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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 524f0e1adeebc91⋯.jpg (232.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, # QResearch-421.jpg)

9f54b2 No.342541

Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.


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Awaiting download link from anon who will purchase. Any updates?

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9f54b2 No.342548

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>>342411 NEW Q image name is: WDSHN_ISIS_TRAITOR_NN.jpg

>>339086 36 Indicted in 'Infraud' case (Russian hacker detained in Bangkok)

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a11819 No.342549

File: 0b3059359a0ebb1⋯.png (8.61 KB, 525x143, 525:143, dtykdtyk.png)

Noi Bai International in Vietnam

f6bade No.342551



Wasn't it Snowden who exposed Al-Baghdadi as a Mossad agent (Shimon Elliot) who's meeting with McCain in that picture?

9f54b2 No.342552

#421 Dough pastebin.com/6K11aZdH

78956a No.342553

02/11/18 (Sun) 16:42:20 No.85

File (hide): 8fc27ca13d4f5ce⋯.jpg (40.99 KB, 642x351, 214:117, WDSHN_ISIS_TRAITOR_NN.jpg) (h) (u)

Fullsized image

We don't say his name returning to prime time.

Wonder if his so-called illness/condition will flare up.

"He's not a war hero."

He's a mega millionaire.


https:// www.mccaininstitute.org/donors/


[Not complete].

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2016/04/08/john-mccains-claim-he-has-nothing-to-do-with-the-mccain-institute/?utm_term=.0e635aaf76b1

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-03-08/mccain-institutes-failure-use-donations-anti-trafficking-purposes-raises-questions

Define money laundering.

Define the word 'Traitor'.

A world w/o this man is a world better off.


4293d9 No.342554

Just me or is Shanghai airport website down?

c76d39 No.342555


No, the tarmac image was No Bai, the E image was Pudong in Shanghai

9f54b2 No.342556

Q Posts not in dough

>>>/greatawakening/86 United Airlines to GITMO

75a501 No.342557

Good work, Baker.

Be sure to add >>>/greatawakening/86 to the dough for future bread.

33cebb No.342558

File: 5823e555a1d98d0⋯.png (414.76 KB, 1918x901, 1918:901, flight.PNG)

Re: /greatawakening #86

This is the flight from "E" terminal.

92a0fb No.342559

File: a5f3a8458b337d3⋯.jpg (40.96 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 44e980f3-7bbf-47d5-a401-60….jpg)


Thread looks great baker! Much luv

8c0d4d No.342560

File: 9190321f9969c41⋯.png (3.77 KB, 225x45, 5:1, screenshot_1132.png)

Figures Walmart is a McCain Institute donor –– Sam Walton turning in his grave right now!!!

e4681d No.342561


Not really useful for red-pilling normies… just sayin'

c6d8b9 No.342562

>dropping the text-only version of the wiki page on Cindy McStain:

From 1988 to 1995, she founded and operated a nonprofit organization, the American Voluntary Medical Team, which organized trips by medical personnel to disaster-stricken or war-torn third-world areas. During this time, she became addicted to painkillers for several years and resorted to having a physician write illegal prescriptions on her behalf. She reached an agreement with the government in which no charges were filed against her.

Upon her father's death in 2000, she inherited majority control and became chair of Hensley & Co., one of the largest Anheuser-Busch beer distributors in the United States. She participated in both of her husband's presidential campaigns and, in 2008, drew both positive and negative scrutiny for her appearance, demeanor, wealth, spending habits, and financial obligations. She continues to be an active philanthropist and serves on the boards of Operation Smile, Eastern Congo Initiative, CARE and HALO Trust, frequently making overseas trips in conjunction with their activities. During the 2010s she has become prominent in the fight against human trafficking.

2944ee No.342563

File: 1a32055f15c1ef6⋯.jpg (226.8 KB, 879x479, 879:479, terminal2 - Copy.jpg)

File: ed85ae5f3dcce17⋯.jpg (360.06 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, DSCF2277.jpg)

c562ee No.342564

McCain secret trip to Syria/Turkey could not happen without WH approval. Why would they allow it?

87314c No.342565

File: 1f47aaa077142e6⋯.png (122.8 KB, 1500x943, 1500:943, CIA_CNN.png)


f2ffa2 No.342566


>What must be completed to engage MI over other (3) letter agencies?

>What must occur to allow for civilian trials?

Have these been answered yet?

Martial law?

62e03c No.342567

These boards are for the purpose of waking up CIA employees to the depravity of those funding their paychecks.

So for you CIA folks watching us: stop watching and start learning.

a888cc No.342568

File: ae54a018fdb39af⋯.jpg (318.22 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, thankyoubaker.jpg)

78956a No.342569

02/11/18 (Sun) 16:53:03 No.86

United Airlines to Guantanamo Bay?

What airline check-in counter @ PVG [T2] is located @ [E]?

What was the location of [E][pic posted other board]?

Why is this relevant?


a5fd6d No.342570

File: 6b9c93dbb163e01⋯.png (607.03 KB, 640x625, 128:125, ClipboardImage.png)

c76d39 No.342571


Where did the AA flight to Gitmo originate?

e1bbb4 No.342572


Hopefully correct - the Terminal E was at Shanghai Pudong Airport - was KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesDreamliner 767


Vietnam airline?

Someone please clarify


> Thanks for the affirmation.

Very welcome.


HEY YO SPREADSHEET kek, whatever works to get my attention - I'll always answer if I see it.

>but don't always agree with some of the answers.

I don't either!!

b1ae5a No.342573

File: e2f534f70de7734⋯.jpg (6.51 KB, 300x500, 3:5, H138-2main.jpg)


You set the Guillotine up, time place. I will pull the lever.

817c64 No.342574

United Airlines to Guantanamo Bay?

What airline check-in counter @ PVG [T2] is located @ [E]?

What was the location of [E][pic posted other board]?

Why is this relevant?


https:// www.nytimes.com/2018/01/16/us/politics/cia-china-mole-arrest-jerry-chun-shing-lee.html

1815d4 No.342575


HK hands were all over NWO, Petro(pedo) Dollar with SA. He knows all about child trafficking.

a888cc No.342576


he played the ill card just in-case he needs to play amnesia later down road. fake mayo surgery. lurk moar

33cebb No.342577

>Ask yourself, why is NK participating in the O-games this year?

They know that they have been revealed. Trump flew over their country. He has

tweeted at them brazenly–the media has said that this was because he's "out of

his mind," but the truth is that he knows there is no real threat.

>Ask yourself, why is the 'sister' w/ Pence?

The answer is implied in the next question.

>Ask yourself, if controlled, how might you protect yourself and look for a way out?

By seeking refuge and/or help from a greater power. Kim's sister may have been

an emissary, bringing a message from Kim seeking a way out. If he were to

suddenly reveal that he has been a puppet all along, he would be torn

limb-from-limb by either the citizens or the military brass.

>Ask yourself, what is a distraction?

Something that draws attention from what truly matters.

>Ask yourself, why did Korea come together as a country v N&S?

To North Korea citizens, rejoining South Korea is a palatable alternative to "we are going to become allies with the United

States, and oh btw we've been lying to you your whole lives lulz"

>Ask yourself, what occurred in Asia (ref pics) just prior to the O-games?

A major crackdown of some sort–arrests in Shanghai, Vietnam and Thailand.

Thailand arrest linked to deep-web fraud, resulting in "losses" of billions.

Was this really an attempt to move money by the deep state?

>Ask yourself, what does FREED mean?

It can mean so much, but in context it may mean that one is made free of an

overhanging threat. I could swear that POTUS made reference to ones such as those during the SOTU

>Ask yourself, do we want a WAR?

We do not want a war–especially if we can surgically take out the instigators

to prevent it.

>Ask yourself, who is trying to start a WAR?

The deep state, as always. They make the problems, then advertise themselves as

the solution. They drive people apart then promise to heal the divisions. They

provoke sides then sell illusions of peace if only we surrender more freedom.

>Ask yourself, if a missile was launched by rogue actors, what would be the purpose?

To provoke war.

>Ask yourself, what would/should immediately start a WAR?

A nuclear strike, or assassination of a Head of State.

>Ask yourself, would the PUBLIC understand the following statement: "Rogue actors (Clowns/US former heads of State) initiated a missile launch in order to 'force' the US into a WAR/conflict against X?"

They will not. Not now, at least. Nor will they understand the idea that North

Korea was a load of BS. This will be a tough sell, the best we can do is open

their minds to the possibility incrementally by exposing the truth, drip by

drip, crumb by crumb.

>Be the autists we know you are.

idiot savants are nothing without the savant part.

>Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.

Thank you. Earlier thread had someone trying to famefag her blog by asking for

things that were impossible. I had hoped Q would "add her to the list," but to announce

it would just give her the attention she craves.

715931 No.342578

File: 23295021a4035d8⋯.jpg (194.01 KB, 1022x605, 1022:605, IMG_2100.JPG)

File: 1e87b8a4eda49ae⋯.jpg (754.78 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, IMG_2146.JPG)


> @snowden

SAP sell-off

Snowden open source Prism/Keyscore (catastrophic to US Mil v. bad actors (WW) +Clowns/-No Such Agency)

a5fd6d No.342579


I can just tell this is going to be a MASSIVE drop right here.

c2a5c2 No.342580


>Trump and Q forcing the cabal to read 8ch for clues - and in the process read thru the never-ending shitposts and memes about them by very blunt cabal-hating anons day in and day out

That is funny. Really funny.

db8eaa No.342581

File: 564dad7b03a18c9⋯.png (256.36 KB, 1438x624, 719:312, 2-11-18 cd.png)

>Define the word 'Traitor'.

>A world w/o this man is a world better off.

Snap! lmao

f19fa9 No.342582

Q— with all respect —x

We’re we correct with the “boot” ???

93a370 No.342583


Is this the one we were talking about … last night? Does it continue on?

f51741 No.342584

So @Snowden never went to Russia…. was just meant to believe he was there. Narrative.

Importance in documentary to mention clown station around the block from hotel where it was filmed.

@snowden now landing at Gitmo.

fe97a5 No.342585

New Q drop just made this straight man hard.

00d5ff No.342586


Well if Q is suggesting the terminal line at an airport we just wouldn't have access to that so there has to be some photo out there of it since he would know we wouldn't have the airport terminal feed. Some article likely. If we can discover the departure point it would help narrow down local media reports where it may be.

f6bade No.342587


United Airlines to Guantanamo Bay?

What airline check-in counter @ PVG [T2] is located @ [E]?

What was the location of [E][pic posted other board]?

Why is this relevant?


[E] picture was taken at the Shanghai Airport

1bdfc8 No.342588

So reading the teal leaves:

Snowden "talking"

The hunt for is removed, so it's Red October.

So Snowden, wanting to defect back, was The Hunt for Red October.

That seems to fit.

c83aad No.342589


The flights into Gitmo always make rapid descents. The UA flight today was not a regularly scheduled flight… rare for a Sunday.

3de3d6 No.342590

Song Bird is back

2d2265 No.342591


So Red_October

Hunt for' dropped

They know where Snowden is.

Disappointed I didn't figure this one out sooner.

R captain defects to states.

" Think mirror. "

My initial reasoning was Re:LV

Silence won't last forever. Red=blood.


a888cc No.342592

Q is putin a nwo puppet?

00b40d No.342593

File: b3e02d27068c0bd⋯.jpg (48.8 KB, 460x357, 460:357, despatito.jpg)

damn iphone

62e03c No.342594


Those of us who know how should from now on compose our posts so that they are easily digestible by CIA employees.

fa5f2c No.342595


I'm guessing pic TOTALLY not related… pls no dox

a5fd6d No.342596

Q -

So the E terminal was the start of the flight and that flight checked in at a United terminal and flew to GITMO?

The flight from the E terminal was to GITMO on United Airlines?

72cdc1 No.342597


United at 'E'

GJ anon.

75a501 No.342598


Yeah, good luck convincing the degenerate psychopaths to suddenly switch sides.

No mercy for the merciless.

Do it, Q.


United Airlines is functioning as a covert prisoner transport? or perhaps a controlled clown route?

Planefags? Thoughts?

c6d8b9 No.342599


>is putin a nwo puppet?


t. not Q

062139 No.342600


I'll pirate his movies, watch them and then tell every person I know how shit they are.

1fbd95 No.342601


HRC was on the board of directors for Walmart in the 90's

def57a No.342602


Epic weekend for anons. Cabal criminals an clown cucks? Not so much!

92760e No.342603

File: ad0c3cad0f2f70c⋯.jpg (72.64 KB, 600x315, 40:21, Logo CNN.jpg)

a5fd6d No.342604

Whoever got picked up in shanghai is in GITMO? That's what I think

33cebb No.342605

File: e2f6ec2edd44e37⋯.gif (49.58 KB, 930x821, 930:821, pvg_dep_e.gif)


"E" ticket counter in PVG is located just in front of customs. Significance is that customs implies international flight.

d8e167 No.342606

File: 005053534a76edf⋯.png (41.86 KB, 729x200, 729:200, Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at ….png)

guys NN is this

1bdfc8 No.342607


Even if they turned white had, I wouldn't have the capacity to believe them.

00b40d No.342608

nwo was a bad ranch joke, we did it for reagen

42759c No.342609


That's because Snowden is really KGB and has been all along

781224 No.342610

File: 1b365db9068c89b⋯.png (857.72 KB, 831x500, 831:500, M 0172.png)

6bb1b7 No.342611

File: fe3a62098491e74⋯.png (50.86 KB, 663x338, 51:26, EScoldCatch22-1.PNG)


Bullet points seem to confirm.

https:// www.shmoop.com/catch-22/chapter-41-summary.html

Good find Anon.

c83aad No.342612


>United Airlines is functioning as a covert prisoner transport? or perhaps a controlled clown route?

Not just United… but yes, we have been watching random flights into Gitmo for months now. Easy to tell the normal Gitmo flights from the abnormal ones.

6cc079 No.342613

File: afc5f935d14928a⋯.png (439.94 KB, 1369x1994, 1369:1994, 3b.png)

Q, did POTUS send us this message?

Please confirm if positive, or

Confirm if fucked up.


def57a No.342614


Then turned on them later.

f5dc00 No.342615

File: 827a4b188cc1149⋯.jpeg (71.75 KB, 1020x552, 85:46, 1518394025.jpeg)

93a370 No.342616


United is part of the contract that flies Mil contract air, because AMC and NALO cannot do it all. It is a post 9/11 contract that makes airlines a lot of money, but also originally kept them from going broke.

