rationale that necessitates it, as well as evidence of the surgeon’s training, prior experience, and skill. In the case of parabiotic surgery, where the mortality is high, the requirements for approval are particularly demanding.

cd647c  No.5323388

Satanic Arkansas adopts mile of Highway 300, plans cleanup event in Little Rock


2aea04  No.5323389


>we have a water boarder.

…that is only 1 foot deep in places, and barely moves.

0f54ac  No.5323390


All good. And welcome!!!

2a7c5a  No.5323391


ooh baby

99c37c  No.5323392

File: f96151211073ff9⋯.png (902.41 KB, 695x770, 139:154, we are the news.png)





2a7c5a  No.5323393



081935  No.5323394


Oh boy, here we go again.

dd9bb3  No.5323395


Yes he's referring to POTUS.

f6fdb7  No.5323396


I mean… historically.

0aaf7c  No.5323397


We have no idea if his is even true to begin with. This is all based on Q and Trump affirmation…. Without anything to back it up. I'm not going to start to look for a ghost.

8c0b77  No.5323398


Fake woman?

c0f917  No.5323400

File: 1f8ee3175f92924⋯.jpg (31.08 KB, 300x359, 300:359, dtqbc.jpg)


>Sorry American isn't my 1st language.

52e13e  No.5323402

File: bb9a8fe84e1c285⋯.png (286.37 KB, 661x335, 661:335, Capture.PNG)

Peskov: Moscow follows up closely Washington’s contradicted statements on US forces’ withdrawal from Syria

Moscow, SANA – The Spokesman for Russia’s President Dmitry Peskov said that Russia is following up and analyzing “the development” of the US stance regarding the military presence in Syria and the contradicted statements the US administration says every now and then with this regards.

Peskov told journalists Friday in Moscow that Washington launched in the beginning statements with regards to its withdrawal from Syria and then new statements and modifications on them were heard, adding “we sometimes hear different statements from different sides in the US administration.”

Rasha Milhem


6f1574  No.5323403


dude goes ballistic on reptiloids eating humans to stay in shape..

calls QAnon movement who legitimately control the news cycle and get libcunts to shit their pants "bollocks"…

what a fuckin fraud.

2a7c5a  No.5323404



you should ask for a refund from wherever you were taught that bullshit.

Crusaders were not soyboys.

d2d487  No.5323405

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2aea04  No.5323406


…and Queen's english isn't mine.

3f810a  No.5323407

File: ae11cf5308bf3f1⋯.png (147.98 KB, 814x966, 407:483, draft bake instructions p1.png)

File: bc5bb32794fed6e⋯.png (93.25 KB, 812x996, 203:249, draft bake instructions p2.png)

File: ae11cf5308bf3f1⋯.png (147.98 KB, 814x966, 407:483, draft bake instructions p1.png)

Re: Baking instructions

Here are DRAFT instructions that I devised for myself or anyone else who's interested. Please, anyone with experience, I'd like feedback. Don't mind the weird watermark, it's a Word glitch.


Well, the funny thing is I've done quite a few notables, that's not nearly as hard for me. I started doing this after nwb was no longer able to be here and it was mostly ghost bakers after 2 am.


Thanks very much for your experience as a baker, appreciate it.

57f39a  No.5323408


I have never seen any of these shows (Smollett's TV show, nor the new Roseanne, nor The Conners). Don't watch much TV… Nor Movies either…

f6fdb7  No.5323409


And neither is MS-13

c28695  No.5323410


Is it really shilling if it's the truth? Besides, Qpedes shit up other boards with their delusions all the time.

6baab4  No.5323411

On the RIGGED judge selection process in federal courts (TLDR at the end):

Every federal district in the United States (there are around 100 federal districts) has its own internal process for assigning judges to cases. That process includes conflict of interest checking, and so on. You would have to call each court to ask how their process works, but most use (or claim to use) a “random” system run by computers — that is, they enter a new case into a computer and magically, a judge gets assigned to the case. For anyone with even a basic knowledge of programming, the potential for RIGGING the judge selection process is therefore a severe risk.

Consider the following examples…

RUDOLPH CONTRERAS — “randomly assigned” to Michael Flynn’s case after his participation in the FISA process as a judge. Even assuming arguendo that Contreras is not a corrupt judge, he brought prejudicial knowledge to the Flynn case that any other judge who was not tied into the Flynn case would not have had. Recall the Strzok-Page texts where they were celebrating “Rudy” and trying to setup a dinner with him. CONTRERAS was one of ~15 judges sitting on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. Therefore, there was a 1 in 15 chance of him being “randomly” assigned to Flynn’s case, or 6.667% (digits confirm). The odds are even lower for CONTRERAS landing the case if you include the senior judges. By a pure coincidence, CONTRERAS was appointed by HUSSEIN. CONTRERAS was recused from the Flynn case in late 2017 – it’s unclear whether CONTRERAS recused himself or was ordered to step aside.

AMY BERMAN JACKSON — JACKSON is currently presiding over Roger Stone’s trial. By a stroke of luck, she also presided over Paul Manafort’s trial. I’ll let the math-fags handle the odds of this one. JACKSON was appointed by an in-the-closet Kenyan national masquerading as the 44th President of our great country.

RICHARD STEARNS — This is my favorite, although it does not involve our great POTUS. STEARNS is a judge on the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts. Prior to becoming a federal judge, STEARNS was an assistant U.S. Attorney in Boston during the 1980s. Know where this is going? STEARNS was part of the organized crime task force. Oddly, he was “randomly” assigned to the trial of none other than James “Whitey” Bulger. STEARNS repeatedly denied recusal motions filed by Bulger’s attorneys and the issue became quite contentious. The First Circuit ruled that STEARNS had to recuse because a reasonable person could question STEARNS’ impartiality. Former SCOTUS Justice Souter wrote the opinion. There were a total of 14 district judges, including STEARNS, who could’ve landed the Bulger case — the odds of this coincidence are even lower if you include the many senior judges on the court.


The judge selection process at multiple federal district courts is RIGGED. When sensitive cases come up, the deep state always seems to find a way to get a federal judge who will look out for the traitors’ interests. They hide behind the COMPUTER. They claim the judge selection process is “random.” It is manifestly not random — it is RIGGED. This is how they always win. All it takes is some subtle moves by a district court judge and an entire case can be corrupted.

ddf62c  No.5323412

>>5323349 Can you put the Quiana storm on the screen. Q news for sure.

f586a7  No.5323413

File: 09b721a9a16dd0a⋯.png (320.06 KB, 985x402, 985:402, Q-JS-FF.png)


House passing the bill most likely a fait accompli. Might be the first action they take up when they return from their European vacation.

