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Pro Aris et Focis

File: a151a09d6620a32⋯.jpg (267.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bread.jpg)

ed9989 No.274473





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544070 No.274475

Thank you baker 👨‍🍳

da5a4a No.274476

File: 1c1181148f4730f⋯.png (479.18 KB, 835x590, 167:118, ClipboardImage.png)

b40e7f No.274477


‘Snipes’ is entirely helpful, for the exact opposite confirmation of what ‘compromised guy in a SoCal condo petting cats and hiring sex workers’ thinks he’s confirming.

d4b71c No.274478

THanks whoever took up the baker role.

05e547 No.274479


He reuses them. That was the whole purpose of testing a take off and landing, or have we forgot about that already?

2596ee No.274480

Our running list of POTUS digs:

Little Adam Schiff

Little Rocket Man

Little Marco

Mad Maxine

Lyin' Ted

Crooked Hillary

Leakin' Comey

Liddle Bob Corker

Cryin' Schumer

bb3b33 No.274481

Baker must have Super Bowl hangover today. Thank you for making this new loaf

b045ee No.274482

Thank you sir

2641b1 No.274483

File: 08989a5ce98d6d1⋯.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1242x1029, 414:343, B7476863-A373-4B0E-8A32-8….jpeg)

File: bb8d181daffb07d⋯.jpeg (2.69 MB, 1242x1890, 23:35, A7F19A38-4364-4001-8D48-7….jpeg)

92b65f No.274484

File: 24004f8248dacbb⋯.jpg (60.05 KB, 750x813, 250:271, Little Adam Schiff.jpg)

Little Adam Schiff is trending

f35f37 No.274485

Unless Q drops soon research is going dead

ed9989 No.274486

This was an emergency bake from 334

dough is at pastebin.com/rbteGuA9

c17c3a No.274487


Not the crumbs. Read between the lines. Would you promote awareness and encourage people to expose their controllers and slavers if you were one? Would you awaken them to their own power? Deception projects are all about partial truths, misleading and wasting time. Q leads the way to our own truth. He has my trust for now, and I hope all goes well for him.

b7b28e No.274488

Can we PLEASE get a competent fucking baker? This shit going dead between breads is really getting fucking old. I realize nothing has or is happening so moral is dropping but holy shit, do your fucking job.

a49eab No.274489

File: f1bcbac5a99415a⋯.jpg (96.87 KB, 474x248, 237:124, littleschiff.jpg)

2596ee No.274490


Glad to see someone is still digging this, what are the arrows pointing to? Still getting a feeling of dread looking at this area and it's history.

3c3e26 No.274491

Good morning Anons.

6f8586 No.274492

TG /ourguy






I think you have it. Here is what I found in 'The Art of War" concerning 'snakes'.

Art of War - The Use of Spies


Knowledge of the enemy's dispositions can only be obtained from other men.


Hence the use of spies, of whom there are five classes: (1) Local spies; (2) inward spies; (3) converted spies; (4) doomed spies; (5) surviving spies.


When these five kinds of spy are all at work, none can discover the secret system. This is called "divine manipulation of the threads." It is the sovereign's most precious faculty.


Having LOCAL SPIES means employing the services of the inhabitants of a district. #Tu Mu says: "In the enemy's country, win people over by kind treatment, and use them as spies."


Having INWARD SPIES, making use of officials of the enemy.


Having CONVERTED SPIES, getting hold of the enemy's spies and using them for our own purposes. #By means of heavy bribes and liberal promises detaching them from the enemy's service, and inducing them to carry back false information as well as to spy in turn on their own countrymen...


Having DOOMED SPIES, doing certain things openly for purposes of deception, and allowing our spies to know of them and report them to the enemy.


SURVIVING SPIES, finally, are those who bring back news from the enemy's camp.

c17c3a No.274493


The idea will never die.

There is no returning to normal.