296c12 No.342617

Oh Lynn

McCain Donors

The Eranda Rothschild Foundation – Sir Evelyn and Lynn Forester de Rothschild

4e954e No.342618

File: 4ce9dbf50a2b755⋯.png (530.85 KB, 590x592, 295:296, shit.PNG)

62e03c No.342620


Utilizing memesis, Pre-suasion, NLP, and hypnotic suggestion, as well a strong understanding of how humans make decisions (evolutionary psychology, etc)

8c0d4d No.342621

File: b6051e090a8018a⋯.png (3.01 KB, 168x41, 168:41, screenshot_1137.png)

File: 1cfceba0e728138⋯.png (3.18 KB, 178x40, 89:20, screenshot_1136.png)

File: c22731fa222336e⋯.png (2.12 KB, 95x42, 95:42, screenshot_1135.png)

File: 3e42a5329119e63⋯.png (2.04 KB, 102x36, 17:6, screenshot_1134.png)

File: 52fea394de100bb⋯.png (4.15 KB, 267x39, 89:13, screenshot_1133.png)

More (((traitors))) donating to the McCain Institute!!!

f51741 No.342622


I so hope it was a taunt… Naa Naa

91a1c7 No.342623


>We don't say his name returning to prime time.

>Wonder if his so-called illness/condition will flare >up.

>"He's not a war hero."

>He's a mega millionaire.


>https:// www.mccaininstitute.org/donors/


>[Not complete].

>https:// www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact->checker/wp/2016/04/08/john-mccains-claim-he->has-nothing-to-do-with-the-mccain-institute/?>utm_term=.0e635aaf76b1

>https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-03->08/mccain-institutes-failure-use-donations-anti->trafficking-purposes-raises-questions

>Define money laundering.

>Define the word 'Traitor'.

>A world w/o this man is a world better off.


Mmmh…McC has only a "so-called illness/ condition, meaning he's healthy.

He will not die of cancer.

"Define the word traitor."

Then Q says that world w/o this man would be better off.

McC is healthy enough for a trial?

For treason?

What is the punishment for treason?


A world w/o this man?

93a370 No.342624


there was a video posted a few breads back that showed the gate. I am trying to find the link. It was this AM I think.

4de1d7 No.342625

To all the "muh culture" warriors out there:

When this war is won, you will get your sandbox back (or what's left of it). Trust me… no one with half a brain is going to want to be seen with people whose only contribution is swearing like a fifth grader.

STFU, while you consider this: This board is a weapon. Weapons are destroyed all the time in war. The point is to destroy more with your weapon than it is worth. Then, pick up the next one.

If you aren't going to fire for effect, pass it to someone who will, you mewling little maggots.

That is all.

3de3d6 No.342626


Bribes for favors

62e03c No.342627




We might as well do our best.

0d5f34 No.342628


WTF does that even mean?

c76d39 No.342629


American Airlines check-in is F not E

75a501 No.342630


Good to know they're operating for/with the good guys/MI.

Which other airlines are helping out? Any standouts?

Keep up the good work, by the way, you and the other planefags are fantastic.

1ef986 No.342631


Is [we don't say his name] finally in GITMO?

c83aad No.342632

Most common airlines we see into Gitmo is United, ATA, or IBC airways.

fbc255 No.342633


You'll never convince depraved minds.. They don't even understand the future world (((they))) were creating for their future children to suffer in. That's how depraved (((they))) really are.

92760e No.342634


Pieczenik is that you?

1fbd95 No.342635


AS making money in arms with the ucrane?

db8eaa No.342636


HRC convinced Wal-Mart to pay slave wages so their employees could draw food stamps and welfare off the Govt. making more $ for share holders!

00b40d No.342637


had to bullshit bush family, i think the imf ran with it

9f54b2 No.342638

File: 3c09366aa7ad349⋯.jpg (33.49 KB, 444x505, 444:505, 3c09366aa7ad349389173d8fc4….jpg)

File: 1ad369dbe662c2a⋯.jpg (40.29 KB, 620x417, 620:417, 1ad369dbe662c2a911011ad3c6….jpg)

File: 4b7ff3d56f0fe6b⋯.png (4 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 4b7ff3d56f0fe6bb1ffb575ada….png)

c6d8b9 No.342639



sorry, what did i miss? where does NN come from? is it in a Q drop?

0614c3 No.342640

Many many thanks to CHARLES ORTEL for being a great teacher - always look for publicly-available state, federal and/or international TAX filings to dig up the real dirt. Much more revealing than nudes, anons.

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-03-08/mccain-institutes-failure-use-donations-anti-trafficking-purposes-raises-questions

b3f9a7 No.342641

715931 No.342642

File: 2af9a49cdc15a84⋯.jpg (116.34 KB, 591x750, 197:250, IMG_1969.JPG)


(Pic related)

18b4a1 No.342643


Wholly plausible. An anon last bread also suggested No Negotiations, as is US does not negotiate with terrorists..

62e03c No.342644


Many of the men on the ground are just pawns who are being lied to. Worth attempting to flip, for the benefit of the nation.

b1ae5a No.342645


>United Airlines to Guantanamo Bay?

>Why is this relevant?

Bombing was a retaliation against the taking down of the Clown "Black Site" in Vietnam.

All captured went on direct United Charter to GITMO, that was the pic sent from an operator of them departing.

Clowns getting water boarded, Much Poetic, So Irony

165f3b No.342646


Recent interview aired Sunday on CBS' "Face the Nation.


https:// www.westernjournal.com/kissinger-trumps-foreign-policy-style-remarkable-new-people-need-open-eyes/

Politico also reports though more selectively

https:// www.politico.com/story/2016/12/henry-kissinger-donald-trump-232785

064edc No.342647


miami air

1bdfc8 No.342648


Dumb and gay

c83aad No.342649



We've also been seeing military flights too of course and it seems that they always drop off ADS-b around the tip of Florida and they fly routes to avoid ADS on purpose to hide their routes. Usually Citation Jets, 737s or 757s.

c76d39 No.342650


Airlines at E are:

Air Canada

British Airways


HongKong Airlines

Air Mauritus


87314c No.342651

File: 1c204bc953e932b⋯.jpg (123.79 KB, 1524x884, 381:221, Clowns_Apples.jpg)

00b40d No.342652


he got in so much trouble playing with the scientology, the greys almost took the world

f51741 No.342653


It's the in the name of the picture in his last drop.


7f2e32 No.342654


Q is looking for a United Airlines flight from E

d8e167 No.342655

File: 005053534a76edf⋯.png (41.86 KB, 729x200, 729:200, Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at ….png)

File: a07c39e5b0a302f⋯.png (161.55 KB, 1047x299, 1047:299, Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at ….png)


the file name of his pic… We Don't Say His Name


57e958 No.342656


How long has it been since McCain voted in the senate?

c6d8b9 No.342657

165f3b No.342658

File: 48fa9d3eccd4f1c⋯.jpg (80.21 KB, 853x499, 853:499, Kissinger on Trump.jpg)

File: 565fca458b37917⋯.jpg (83.25 KB, 826x500, 413:250, Kissinger on Trump2.jpg)

8f197a No.342659

Q what about UFO's? Surely they are more than just a Clown psy-op or Podesta's distraction - what's going on? You mentioned them twice already. Can we get the Truth (which belongs to us)?

6bb1b7 No.342660

File: 1514a719b6f9130⋯.png (66.93 KB, 815x891, 815:891, donors1mccain - Copy.PNG)

File: 924889c55273bb1⋯.png (43.24 KB, 521x695, 521:695, DonorsMccainInsititute - C….PNG)

Donors to the MC Institute include Ron Perlman.

If this is the actor, he was talking about violence on twitter earlier.

What timing.

c76d39 No.342661


Only US airline at E is UNITED

f6bade No.342662



What airline check-in counter @ PVG [T2] is located @ [E]?

Transit T2 at the Shanghai Pu Dong Airport (PVG) = Lufthansa

https:// foursquare.com/v/lufthansa-checkin-counter/4f9beebfe4b0d04dc031242f

0614c3 No.342663

Re: McCain

(copypasta from ZeroHedge 08 Mar 2017)

I. The McCain Institute

The McCain Institute for International Leadership is a think tank established in cooperation with Arizona State University. The primary focus of the foundation is combatting human trafficking and promoting a new generation of "national security leaders." The McCain Institute has hosted a number of speaking events over the years, with speakers such as Joe Biden, Ben Affleck, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Governor Chris Christie, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and former Colombian President Álvaro Uribe. Board members of the McCain Institute's Human Trafficking Advisory Council include Ashton Kutcher, co-founder of anti-human trafficking group, Thorn. The Institute's Board of Trustees includes Lynn Forester de Rothschild, former general David Petraeus and Joseph Lieberman. Factoring in board members, employees and interns, the McCain Institute has 80 employees assisting their operations in various capacities.

With the connections that the McCain Institute enjoys, the expectation would be that they would be using their generous endowments, ample staff and influence to make meaningful strides in the fight against human trafficking. But an inspection of their finances reveals that this is not the case.

II. The McCain Institute Is Not Spending Their Endowment

A review of the McCain Institute's filings with the IRS reveals that they are not, in fact, spending any of their endowment on combatting human trafficking, or apparently on any other expenses. In 2012, the McCain Institute received $8,685,619 in donations, gifts and grants. Yet their expenses were a mere $500,000. In 2013 they again, only contributed $500,000 of their endowment. In 2014, the McCain Institute received $1,305,000 and donated $1,500,000. All of the donations made by the McCain Institute in 2012, 2013 and 2014 went to the Arizona State University Foundation, a group which appears to have nothing to do with human trafficking. Why McCain is not spending his foundation's endowment on anything, let alone anti-human trafficking efforts, raises questions about where the cash is actually going and what it is being used for.

III. John McCain Has A Long History Of Corruption Allegations And Criminal Staff Members Involved With His Campaigns

The McCain Institute's website features a long list of donors that includes Chevron, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Sir Evelyn and Lynn Forester de Rothschild, FedEx Corporation, the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., and McCain's own 2008 Presidential Campaign. McCain has always been cozy with big name donors, a habit which has caused him to be accused of impropriety in a number of instances. In 1989 McCain narrowly escaped corruption charges along with four other Senators after it was alleged that they intervened on banker Charles Keating Jr.'s behalf to resist banking regulators in return for financial support. In 2008, McCain was accused of impropriety by Judicial Watch after he accepted campaign donations from multiple members of the Rothschild family in London. Wikileaks also revealed that McCain had improperly lobbied the Russian government for campaign contributions. In 2016, McCain cut off reporters enquiring about a $1 million donation that he had received from Saudi Arabia in 2014. More recently in February 2017, Breitbart accused McCain of corruption after it emerged that McCain, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, John Kasich and Lindsey Graham had all accepted donations from George Soros.

Multiple members of McCain's various campaign staff have been arrested in the past on criminal charges. In 2009, the former manager of McCain's Pueblo, Colorado presidential campaign office was arrested on child molestation charges after it was alleged that he had abused a number of young boys; at least one molestation occurred during the time that he was working for McCain. In April 2016, a former fundraiser for John McCain was arrested on multiple felony drug charges, including child endangerment after police found an active meth lab and meth, LSD and cocaine in her house. She had been listed as a contact in fundraising documents for Senator McCain.

The failure of the McCain Institute to actually spend their money on furthering the foundation's stated objectives, Senator McCain's long history courting controversy by attracting accusations of corruption and multiple instances of his campaign staff's involvement in criminal activities raise serious questions about the work being done by his Institute to combat human trafficking and where the money given to it is actually going.

a65ac4 No.342664


No Name


Night Night?

d8e167 No.342665


Nomen Nescio is literally the first result if you search google for NN acroynm

08716d No.342666


Kissinger is one of the original architects of NWO. Bilderberg meetings, pop control, china, UN global gov. Hes got blood on his hands regardless of a cute quote 'seeming' to praise Trump a few days ago.

87314c No.342667

File: 82fd95e9a20b901⋯.png (418.85 KB, 532x1286, 266:643, 1st_Gitmo_Plane.png)


flights I have seen head towards Turks and Caicos then cut over or vice versa

4b7062 No.342668


mon·ey laun·der·ing


the concealment of the origins of illegally obtained money, typically by means of transfers involving foreign banks or legitimate businesses.

The most significant donors will be from illicit sources, eg. terrorist organizations.

725c94 No.342669


Read fucko


not perlman

c76d39 No.342670


Lufthansa is F

62e03c No.342671


In other words, it should stand out as it's the wrong terminal for them.

557c0f No.342672


yea and hes look for deeznuts too.

why would Q be lookin for it?


Q knows where it is Im sure

da433a No.342673


No, it was posted only minutes ago.

a5fd6d No.342674

File: b204b7fbe85b6db⋯.png (379.93 KB, 702x395, 702:395, ClipboardImage.png)

57e958 No.342675


This is a big LBO wall street guy not the actor.

59540a No.342676

File: 0978abfa7160fb1⋯.png (74.94 KB, 206x205, 206:205, 22.PNG)

couldn't find good stock photo = meme for ants

d8e167 No.342677

File: 5a048f64c7bc317⋯.png (191.45 KB, 1094x496, 547:248, Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at ….png)

78956a No.342678


It is imperative that we make an example of him.

e270b4 No.342679


is that seriously your interpretation of my words? twisted for your own sake? idiot

don't do something STUPID and say some mysterious anon on an internet imageboard told you to do it, becasue I never said that.

ENTRAPMENT IS REAL, and I won't fall for it


87314c No.342680

File: 5baec89c385ffa1⋯.png (1.42 MB, 2188x1792, 547:448, 12_29_17_Guantanmo.png)

b3f9a7 No.342681


I dont believe a word that comes out of this assholes mouth. He needs to be hung for treason on soooo many crimes. He's not /ourguy/ by NO means.

6bb1b7 No.342682


Fuck. Got excited.

f20a5c No.342683


https:/ /www.documentcloud.org/documents/1283939-qicr-final-report-2009.html

the Q's

817c64 No.342684


United is the Official airline of Guantanamo. Look it up, they won the contract.

b2c626 No.342685


He would flatter HRC if she had won.

That's how he rolls.

Not to be trusted.

c76d39 No.342686


UNITED AIRLINES is located at T2 E in Shanghai

c83aad No.342687


When going toward New Orleans they cut over the keys which is about where they show up on ADS… they don't show up until then because coverage is spotty for ADS near Cuba.

af08be No.342688


Last vote Dec 2, 2017.

d8e167 No.342689


also mentions CHESS

45e461 No.342690

So, am I reading correctly that an anon is claiming they're having direct, private communications with Q again??

796b33 No.342691


Thank you sir! I fully understand that one Q

God Bless our team!