Might be a better tact to build the case for POTUS to veto. This was obviously a setup for another double bind. Sign another POS legislation or risk being called a "racist" again.

Tim Scott is a co-sponsor. Does he have any comment on the recent turn of events?

>actions to get a fucking raise at his play-pretend job.

Good tactic to start poking holes in this story and keep pushing the 2+2 connection?

Q has alluded to the connection twice now.

>>5308930 rt >>5308748 pb

>>5228903 pb

Which senators got pressured into voting pro due to Smollett's FF? Any of them willing to go on record?

903fc9  No.5323414

File: 627f5d8dc2f4866⋯.png (65.16 KB, 800x720, 10:9, pepe cheers.png)

57f39a  No.5323415


I follow NO one….

3f810a  No.5323416


Looks like I had an extra copy of page one BY ACCIDENT. It's just two pages.

9e2cdd  No.5323417

File: cd7024fcc9a7953⋯.jpg (354.23 KB, 799x538, 799:538, tendie-satire.jpg)

File: 1a5cb626ed639d9⋯.jpg (130.62 KB, 1498x1012, 749:506, QNN-blank.jpg)

3ef68f  No.5323418



Got burned in HVACR (boss ripped me off 3x and we got into it so I got black listed)

Besides that, one of the things that pissed me off doing that was charging some little old lady $400 labor to replace control board which was an unplug and plug in. Took only 2 minutes. Poor lady just wanted to stay cool and not get heat stroke. Boss was scumbag.

I can’t do construction anymore have to do desk work. Not in best physical shape (physical disability) to do construction every day. I have desk job now just looking for how to use brain to make money.

791f5d  No.5323419


I will come back and look when I am not bakering. Almost crunch time now!!

d2d487  No.5323420


Wealth, industrialized north wanted cheap raw materials so they took them!

f6fdb7  No.5323421


shit dawg, whatcho twatter feed lookin' like then?

a981ba  No.5323422


Obviously, if you are going to build your own house, you have some construction skills. Pick up odd jobs as a handyman. Put up a website or online ad offering to make custom furniture. Shop at salvage stores and yard sales for building supplies. Offer small construction companies your skills for cash or surplus building supplies.

bd1f4b  No.5323423

bb9885  No.5323424

File: 00c2fac4b900e25⋯.jpeg (502.12 KB, 763x1089, 763:1089, 4095B8F8-9AFF-4D60-94C2-8….jpeg)

Begun, the great awakening, has

Cardinals are calling for a new culture of accountability in the Catholic Church to punish bishops and others when they fail to protect their flocks from predator priests


52e13e  No.5323425


What did you do to Toots… poor lil fighter needs all the friends he can get

a1f191  No.5323426

File: ed8cc1738cbbbd7⋯.jpeg (56.58 KB, 468x558, 26:31, A2BC6367-B815-4D1F-8F8C-D….jpeg)


b5e580  No.5323427

File: 69532a7ffdd5484⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 1203x1655, 1203:1655, SmartSelect_20190221-18324….jpg)

Re-run from last night.

2aea04  No.5323428

File: 1bcd7c3ee41cb48⋯.png (946.61 KB, 1280x533, 1280:533, ClipboardImage.png)

They are trying very hard to get those crumbs back, aren't they.


Top 2020 Dems say they back idea of reparations for black Americans: report


f17539  No.5323429


But he hasn't the "courage", or better the audacity to stand by his smears against the President, by using his name?

If I were Potus, Reiner would be on my list, they cannot get away with smearing everyone and no consequences for this behaviour.

ad5f7e  No.5323430

Got up early this morning and see Q has already posted, damn.

57f39a  No.5323431


I don't "twitter"…

2bfcd6  No.5323432


Checking their 'wokeness' ain't gonna fix the lies that are being rolled out.

Ignoring 5G, geoengineering, GMO's, ethanol increases, etc. don't paint a good pic.

Trump looks to be on the 'team' of one; not ours.

Making America great again means putting an end to the bullshit, not expanding it.

5d80f3  No.5323433


>hitler won

c6cf4d  No.5323434

File: f4917be719b0c7b⋯.jpeg (105.88 KB, 919x750, 919:750, Pepe trading.jpeg)

File: 5978af9616d899c⋯.png (47.1 KB, 1226x579, 1226:579, 022219 US Futures.PNG)

File: f55a94d3b5931d1⋯.png (73.27 KB, 1167x493, 1167:493, 022219 WW Crude.PNG)

"Sea Of Green" Across World Markets As Trade Talk Optimism Storms Back

One day after Bad economic news was briefly bad news again - when a barrage of US economic data misses hammered the S&P - the trusty old "trade talk optimism" is back with a vengeance, and the result is a sea of green in global markets, with European stocks and US equity futures trading at session highs ahead of today's main event, President Trump’s scheduled, and apparently quite bullish, meeting with China’s top trade negotiator in Washington. Also helping is the avalanche of Fed speakers, which today will see no less than 8 Fed speeches spreading the dovish gospel among BTFD algos everywhere.

8:15 AM Atlanta Fed President Bostic (FOMC non-voter) speaks

10:15 AM New York Fed President Williams (FOMC voter) and San Francisco Fed President Daly (FOMC non-voter) speak

12:00 PM Fed Vice Chairman Clarida (FOMC voter) speaks

12:30 PM New York Fed Executive Vice President Potter speaks

1:30 PM Vice Chairman for Supervision Quarles (FOMC voter) speaks

1:30 PM St. Louis Fed President Bullard (FOMC voter) speaks

1:30 PM Philadelphia Fed President Harker (FOMC non-voter) speaks

5:30 PM New York Fed President Williams (FOMC voter) speaks

And so one day after markets perplexingly closed in the red, US markets are set for a higher open, following similar moves across the world.

Following a mixed session in Asia, European stocks, bonds and FX markets traded near session highs in anticipation of more optimistic headlines from top-level trade talks between America and China, while ignoring the latest disappointing German data, where all February IFO survey components (business confidence, current assessment, expectations) fell from prior month, and missing forecasts while Germany's final Q4 GDP of 0.0% was unrevised from the preliminary print.

Mining and technology shares led the advance in the Europe Stoxx 600 Index as Bloomberg’s industrial-metals subindex headed for its highest level since October, as positive earnings from companies drove big stock swings as European markets opened, with traders now awaiting European Central Bank President Mario Draghi’s a speech later Friday.