If we keep and expand this knowledge we are all the planet will ever need for LIBERATION

a49eab No.274494


You're really helping boost moral ;)

3c3e26 No.274495


Bake it yourself then.

374bc4 No.274496


Oh, so you can read my mind? I question everything. I'm one of the few anons who doesn't blindly trust this campaign or this president. I like a lot of what I see and other stuff I don't agree with or have serious doubts about. The difference is, I don't come on this board and bitch and whine about it for attention. I've been a researcher and political activist for 13 years so whether the Q campaign is legit or not I'm going to keep on doing what I'm doing, with a positive attitude in the face of a very negative reality.

ed9989 No.274497


Feel free to step in. This is the first one I ever did as well but instead of being a dick I just did the fucking thing.

b83e8b No.274499

Interesting article this morning re missing Malaysian jet search. Wonder what is going on here…

http:// www.foxnews.com/tech/2018/02/05/mh370-search-vessel-mysteriously-switches-off-tracking-system-and-no-one-knows-why.html

a49eab No.274500


Well said.. You're doing fine. Thanks for stepping up.

da5a4a No.274501

File: a20209925b81da7⋯.png (74.67 KB, 698x433, 698:433, ClipboardImage.png)

ea3482 No.274502


Has anyone noticed the following…

Q showed a pic of Alaweed the Queen and Harry.

Q wrote Apache.

Harry was an Apache pilot.

cff4c1 No.274503


Damn you beat me to the bake.

I'm semi-IRLing, but can do some minimal baking if needed.

61a8b7 No.274504

File: 1e13e389d89c8f3⋯.jpg (28.38 KB, 408x338, 204:169, glowing (2).jpg)

ebec8b No.274505

File: d4b3a5c0d58138a⋯.png (508.8 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180205-100217.png)

92b65f No.274506

Fusion GPS Could Have Been Trying To Buy Access To DOJ With Payments To Official’s Wife


544070 No.274507


Yea but someparts don’t return for reuse.

da5a4a No.274508

File: a42ae668ad47625⋯.png (81.12 KB, 692x430, 346:215, ClipboardImage.png)

a49eab No.274509


Harry shares the same surname as Lynn's mother. Possible connection?

f20080 No.274510

File: 8a67f2285e5e538⋯.png (11.41 KB, 451x217, 451:217, as_2018-02-05_102139_qcode….png)


Yes! It's all coming together.


c4fc6f No.274513


The street that is being pointing out is Ralph David Abernathy blvd.

I can’t tell what the white building is

9abff4 No.274514

374bc4 No.274515


It's nobody's fucking job, prick. Anons volunteer to do it when they are available. How about you step up next time before you open your fat mouth. What a douche.

734550 No.274516

File: ced8be23b6a0fcc⋯.jpg (204.35 KB, 1394x897, 1394:897, HELP..jpg)

9c8064 No.274517


dude…..stop waiting on Q. Qgroup may not be coming back.

we don't need Q group to do our research and meme.

we do need some sort of battle plan to move forward.

22bbb5 No.274518


#336 is already made.

db61c9 No.274519

File: 30a2b7507e14052⋯.gif (1.16 MB, 480x358, 240:179, gif.gif)

3c3e26 No.274520

"Little Adam Schiff" lol.

POTUS gave him a nickname, now he's done for.

c17c3a No.274522


Waaay too early. Do not migrate.

a49eab No.274523


Plz lock it down ;)

c9e16e No.274524

File: c0049a7eaf34d60⋯.jpeg (95.37 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 1517844349.jpeg)

63c629 No.274525

for the concernfags…

is mueller bad?

is rosenstein bad?

is gowdy bad?

read this and calm your shit…. this is the greatest counterespionage operation in history.

https: //twitter.com/GalacticRedPill/status/960397356893011969

d4b71c No.274526


Your doing God's work son. I'd help but I have to be off the work soon.

ba1a74 No.274527

File: 50828c6bc179f02⋯.jpeg (1.82 MB, 1242x1356, 207:226, 3738834B-4E5E-4CE8-812D-1….jpeg)

File: 2f4517471eb94ec⋯.jpeg (512.4 KB, 1177x1870, 107:170, A32DDF53-5F13-4716-860D-2….jpeg)

File: b637ca2a51fab7b⋯.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1242x1193, 1242:1193, 9F24E78E-8000-47FA-BAE8-F….jpeg)

3c3e26 No.274528

c4fc6f No.274529


What is it with the Atlanta pictures anyways? Is this to divert our attention?