9f2e14 No.342692

I found this google doc about the CIA. It is also known as the Holy C (C-I-A)

Reasons Why Switzerland is Home to

the CIA

This connects to the Pope and Vatican since it's the Swiss Guards that guard the place.


b74e62 No.342693

>>Ask yourself, why did Korea come together as a country v N&S?

Who else would be best equipped to deal with a Korean people who have been so ill-informed, so dependent, so mentally, physically and emotionally starved but their former Korean countrymen?

8e27d1 No.342694

https:// www.amazon.com/1900-Last-President-Lockwood-Ingersoll/dp/1946774197/

"1900: The Last President" by Ingersoll Lockwood; also Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Journey


Q seems to have knowledge of future events.

Military intel? Clairvoyance? Time Travel?

Trump and Q riddled with amazing time travelish "coincidences."

Future proves past.

This proven fact, and watching it in real time. is riveting for me. Know it is real. Think they use more than 1 method.

Have experienced time travel to past, no machine. Autism. Hooked.

c83aad No.342695


Not the ONLY airline that flies to Gitmo.

076715 No.342696

File: 08b745a2ca99ddc⋯.png (723.83 KB, 735x618, 245:206, mccainmeme.png)

d8e167 No.342697


which chess piece were we searching for? the knight? is mccain the knight?

53c11a No.342698


Which bombing m8?

75a501 No.342699


Makes sense. AFSOC likely leading the charge on most of these extraction missions, which means Q/MI/POTUS is NOT FUCKING AROUND.

Good shit.

Any interesting ground unit activity, by chance? I recalled seeing singular GRND unit activity during the ATL blackout extraction; anything on that front in other locations of interest?

93a370 No.342700

File: 005b07b60d68e16⋯.png (879.89 KB, 1249x821, 1249:821, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 674b50169caa851⋯.png (1006.64 KB, 1216x804, 304:201, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 45ba186204a5338⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1242x803, 1242:803, ClipboardImage.png)

557c0f No.342701


nothing conf_ that

db8eaa No.342702


McNoName admitted he gave $9,000,000 to the McCain Institute ledt over after his failed presidential campaign.

4e954e No.342703

File: fd2a48406d44c1f⋯.png (507.94 KB, 547x623, 547:623, ClipboardImage.png)

91a1c7 No.342704


Didn't passengers get hit by United staff? Imagine this: getting hit on the way to Gitmo!

f51741 No.342705


No, he's saying someone from Shanghai is on way to Gitmo. United to Gitmo.

@Snowden never left HK. Being in Russia was disinfo. ABC interview was with Mockingbird reporter. Clown station around the block from where documentary was filmed. It was a sham.

68277f No.342706


On previous bread someone mentioned ANA

407523 No.342707

File: 3c5a59593dcf3f5⋯.jpeg (99.46 KB, 962x499, 962:499, 03B63EF0-0327-4605-8557-8….jpeg)

0b6633 No.342708

An An-148 crash was lifted by a surveillance camera: video


7c2051 No.342709

Dickweed board owners here are becoming commie niggers and banning people for 3 years for posting something if they don’t agree with their view. I posted one thing from another device, not offensive to anyone, just with some facts and information, nothing bad, and for some reason there’s a 3 year ban on it. Sounds like controlling the narrative if you ask me.

8f197a No.342710


I mean this with respect and do not wish to derail.

4ef5c3 No.342711

Shanghai to GITMO makes the most sense if it's @Snowden.

"How's Russia?"

Boom. Nabbed in China.

c76d39 No.342712

United Airlines to Guantanamo Bay?

What airline check-in counter @ PVG [T2] is located @ [E]?

What was the location of [E][pic posted other board]?

Why is this relevant?


UNITED is the only American airline at T2 E in Shanghai.

So the pick up in Shanghai was transferred via UNITED from Shanghai to LA to Gitmo

57e958 No.342713


There was a crazy person on the runway at LAX about the time the shanghai flight landed last night. It caused a short shutdown at the airport.

796b33 No.342714

Apparently the release the cure memes are working.. it was announced on Midwest radio, a miracle one day cure for the flu will be released by the cd. In 2018. I’m looking. For sauce on it now.

ec37ed No.342715

plane? >>342645

c2350d No.342716

Vyacheslav Ivanov is recorded as working for Rosatom.

https:// www.zoominfo.com/p/Vyacheslav-Ivanov/-1092570228

He also has experience working with Astor Capital Group, Inc.

http:// astorcapitalgroup.com/ourteam/

CEO of Astor shows the following Bio:

Will Andrich


For over 15 years, Mr. Andrich has been active in Investment Banking and Finance, working in London, New York, San Francisco and Moscow with Morgan Stanley and LCF Rothschild. He set up New Europe Real Estate Fund and Astor Capital Group. Mr. Andrich served a Board Member of a Russian development company PIK Group and carried out IPO of the Group - one of the most successful IPO in the real estate sector. Currently he serves as a President of Astor Capital Group. Mr. Andrich has his MBA from UC Berkeley and holds a CFA charter.

Working with the Rothschild I see……. worth investigating more into this guy and the company Astor Capital Group….

c562ee No.342717

File: 19b68c9a645cd0e⋯.jpg (360.06 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, DSCF2277.jpg)

a11819 No.342718


>Which bombing m8?

This one:

https:// nypost.com/2018/02/11/3-children-among-dead-in-massive-russian-plane-crash/

296c12 No.342719

McCain donor Chan-Soon Shiong is interesting character

Just beat out Gannett to buy LA Times

Developed diabetes and cancer drugs..Abraxane, which is considered a knock-off of another drug

His company NantHealth was accused of fraudulent practices

Sued by Cher

Took control of 6 Cali hospitals last year

This McCain donor seems to hit all the Q points

http:// www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-soon-shiong-latimes-20180207-story.html

86ad9d No.342720


Pretty sure he hasn't been around since just after he voted down Obamacare…

He has not voted since … MIGHT have to double check that

1e9e90 No.342721

Has anyone looked into THORN, as in, how a detection system can be used to obscure?

Ever since Kutchner’s Congressional appearance, I’ve suspected this. Just like Laura Silsby (Haiti/Huma/HRC) works in conjunction with Amber Alert.

“The McCain Institute has hosted a number of speaking events over the years, with speakers such as Joe Biden, Ben Affleck, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Governor Chris Christie, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and former Colombian President Álvaro Uribe. Board members of the McCain Institute's Human Trafficking Advisory Council include Ashton Kutcher, co-founder of anti-human trafficking group, Thorn. The Institute's Board of Trustees includes Lynn Forester de Rothschild, former general David Petraeus and Joseph Lieberman. Factoring in board members, employees and interns, the McCain Institute has 80 employees assisting their operations in various capacities.”

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-03-08/mccain-institutes-failure-use-donations-anti-trafficking-purposes-raises-questions

c83aad No.342722


Same GND activity as always… SFO, ATL, JFK, Montreal sometimes.. nothing notable as far as I remember.

f6cdb3 No.342723

Terminal 2

Air China and Star Alliance members are the primarily airlines that operate at the terminal. T2 can handle 60 million passengers annually. The terminal building has different levels and 2 different areas: the domestic area and the international area.

- Level 1: manages departures and arrivals.

- Level 2: handles international and domestic arrivals. The flights from Macao, Hong Kong and Taiwan are handled as well.

b1ae5a No.342724


I thought there was a report Terminal "E" had a bomb, but now that I think about it, probably the Nam version of a power outage (here) to cover their extract.

952e2b No.342725


I volunteer to "accidentally" pour steamy covfefe all throughout the flight complements of first class.

ec37ed No.342726


nvrmind doesnt fit

f51741 No.342727


A lot of distractions yesterday. Trudeau accident also.

db8eaa No.342728

File: bc58ce5cb3cf2b9⋯.jpg (121.44 KB, 840x490, 12:7, Asshole KISSINGER Constitu….jpg)

c76d39 No.342729


It's United

91a1c7 No.342730


Somebody paid to act crazy?

af08be No.342731


Always happens in a revolution. :-(

f51741 No.342732


No, that bomb incident was june 2016

223f38 No.342733

File: 219713ec0f68e08⋯.png (210.34 KB, 2255x3053, 2255:3053, USpolitics.png)

File: ca2f2590e9084c5⋯.png (783.17 KB, 899x699, 899:699, cnn-o-vision.png)

File: c63f20933a70a7e⋯.png (104.46 KB, 1654x2339, 1654:2339, communismisbad.png)

File: d01c143c11fcfcf⋯.jpg (114.71 KB, 950x468, 475:234, undocumentedpharmacists.jpg)

You keep asking if I am with you. Have I been anything but?

All I need is one meme to rule them all, and the eyes shall be opened.

d5d261 No.342734

>>342473 the thing I got, unless I haven't applied enough autism, was more like a memento…but now I gotta dig on it some more. could be nothing but if it turns into something will advise.

fbc255 No.342735


And he waits until Trump is president to change his tune. He played the game for decades. Guillotine for him!

2e0d11 No.342736


Keep in mind that 98% of the employees of these corporations are innocent of any wrongdoing.

Can’t condemn people by association.

1e9e90 No.342737


Typo, Kutcher, my bad

53c11a No.342738


Thank you, just making sure I hadn’t missed something

52c125 No.342739

Did we find the location of the [E] pic?

c2350d No.342740

File: 0e0339c60b16233⋯.png (462.89 KB, 1080x715, 216:143, astor.PNG)

93a370 No.342741


And we have allowed Campaign laws to allow this. That is why they are all so inclined to go into politics. And it is Money laundering. Plain and simple. then they pay themselves or a relative a fat assed salary… or all of them. You get the point.

2d2265 No.342742



Well, following movie references:


> Libya conflict, funding hezbollah, MS-13, Al-Qaeda

Evidence? Crush Network/Cells.

Wide Brush. Not as confident._X

cdafcc No.342743

any chance in the future they will sell tickets to the Gitmo Zoo?

4ef5c3 No.342744


"Speaking truth to POWER" = @Snowden has decided to become the latest upside down Dopey and TALK.

c6d8b9 No.342745

File: df40517c1f511f8⋯.png (140.73 KB, 884x740, 221:185, Screenshot from 2018-02-11….png)


last recorded vote on Dec 2 2017

https:// votesmart.org/candidate/key-votes/53270/john-mccain-iii#.WoDdP3XwZhE

18b4a1 No.342746



3de3d6 No.342747



https:// www.wsj.com/articles/experimental-drug-promises-to-kill-the-flu-virus-in-a-day-1518264004

b1ae5a No.342748


>>United Airlines to Guantanamo Bay?

Unknown. Someone know how to search? may not be listed.

a65ac4 No.342749



we can feed Hillary peanuts

296c12 No.342750


McCain donor Chan-Soon Shiong partnered with Clinton foundation to bring health initiatives

Came up with a bullshit cancer drug

https:// nanthealth.com/nanthealth-chan-soon-shiong-family-foundation-partner-clinton-foundation/

c76d39 No.342751

Extraction/Transfer distraction:

https:// www.msn.com/en-us/video/peopleandplaces/man-arrested-after-running-onto-the-runway-at-lax/vp-BBIZpML

a888cc No.342752



ec37ed No.342753


im leaning toward this as well

0614c3 No.342754

Lawfags, pls correct if am wrong, but aren't trustees of non-profit corporations liable for wrongdoing if the corporation is operating illegally?

Look who makes the list! Our friend Lynn!

https:// www.mccaininstitute.org/staff/?filter=board-of-trustees

86ad9d No.342755


As a Canadian I hope Trudeau goes down..

AND let's not forget HARPER..

Harper is the one that signed off URANIUM ONE.. it was on his watch

7f2e32 No.342756

File: 005a0ae99ba33dd⋯.jpg (109.53 KB, 960x720, 4:3, unitedflight.jpg)

a UNITED did leave from

terminal E

75a501 No.342757


Got it.

Settles a few things for me, much appreciated.

Thanks again, and keep up the good work.

f6bade No.342758


Good luck anons. It's 1:20am here. Sleepy time.

93a370 No.342759

File: 2529f8290daab7a⋯.png (364.21 KB, 1756x879, 1756:879, ClipboardImage.png)

For the Stream

Your G hubs suck balls This has been up for some of us for a while.

796b33 No.342760



52ae93 No.342761


http:// www.wmur.com/article/man-scales-fence-runs-to-plane-at-lax/17009694

1815d4 No.342762


Wonder what movie they watched. Harold and Kumar go to G Bay?

57e958 No.342763


ART (anti-retroviral-therapy)

2d2265 No.342764


That's horrible.

No class

"SICK" as Q its it.

c83aad No.342765

File: b9efef2e2d4f5a0⋯.png (437.04 KB, 1207x806, 1207:806, 2auerstuart.png)

2-AUER is on the move AGAIN! This time landing in Stuart arpt.

8c0d4d No.342766


This is all above the line bullshit for sure!!!

5a7db5 No.342767



33cebb No.342768


https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xjpVs9tJWU&t=21s

At the very beginning, he is looking to the right and you see an advertisement/sign for China Eastern and Shanghai Airlines. When he looks ahead, you see check-in counter "F", so followed by "G", "H", etc.

I saw that there were two flights heading to the US during the time of Q's "E" post–one from United going to San Francisco, and one from China Southern going to LAX. Then I made a mistake and assumed that China Southern was related to China Eastern, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

Linked video is 4k, maybe some info can be found.

6bb1b7 No.342769


If that's real and everything is related, this flu season has been inflicted. Which explains it.

4ef5c3 No.342770


Where did @Snowden go first??


1a1409 No.342771


And cabbage. Watch her piss herself.

c76d39 No.342772


Terminal E in shanghai

d0069f No.342774


Now neutralized?

Kinda wondering now if No name wasn't in a hospital, but rather somewhere overseas meeting with his fellow conspirators and got caught and is now in custody at Gitmo.

e3eba6 No.342776

08716d No.342777



Do a 5min search on Kissinger before you put a 'good guy pro trump' tag on him.

fe97a5 No.342778

I was just wondering what POTUS discussed with Kissinger.

Then I realized, maybe it doesn't matter. Maybe POTUS was just making a public statement to the cabal.

86ad9d No.342779


Now it's time for MCStain to shine again..

Back in the light … lol …

8e27d1 No.342780

" … Why are we still here given foreknowledge of events? … "


Knowing about 'accidents,' deaths, heart attacks ahead of time – hoping you try to stop the elimination of good guys.

Knowing = DOING. Yes?

1815d4 No.342781


Tons on this in past Pizzagate threads. They were all over this. Mcstain/Thorn/Silsby/Kutcher/CF/

8bf82a No.342782


This fat, dirty, anti-human fuck has to go. I don't give a shit what he's saying now. He is an enemy of the world.

d2d96b No.342783



KEK! Leave it to Trump to figure out a way to rally his supporters, educate the masses, and brilliantly troll his enemies at the same time.