In the final Euro-area CPI data, both core (1.1%) and headline (1.4%) were unrevised from preliminary readings. More notably, ECB's Nowotny said the central bank has no conclusions yet on TLTROs, and expects a decision on targeted loans to come later than March, adding that the Governing Council has until summer to reach a decision. Over in Sweden, central bank head Ingves says risks are now mostly on the downside, noting that if risks were to materialize Riksbank policy would need to be adjusted.

Across the Atlantic, futures on the Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite indexes all climbed, even as Buffett darling Kraft Heinz plunged to the lowest on record after announcing a $15.4 billion writedown late Thursday. The S&P is now up 8 of the past 9 weeks.

rest at link




a 'backwards' cup and handle trading pattern in oil.

Does not truly exist as defined but it looks it

Learn moar on trading patterns with this basics here:


68a0db  No.5323435


What is the meaning of life?

Within all living things and thinking creatures

is the desire for survival, for beauty, and for begetting again.

As beings of intellect

our highest goal is –

the ability to live in peace with truth

the ability to love and be loved in all our truth

to know and understand life and beauty

Somewhere in there

you may well discover something that is called God

that is our highest understanding of LOVE

b63be0  No.5323436


Can't beat em, Buy em!

0aaf7c  No.5323437


Just wondering if the Orthodox church could be a good alternative for Catholic? I think theirs priest can get married. So maybe they have less pervert on the payroll.

f582e2  No.5323438

File: cb1e2eb8df1b661⋯.png (773.73 KB, 1105x802, 1105:802, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b7ec5ab393e6e20⋯.png (80.88 KB, 764x616, 191:154, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2736889f530d2e7⋯.png (534.39 KB, 965x762, 965:762, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 262fa53219d195d⋯.png (108.54 KB, 702x780, 9:10, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 88b099c21579701⋯.png (107 KB, 708x799, 708:799, ClipboardImage.png)


Vermont just passed this in the House. Has strong support in Senate. Worse than New York's.


8462a7  No.5323439

File: fa1935151bf2ce4⋯.jpg (90.23 KB, 712x632, 89:79, svoc 5g_2.JPG)


better - with references


b3aaec  No.5323440

File: f0c7fa148a283c2⋯.jpg (12.78 KB, 255x203, 255:203, 155c60cd92820457eb585a95ca….jpg)

d72360  No.5323441


QC is 100% bullshit. Just like quantum mechanics – a theory based on statistics and probabilities means you never have to conclusively prove anything. A perfect framework to land a nice tenure track job and extract maximum $ from taxpayers to built pretty random noise generators.

4fd64b  No.5323442

File: 56e22b0dfefdc78⋯.png (2.52 MB, 1267x1428, 181:204, MSM.png)

File: c7e2a9551203448⋯.jpg (79.23 KB, 540x563, 540:563, MSM1.jpg)


Agree! The entire Media, Movie industrie is fake as fuck! I turned off TV a while ago… No sports, no nothing! In germany we say, Faxen dicke!

8c0b77  No.5323443

File: 342f82f8bd1b2b3⋯.jpg (33.13 KB, 562x546, 281:273, images.jpeg-14.jpg)

We take Gotham from the corrupt!

The oppressors of generations who have kept you down with myths of opportunity, and we give it back to you… the people.

Courts will be convened.

The powerful will be ripped from their decadent nests, and cast out into the cold world that we know and endure.

This great Country… it will endure. America will survive!

f586a7  No.5323444


Great proof anon. This should go on the comments of Reiner's latest twat (he's up early).

Time to hit this weasel hard.

52e13e  No.5323445


Don't let them bother you.. I can speak gibberish in any language ..I piss a lot of people off .. and enjoy it

3f810a  No.5323446


Understand completely.

e2fb05  No.5323447


We know that there was a very improper tarmac meeting. Nobody disputes this. Also a very long email string was released about it between FBI and DOJ that showed LL using the alias Elizabeth Carlisle (also improper imo) that was all about covering their asses. This was awhile ago, you should be able to find it easy enough.

You can come to your own conclusions but personally I wonder why have a secret mtg if all you talk about is golf and grandkids, makes no sense.

bd1f4b  No.5323448


agree anon

2a7c5a  No.5323449


wake the fuck up, yankees.

29358c  No.5323450


These babies and toddlers getting raped are mentally tortured and sexually confused for the rest of their days.

c0f917  No.5323451

File: 48369ce3bf6efb6⋯.jpg (95.23 KB, 800x507, 800:507, 24rtw4t6w45w45.jpg)

f66b47  No.5323452


>Crusaders were not soyboys

Kek. Maybe.

They *were* a bunch of landless young men who were mucking things up at home and were essentially evicted from their parents' basements.

889b96  No.5323453



it's all about the Benjamin's.

b331b4  No.5323454


agree research NOT about drinking blood, about transfusing blood…

"drinking" might be a way for THEM to normalize what they do…

2a7c5a  No.5323455


You're projecting, shill.

Fuck off.

791f5d  No.5323456

Notables Thus Far

>>5323434 "Sea Of Green" Across World Markets As Trade Talk Optimism Storms Back

>>5323424 Cardinals are calling for a new culture of accountability in the Catholic Church to punish bishops and others when they fail to protect their flocks from predator priests

>>5323378 Horry Shit Valkyyrie Weater (Trans Child of film producer/director Rob Cohen) Twat regarding Sexual Abuse by Father

>>5323281 Rob Reiner Twat

>>5323175 Open Letter ToThe Presidents Of The Conferences Of Bishops

>>5323148, >>5323200 UN aid workers raped 60,000 people (in past decade) as it’s claimed organisation employs 3,300 paedophiles

>>5323129 Smollet's Atty Mark Garagos Dig on Previous Clients

>>5323089 Police raid home of former Goldman banker

>>5323081, >>5323082 Three malpractice lawsuits against Dr. Keith Ablow claim that he instilled feelings of distrust and “self-recrimination” while treating the women for depression

>>5323022 Scientists release genetically modified mosquitoes in Hi-Security lab

Comments are welcomed & encouraged!!

d2d487  No.5323457

File: f54569e5058ab3c⋯.gif (182.67 KB, 600x492, 50:41, f54569e5058ab3c3f23008ac2b….gif)

8c0b77  No.5323458

File: fd84a25231736c6⋯.jpeg (30.2 KB, 255x255, 1:1, F27C97F2-D0BD-4833-B1F9-E….jpeg)


Jesus is so proud of Pepe Bane!

d7caab  No.5323459


With 5G everything will be AI, even your clothing. The AI with speak with each other and learn about you and all the people around you. This is a nightmare scenario described at an IOT conference covered in person by Tru News.