22bbb5 No.274530


I don't know how.

a49eab No.274531

File: 668eb8f4a1fa79d⋯.jpg (113.98 KB, 474x248, 237:124, littleschiff.jpg)

ea3482 No.274533


Apache ties to Harry as well as helicopter crashes in Japan and in California.

Also sales.

Sales of apaches to some countries would involve bribes.

Also some apache footage was leaked that included assassination of journalists.

f20080 No.274534


It's interesting how Jimmy Kimmel wen't full cianigger, while Adam Carolla didn't.

Only conclusion I can draw is that Kimmel is a loser and a pervert that can be blackmailed.

a49eab No.274535


Delete it then.. It's way too early. People jumping on the catalog page will go straight there. Total shitshow ensues

78ee9d No.274536

Objective watchers of the legal system. OWLS 🦉

22bbb5 No.274537


Feel free to delete it whomever.

697929 No.274538

Good bloody hell! Q has given you enough to figure out until the entire freakin CABAL comes crashing down! Have you figured out the pictures he's sent, the shining pic- the meaning behind the picture! shit! lots of info to revisit!

8e520b No.274539


you can't stop retards from acting retarded, tbh

74ab99 No.274540

File: f7547c5fd0efc77⋯.jpg (24.69 KB, 552x430, 276:215, 3anum329oee01.jpg)

4b7e6c No.274542

File: 48f54b3261b857d⋯.jpg (33 KB, 527x221, 31:13, FF-threat_SB.jpg)

SB FF neutered…

549a00 No.274543

File: 0ad3348abd146e1⋯.jpeg (668.27 KB, 1242x1379, 1242:1379, EA52D0F4-39E4-454B-AE46-3….jpeg)

6546e8 No.274544


Our running list of POTUS digs:

Little Adam Schiff

Little Rocket Man

Little Marco

Mad Maxine

Lyin' Ted

Crooked Hillary

Leakin' Comey

Liddle Bob Corker

Cryin' Schumer

Sneaky Dianne Feinstein

3c3e26 No.274546


They didn't need to pull off a FF when Philly fans could cause chaos for them.

fe7e5d No.274548

File: 054f40e610f39ea⋯.png (444.21 KB, 600x325, 24:13, schiff memo.png)

File: d4457cf1f47e623⋯.png (312.64 KB, 600x325, 24:13, schiffty eyes.png)




really..what a fucking hypocrit. Far cry from his "man show" image.



78ee9d No.274549

http:// valleycentral.com/news/local/prosecutors-resurrect-8-year-old-felony-case-against-edcouch-police-chief

344285 No.274550

We the people:

https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/release-fisa-warrants

416106 No.274551


MK ULTRA in a UHAUL storage???

fa6602 No.274552


That's massive.

fa8c72 No.274553


Strip club underage go see them over at the

81f3c6 No.274554

Who says moral is down? The president just tweets about little Adam schiff. Do you think he would do that if he didn't already be planning to back that up.

It would be nice to expose the treason of fake news outlets at the same time.

7032e2 No.274555

File: b9b0979b80b6256⋯.jpeg (58 KB, 660x371, 660:371, image.jpeg)



>>273999 - checked emergency 9s in some countries


Right so we have all been played, what now - simply give up? It does sound plausible.

What was the message from q gave us while back,

You will get an individual message across all platforms which may seem scary????