2e0d11 No.342784


He shouldn’t be trusted.

But he shouldn’t be ignored.

711d72 No.342785


Well, following movie references:


> Libya conflict, funding hezbollah, MS-13, Al-Qaeda

Evidence? Crush Network/Cells.

Wide Brush. Not as confident._X

Also >HAMAS?

74860e No.342786


Star Alliance member hm…where I do recall…

b74e62 No.342787

>>Ask yourself, if controlled, how might you protect yourself and look for a way out?

By attending an event which has the eyes of whole world watching, thus the whole world would be witness to any attempt to assassinate, and by positioning oneself as close as possible to the greatest power on earth.

db8eaa No.342788

File: fe1b20ebb79cacd⋯.jpg (82.54 KB, 501x304, 501:304, POTUS Nobody.jpg)

4ef5c3 No.342789

Let's go over this again… Logic seems to point to Snowden being picked up in China and being sent to GITMO.

93a370 No.342790

File: 6af39bc193ef740⋯.png (129.12 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Also for the Stream… get someone to just monitor this mess here. It would really help your timing. LOL and you are reinventing the wheel… But whatever.

0725cc No.342791


tyvm :)

fbc255 No.342792



It shows a missile being fired from the ground, not the plane crashing.

c48dc5 No.342793


wtf… That's a woman?

817c64 No.342794


Trump Approaches United Airlines About Managing Guantanamo

http:// www.burrardstreetjournal.com/trump-approaches-united-airlines-about-managing-guantanamo-bay/

fa5f2c No.342795


Did Snowden open the window??

4ee2d1 No.342796


on radar 24 he still has the same call sign 2auer

b3f9a7 No.342797


He shouldn't be breathing.

91f7e2 No.342798


are you his press secretary? K = war criminal.

0b6633 No.342799


dead man walking

d0069f No.342800

Ergo, the reason he will be, " returning to prime time."

b1ae5a No.342801

File: a4c7cbf12b19979⋯.png (532.54 KB, 726x449, 726:449, kissinger.PNG)


>I was just wondering what POTUS discussed with Kissinger

LIKEY: the terms of surrender for the Cabal Pedo Masters.

6bb1b7 No.342802


If that's a real cure, then the flu season is inflicted upon us.

And if it's true that it's inflicted, this looks like someone trying to make a deal and giving a timeline.

https:// www.wsj.com/articles/experimental-drug-promises-to-kill-the-flu-virus-in-a-day-1518264004

9f54b2 No.342803


Yes anon. For John McCain human trafficking and McCain Inst. corruption research, search 'Voat John McCain'.

86ad9d No.342804


Kissinger gave Potus High marks..

Kissinger is a Globalist but would answer trumps question and they were very knowledgable

076715 No.342805


If they "knew or should have known" or otherwise broke the rules for sitting in the Board. ( IE:family Member, not holding meetings when required by law ect…) For the most part, they are insulated unless proof knowledge of wrong doing exists

e3eba6 No.342806



e1bbb4 No.342807



That is great news! I'm glad I persisted over that one anon's objections!!

33cebb No.342808

File: 80d2cd47500660e⋯.png (5.86 KB, 461x118, 461:118, Capture.PNG)


I think it's this one

4ef5c3 No.342809


No, but a blast did.

Truth to power was the code on twatter that he was now in GITMO and he was talking.

f20a5c No.342810

9f54b2 No.342811



407523 No.342812

LOL. I guess the twatter is fixed. Have 6 tweets with over 30,000 impressions in the last hour

45e461 No.342813

Am I understanding correctly than an anon is indeed communicating privately with Q???

c2a5c2 No.342814



>A world w/o this man is a world better off. Q

He needs a long brutal punishment first. Quick death means he'll just "pass away" like Savile, never paying for his crimes

d977d7 No.342815


No. Now fuck off.

e4681d No.342816


Yes you dipshit… not everyone is a fucking tranny. Get your cock out of your ass.

c6d8b9 No.342817

93a370 No.342818


I posted some picks from another vid that clearly show E. I cannot find anything direct, nor would they be, but SS or one of the other DoS aircraft could have picked them up. We might need to go backwards from Gmo to LAX if that is our known connector. I am not an F/A fag or know how to check historical flight data.

af08be No.342819


Garbage! Wouldn't want to take that shite. There are natural ways to beat the flu.

c83aad No.342820


Managing Gitmo… interesting wording.


Got it… No idea where this plane thinks its going… never stays in one spot very long.

db8eaa No.342821

File: d855dfe2df2f064⋯.jpg (275.51 KB, 1058x1104, 23:24, Richest Thieves.jpg)

75a501 No.342822


That's terrifying, in a way.

DJT is literally putting the fiends into their own personal hell.

Powerless, helpless, and forced to watch us, the "feeders", laugh our asses off as they flail in misery.

It must suck.


bb807c No.342823


5 = S in l33t sp34k


just throwing that shit out there, still high from 420 bread

fe7359 No.342824


you just learned how to spot a shill

8a6fcc No.342825

I am not certain there is a connection but when Q asks 'What is money laundering?' in his GA about we do not say his name - is it just a coincidence that Steve Wynn (casino/$ laundering) has recently stepped down?

Does NN mean No Name?

Night Night?

I don't know who runs NK but the man with no name runs ISIS - in my opinion.

fe97a5 No.342826



How the fuck do you know what Kissinger would and wouldn't do?

bcaf66 No.342827


Shill Shill

735d16 No.342828


where arae you getting this shit from? Q said no private comms.

57e958 No.342829

I love POTUS, but this global operation could not have been planned in 1 year. This takedown started in the NSA/MI years ago. Trump for president website started in 2012. POTUS was the chosen one. Too rich and too patriotic to corrupt like all the others. To famous to kill in the primaries. Too insane of an idea for the cabal to see as a credible threat. They never saw the Trump train coming until it was already over.

1fbd95 No.342830


During the pres runs meets with the Queen at the palace and rothchilds? Wonder what orders the queen gave?

da433a No.342831


But how did he get there? The Russians would be watching him like a hawk. I remember him being stuck in a transit lounge for awhile before they allowed him entry. There was footage, but it could have been anywhere. Are the Russians complicit with NWO after-all?

ec37ed No.342832


kid has talent, ill give him that. his feet are going to hurt soon. I've even held out judgment brainstorming a few triple agent plays w adm r but Q drops have given us some new clarity I think. I suspect his commie girlfriend as well now to be honest.

fa5f2c No.342833


Someone opened the window prior to the blast -

It was 9 C that day not like they needed AC on

I wonder who?

9f54b2 No.342834

File: e96c7eb4ab8117e⋯.jpeg (157.62 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, c75239494769a034820570ae5….jpeg)

cdafcc No.342835


Nicely done

796b33 No.342836


For my anon across the pond… one of my twatter followers went to college with him… he’s going to post some embarrassing pics soon. As soon as he does I will grab them and post them here for you

c48dc5 No.342837


Pro tip: archive passes paywall: https:// archive.is/VyUIy

a888cc No.342838

86ad9d No.342839

Just thought of something…

I'm never went for a vaccine

never had a flu shot

I'm 67 4/20 for a long time

And never even had a coldNever sick…

last time I had a cold was in 1992

b74e62 No.342840


3 years of planning

4ef5c3 No.342841


"Speaking Truth to Power"

"Who has the power?" POTUS/Marines

Who is speaking?

e73da7 No.342842

Damn I missed 420

a5fd6d No.342843

File: 09af2982f3393d5⋯.png (348.5 KB, 642x351, 214:117, ClipboardImage.png)

43f9c6 No.342844



where exactly did Q mention UFOs twice?

d0069f No.342845


United airlines. Merger between continental and united. star alliance germany.

93a370 No.342846


It was sarcasm over how shitty they handled their passengers that saw the light of day. remember?

a569a0 No.342848


Friends close, enemies closer

77db64 No.342849

Is someone attempting to defect?

Red October

US told you intend missile launch

Do not approach US coast or you will be attacked

If intention is other will you discuss?

817c64 No.342850

File: d2dd2e2c1b15941⋯.jpg (127.75 KB, 723x551, 723:551, Untitled.jpg)

Planefags, can someone find the flight that was scheduled from PVG to NBW around Feb 10th?

4ee2d1 No.342851


at least , i suspect longer . epic

d8e167 No.342852

File: a07c39e5b0a302f⋯.png (161.55 KB, 1047x299, 1047:299, Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at ….png)

File: 5a048f64c7bc317⋯.png (191.45 KB, 1094x496, 547:248, Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at ….png)

File: 50010ce13024c77⋯.png (139.61 KB, 661x550, 661:550, Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at ….png)

File: 5ea58bcbe65053a⋯.png (81.34 KB, 574x523, 574:523, Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at ….png)

mccain NN at the end of pic

NN is nomen nescio… a term also used in chess

one of the most famous NN games

is NN versus C shearer

Cody shearer was the guy that supposedly wrote the second dossier

33cebb No.342853

File: e1cdfbe84512b55⋯.png (249.63 KB, 1295x911, 1295:911, Capture.PNG)

2d2265 No.342854


[[No private comms]] so no private comms to be intercepted. Everyone is free to infer/decide what they will.

Anonymous board "chosen for a reason"

Clever right_X

b74e62 No.342855


Q said 3

62e03c No.342856

Not related, but gorilla glass 5 kicks ass. Know a guy with a phone, no protector, still not a scratch a year later

Good stuff.

Anyway fuck shills and people trying to get us off topic.

fe97a5 No.342857


Blast didn't open it. Q told us it was opened before hand.

86ad9d No.342858


I will be waiting impatiently…

Have to start a drive here in CA. to redpill

Just don't know how 67yo man

350211 No.342859

>>What airline check-in counter @ PVG [T2] is located @ [E]?


All Nippon Airlines

ecec76 No.342860


WE fight here for our country and to restore the republic, while the clowns fight us to get a paycheck. Research this: Throughout history, which armies win under those conditions, again and again???

32ae06 No.342861


topic is dead

Q said that they [Q team] extracted intel with whatever they did

so, perhaps they blew open a safe? [end of discussion]

711d72 No.342862


That was not 10 years?

43f9c6 No.342863


well now, good thinking

4ef5c3 No.342864


No. The Russians allowed him to slip out and gave us the heads up. That would be my assumption. "We have tremendous world wide support".

6cc079 No.342865

File: afc5f935d14928a⋯.png (439.94 KB, 1369x1994, 1369:1994, 3b.png)

a5fd6d No.342866

File: 4e3483a172fbec2⋯.png (340.34 KB, 642x351, 214:117, ClipboardImage.png)

2e0d11 No.342867


One punch from Trump is all it would take. But he wants to talk to Kiss for some reason.

4ee2d1 No.342868


damn i missed that , thank you anon . still epic .

4ef5c3 No.342869


Must've missed him saying that…

74860e No.342870


The same way he got into HK the 1st time?

ec37ed No.342871


i bet sarah harrison wants his nuts on a necklace.

c83aad No.342872


Now can you find a connecting flight to Neward, Andrews AFB, Norfolk? Top three places to catch a connector to Gitmo.

91a1c7 No.342873

Thx, Anon!


adead5 No.342874

Al Bag Dadi is in the Q pic with JMc but not in the one out front

http:// theduran.com/every-time-john-mccain-makes-secret-trips-to-syria-chemical-weapon-attacks-follow/

c83aad No.342875


Newark (EWR)

796b33 No.342876


All of that yes and I also think that he is giving the Marine Corps free in to deal with the cabal along with Q & team

711d72 No.342877


New chess game?

f6cdb3 No.342878

>> 342853

That was fast! Impressive👍

08716d No.342879

File: bd1b2018a33ede8⋯.png (118.42 KB, 657x527, 657:527, 12353252352gtg51hmnty57327….png)


Yes they go out for beers every weekend. Want to buy a bridge?

42759c No.342880


is it

https:// 20committee.com/2016/06/11/edward-snowden-is-a-russian-agent/

2f1d76 No.342881

WDSHN got it

ISIS got it

TRAITOR got it

NN = Non negotiable

796b33 No.342882


Or a flight out of Jacksonville Florida straight down to get mow or Orlando

b74e62 No.342883


if I remember correctly, Q said three. Lemme see if I can find the post.

db8eaa No.342884

File: 22122f228a377a3⋯.jpg (73.75 KB, 600x654, 100:109, 3-1Evan McMullin.jpg)

File: 7d7a5328f55dbf3⋯.jpg (119.5 KB, 480x640, 3:4, McCain Lindsey traitors.jpg)

File: a1018d9638a07d2⋯.jpg (132.14 KB, 744x550, 372:275, No Name - Rubio - Graham i….jpg)


The bastard did the same thing in Libya and Ukraine that he did in Syria! And 'little narco Marco' (now taking up for Mark Warner) was right beside him and LG!

a5fd6d No.342885

somebody is getting NICE an comfortable in Gitmo right about now

f20a5c No.342886


so snowden went to china then to Guantanamo bay?

4ee2d1 No.342887


thanks now i want to play chess ,and i suck at it .

0336b3 No.342888

Who knows where the bodies are buried?

"Abedin has at times been like Clinton’s shadow, has been called her “body woman,” and has even been rumored to be Clinton’s lesbian lover. So Abedin likely knows where, as is said, the bodies are buried."

https:// www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/crime/item/24549-nypd-source-weiner-laptop-has-enough-evidence-to-put-hillary-away-for-life?src=ilaw

223f38 No.342889


https:// www.shanghai-airport.com/terminals.php

> Level 3: It has the Immigration and security check ins as well as the check-in counters from A to M. In level 3 are managed the International flights to/from Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong.

>It has various VIP Lounges.

093065 No.342890


Makes sense.

2f1d76 No.342891



e4681d No.342892

a5fd6d No.342893

Where is Huma Abedin????

93a370 No.342894


Once INCONUS they do not need civ air. Nor would they likely use it. Too noticable. This is where DoS using DYN or one of the others would come in. Think Janet. We move a lot of people on smaaler craft with the windows painted on the outside so they look like windows. It's a very lucrative job… if you get my drift. Though on some you cannot be more than 5.8 to be a crewman. just trivia.

540a54 No.342895


What a coincidence.

This board has more power & influence than anyone comprehends.


154c94 No.342896


What Q is saying is that 'someone' is going to Gitmo and leaving Shanghai on United (there are no direct flights btw)

Your taking a guess that @Snowden not Russia and always been in HK because ABC interviewed him?