Internet Of Things. You will not escape AI if the planners get there IOT in place,

Shocking and no one else covered this world wide conference.


6e8681  No.5323460




Don't forget… everyone is acting right now. It's by design… a controversial twat to raise eyebrows … and obviously many other reasons

f66b47  No.5323461

f582e2  No.5323462

File: f686d4d02a52a4d⋯.png (620.26 KB, 640x693, 640:693, ClipboardImage.png)


Forgot this….


889b96  No.5323463


They math does not lie, people do.

095566  No.5323464

File: d80db9d6a8d066c⋯.jpg (98.21 KB, 1012x503, 1012:503, Capture.JPG)



fee8ff  No.5323465


I did not mean the confederates were bad and the union good. I meant the closing of the war and the Confederates were trapped. I am talking movements of armies on the map and like the CSA the deep state is trapped and it is only a matter of time for them.

I actually agree with you the rise of federalism got us here today and more states rights are a very good thing.

225376  No.5323466


I take it as, you can have an SC seat for life or continue on as AG with (her) for as long as you want. the choice is yours. don't slip on the soap

fa5cdf  No.5323467


[JC] had to run cover for [LL] after they suspected they were recorded? Or, [JC] was offered a deal of his own to help shield [LL] in any event? Or, already so corrupt/taken care of that he didn't need a separate deal to help out?

6f1574  No.5323468


hier das gleiche..no sports..no tv..german news only rarely via twatter..

fuck those bastards..

52e13e  No.5323469

File: d888dcbe1d1f18f⋯.png (854.92 KB, 861x495, 287:165, Capture.PNG)

Iranian President Rohani’s brother goes on trial

The trial of Iranian President Hassan Rohani’s brother, who was briefly arrested two years ago on charges of financial violations, has opened in Tehran, local media report.

Hossein Fereidoun and four associates were present in court during the February 19 court hearing, according to the judiciary’s news website Mizan.

A representative of the state prosecutor read out the indictment during the hearing, Mizan said, without providing further details.

Fereidoun and his brother do not share the same name because Rohani has changed his.


f6fdb7  No.5323470


Jesus fucking christ!


2aea04  No.5323472


We know from past drops that she was offered a SCJ position.

0aaf7c  No.5323473


I agree 100% with what you have said. It is all verifiable. What is not verifiable is that she was offered a Supreme court seat for her complicity. This his the kind of thing that can back fire big time if it is never proven.

c6cf4d  No.5323474

File: bc32be05712a8bf⋯.jpg (14.74 KB, 255x247, 255:247, pepe asks a serious questi….jpg)


morning baker

c0f917  No.5323475

File: 4503c13d52d92d1⋯.jpg (25.28 KB, 400x400, 1:1, amw.jpg)

f582e2  No.5323476


Got nothing with that address, anon. Missing something?

bedcf6  No.5323477

Thinking about the following Q posts.


Mitt Romney. Wire transfers convenient, effective at swaying opinion , shills in many forms , linking ANTIFA and Smollett , phone records before and after , Trend by Liberal + D's=FAKE, FAKE, FAKE , CA incompetence , linking ANTIFA and UC Berkeley attacker , 2 jumps downstream.

>>5293706 (Q)

Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney.

Wire transfers are a convenient way of transferring money.

>>5294851 (Q)


>Wire transfers are an effective way at swaying opinions.

>Shills come in many different forms.


>>5308748 (Q)


>When will the FBI conclude their investigation into ANTIFA?

>What happens if the phone records of SMOLLETT leak?

>Who did he talk to multiple times prior to turning himself in?

>Political forces @ work?


>>5308930 (Q)


>Notice a TREND by LIBERALS + D's?




>>5311089 (Q)


>Pelosi > CA rep since 1987

>Waters > CA rep since 1991

>Schiff > CA rep since 2001

>Feinstein > CA rep since 1992




>>5319456 (Q)

>Re: Conservative attacked on UC Berkeley campus

>Attacker = member of local ANTIFA chapter (joined April 2018).

>… 2 jumps downstream req.


Wire transfers from Mitt Romney sway opinion. Using many forms of staged events. (one of the) 3rd party is likely to be ANTIFA who paid Smollett and influenced or paid UC Berkeley attacker. In Smolletts case, this will be the person he talked to before and after fake lynching. Lynching. Coincidence that Lynching laws introduced by Harris? = CA. UC Berkeley attacker linked to ANTIFA which requires 2 jumps downstream to identify. Political forces @ work?

would be pretty stupid to transfer directly , but these people are stupid (Smollett paying by check eg). so more likely it would be through a third party , or 2.

Mitt Romney. > 'unknown' > Ann Coulter

Mitt Romney. > 'unknown' (suspect CA related, possibly Harris) > ANTIFA > Jussie Smollett

Mitt Romney. > 'unknown' (suspect CA related) > ANTIFA > UC Berkely attacker

again it would be stupid for the 'unknown' to be the same person , but these people are stupid.

also thinking about, Coast Guard with list, quietly smirking man/Native American protester, Fake MAGA bombs and probably many others. Follow the Money.

5d80f3  No.5323478



>oh god lol

>haha even nether loli is like

>"lol oldb shit>



>yeah no it's just old b shit

>not like

>angry retard muh daddy shit y'know

>damn that was fun but not painful

>wow old /b/ was more tender I guess but then juice


>right? wrong juice



>see this is why you retards need to get with the program and watch fucking star trek

>yup yall motherfuckers need star trek

>but which version?


>pick a fuckin wall kids

>picard firsties

>lol no fair you have like

>fucking no lag

>yeah well



>that was silly

>yeah that was fun :D

>oh shit we found it

0f54ac  No.5323479


Please reply by clicking on the post number. It maintains the integrity of the thread that way. Thanks.

2cd1d2  No.5323481

File: 9ec9e88c03e4b8c⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1209x713, 39:23, 263d9390017ab777cbdd742b59….png)

God bless you and keep you from harm, this day and forever.

6a3fdc  No.5323482


from them, sprang The Templars,

who set up a banking system that wasn't just for the nobility, spurring the creation of a robust European middle class to our benefit.

And for that we should thank them.