Will that msg say thanks for helping the other side fkers with are again running the world hahahaha...... (evil tone of voice)

I'll be honest, I don't know what's going on any more. Neither does this owl (pic related)

No not a shill, just a fed up anon that's been here longer than I'd like to say.


Included AI anon in this, just because....

Peace out.

bfe7f8 No.274557

I have no doubt I will catch all manner of hell for this … but this is an email reply I just sent to my mom; an update on the situation in the World of Q.


We know only what we're told. And it's a very intense time right now. Q vanishes for long periods of time without any word, without any schedule. Every message sent could be the last. We might never be told if any given message WAS the last. It's like a leader who has no known schedule, and no defined role. At times the whole thing gets very ugly because during these absences, people are without direction, without a central pillar to pull them together. Factions start to form and every one of them is off track. Infighting gradually goes off the rails and most people don't even realize it's happening. The following behind Q is doing nothing but growing, but it seems the more a solid leader is needed, the less we have one. It isn't about being a devotee; it's about having that central focus that binds people together. We are lacking that completely. It comes and goes with the wind. It's extremely effective when it's present but its presence is chaotic and random at best. The cause of that undoubtedly comes from necessity, but that necessity doesn't change the net impact on us. Human nature is what it is. If you're going to have a team, you need a solid leader. Round and round it cycles. We could be achieving exponentially more than we are, if we had a solid, present leader. We don't, and we have to do the best we can without one. I'm sure any number of people wish it weren't that way, but that's how it is.

6546e8 No.274558

File: 19db32122bfd59f⋯.jpg (149.95 KB, 670x932, 335:466, 2-5-18 c.jpg)

c4fc6f No.274559


Where are the bodies buried

20295b No.274560

Must see / heared new anonymous video

https:// m. youtube.com/watch?v=__VCJnNoIO8


67050d No.274561


Earth tones warehouse

78ee9d No.274562

http:// www.breitbart.com/texas/2018/02/03/feds-arrest-democrat-texas-state-judge-near-texas-border/

bbf12a No.274563


psycho joe scarborough

dumb as a rock (low iq also) mika brzezinski

low energy jeb

f86b36 No.274564


I concur. Good analysis

a06887 No.274565


Q has lead the way to a partial truth. We're not there yet, and we need action, or it's all for naught.

9c8064 No.274566


there's a lot of inquiry about when Q group will return. personally i think they will not return but whatever.

has anyone asked themselves what will they do if Q group does not return? does that mean researching and memeing stops? i saw an anon mention that research will stop if Q doesn't return…….which really defeats the purpose of what Q group was trying to accomplish…..getting people to research and educate others using meme warfare.

it worked didn't it?

do we really need to have anon(s) named Q lead us anymore…….or do we think we can remove the training wheels?

your call anons.

05e547 No.274567


Still don't have to rebuild the entire thing, like NASA would do.

f648d0 No.274568

SC: MISINFO everywhere.

SC: MISINFO from past reliable sources.

SC: AXIS OF EVIL can & will return FIRE [is].

SC: Seek immediate [F9-Sx_VB8239].




0bfc3a No.274571

> Philly is a S***hole Edition

We have Bill Belichick baking our threads for us

78ee9d No.274572


db61c9 No.274573


The best explanation I have found while researching Apache is this John McCain, Jeff Flake scam with a Rothschild mining company involving parallel construction law for surveillance.

https:// www.reddit.com/r/CBTS_Stream/comments/7v4jlp/qs_reference_to_apache/

a49eab No.274574


These were direct messages to Sarah Carter IIRC

a46692 No.274575



aa9790 No.274576


Memefags we need ammo to carpet bomb little Adam with every time he makes a feeble attempt at a twat.

Time to Rolling Thunder this POS

c5013d No.274577



KEK !!>>274565

Q gave us all the answers . Future unlocks past . I trust Q and DJT will see the mission thru. Why would Donald Trump choose evil and destruction of his beloved country? His statements do not change over the years interviews. Always the same , always rock solid pro American. Truth .

cb7109 No.274578



You guys need to get laid. No need or reason to be to be openly hostile. If you're over it, cool, leave. If your not, that's cool to. Lurk more, and you'll understand why getting grumpy won't help the cause.