Other than that assumption you have any further sauce to add to the bread on that assertion?

c83aad No.342897


Yeah forgot to mention Jacksonville.. though I haven't seen a Jacksonville flight since Friday.

fe7359 No.342898

File: a1ebb18d0c9d163⋯.png (443.73 KB, 490x371, 70:53, Screenshot-2018-2-11 Meme ….png)



>Just thought of something…

>I'm never went for a vaccine

>never had a flu shot

>I'm 67 4/20 for a long time

>And never even had a coldNever sick…

>last time I had a cold was in 1992

c6d8b9 No.342899


post 517 in qcodefag

ea6ab0 No.342900

>Think BDT NYC ‘attempt’ & Barlow.

>Not stated for verification of credibility.

>Why are we still here given foreknowledge of events?

>No FBI investigation into this?

>Impossible to locate?

>Less than 10.

>Who are we talking to?

Q is talking to the sheeple in the agencies. He's demonstrating power to them and showing them which side is the winning side. The black hats in the agencies now have to worry if their orders will be carried out, if people are cooperating with Sessions, if they are wearing wires. Psyops. Delegitmize the target, legitimize your side.

>Since Clown takedown of black_ops loc/public exposure what has changed here?

Less shills? Less attacks? More info from Q? Not sure.

>Expand your thinking.

>This is not a game.


This is definitely not a game. Is Red October referring to the rogue sub itself?

42759c No.342901

Snowden a Russian agent all along

"Edward Snowden is a Russian Agent

June 11, 2016

Three years after Edward Snowden, the American IT contractor turned global celebrity, made his media debut in Hong Kong, the truth of what really happened in this sensational affair remains elusive. The outline is clear. Snowden left his job in Hawaii with the National Security Agency in May 2013 and appeared at Hong Kong’s Mira Hotel on June 1, having made off with more than a million classified intelligence documents belonging to the American government. A few days later, Snowden appeared on camera to announce that he was lifting the top secret mask off NSA, America’s biggest and most secretive intelligence service.

Yet significant questions remain. Where was Snowden from 21 to 31 May 2013? His whereabouts in that period are unknown. Why did he choose to repeatedly visit the Russian consulate in Hong Kong, even celebrating his 30th birthday there? What did those visits have to do with his departure for Moscow on June 23rd? Last, why has Snowden never left Russia, three years after his arrival?

These issues have taken center stage in the German parliament’s special committee of inquiry into NSA activities. Is Snowden really the whistleblower he claims to be? It is odd that anyone who claims to support press freedom and personal liberty would take extended refuge in Vladimir Putin’s Russia, where the population is much more tightly watched by the intelligence services than in any Western country, and where journalists who oppose the regime are harassed and even murdered.

Hans-Georg Maassen, director of Germany’s domestic intelligence service (the mouthful Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution or BfV), has waded into this controversy by stating that Snowden is likely not who he pretends to be. “This would be an espionage operation joined with an operation for disinformation and influence,” he stated: “In order to drive a wedge between the USA and its closest allies, especially Germany.” That Snowden is in fact a Russian agent “has a high degree of plausibility,” Maassen added.

Predictably, Snowden’s defenders have pretended outrage at the BfV director’s statements, although he has made them before. Two months ago, in an interview alongside Gerhard Schindler, director of Germany’s Foreign Intelligence Service or BND, Maassen explained that it was likely that the American “whistleblower” was in reality a Kremlin agent whose actual agenda was harming his own country’s worldwide security partnerships – including with Germany — for Putin’s benefit. That the Snowden Operation has been very effective as disinformation against Western democracies goes without saying."

https:// 20committee.com/2016/06/11/edward-snowden-is-a-russian-agent/

b3f9a7 No.342902


Sodium Bicarbonate already cures the Flu in one to 3 days.

5d6f36 No.342903

File: 5cc83f291b0b2e0⋯.gif (821.68 KB, 852x568, 3:2, 1518394778633.gif)

What is this pic?

ade049 No.342904


q q q q q

86ad9d No.342905


PREZ. already knows the truth…

calls Glabalist Kissinger and chats ..

Kissinger des not know that POTUS knows

Says shit nice about TRUMP

Gives Trump wrong advise… Trump know what enemy is thinking now….

Trump is genius ….

b1ae5a No.342906


We the People

9f54b2 No.342907


What do you know….

1a1409 No.342908


Thanks Q group for the chance

796b33 No.342909


Lot of memes, drop them in any of your social network pages…

adead5 No.342910


Where’s the guy with the beanie cap on from the Q picture ? To the right of McC sitting down

e4681d No.342911

68277f No.342912


There are no coincidences.

c9488d No.342913



Very few have the big picture. Perhaps easier to wake up.

4ef5c3 No.342914


Good! I expect to see the cure for cancer article next from these assholes.

a5fd6d No.342915


She's about to come up again.

FBI texts: Clinton email aide Huma Abedin sought immunity — or would take the '5th'

SAUCEY:: http:// www.washingtonexaminer.com/fbi-texts-clinton-email-aide-huma-abedin-sought-immunity-or-would-take-the-5th/article/2648390

fe97a5 No.342916


This is delicious.

4ee2d1 No.342917

File: 120b81a37962552⋯.png (981.83 KB, 1599x809, 1599:809, camp springs washington to….PNG)


can we get a flight list ? kek

b74e62 No.342918


thanks anon

91a1c7 No.342919


Q, how long will we have to wait for the cures of cancer and other sicknesses?

c83aad No.342920


Too noticeable or hiding in plain sight?

952e2b No.342921


Patriots in full mode!!

c1ab15 No.342922

My conspiracy riddled mind tells me old bin laden wasnt taken out like we were told.

c6d8b9 No.342923


>This board has more power & influence than anyone comprehends.

until CNN reports on our shit openly & unbiased, i'm just gonna have to take your word for that

1e05a3 No.342924


Why do you think the twitter account is saying what Q wants it to say? They are taunting each other IMO


No name?

165f3b No.342925




>He's not /ourguy/ by NO means

Slippery as hell. And the first quote is so OTT he's signalling his lack of sincerity.

POTUS said nothing at all after their recent meeting.


57e958 No.342926


Think about McCain's history. His father was an Admiral in the 60s. The PoW shit, he has been groomed for this for decades. He was the opposition candidate to Barack Obama. He chose Sarah fucking Palin as a running mate. This hole is deep in American History.

a5fd6d No.342927

FOX NEWS covered Russian Flight


7dbc45 No.342928

Q, anons and snowflakes.

ound this from election night.

Enjoy, er or not……….

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUEWcH-6x4g

c2a5c2 No.342929


LMAO He's Potus's POW now. He has to say what Potus tells him to. I wonder what would happen to him if he didn't obey. hahahahah

33cebb No.342930

File: b382f5e6ff1bc03⋯.png (469.62 KB, 644x802, 322:401, Capture.PNG)


Will look. Aircraft from PVG to SFO went back to PVG. Couldn't find any United flights to Guantanamo, but found this. Lulz

a888cc No.342931



fefe32 No.342932


Its the photo of the cruise missle hitting the pentagon on 9/11

796b33 No.342933


KEK! That’s right Q! I see my memes and links spreading more and more daily!!! Went from 8 people on my twatter three months ago, to 286 today!! Alll spreading the word!

711d72 No.342934


Sincerely,it to plan something so heavy and well planned.., it must have taken more of 3 years..

b472ca No.342935


Strongly agree

557c0f No.342936


I do know Q.


We got your msg.



86ad9d No.342937


OH WOW…..missile hitting the pentagon ,, not a plane…. And that was the NAVY section…

HOLY FUCK there goes 9/11

4fb004 No.342938

George Soros, Chairman, Soros Fund Manangement

$25,000-$99,999 McCain Institute Donor

4ef5c3 No.342939


What no one has mentioned from those texts is them talking about Huma asking for immunity before the "GJ"..= Grand Jury. Look at the date of those texts! They were having secret grand juries late 2016. Dec I believe.

eb0a74 No.342940


Q - You are truly a Godsend.

God Bless You!

c83aad No.342941


I imagine we are definitely throwing a TON of baddies off their game… they don't know what to do with us or the intel that Q keeps dropping…. always keep your enemy off-balance.

c6d8b9 No.342942


>They are taunting each other IMO

that's entirely possible. i said that based on speculation from a couple other anons

1e05a3 No.342943


And we are loving every minute of it!~!

00b40d No.342944

all i wanted was a fucking blue light saber nad a bucket

3c086e No.342945

File: 410afae210f22d9⋯.jpg (41.73 KB, 400x300, 4:3, Shanghai-Terminal2-1.jpg)

File: f65a18b6f42aaaa⋯.png (47.4 KB, 412x296, 103:74, Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at ….png)

https:// 8ch.net/greatawakening/res/1.html#q86

>http:// loungeindex.com/Asia/China/PVG/index.htm

062139 No.342946


I think if we can't hang them right away, a "swamp zoo" would be a great be a great attraction. A 8x8' box made of 1 way glass, with a ticker board scrolling sign in their cells that display's our "mean tweets" @ (((them))).

Public execution when attendance drops.

If they want to stay alive longer, they have to be entertaining.

c0973d No.342947


This right here /\ /\ /\!! Thank you Q and Mr. President for choosing "us" :)

6cc079 No.342948

File: 9e45835c4fb8ecf⋯.png (13.27 KB, 718x317, 718:317, BunkerOnFire.png)

ad8f6a No.342949


I just shed a tear

1428a9 No.342950


^ This - non negotiable

2d2265 No.342951


A week after my uncle died report surfaced they can cure leukemia by conditioning your blood to attack cancer cells and place back in your body. Many such reports.

Hi Q_X

75a501 No.342952



The flu, AIDS, cancer, what else?

More to come? :-D

00d5ff No.342953

File: 70739f0c3107eca⋯.png (423.69 KB, 1193x603, 1193:603, Screenshot (3297).png)

Senator McCain why did you meet with the same woman who attempted to set up the Presidents son in 2015, has ties to the Russian mob and has attempted to bring "adoption" services of Russian children to the US and US children to Russia in recent years?

c2350d No.342954


Q, does the connection for Vyacheslav Ivanov run through Astor Capital Group?

1a1409 No.342955


WHat to dig/meme/pray for as Priority?

fefe32 No.342956


There was a 757 that went into NBW earlier today. Was posted by a planefag late this morning It was out of JFK or IAD

f6cdb3 No.342957

I happen many of the Autists will be recruited as the new Intel Specialists! They be doing a fine job. I love to watch!!

711d72 No.342958



796b33 No.342959


My FB is over 600, and they’re spreading the word as well!!!

77db64 No.342960


Is Red October referring to a potential defector ?

b472ca No.342961


The world is on many shoulders… This board is a strong one but only one… of many

f35ffb No.342962

The "E" is Shanghai Pudong Airport.

https:// youtu.be/PJhw69_8Xd8?t=50s

59540a No.342963


so… We're on track bringing down cabal

>Distract mode engage

U1, Dossier, big pharma

>Look!! we cured the flu

Bringing down traitorous scum (future)

>Cure for cancer?! (future)

We got em on the ropes lads!!!

1428a9 No.342964


well duh. twas a brilliant idea. cookies for Q.

00b40d No.342965

i think skykings did a amdirality flag swap gratis around cain

68277f No.342966


Why is that video reversed? Look at the numbers in the top right. They're backwards.

d8e167 No.342967



72fe73 No.342968


Who ARE you?!

5d6f36 No.342969


I dont know, I found it.

b3f9a7 No.342970


Where in the HELL did you get this?!?!?

25f92e No.342971


And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are. 1Co 1:28

2f1d76 No.342972


We The People

Great Awakening!

9e0342 No.342973

has dyncorp come up yet? https:// d.tube/#!/v/d74g0n/d3ku11fk

3c086e No.342974

4ee2d1 No.342975


i know , that was the one i wanted to post , i have so fn many gitmo though i screwed up .

9f54b2 No.342976

File: 64456a20ab7f800⋯.png (751.13 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 64456a20ab7f800b0e8f862d80….png)

File: 0c7be30d6378d63⋯.jpg (130.21 KB, 952x748, 14:11, 0c7be30d6378d63ba1a6be995f….jpg)

File: d705a1640aa6e45⋯.jpg (164.22 KB, 750x1047, 250:349, d705a1640aa6e45ffb3869437a….jpg)

74860e No.342977


Ha ha ha ha ?

db8eaa No.342978


>This board has more power & influence than anyone comprehends.



45e461 No.342979

Ok, Thanks! Just being certain as I thought that I read that Q gave confirmation to someone earlier replying that they were over the target!

ecec76 No.342980

Not surprising though, is it?

WE fight here for our country and to restore the republic, while the clowns fight us to get a paycheck.

Research this: Throughout history, which armies win under those conditions, again and again???

4e954e No.342981

File: c7baad1bedc9ff8⋯.png (594.25 KB, 508x629, 508:629, ClipboardImage.png)

42759c No.342982



Snowden is Russian Intelligence and always has been?

b1ae5a No.342983


LMAO, Keked and wrecked.

This is soo much fun Making America and the White House Great Fun Again.

Bless Trump/Qs/Anons

e6b227 No.342984


We autists, rock!

223f38 No.342985

File: 92c12ef51627e2e⋯.jpg (49.86 KB, 800x723, 800:723, considerthefollowing-rope.jpg)


>Trump and Q forcing the cabal to read 8ch for clues


b3f9a7 No.342986


Where did you find it?

5d6f36 No.342987


Just an anon


It is spreading online, I dont know the source or if its real

fa4e05 No.342988

File: f2ca3906a058d2d⋯.jpg (29.35 KB, 399x385, 57:55, l04he.jpg)


Kek! GEOTUS telling everyone his plans in plain sight. The madman! Lol

6bb1b7 No.342989

File: 43fc729286de773⋯.png (569.88 KB, 1200x528, 25:11, 2387698726457862187064508.PNG)

File: 335e5a4b5816a80⋯.png (172.89 KB, 589x838, 589:838, 780632704560972346509723.PNG)

Flu virus:

https:// www.wsj.com/articles/experimental-drug-promises-to-kill-the-flu-virus-in-a-day-1518264004

Who is Preetika Rana and why does her twitter mention that the Flu virus is based off of Aids? Weren't we just told a cure might exist?

So is this related to a flu season that's inflicted, or is it about the cure for aids and the flu is pretext?

e4681d No.342990


It is an honour and a privilege.

a888cc No.342991



i live at 543 small wok way, right next to big wok way

5d6f36 No.342992


Halfchan /pol/

97989e No.342993


Fake video posted on YT

9f2e14 No.342994



NO comms w/ anyone privately.

NO comms outside of this platform.