8c0b77  No.5323483


I think the worst of that's already happened, and I don't understand how the new frequencies are worse than the current centre of 2.4ghz, we'll see maybe Trumps playing them? I'm sure he understands this better than anyone here.

000108  No.5323484


6baab4  No.5323485


right back at you swordanon

abd776  No.5323486


what pen is that on the botom left?

i like it a lot

791f5d  No.5323487

File: 3b89ee3ca3f3b90⋯.png (345.12 KB, 714x602, 51:43, NewFreshBreadNews.png)


Hey, I have one for you! (if you are you).

d2d487  No.5323488


Not sure if retarded or shill?

5d80f3  No.5323489



>haha weird she's like a futuramachungle

>what the fuck

>why does that work

>idk what time is it in langley lol


222d5a  No.5323490


or, an inversion of the sacraments (?)

but why is Q linking?

f582e2  No.5323491


Thanks, swordy. Bless you.

6f1574  No.5323492

File: 1083851e689a16a⋯.png (199.08 KB, 485x512, 485:512, 11.png)



5e22ad  No.5323493

File: db0804ced0610c2⋯.jpg (100.23 KB, 857x499, 857:499, 2uc8cc.jpg)

File: ba94e923f906c4a⋯.jpg (96.68 KB, 857x499, 857:499, 2uc8p3.jpg)

File: 489768110928906⋯.jpg (100.13 KB, 857x499, 857:499, 2uc8xn.jpg)

Testing to see if these come up. Use them if they do.

8c0b77  No.5323495


The two men to a horse ones were super gay.

8cbf03  No.5323496


Pretty sure this has been going on for decades.

57f39a  No.5323498


no, we know from past drops it is alleged she was offered a SCJ seat… There has been no proof offered that this is what actually occurred.. Only those in there at the time of meeting know what was said.. (so far)…

f66b47  No.5323499

File: 109a0b7e763331d⋯.png (302.42 KB, 740x325, 148:65, ClipboardImage.png)


"It's called a 'laser'".

ddf62c  No.5323500


Hebrews 4:12 King James Version (KJV)

12 For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

fcea8a  No.5323501


he did it for free but he gets paid with our love and devotion!

Nice graphic.

did you post this originally or are you reposting someone elses ?

e39ebf  No.5323502

again, beginning to think these are /our "crazies"/ making abortion come out the nostrils of normie Lefties

Abortion Activist: We Should Celebrate Abortions Like We Celebrate Babies With Baby Showers


b0d1f8  No.5323503

File: dcf978c8539571b⋯.jpg (953.63 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190222-082157….jpg)


3f810a  No.5323504


Very nice, anon. KEK.

76bf7e  No.5323505


Top of the morning to you SwordAnon!!

ad5f7e  No.5323506

File: 5743e7ca6111a52⋯.png (4.96 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

So now we know their tactics Q, Is there a plan to stop it?

52e13e  No.5323507

File: 554b572bde114a9⋯.png (153.92 KB, 695x465, 139:93, Capture.PNG)

US warplanes hammer ISIS bastion as SDF troops prepare for last push

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:30 A.M.) – The U.S. Air Force unleashed a flurry of airstrikes over the Baghouz area of eastern Deir Ezzor this morning, hitting several areas controlled by the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh).

According to reports from nearby Deir Ezzor city, the U.S. Coalition hammered the Islamic State’s positions in and around the Baghouz camp as they attempt to force the remaining terrorists in the area to surrender to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

In the meantime, the Syrian Democratic Forces are making their last preparations to storm the remaining Islamic State positions that are located along the eastern bank of the Euphrates River.

Over the last few days, the Syrian Democratic Forces were able to secure some agreements with the Islamic State, including a prisoner exchange that saw both sides release 40 people.


c6cf4d  No.5323508

File: cdc90d80e45de40⋯.jpeg (9.95 KB, 255x187, 15:11, Pepe excellent bread.jpeg)


'tis me saw that on your dough one or two breads before I bailed. love those

b331b4  No.5323509


Morning swordy…

e39ebf  No.5323510


cuts both ways

cf93c3  No.5323511


IOT is happening

The point is who's going to control it

US or them

095566  No.5323512


it works for me, Anon

fb7ae4  No.5323513


God, that is one of my favorite verses.

d7caab  No.5323514

They were not funny without Roseanne, ever.


5045c9  No.5323515

File: 60cf35be48637e1⋯.png (211.63 KB, 497x337, 497:337, 2019-02-22_08-13-05.png)

f66b47  No.5323516


Why not both?


dab612  No.5323517

File: b568bf914af05b3⋯.png (86.16 KB, 1498x741, 1498:741, Justice for Victims of Lyn….png)

File: 500edebf9c6be25⋯.png (187.47 KB, 1497x431, 1497:431, Justice for Victims of Lyn….png)


I agree that a veto is the best defense. Thankfully, Q has indicated that this is on their radar, so a veto in the face of a rapidly deteriorating situation for the conspirators would be optimal.

We definitely need this story to blow up in their faces sooner than later. I don't think they'll move on it in the House Judiciary ASAP because it's getting toxic quickly.

Here are some of the Republican Senators that jump out on the list. We know that Collins and Murk are legislative tofu. They take on the strongest flavor around them. It's too late to deal with this in the Senate, but they might be vulnerable if there's a push for an override.

78d9c1  No.5323518

File: 3a813365e7a76ed⋯.jpeg (168.34 KB, 1440x812, 360:203, 1540229119.jpeg)

c0f917  No.5323519

File: 45c151b254b7a22⋯.png (2.38 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 45c151b254b7a221ec40247f6e….png)


>With 5G everything will be AI, even your clothing.


I'm so scared right now!

ee06f3  No.5323520

Guys, do we have any lockscreen Q wallpapers for phones?

b331b4  No.5323521


just info…Q links a TON of info…linking on blood and drinking as pointing out how sick these CHOADs are…

b5e580  No.5323522


That's my Achilles heel. Pens.

75ab2d  No.5323523

File: 65976dbfec00fc8⋯.jpg (12.69 KB, 266x189, 38:27, Pepe Chief.jpg)

I live on an Indian Rez. I am non Native. Natives tell history very differently from the way we are taught in school. I lived with a Medicine Man for a few years (these people are helping me out because I have ptsd n I was falling through the mainstream cracks n needed to survive n these people took me in like family.) Anyway, my point is that America was conquered by these same faggots that fund wars etc and they did it in the name of Christianity. This is why a lot of Natives (mainly AIM) is against Christianity..they see it as evil or ignorant, some of them, because they understand God differently and they tie Christianity with their massacres. They have their own religion and culture. Natives don't even shake hands the way we do. In the mainstream you have to have a nice, firm grip. Natives don't want to be grabbed firmly. In their mind, there's no need for that. Touching hands lightly is enough. We call that a sign of weakness when someone gives us a soft handshake.. but to them we're kinda like.. brutes or rough, etc.. It's all love but humans are just diverse. But fast forward to today n these same (((faggots))) want to have another go at it with the whole Allah angle this time. Same thing just fast forward a couple hundred years. They tried to convert all the Natives into Christianity. They'd say, "Kill the Indian. Save the Man". (About to get graphic for a second when u continue reading just a heads up..)The stories these people have about the boarding schools they put them in where they'd rape the children n kill their babies n how they found dead babies hidden in the walls of these boarding schools. I had a friend that her grandfather was in the boarding schools and they'd make him scrub his skin with a wire brush until he was bleeding- telling him to scrub the devil off of him. Just horible sht and now with Q and u guise it ALL makes sense. ThanQ Q n Anons. I waited my whole life for this.

99c37c  No.5323524

File: 6fb44578e0440fb⋯.jpg (13.28 KB, 236x235, 236:235, 3ee8107fdd1f5ecfa9eecc927d….jpg)

bb9885  No.5323525

File: bfffaa0d076c7fc⋯.jpeg (859.15 KB, 1125x1485, 25:33, C0BFC183-835F-4F45-9223-C….jpeg)

They look like they could be siblings….?

The under/over Ru[h]le

Under Armour CEO had cozy relationship with MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle: report


76bf7e  No.5323526


Hey, I IP hopped to my faster connection so I can bake faster!



3f810a  No.5323527


She's always been the heart of whatever show she's on…I saw her on The Tonight Show at the beginning. God, she was funny. And different.

dd9bb3  No.5323528


Africa has a exploding population problem, which is outstripping their ability to sustain. They will not use birth control. Now the world are messing with a mosquito to save Africans after the relentless bitching of greens about the population bomb that is Africa. What could possibly go wrong? Wanna bet there is gonna be an accident and some skeeters are going to escape?

d35d41  No.5323529

File: 74a60b6b31e3f0e⋯.png (420.18 KB, 1152x528, 24:11, jScheck.png)

Copy of Jussie's check just appeared online

e2fb05  No.5323530


people say shit all the time. Q claims they have everything so I guessing that this will be revealed in time. Dumping evidence improperly will invalidate it for judicial use so we'll just have to wait. Watch some vids of Bill Binney talking about parallel construction and it might make sense.

eed4aa  No.5323531


Just don't buy it, and hell if the stores are selling it, don't even go to those places. Vote with your dollars, all these fad technologies fail at some point.

f582e2  No.5323532


Ignore previous post. Working now for some reason. Tried it twice before. Got white screen. Now works. Odd. Carry on.

002384  No.5323533


This verse has been in my spirit, constantly playing over and over in my head for at least 6 weeks now. It is SO important to understand this meaning of this verse and apply it to our daily lives.

52e13e  No.5323534

File: 5e4eb0cbc957609⋯.png (863.57 KB, 999x443, 999:443, Capture.PNG)

Jihadi Bride Out, White Helmets In

Talk about getting your in-laws and outlaws mixed up. This week, the British government banned a British-born jihadi wife returning from Syria. Meanwhile in the same week it emerges that British authorities have taken in over 100 so-called White Helmet members from Syria.

The case of 19-year-old Shamima Begum and her newborn child stranded in a refugee camp in Syria has sparked controversy and soul-searching. Some say she should be left to the wilderness of Syria as retribution for consorting with terrorists when she eloped from her London home four years ago. Others say she should be brought back to her native Britain to face possible prosecution for taking up with a member of the ISIS terror group.


8ef2b2  No.5323535

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e39ebf  No.5323536

Trusted Westminster Presbyterian Church Administrator and Wife Charged with $1.2M Theft from Church


859aa3  No.5323537


Only watched 5 mins .

Any one else thought his arm must be aching holding that mic ?

dab612  No.5323538


He's damaged goods, for sure.

b331b4  No.5323539


Every hear the stories of the medicine men gatherings? Calling lightning? Ask :-) They will know…

3b08ca  No.5323540


Mont Blanc Geometry Fountain

9867b4  No.5323541


will be interesting to hear from all those fed officials

rv coming soon?

6a3fdc  No.5323542

File: 688190d09756e6a⋯.png (74.97 KB, 245x192, 245:192, 838f34f8bb13bc8b62886793a1….png)


>leftard newsrag relentless pushing shit like socialized medicine, welfare for wetbacks, etc.

>suddenly, they're masters of finance, accountants auditing every nickel

fcea8a  No.5323543

File: 0bfb46352c994a9⋯.jpg (545.81 KB, 1922x1331, 1922:1331, bunnyboy_002.jpg)

ed8300  No.5323544

File: 196a40fd5e60c11⋯.jpg (72.36 KB, 750x399, 250:133, crime spree.jpg)

d51343  No.5323545


Now we are scrapbooking.


3b08ca  No.5323546


I posted it last night. Going to start making more printed MEME collages.

081935  No.5323547

File: b396339b4a7b997⋯.png (932.21 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 19AC84C2-40AA-47F8-AAD0-8B….png)

File: aa7f68f33c41daf⋯.png (2.74 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 651C1C13-0CC5-4615-BC1C-D6….png)

File: 25e7465c471d97a⋯.png (1.3 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 6BD5FC62-A1DE-4D6F-8252-D7….png)

File: 275c2eb6b8d403f⋯.png (284.47 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, DC6E8F03-FAC1-42A6-B811-56….png)

U.S. Ambassador to Canada is front runner to receive UN post.


066788  No.5323548



3f810a  No.5323549


You hit the nail right on the head. Aimed at smelly Trump supporters from Walmart.

f6fdb7  No.5323550


I used to be all about some nice art pens.

Then I techfagged photogear.

Not "HEY EVERYONE, I OWN A FUCKING LEICA!" style, but… yeeeeeeeah….

095566  No.5323551



I have ONE nice pen wood with abalone inlay and it never leaves my desk.

d7caab  No.5323552

Tribulation may look like IOT GONE WILD. Makes sense. No privacy at all ever.

Already my grandchildren talk to Alexa. Alexa hears everything.