00d5ff No.342995


Might not mean anything but I always found the second interesting as there have long been rumors and a ton of "personal story" blogs about trafficking in the Napa area and then came the fires which some in the area claim they saw some lasers from the sky igniting them on the night in question. I have never found anything to confirm the latter but there sure as shit are a ton of stories on the former out there. Makes me wonder. Could be nothing but still…

ea6ab0 No.342996


Kick some ass for us Q.

816c1e No.342997

File: 3b407f60b9de0cf⋯.png (45.39 KB, 634x363, 634:363, tt1.png)

File: 1d7b68004270883⋯.png (32.79 KB, 634x260, 317:130, tt2.png)

File: 58caa312e360b45⋯.png (13.4 KB, 581x211, 581:211, close enough for governmen….png)

>>339477 (only post by this ID)

…was just ignore in bread #417.

There was no other mention of Byron Trott, William Bush or BDT Capital Partners in that bread. However, BDT was mentioned in relation to the NYC 'bomber', in a couple of later comments.

There may be some connections here. IMO, should not be overlooked.

For ref.. >>297455

5fd50e No.342998

I don’t like people that get caught ….. Classic

796b33 No.342999


Thank you Q & company for allowing this old veteran another chance at serving!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

132689 No.343000


STFU youtu.be/N_-GjlZu9-w?t=2249

e08d8c No.343001


cures may be coming now that it's out

62e03c No.343002

Can't wait for the Coincidence Cures for aids, cancer, herpes, ms, malaria, etc.

bb475f No.343003


So honestly as someone with (mild) autism, I wouldn't take this as Q confirming it's Pershukov.

Q put TARGET in caps and said it's over the target. That makes me thing Q meant it's literally above the red arrow.

And not necessarily the name above (Dragina Margarita), but anyone in the list above.

74860e No.343004

File: 51ea7a5a5403a58⋯.png (1.92 KB, 288x42, 48:7, HA_HA.png)

In the Q Bible, this is the second shortest sentence.

The first (to come): We won.

Ha ha ha ha = Huma Abedin ?

http:// www.washingtonexaminer.com/fbi-texts-clinton-email-aide-huma-abedin-sought-immunity-or-would-take-the-5th/article/2648390

2f1d76 No.343005


Don't forget they all probably have diarrhea too.

00b40d No.343006


thought they were being scottish

f20a5c No.343007


https:// fas.org/irp/dni/qicr.pdf :) Hey Q's

c2a5c2 No.343008


Das Boot is hilarious

Germanons - do you get an extra laugh from the Das Boot memes about Stiefel?

a5fd6d No.343009

File: e23058afbde1d87⋯.png (939.63 KB, 1060x904, 265:226, ClipboardImage.png)


She's about to come up again.

FBI texts: Clinton email aide Huma Abedin sought immunity — or would take the '5th'

SAUCEY:: http:// www.washingtonexaminer.com/fbi-texts-clinton-email-aide-huma-abedin-sought-immunity-or-would-take-the-5th/article/2648390

0b6633 No.343010


Excellent but we really need the cure for cancer and other terminal illnesses

c76d39 No.343011

407523 No.343012

File: b214bc8a00e8366⋯.jpeg (311.21 KB, 1536x1178, 768:589, 0492401C-D227-48CF-8D37-6….jpeg)

File: e0de3d647f8de8c⋯.jpeg (314.75 KB, 1154x1992, 577:996, CD8F33E4-9F78-467E-983D-1….jpeg)

File: 3899a3066c29efe⋯.jpeg (165.96 KB, 2048x458, 1024:229, FC743DFD-1B57-49EB-9EAD-1….jpeg)


Libya huh?

8b70bf No.343013


When will CHEM TRAILS END????

361ad5 No.343014


All things found and said must be easily viewed. No shady dealings. Squeaky clean.

285c93 No.343015


Thank you Q. I pray an Epilepsy cure is close too.

c6d8b9 No.343016


slow acid trip, anon

4ee2d1 No.343017


muslim brotherhood needs to be eradicated from american soil .

ffa113 No.343018

File: 9a4b11de5f66911⋯.jpeg (393.69 KB, 1520x879, 1520:879, 89C62262-5869-49ED-9EB8-6….jpeg)


They don’t go to the nearest public airport

540a54 No.343019


Chatter amongst those in control has begun.

They know we know which means the public will know.

Release prior to cover up.

Public informed and collapse.

Which option?


7a8a84 No.343020

File: 315bd9afee1476d⋯.png (413.75 KB, 1267x697, 1267:697, petraeus.png)

c6d8b9 No.343021


when they stop using heavy metal particulates as a fuel additive

2d2265 No.343022


It's Snowden

Think movie

Think Mirror.

Drop the 'hunt for'

=they know where he is.

Surprised I didn't think of it sooner._X

00b40d No.343023


made a lot of shriners that time too

a888cc No.343024



c83aad No.343025

File: 4af6e11d9488781⋯.png (52.98 KB, 534x537, 178:179, gitmoarrivals.png)

Here are the recent commercial Gitmo arrivals.

1428a9 No.343026


Not new - I've seen this on the internet quite a while ago. No idea where/when I saw it though. Glad it surfaced here.

b3f9a7 No.343027


How do you know its fake?

e2ef4c No.343028

Trump Effect is righting the world…what a fabulous time to be alive.

91f7e2 No.343029


because I live in very real danger I am asking for arrests but apparently that isnt allowed here.

73ec9a No.343030

What was the location of [E][pic posted other board]?

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=jq6Sj1si-J0

39 seconds

Shanghai Pudong International Airport

62e03c No.343031



fe97a5 No.343032


You're winning, and we know you're winning in more ways that we can see.

We also know that the Holy Spirit is assisting you.. I think POTUS is (now) well aware of that.

We love you, we love our President, and we love our country.

But we need a perp walk. Doesn't have to be +, ++, or +++

But throw us a bone. Give us the Podestas.

4c5199 No.343033


Newfag lurker here. How do i find these threads? Apart from clicking on Q's posts?

d8e167 No.343034

File: 5a048f64c7bc317⋯.png (191.45 KB, 1094x496, 547:248, Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at ….png)


jesus christ is nomen nescio… read the wiki

ec37ed No.343035

>>342895 Praying for wisdom for the team. Long hours ahead it sounds like. I'd recommend to not be afraid to talk strong to us if you need something done, you seem to be doing more of this. Some of us lurking will make it happen quickly if time is of essence or we arent doing quickly enough. You have some long time rschers here as you know. I'm just humbled to be able to take part in this anons. I'll never forget this, how could we. To brighter days and peace on earth.

e4681d No.343036


Tell us MOAR ;)

4ee2d1 No.343037


i need a letter from you to confirm …. kek

93a370 No.343038


With as many cameras and people with phones I will only say that the sooner you get them out of the term discreetly, and only a DoS secure aircraft, the better. Every pair of eyes is (in theory) connected to a working brain) that is not a chance you take. G Mo stuff with pax and family, even if you have a non aggressive detainee is a risk. So I'm going to strongly 9and can be wrong, of course) suggest going backwards from MUGM. People that are handling the detainee do not need to rest, they just swap out. So you do not need long lay overs. Also, you can spoof or T/O the transponders but you don't see that happen too often INCONUS for safety reasons.

4ef5c3 No.343039

Q- we want the COC for Big Pharma. We'll run our own SEAL op on them. No cures, no peace.

3e80f8 No.343040

Met we don't say his name at a reps beach house in 2008. He was amnesty then. Since that time I burned his books and his flyboy poster. I was stupid. No more. Bring him to justice.

00d5ff No.343041


Location actually matches up with the damaged location of the Pentagon during 9/11

18b4a1 No.343042



c6d8b9 No.343043


hasn't your goal all along been to inform the public?

361ad5 No.343044


Click, open in new tab. Read, learn, expand.

5d6f36 No.343045



e6705b No.343046


President Donald Trump took a moment in his State of the Union address to support a federal law to allow terminally ill patients access to experimental drugs that haven't been fully approved yet by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).;-)

86ad9d No.343047


?????? THINK MIRROR I would take a wild guess

c83aad No.343048


The Gitmo airport code is NBW!

89f2b2 No.343049

File: 70e2cb67f056f4d⋯.jpg (43.82 KB, 432x288, 3:2, IMG_2642.JPG)

62e03c No.343050


Release the Kraken! Let the chips fall where they may. It'll be fun.

cdafcc No.343051


meme that "Hi my name is Nomen Nescio"…

74860e No.343052


Latter. They'll bleed us dry before they release.

47626a No.343053



We know this…common knowledge.

Why would he be praising Trump now?

What is he really saying?


When they trot these clowns out (Rather, GWB, Kissinger) they are doing it for a reason.

No coincidences.

557c0f No.343054


PDanon says footage coming in a month…

can we trust that?

when is the footage, files, .doc,.mp4 coming?

91a1c7 No.343055


Info has to be made public.

952e2b No.343056


Full disclosure!

4605ee No.343057



https:// www.wsj.com/articles/experimental-drug-promises-to-kill-the-flu-virus-in-a-day-1518264004

Feb 11 2018 16:30:54



ID: 540a54



What a coincidence.

This board has more power & influence than anyone comprehends.


What happened to reading the fine print -

By Preetika Rana

Feb. 10, 2018 7:00 a.m. ET

As Americans suffer through the worst influenza outbreak in almost a decade, a Japanese drug maker says it has developed a pill that can kill the virus within a day. But even if the experimental drug lives up to the claim, it likely won’t be available in the U.S. until next year at the earliest.

Next Year - We'd better increase the volume

6cc079 No.343058


You One Of The Good Guys Undercover Here.

b3f9a7 No.343059


We're ready Q! ……. Release the truth!

e42e85 No.343060


Would this explain anon scan safety dance? JA free of CIA Snowden

00b40d No.343061

File: 3c6d44347190625⋯.jpg (60.21 KB, 465x705, 31:47, 1-1.jpg)

time travelling memo?

c2350d No.343062


Q, does the connection for Vyacheslav Ivanov run through Astor Capital Group or is limited to Rosatom?

4ee2d1 No.343063

planefags a2auer ?

296d02 No.343064


Q ! It is such an honor and a privilege. God bless you patriots. I love you guys so much and thank God for you every day.

540a54 No.343065


Double meanings work well against sniffers.


1a1409 No.343066


Whoop! We the love Our country andOur POTUS!

9f54b2 No.343067



e4681d No.343068


20/80 They need the TRUTH¡

407523 No.343069



1e05a3 No.343070



4c5199 No.343071


Thanks, Anon.

154c94 No.343072


Welcome to red pilling of 9/11

796b33 No.343073


Inform the public, then the only collapse will be the bad actors… Americans unite when faced with a difficult decision…

adc278 No.343074


I live under some of the most contested skies in the USA and have seen no trails for some time now. No one else has noticed this?

711d72 No.343075


>Public informed and collapse.


97989e No.343076


Looked for myself after I nearly had a heart attack when it was posted to Twitter awhile back. Just go search for it. Nothing I say will change your mind.

68277f No.343077


The video is reversed and that 'explosion' is weak. I'm calling fake.

6586fb No.343078

Hey, Q.

Growing up my whole life, I've seen how awful and corrupt the Satanic order that governed us can be. I've had the determination and willpower come to me when I realized Trump was fighting for us, and ultimately when you have come to guide us in the fight against the satanic order.

I know I probably don't seem productive or anything of the sort, and I know you can see that and that you know that. But I still want you to know that I'll do anything to bring down this evil structure. It's a life calling. Hope you see this.

8b70bf No.343079


LET IT RIP……. Release. Public will be able to handle more than you think.

996020 No.343080


I hope some day Patriots, Vets, and Anons get the respect that we deserve. Marine anons have felt betrayed by the same people we were willing to die to protect.

I've felt lost until you showed up in October.

Thank you form the depths of my heart

361ad5 No.343081


We still have a lot of work before that happens. Cultivate the normies. All that needs to happen is the majority of them question what they are being told.

74860e No.343082

File: 380a290d8931da0⋯.jpg (35.92 KB, 736x550, 368:275, CIA_NIGGER_CAT.jpg)

c83aad No.343083


No people to document if the UA flights are empty.

4ef5c3 No.343084


Well they better hurry the f up before we figure out who (they) are and where (they) live.

3de3d6 No.343085


> https:// archive.is/VyUIy

Watch the camera move, drone footage?

934c71 No.343086

Go down fighting or save face…

Tough choice

To late for deals

They made their choice too long ago either way they go down.

1428a9 No.343087


The scenario where full disclosure is not made simply means some corruptible faction controls the goodies. Don't do this. The species needs to learn to take care of itself. Let it by providing full disclosure. The species will survive.

d691ab No.343088


Where are the cancer cures then? If we have the power, release the truth. Im sick of watching people close to me die.

cc0155 No.343089

File: fda3d6c8714a6b8⋯.jpg (69.35 KB, 614x454, 307:227, 2018-02-11_18-39-23.jpg)

Think mirror - Roth party invitation written in reverse.

http:// www.hangthebankers.com/photos-from-a-1972-rothschild-illuminati-party/

1a1409 No.343090


Round them up. MAGA


eb0a74 No.343091


Now that IS sauce!!

4ee2d1 No.343092


speaking of huma , marriage of convienence seems to be the rage .

62e03c No.343093


Let sniffers sniff. Some will wake up from the stench.

c9488d No.343094

RBG- Is her "masterful opinion" biting her in the butt?

http:// www.wral.com/congressional-maps-will-stand-for-2018-nc-elections-despite-federal-court-s-gerrymander-finding/17317715/

Supreme Court grants North Carolina Republicans partial victory in gerrymander case

(CNN)A divided Supreme Court tonight handed a partial victory to Republican legislators in North Carolina.

The justices granted a request to put on hold state legislative remedial maps in Wake County and Mecklenburg County. Those maps were drawn by a court-appointed special master earlier this year after a lower court held that some of the districts in earlier maps amounted to a racial gerrymander.

The Supreme Court's ruling means that maps drawn by Republicans for those counties in 2017 are likely to be used in the next election.

https:// slate.com/news-and-politics/2018/01/ruth-bader-ginsburgs-sneaky-attack-on-partisan-gerrymandering-is-beginning-to-pay-dividends.html?wpsrc=sh_all_dt_tw_ru

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s sneaky attack on partisan gerrymandering is beginning to pay dividends.

JAN 10, 2018

http:// www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/the_breakfast_table/features/2015/scotus_roundup/ginsburg_decision_in_arizona_case_supreme_court_rules_against_gerrymandering.html

Ginsburg’s redistricting decision could be the most important one of the term.

https:// web.archive.org/web/20150629150159/http:// www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/14pdf/13-1314_kjfl.pdf

a888cc No.343095

its time to WAKE THE SLEEPING!!!!!