Creeps me out.


aad21d  No.5323553


Useful now 🤜🤛

f4a766  No.5323554

File: 19185d5e32cd870⋯.jpg (86.2 KB, 1295x801, 1295:801, fag.jpg)


As suspected, the 'short-URL' starting with cnn.it/ redirects you to the following page, (pic related), which as you'll see says nothing of the sort as this fake and gay fake news click bait.

This shit gets old. In the event any ANON actually thought this was a new development, banish the thought.

Then hopefully BO/BV can banish the piece of shit who posted it. And if the original twatter Barry McCockiner actually posted it online, someone with a twatter account should call it out.

ca368f  No.5323555


We need a bill that gives constitutional rights to the unborn from the moment of conception.

f582e2  No.5323556


Yes. Absolutely, yes.

e39ebf  No.5323557

Under Armour CEO had cozy relationship with MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle: report

She also advised him on how he should engage with President Trump in 2017 – suggestions that were at odds with some executives who urged the CEO to keep his distance, according to the Journal.

Plank and other top business leaders quit the president’s manufacturing council that year after Trump failed to condemn white nationalists in Charlottesville, Virginia.


8ef2b2  No.5323558

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Stars and Stripes Forever

9867b4  No.5323559


do you like it, and what nib size?

was thinking personalize with wwg1wga

719b7b  No.5323561

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Remember when Bernie got elbowed off the podium by some black protester with dreads, and he just stood there like a sap holding his hands in front of him. This protester kept ranting and Bernie just sat there red faced. If he can't hold a stage, how's he going to be president.

c0f917  No.5323562


Good luck with that!

f6fdb7  No.5323563


that's fucking retarded.

sometimes the condom breaks and it's off to the pharmacy and whatever fucking restaurant she likes as long as she takes that pill in front of you.

066788  No.5323564

tort law recognizes an injury to a fetus past viability against a doctor.

Doctor liable for battery to fetus if viable and injured


c0c0e6  No.5323565

>>5323411 where to (((they))) get these judges?

on what constitution and bible did was the pledge of allegiance - ally - OR -> TRAITOR !?!

Senator Sanders STATE of SATANistas !

sending Patriots Prayer Warriors/Messengers of INTERVENTIONS: Truth and Transparency !!!!!

>>5323438 /lb on JUDGEs and Justices

>for Search, DIGn, n, Q_JUSTICE to prevail on QNN

d2d487  No.5323566


Drink your kool aid

68a0db  No.5323567


to save my frens the agony of listening to this narcissist rattle on

she's mad he signed the budget bill

I believe she is going through menopause

or otherwise needing meds

cd647c  No.5323568



At this point. I think animals have more rights in Vermont than unborn children.

8ef2b2  No.5323569

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Semper Fidelis

52e13e  No.5323570

File: 7e7b4b093e098c2⋯.png (393.03 KB, 588x368, 147:92, Capture.PNG)

TO INFINITY AND BEYOND: Trump signs directive to create US SPACE FORCE

DONALD Trump has signed a directive to create a military space force.

The US President scribbled his name on the Space Policy Directive-4 today, which orders the Pentagon to establish a so-called Space Force as the sixth branch of the US military. The Force will seek to work alongside the US Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard. But Congress still has to approve it before the Force becomes a reality, Space.com has revealed. Laura Grego, a senior scientist in the Union of Concerned Scientists' Global Security programme, said of today’s announcement: “President Trump has called space a new warfighting domain. Space is important to militaries, that’s true, but it is only a small piece of what happens up there.


dd9bb3  No.5323571


Criminals everywhere.

eed4aa  No.5323572


These people can't run the civilization, they just want to destroy it. Get it through your head already, they preach civil rights but what is civil about them?

505d2c  No.5323573

File: ba8116c0c78680d⋯.jpg (36.58 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1915706-image-1550809803-7….jpg)

Israel, not Iran, is a threat!

The US-dominated Warsaw conference on ‘Peace and Security in the Middle East’ held last week was more on isolating Iran than focusing on the real threat to peace and security in the region i.e. Israel.

At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan met in Russian resort of Sochi to counter American drive to economically cripple Tehran by the re-imposition of its sanctions after it withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal of 2015.

The Iranian president while commenting on Warsaw conference rightly observed, “We see what’s happening in Warsaw. It’s an empty result, nothing.”

Forty years ago, the outbreak of anti-American and anti-Shah Iranian revolution, which dismantled the two-pillar policy of the US in the Persian Gulf, led to far reaching geopolitical changes in the Middle East and Central, West and South Asia.

From a pro-American state, Iran took a 180 degree shift and became anti-US while also pursuing an anti-Israeli policy. Iran survived the US-led campaign to topple the revolutionary regime and emerged as what is perceived as a major threat in the Gulf region.

From any standpoint, it is Israel and not Iran which is a threat to the Arab and the Muslim world. Unlike Israel, which has annexed Golan Heights, East Jerusalem and occupied West Bank and besieged Gaza, Iran is not involved in acts of aggression.

Israel has refused to comply with the UN Security Council resolutions 242 and 338 which were passed after the June 1967 and the October 1973 Arab-Israeli wars, calling upon the Jewish state to withdraw from the occupied areas. Then why is it so that the focus of Arab Gulf countries, Egypt and Jordan is not to liberate Arab areas from the Israeli occupation but to confront Iran?

Read moar:


76bf7e  No.5323574


Oh, and hey - reach out to BO if you get a chance.

3b08ca  No.5323575


I love it. First fountain. It's now my main pen. I like the 'unlimited ink' feeling. I got a fine nib because I wanted to be able to do crosswords with it.

181be5  No.5323576

File: e6566deec73f3bf⋯.jpg (8.5 KB, 57x57, 1:1, feir.JPG)

File: 2bb56f56ccd9268⋯.jpg (10.32 KB, 90x191, 90:191, feir2.JPG)

Movie Rating Symbols

PG-Pedo Guidance recommended, and U- Universal - (Age 4 and over)

c6cf4d  No.5323577


I stay static as I could give two shits about it but get why some do. Can help later as long as mr mkt stays benign. think it will going into POTUS mtg with Xi. big habbenngs there for sure.

ca368f  No.5323578


683c3c  No.5323579


A man claiming he had an appointment with President Trump and wanted to "bring peace to the world," was arrested this week after allegedly striking a Secret Service officer outside the White House, according to court documents.

Authorities say Christopher Henry Alexander Davis, 29, of Herndon, Va., was arrested around 7:40 p.m. Monday after allegedly breaching a security perimeter and engaging in a physical struggle with officers when they attempted to handcuff him, a report said.