VINDICATION for being called crazy

db8eaa No.343096

File: c399211bb0f1e74⋯.png (671.29 KB, 624x500, 156:125, pentagon 9-11-01.png)

a5fd6d No.343097

>>342563 E Terminal is United Airlines Terminal

>>343025 Recent Commercial Gitmo Arrivals

>>342613 Q Timestamp Graphic

>>342605 E Counter in Airport?

>>341874 Timestamp Decoding pt. 2

>>341877 Timestamp decoding

>>341907 Snowden WAS in Russia, WAS a Clown

>>341651 Organizational Chart - Infraud Org.

>>341762 DOJ indictment - Infraud Org.

e57d7e No.343098


Bad guys captured in Shanghai on 2/7 now being taken to Gitmo.

3fbfce No.343099

File: 5505a65e8d76d35⋯.jpg (583.81 KB, 1458x2175, 486:725, Snowden.jpg)


4b2deb No.343100




c83aad No.343101


Landed Stuart Airport FL

ffa113 No.343102


Gotcha. Obviously no hits on that

296c12 No.343103

Thats what I was wondering…had to be a message in there somewhere


88d87f No.343104

Release….. it is time

1e05a3 No.343105


Public will go CRAZY with this info. Just think! Think of all the people who have lost loved one. Think of how much utter and complete outrage. It will be hell. Pure hell. How will they tell them without BREAKING them?

a11819 No.343106

File: b209972f8a4409a⋯.png (52.81 KB, 238x290, 119:145, good grey.png)


After the Clinton cabal is in prison and your mission here is completed, is there any chance Q will spill the beans on the little grey guys, or are they above your pay grade?

b1ae5a No.343107


>Which option?

Any options that preserve the research?

I'd say release and Collapse the Fraud Chemo Infrastructure. People can find job we're MAGA

97989e No.343108


Do what you need to do. Millions have suffered already and paid the ultimate price. Finish the damn job.

557c0f No.343109


43 conf_ connections

we are tards, and need a hint

781224 No.343110


PVG = is what ? some 1st class Lounge ?

59540a No.343111


WWII, Japan called US a Sleeping Dragon.

I Say Wake It UP!!!

vast majority of country paying zero attention to anything, but also 100% patriots.

Wake up the Dragon.

91a1c7 No.343112


What kind of collapse are you talking about?

People have to handl all sort of tragedies and inconveniences. Why are they treated like children, if it's convenient, not to share the full truth?

c0973d No.343113


I second this!

62e03c No.343114




796b33 No.343115


I sometimes think the good players up there seem to forget that the American spirit has endured for over 200 years…. and we can stand strong united together against the bad.

That which does not kill us only serves to make us stronger

4ee2d1 No.343116


thank you anon godspeed .

f51741 No.343117


Future proves past. Speculation, but adding the crumbs and news up. I know I could be wrong.


>How does he clear customs?

>How does he end up in Russia?

The Documentary was made to make it look like he took off to Russia. They even announced it, saying clown station was around the block. Only appearances after that were streaming with no location appearances. One ABC interview was generic house with limited view. So little, could have been studio set.

Why Russia? This was after the Magnitsky Act was signed and Russian reset was a failure. They needed to implicate Russia starting then. Putin's let every criticism roll off like water. He knew Trump's plan when he was asked about him. Disinfo. Wasn't until 2016 and Oliver Stone was the one interviewing him. He knew.

72fe73 No.343118

File: 4c99ed9e08f2b1c⋯.png (557.46 KB, 831x709, 831:709, ratc.png)

223f38 No.343120



Thanks anon. I'm glad someone isn't blindly following anything they hear without questioning and proving it first.

52ae93 No.343121

00d5ff No.343122



Why has the prince that was promised not followed up the cleansing of the alphabet with a filling through vetted, experienced and highly capable assets of whom you disseminate to? Given the scope and how long the issue has persisted and given the proven asset on some levels why not fill the void with those who can be both trusted and relied upon to catch a runaway bird?

2d2265 No.343123


It collapses the cover up_X

9e2357 No.343124


Definitely more than three years.

28ca4b No.343125

File: 30161cc875f74f2⋯.png (122.29 KB, 874x491, 874:491, Ruth Ginsburg.png)

I found this when I was researching pedogate last year.

See page #521

https:// www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/GPO-CHRG-GINSBURG/pdf/GPO-CHRG-GINSBURG-2-4-3-12.pdf

42759c No.343126

>>343022 my thought is

he's Russian intelligence and always has been

https:// 20committee.com/2016/06/11/edward-snowden-is-a-russian-agent/

1428a9 No.343127


Release that they're releasing it to cover it up and indend to collapse. Question is, is the species strong enough without their suppression to have everyone help each other through the transition without massive casualties.

d6e2e5 No.343128

File: e2f6ec2edd44e37⋯.gif (49.58 KB, 930x821, 930:821, pvg_dep_e.gif)

so, I found this…


86ba53 No.343129

I really think Russia is being blamed for a lot that they aren’t responsible for. I thinkPOTUS is letting that stand because they can’t say it is cia

b74e62 No.343130


Release it. They should have to face the public retribution for all the people they allowed to die.

b3f9a7 No.343131


We CANNOT wait for them all! We need to move forward. Those who understand will. Those who have an open mind will joins us. Those who choose to remain blind will be eliminated. That is was Civil Wars resolve.

e08d8c No.343132

Big Pharma collapse?

a83e60 No.343133

86ad9d No.343134


Bad Actors would release to shock and create panic unrest and suicides…

Q Is this the third horseman of REVELATION..

Seems a bit early…. Q will they go on the offensive as in NUKES

d47889 No.343135

File: 7ee50488d57293a⋯.jpg (113.27 KB, 1080x683, 1080:683, Screenshot_20180211-194147.jpg)

In light of most recent post..

>HA= Huma

8a6fcc No.343136


Regarding the second dossier (Shearer/Blumenthal), I saw a blurb in the news this week that alleged that We Don't Say His Name and Little Marco Rubio added to the second 'dossier'.

Also, remember WDSHN is the same person that walked the first Clinton 'dossier' to the FBI in December 2016.

Why was this timing important?

The FBI had just fired Christopher Steele for telling the press he was working for the FBI.

The first 90 day FISA warrant that was issued in October 2016 was set to expire.

Who rides to the rescue to breathe new life in the disreputable 'dossier'?


5571df No.343137


You say a lot that seems to have spiritual significance. I hope you realize you're sending a LOT of mixed medsages about it.

93a370 No.343138


Though there are already HUMINT eyes on this place at all times, it is better to NOT. The more time we have to rally and get the proof or word pout for ground swell, the less time they have to counter. It's about being first AND being right. This is a war for the truth and public knowledge.

933c97 No.343139

62e03c No.343140


Society trends towards normalization. Any upset will be temporary.

361ad5 No.343141


You try ripping weeds whose roots go down to the very foundation of all that is, and tell me how long that takes.

2f1d76 No.343142


The most expedient way to rip this bandage off. Americans are tough. The ones that aren't don't count.

3e80f8 No.343143

Q is POTUS safe? Are we safe? Cornered animals attack. Will they pull a FF to stop the public from knowing? Those in control do they have weapons? Praying…So hard…

eb0a74 No.343144

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Missile Hitting The Pentagon

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5O1fGmscMc

361ad5 No.343145


And that is how revolutions die.

77db64 No.343146

What blackmail do they have over RBG?

285c93 No.343147


Where did you find this??? Amazing!!

064edc No.343148

File: f4d10f457bc5d5b⋯.jpg (54.37 KB, 500x509, 500:509, avatar_user__1462816230.jpg)

c83aad No.343149

Let it all collapse… WE will put it all back together the right way.

c76d39 No.343150



I just had an AMAZING thought!

Q posted a pic of No Bai - Vietnam

They picked up someone in Shanghai

McTreason has be MIA due to illness

Q says he is returning to "prime time".

WHAT if McTraitor is the one picked up and is headed to GITMO?!

781224 No.343151


anon what is PVG ?

711d72 No.343152


What Cover Up?., economical?, religious?

62e03c No.343153


Secrecy is why we are in this mess.

7c2051 No.343154

Q- You know as well as EVERYONE else here that releasing the cures will awaken most to the evils and allow these people to go down all the way. Let it rip. It’s time. The people deserve closure for so many lives lost. Amen.

b3f9a7 No.343155


Tell that to the North.

c6d8b9 No.343156


>Release prior to cover up.

>Public informed and collapse.

Q there is one thing that concerns me. somewhat related to this, but more related to 60/40. the less the public knows, the more likely they are to falsely assign blame in the future, possibly even generations from now. it's worth keeping in mind.

143aed No.343158

Look what I found the other day.. this is huge and trump also gave us right to try in SOTU recently.. would have saved my dad 1.5yrs ago

https:// youtu.be/ILQuEQuCdiI

ea6ab0 No.343159


No. The bad actors will release, otherwise they face public exposure and collapse.

c76d39 No.343160


the initials for Pudong in Shanghai - airport code

9f54b2 No.343161


That's all been in the batter / is in the batter anon. Check Notable Posts.

fe7359 No.343162

File: ab339ba81fa40a7⋯.png (438.84 KB, 490x371, 70:53, Screenshot-2018-2-11 Meme ….png)

4ef5c3 No.343163

I can't check now, but someone should check to see if JA's release of Vault 7 coincided with WL's being cutoff from Barlow and Snowden's company.

628aff No.343164



64d7fe No.343165


ketogenic diet

97989e No.343167

30146c No.343168

Which option? The righteous option. >>343019

796b33 No.343169


Mcstain was in NK last week during vote on budget

8608ac No.343170

File: 442dd4e8e0d72d7⋯.jpeg (41.92 KB, 642x351, 214:117, 1A7DB029-6862-4274-83F5-B….jpeg)

Anyone see the reflection in the glass of the cabinet in center of pic?

Is that a person standing with someone beneath them? Someone on their knees?

Also anything about Silicon Valley creeps?

72fe73 No.343171

6639d1 No.343172


Good news. Then we will step up the pressure. More memes, more messages, more intensity.



Through tempest, storm,

And darkest night,

Anons don't rest

'Til things are right.


296c12 No.343173


Pudong International airport

764209 No.343174

296d02 No.343175


Q, God love you all! I am so grateful to you. I pray for you, daily, and thank God that you are here for us. If you need a thing, you just ask us. We are eternally grateful to President Trump and all of you. Now please do me a little favor and please kick the bad guys' asses for me! xoxoxo

00d5ff No.343176


You misunderstand the positive point I was making.

b09c7d No.343177

Think BDT NYC ‘attempt’ & Barlow. Not stated for verification of credibility. Why are we still here given foreknowledge of events? No FBI investigation into this? Impossible to locate? Less than 10. Who are we talking to? Since Clown takedown of black_ops loc/public exposure what has changed here? Expand your thinking. This is not a game. RED_OCTOBER.-from today

BDT is bangledesh-NYC attempt. its a air port code. read full article its critical

https:// www.cnn.com/2017/12/13/us/port-authority-bombing-suspect-akayed-ullah/index.html

see q post above

Q is still here because of threat to U.S. no fbi investgstion because its a FF. impossible to locate because its a SUBMARINE. whats changed since awakening and going viral? more traffic online and attacks. internet is targeted RED OCTOBER russian cyber weopon+SUB ATTACK. NYC. maybe our missile defence is down now after Hawaii. this is bad.

d9215f No.343178

I trust President Trump and his administration. At the same time, we have all seen how violent leftists have gotten in our country. They are too far gone to ever wake up. When these arrests of traitors begin, leftists will NOT sit by and let it happen. We should be prepared for their riots because they WILL occur.

817c64 No.343179

Snowden = Insurance Policy

a888cc No.343180

attention people attention

tower 7 has fallen tower 7 has fallen

still standing in background

pull it

076715 No.343182


See ! here it is guys! Expand your thinking on how to use the power effectively! Yes meme magic, yes digging, yes baking. What else? make apps? Make gifs? Make contests for answers? Challenges on YT, FB Tw? Cartoon a quote? Cartoon the clowns? BLOGGING is the best style to circumvent the censorship on FB. They won't remove a post containing a blog because special privileges are given to bloggers. They have many of the same protections as journalists because they are seen to benefit the public at large. They can say what they want without fear of being sued while still holding the power of not putting themselves " Out there as a public figure"

1428a9 No.343183


Release proof of the cover up. The public will use the existing structure of law to gain justice. This assumes the justice system is sufficiently pure.

97989e No.343184


You probably shouldn't doxx yourself.

57e958 No.343185


Q, How does Game of Thrones end? I'm really worried HBO is going to get shut own before it airs.

781224 No.343186

ea6ab0 No.343187


Diem assassination linked to JFK hit?

4b2deb No.343188




92a0fb No.343189


We can always pick up the pieces latter and rebuild. If we don't know everything then they will do it again. WE NEED TO KNOW Q

abee7b No.343190


collapse for whom (Qmark key dead haha)

8bf82a No.343191


Stop underestimating the vast majority of the American public. Be the instrument to unleash that truth and watch the whole power base shift.

d08976 No.343192

Clown contractors:

Joe Sterling, Sheena McKenzie and Brian Todd, CNN

fe97a5 No.343193


I bitch at you a bit, but I'm still here, and I'm not going away. What would you like us to do this week?

540a54 No.343195


We are with you, Patriot.

We honor your service to our great country.

Without people like you, the world would be lost.



a888cc No.343196


lmao, me too

62e03c No.343197


Everyone dies

361ad5 No.343198


Sorry, then. Used to seeing newfags in here going off half cocked without thinking about the consequences.

080b24 No.343199


no one guessed neonazi?

4th Reich/ISIS/……./CULT

6639d1 No.343200


Maybe gonna fly a whole batch of squealing piggies down to Gitmo on the same plane. After all, gotta clear some more room in those full cages.

598ce1 No.343201


20 committee is a deepstate mouthpiece, in love with McTreason.

2d2265 No.343202



Notice SA GERlisted Notice Standby by Go And where they are at. Which makes me think v=vector.

ec37ed No.343203

There's an unbelievable amount of suppressed science and medicine. I'm very curious how djt will move forward w the release of it all once ops are wrapped up. Due to the fact that there is no opsec involved. I sort of think we can assume to get this fairly quickly as well.

c6d8b9 No.343204


it would need enhanced a bit, but to me, it appears as a reflection of the curtain to the left

d47889 No.343205


Informed public.

db8eaa No.343206

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Haven't you ever heard THIS?