Davis "struck (the officer) with his right forearm to the left side of the (officer's) face and nose," according to a court filing from a Secret Service officer, Washington's WRC-TV reported.

9867b4  No.5323580


the writing looks best

ok i'm getting it

081935  No.5323581

File: 5794d922c639e85⋯.png (1.89 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, BD3718AF-60AD-4BA3-A0AB-B7….png)

2aea04  No.5323582



8ef2b2  No.5323583

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Liberty Bell

b0d1f8  No.5323584


Agreed fren.

Was thinking more about if they were launched for safety or for purpose. Good cover story for having a plane go up armed and come back without…just theorizing

84de44  No.5323585


What do you call an Attorney General who meets privately with the husband of a person under FBI investigation, and only discloses it when asked?

Loretta Lynch….

Neither Lynch nor Bill Clinton are dummies. They both know that such a private meeting creates the appearance of impropriety regardless of what was discussed. Bill Clinton’s wife is being investigated by the FBI — why do you think he dropped in for a chat with Lynch?

Of course they didn’t discuss the case. They didn’t need to.

If there was no appearance of impropriety, why did Lynch wait until a local news crew, apparently tipped off, asked her about it?

It feeds a narrative of the Clintons acting like the fix is in, with Hillary repeatedly bragging that there is no way she’s going to be indicted.

PS. Didn't the first FISA request, which was denied, drop right after this confab? coincidences

505d2c  No.5323586


And look what terror organisation attended Warsaw as well…


d51343  No.5323587


Tell us more about your crosswords and scrapbooking.

Fucking boomers.

4824dd  No.5323588


Meme set free in the wild. Brilliant.

8ef2b2  No.5323589

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Thunderer

d61365  No.5323590

Jussie Smollett Returns to ‘Empire’ Set as Fox Struggles to Decide His Fate


Why has he not been fired? Because we have a 2-tiered justice system…

Smollett commits actual crimes and keeps his job, while Rosanne gets fired for saying something.

c6cf4d  No.5323591


just a hello or?. ya know where I am right?

57f39a  No.5323592


Nothing… not a damn thing! They want everything the way THEY want it, or to hell with it all…. Can't reason with people of this mindset…

99c37c  No.5323593

File: 0a84bd29f932527⋯.png (639.88 KB, 1500x1018, 750:509, 9e8553bdc32350543a57ff72eb.png)

6f1574  No.5323594

File: 97ac7efffe52da3⋯.png (645.79 KB, 1227x1518, 409:506, jfc.png)



b4192c  No.5323595

File: ecc63dbd0f9233d⋯.png (47.94 KB, 255x193, 255:193, ClipboardImage.png)


New Reiner tweet is a contingency plan tactic.

Epstein is ALREADY EXPOSED, and so lost to (((them))) except as → An avenue to associate DJT with him.

Espionage & counter-intelligence Op's work by having layers upon layers of contingency plans to fall back on.

This is one: (Smear By Association)

That's why they plant [Moles] & [Agent-Provocateurs] next to (((their))) "Targets".

→ Saved For a Rainy Day

Like this Guy:

Christopher Paul Hasson

Coast Guard officer accused of wanting to kill Democrats and journalists was inspired by Norwegian mass shooting, feds say

* (((They))) have layer upon layer of ["Ammunition"] saved up. Waiting to be released depending on their analytics of the current SITU.

f6fdb7  No.5323597


Liberals Now Claim Charcoal Face Masks Are ‘Blackface’ & ‘Racist’

2aea04  No.5323598


But we also know for fact, that Lynch had written a letter that was nothing more than a suggested line of succession for when she left the post as AG.

So she was clearly offered a SCJ post for her part.

683c3c  No.5323599

48defe  No.5323600

Good morning luvs 😁

76bf7e  No.5323601


You up for Baking a bread? I can give current dough…

As it turns out, kids need to go to school & bwe need now bread, yikes!!

3f810a  No.5323602


Everyone in the world feels a lot of pressure right now. It sort of forces everything to the surface. No fence-sitting; people go one way or the other. Looks like Coulter–like many others– wasn't able to take the pressure and caved.

c827da  No.5323603


"Tarmac meeting [SC/LL deal > AS 187]"

So, plan was for [AS] to 187 [RBG] to make room for [LL]?

Or [LL] was threatened with 187 if she didn't take the deal?

3b08ca  No.5323604


You're going to love it!

f6fdb7  No.5323605

File: 1d1e3b55ca18a39⋯.jpg (256.34 KB, 787x762, 787:762, f1d9b2921f587928a2b405fb53….jpg)

File: 8d2bb603f759bbe⋯.jpg (57.24 KB, 392x331, 392:331, a8200064e1e9da1f9a85cbef8e….jpg)

File: 833add7bd052e07⋯.jpg (94.43 KB, 425x395, 85:79, a00c7b20ed6cc8c7271e033740….jpg)

File: 0d920e99a04880e⋯.jpg (244.8 KB, 1033x581, 1033:581, 10c69d8225a2d91d02a7a28ec0….jpg)

76bf7e  No.5323606


a thing…

29358c  No.5323607


Precisely. Anon got tagteamed by shills in the comments. Its apparent.

3b0f51  No.5323608


trying for more insurance

0c918b  No.5323609

File: 1e2691d522c6bd8⋯.jpg (38.05 KB, 603x247, 603:247, pepe20.JPG)

File: cf1da4218398024⋯.jpg (36.16 KB, 605x335, 121:67, varuca.JPG)

Good morning anons. Covfefe is on me this morning.

3b08ca  No.5323611

File: 612f73151218f18⋯.jpg (1.55 MB, 1245x1756, 1245:1756, SmartSelect_20190221-10465….jpg)


Here's a Sunday solve, faggot.

8ef2b2  No.5323612

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Overture to William Tell

e39ebf  No.5323613

48defe  No.5323614

File: 4e0502badb5e6f5⋯.png (275.68 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 7F30B277-146E-4223-A27B-21….png)

File: e73121e6a7d7fd5⋯.png (256.44 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, F5E69858-8A45-4B94-99A8-F3….png)

File: 5b5cf74b2a6f090⋯.png (244.93 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 8BFE4D2E-4E12-4069-A963-E2….png)

a3ea14  No.5323615


Reiner was said to be the Hollywood director that abused Cory Fieldman.

Reiner directed Stand By Me.

211ab4  No.5323616


Make it a $17 dollar bill.