'Trans. Sec Norman Mineta Testimony Before The 9/11 Commission'

9f54b2 No.343207


THIS ^^^^


33cebb No.343208

File: 3df8a441136114f⋯.png (69.09 KB, 1032x710, 516:355, Capture2.PNG)


Flights to ORF, but via multiple connections. No flights from SFO to EWR leave after 7:00 PM (when UA890 would have arrived). Pic showes flights from SFO to Dulles (IAD), which is close to Andrews.

285c93 No.343209


Not all epilepsy

8b70bf No.343211


Q - CHEM-TRAILS????? When will they STOP??

064edc No.343212

have we established if this flight pvg to gitmo already occurred? someone said it went thru lax… is that true? it's a long way to fly nonstop… i guess a 787.. maybe a 777 could handle that range non-stop, but no other plane unless it stopped for refueling

62e03c No.343213


Marines are badasses.

9e2357 No.343214


Info release;

"Do not tell truth to power. We'll hammer you."

735d16 No.343215


Q my mother died of cancer late last year. I'm stuck between being happy she died, because if she was still alive and all of this truth comes out, I'm pretty sure once she knew the truth, it would have killed her anyway….

and the other part of me is angry that maybe just maybe they had the cure for her the whole time and she suffered needlessly. I could have also been a much better son.

c76d39 No.343216


Thank YOU, Q Team!

Is WDSHN the one on the way to Gitmo?

e038b1 No.343217



9f54b2 No.343218

File: 6fd7a864c0a0621⋯.jpeg (521.96 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 6fd7a864c0a0621122bb165f6….jpeg)


ecec76 No.343219


Brother, you tell us to TRUST Wrat and TRUST Sessions…and we do so.

We respectfully ask that your team and POTUS TRUST the people with all the truth. Pull the bandage off, TRUST God, let the healing commence.

fe97a5 No.343220


Godspeed usually means goodnight. Goodnight, then. We'll be here.

47626a No.343222


Sheep only fear the sheepdog because they don't know their own strength.

The Truth is what we are after.

Not blind obedience to Q, or any 'leader'

Why was this place chosen?

d6e2e5 No.343223



Picture is of TERMINAL 2, GATE E

Q, said to find what area of airport that was

1e05a3 No.343224


Weird thing is it appears to be set off from RIGHT there. Like it's not visible before the bridge in that corner… WTF.

91a1c7 No.343225


Nobody is helping the people with all kinds of tragedies in their life. Only when it comes to telling people the truth, those in the know always say that they have to "protect" the people…

Protect the people from treatments that don't cur them, from predators and complots to kill them all off! Don't treat the people like dumb sheep!

064edc No.343226



c48dc5 No.343227


Not everyone, just the pedo-satanic baphomet creatures.

296c12 No.343229

My son wants to be a Marine

With Trump as his Commander, I will not be as worried

c6d8b9 No.343230

File: 2f5f3f1584ef1c9⋯.png (2.53 KB, 310x163, 310:163, FREEDOM_.png)


pic related, Q

908fde No.343231

File: 2772053a15fd943⋯.png (185.43 KB, 1305x529, 1305:529, 2018-02-11 16_47_22-_great….png)

New Q post on greatawakening

62e03c No.343232

b1ae5a No.343233



Our Charity Drives Cancer Kids/Families around for Treatment free of charge. 33K increase in Child Cancer. It would really be nice not to watch these kids die anymore!

God Bless TRUMP and the USofA

42759c No.343234


didn't realize that

223f38 No.343235

File: 287560e562a64e8⋯.png (139.75 KB, 500x546, 250:273, QOctoberSurprise.png)


> fas.org/irp/dni/qicr.pdf

93a370 No.343236


>https:// www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/GPO-CHRG-GINSBURG/pdf/GPO-CHRG-GINSBURG-2-4-3-12.pdf

WTF??? NO. JUST NO. I mean… I know that back in the day girls that young were getting married and working the farm and dying at 30 all worn out. If we are evolving that cannot happen anymore, but it does. We either need to make our "kids" adults faster through better parenting or protect them. Reminds me of the disgusting phrase, "old enough to bleed…" OMG. No. Just no.

b35141 No.343237

Any Anons working the Ginsburg drop? Can't find anything significant going on with her.

4e954e No.343238


Too funny Q;

I hope you guys laugh as they scramble. Top Kek muh DUDE!!

09c7cc No.343241


When does a bird sing? McCain could answer that one from experience, probably tell you where the bodies aren't buried as well.

00b40d No.343242

feed fish

b3a4ab No.343243


I agree.

I haven't seen any chem trails since the post regarding "clear skys"

801736 No.343244


Anons - we need to make it in their best interest to release the good - Why did all the corps hand out bonuses???

18b4a1 No.343245


"Collapse" could mean the end of billions of lives.

Are we talking about the choice between saving millions with early release vs billions with collapse?

Tough calls.

ac88b5 No.343246


Looks like it's gonna be a cross generational swamp draining

72fe73 No.343247




Ding, ding, ding!!!

Baker, Baker

cf9b06 No.343248

Red October

With Rocra (another name for Red October), however, Kaspersky suggested that the exploits were the work of Chinese hackers, while the Rocra malware modules - which scan networks and collect data - appear to have been created by Russian-speaking operatives.

"The main purpose of the operation appears to be the gathering of classified information and geopolitical intelligence, although it seems that the information gathering scope is quite wide," Kaspersky said. "During the past five years, the attackers collected information from hundreds of high profile victims although it's unknown how the information was used. It is possible that the information was sold on the black market, or used directly."

So was this a dual operation with the Chinese AND Russians? But not state sponsored?

701697 No.343249

Guys..Q is saying: someone was picked up in shanghai the other day and now today went to GITMO from Maryland. coincidence that Baltimore shutdown??

c6d8b9 No.343250


welcome to last thread, anon

e1ce6a No.343251

File: 7a735dec5c30d23⋯.png (65.75 KB, 512x1034, 256:517, sdfgaegaseg.png)

598ce1 No.343252



deep state as you can get and still be in public.

93a370 No.343253


You didn't read before you posted, did you….?

9f2e14 No.343254


I live with son and his wife. They really think I am crazy and you are a conspiracy. I can't wait when enough hits the fan they will believe me.


ae44a2 No.343255


Wow thats good stuff

59540a No.343256

the same way chemo is BS for killing cancer, you gotta rip that shit out by the root. collateral damage is inevitable if you want to get all of it.

8dbda2 No.343257


Top Kek

c83aad No.343258


Then maybe its like this anon says >>342894 Once in CONUS they switch over to more discreet air travel either all the way or to a UAL Gitmo connecting flight.

3d8a00 No.343259


Thank you for this, Q. Blunt and direct very much needed for normies and newbies. You can't solve a virus on the world that has festered for thousands of years overnight. It is astonishing what you have accomplished so quickly. This board, with you and the other white hats, do indeed have the power to change the world! Finally.

"Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.


4226e7 No.343260

File: df369c687c4084a⋯.jpg (97.72 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, withheld.jpg)

e6b227 No.343261



c8b2f9 No.343262


alright, patriots (around the world) don´t need sleep i guess..

just do it Q, big pharma gotta be smashed to pieces. if it has to be chop some top heads who are responsible for holding it back to calm down the public. Healthcare should be kept working nevertheless.

ea6ab0 No.343264


Only 5% of the population has an IQ of 130 or higher. I estimate that 90% of the population has an IQ lower than the typical autist here. So ripping the bandage off won't work. You can't think like the sheeple think. Remember that. Or you are a shill.

aadbdd No.343265


Release. Many already know. GLORIOUS!! Thank you and all the patriots in your camp for work well done!

f02ca7 No.343266


Public informed. There might be shock, but not collapse. Some shock treatment might be good for the zombies under MSM mind control.

bcaf66 No.343267

I would plan on selling any pharm stocks…..Oopps market closed.

b74e62 No.343268


We dont say his name?

1428a9 No.343269


I like the idea of a #ReleaseTheCures campaign. It would preempt any cover up, would it not?

9dfe92 No.343270


question is, would Q upload that picture as it was snapped. or was there a delay before he posted it? If so follow the timestamp and we can find the flight on flight-replay. more info memes can be made with details like that.

fe7359 No.343271


so what? let them research and find out.

165f3b No.343272



>Do a 5min search on Kissinger before you put a 'good guy pro trump' tag on him.

You're kidding. His words are evidence of his duplicity. Love to know what Trump said to the old goat.

796b33 No.343273


Damn Q! Made me shed a few tears on that one!!! By your side sir! We have your 6!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️

b3f9a7 No.343274


Yes, of course, but I have not seen the missile video before.

d47889 No.343275



>Where is she?

>Not getting divorced?

>Last news from her?

25f92e No.343276



please free the cannibis!

276145 No.343277


IMHO a rude awakening is the only thing that works. There's a saying in Dutch - translated directly: Gentle healers make stinking wounds

b3a4ab No.343278

Well said!>>343264

6639d1 No.343279

TO all anons complaining about the pace of disclosure:

You STILL don't understand what Q posted earlier today, now at the top of all breads. Read it again and then shut up.

Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC [chain of command] to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.

934c71 No.343280


I hear you anon, you aren't alone. My dad USMC Vietnam came home to a country that hated him. Anons and Patriots are here with you. God bless

4b2deb No.343281


Q, this means so much.

My Vietnam Vet father just mentioned something similar to me today.

33cebb No.343282


Makes a lot of sense. Thanks for weighing in :)

9f54b2 No.343283

File: 33b7c38cd9985de⋯.jpg (126.26 KB, 1100x900, 11:9, 33b7c38cd9985de16da874a376….jpg)

aadbdd No.343284


When you dropped about Pharma a few days ago, we got hit hard with pro pharma comments. We took them to task.

4726dc No.343285


Woah. How awesome. We need to keep making the memes!

62e03c No.343286



57e958 No.343287


The foggy weather from the PVG airport matched the forecast. It was clear for 2 weeks before the day it was posted.

93a370 No.343288

Ok, so THERE WAS a Direct flight that landed at one this afternoon and we missed it? Or did I just miss it?

ea6ab0 No.343289


What do you think Meme-ing is all about? What do you think Hannity / Carter / Bongino are doing. Q / Trump are leaders. Follow orders. Meme.

5571df No.343290

New bread

b19fdd No.343291


Give them to opportunity to 'discover' and release. It's something 'new' so public won't revolt.

296c12 No.343292

Soon Shiong is a major McCain donor

Just bought LA Times, beating out Gannett

Fancy doctor who claims to have cancer curing ideas

Wonder what he knows?

https:// www.fi.edu/laureates/patrick-soon-shiong

8ae0c9 No.343293


People have already been awakened about Big Pharma via the opioid crisis…won't be a stretch to find out there are cures for cancer and AIDS. Please release the truth - let Big Pharma implode. I'm sure there's a way to manage fallout.

f6f663 No.343294

File: f1858b50ddfc465⋯.png (303.64 KB, 796x678, 398:339, ClipboardImage.png)


I think this Clown is trying to outdo 20 committee

00d5ff No.343295


Definitely not new but the point I am making is on this site are an assortment of considerably experienced backgrounds with many from military related backgrounds from the military intel services among others who are tech experts, historians, and so on. My point was that given the extreme issues of trust based on years of blackmail and spying and abusing power by Obama, Clinton, etc, why not replace those assets that simply cannot be trusted at this point with new assets who are not burned, can easily be vetted and in some cases have shown exemplary skill at these very issues and piecing things together. So it was positive about the board in general and an alternative to them dealing with the "who can we trust" situation they likely are dealing with given every single person in those positions likely were spied upon/dossiers created for blackmail by the former asshole traitor in office.

db8eaa No.343296


My 36 year old son-in-law died last year from lung cancer, leaving my daughter a widow at 34 and my 2 grandsons without their father! Those sick, evil bastards!!!! MAKE THEM SUFFER Q!!!!!

ea6ab0 No.343297



701697 No.343301

>>343249 (You)

We dont say his name

- don't know I'm not that Autistic :-), new to this board but researching lots

b09c7d No.343302

Think BDT NYC ‘attempt’ & Barlow. Not stated for verification of credibility. Why are we still here given foreknowledge of events? No FBI investigation into this? Impossible to locate? Less than 10. Who are we talking to? Since Clown takedown of black_ops loc/public exposure what has changed here? Expand your thinking. This is not a game. RED_OCTOBER.-from today

BDT is bangledesh-NYC attempt. its a air port code. read full article its critical

https:// www.cnn.com/2017/12/13/us/port-authority-bombing-suspect-akayed-ullah/index.html

see q post above

Q is still here because of threat to U.S. no fbi investgstion because its a FF. impossible to locate because its a SUBMARINE. whats changed since awakening and going viral? more traffic online and attacks. internet is targeted RED OCTOBER russian cyber weopon+SUB ATTACK. NYC. maybe our missile defence is down now after Hawaii. this is bad.

d8e167 No.343303

File: 5a048f64c7bc317⋯.png (191.45 KB, 1094x496, 547:248, Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at ….png)

File: 50010ce13024c77⋯.png (139.61 KB, 661x550, 661:550, Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at ….png)

File: 5ea58bcbe65053a⋯.png (81.34 KB, 574x523, 574:523, Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at ….png)

540a54 No.343304


Understand one simple fact - the US is connected to the rest of the world.

Knowing that, understand, by default, if certain intel is released it would cause a WW/mass suffering.

We share the idea of open source but value life and must make decisions base decisions on outcomes and containability.


9f54b2 No.343306


I'm not complaining about the pace. Q asked us what we thought. I said RELEASE>

d47889 No.343308

File: e5bf815b932d564⋯.jpg (106.12 KB, 1072x1425, 1072:1425, IMG_20180129_112351.jpg)



2d2265 No.343309


You have to route the enemy_X

5253fb No.343310


By Collapse, do you mean big Pharma?

285c93 No.343311


Not for my daughter-only surgery and meds helped. Keto diet mainly for genetic epilepsy-hers is congenital.

e08d8c No.343312


wish I could turn back time and bring my daughter back; but at least I can be part of what brings this to light, so that others dont needlessly die.

b35141 No.343313


Please drop the bomb, Q. Do it!

8a6fcc No.343314



076715 No.343315

>>343019 The best thing that could happen for our Country is if they release ( confess) , make a deal (even no jail time) and go away peacefully. The more we get to play that game the less pain our Country has to go through to become NEW again

93a370 No.343317


yeah, well the Stream says they found a direct flight… so That is all that matters. If it was direct, that was the best option, but I would give five bucks for a manifest. Probably fake names, but… lol

1e05a3 No.343318


Definitely understand that!!! "Expand your thinking"

e50f6c No.349773

Q just want to say I am praying for you and POTUS daily as much as I can!! We love you very much! I dont know how else to contribute to this Great Movement.

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