3c3e26 No.274579

When Q is not here they are busy kicking butt. It's only been 4 days. Sheesh.

c9e16e No.274580

File: 254241ed3c2126b⋯.jpeg (110.6 KB, 1080x622, 540:311, 1517845022.jpeg)

c5013d No.274581


I bet he is a pizzaboy

95b974 No.274582

We still cannot read the MAP the way Q taught us. I feel real stupid about that

478a59 No.274583


don't you mean Trolling Thunder this twat? I think it has a nicer ring to it

bfe7f8 No.274584


You don't see what some others see. Others may miss things that are obvious to you. Perception is very individual. To presume you know exactly what somebody else is and is not aware of is a dangerous proposition.

db61c9 No.274585


Thread reader app for lubed up read

https:// threadreaderapp.com/thread/960397356893011969.html

a06887 No.274586


No, you need to use your fucking head. Compare the HITS with the MISSES and let's see how good we are doing here… Cause, we're up to a lot of misses, a few hits, and no action yet.

fa6602 No.274587


I feel the same way, anon.

78ee9d No.274588

Owl directly involved in the arrest of a federal judge. HAS THIS BEEN REALIZED YET?

a49eab No.274589

File: f8b1c675d8ac43e⋯.jpg (225.74 KB, 960x540, 16:9, schiff2.jpg)

05e547 No.274590

File: cba4ce1652f8729⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

81f3c6 No.274591


OMG. Ye of little faith. Image if killary was president. Reread the map. You have more than you know. Dig, lurk or shut the fuck up.

80dd92 No.274592


In the flint

eaeae8 No.274593

Good morning anons…

vetbaker here stuck workfagging atm.

I just wanted to inject some unity this morning. Do not be discouraged. As others have mentioned, this is a marathon not a sprint.

Do not lose sight or give up hope. All is going according to Q's plan, rest assured. I will be back tonight and will make myself available to bake if it is needed.

A quick prayer, to bring our focus together.

Lord God our Father in Heaven, hallow be thy name. I come to you in Your son's name, Jesus Christ, asking for a refreshing wave of rejuvenation and unity over my fellow anon. We have already seen Your great works, Father, and we are so thankful for those works you have yet to show us. I ask that you give us protection and especially to create a hedge of protection around those brave patriots that have put themselves directly in the face of the enemy today and all days. Lord God we come to you in unity asking to help us keep our resolve through these trying times. We are so thankful that the enemy did not lord over the SuperBowl yesterday and that many were able to safely return home to their families. I ask for a blanket of peace in our town of Philadelphia as the enemy constantly persists amongst us. In Jesus name I pray, amen.




Do not forget it is We not Me.

We can do this together. Do not give up.

5de7a6 No.274594


I believe that is the point. Q stays out of here long enough to let all these idiots vaporize then we can actually do some real research.

So just stfu and enjoy the company of all the other anons here that are sharing intel. lots of good info in this room and best place on the internet for breaking news.

>>273834 (primary, incorrect *, no posts at *, just a bit under * as indicated by 2nd of *, assumption very slow so not as accurate as usual)


>>273788 (very good post linked >>273770 , watch for this in future, recommend saving for future reference)







>>274092 (this one is worth digging into, anons.

>>274071 (kek)





>>273867 (kek)>>274485

c9e16e No.274595

667503 No.274596

might could help moral if there were a highly visible arrest or two.




knock knock, hello?


db61c9 No.274597


You are a Great American Patriot!

8f775b No.274598

f93682 No.274599


There's a TON of stuff in there, galleries, workspaces, storage…. Check the goog earth. It's a massive space that could (and does seem to) house most anything.

bfe7f8 No.274600


What's being missed? Look at the level of fighting and conflict in here. Yesterday it was minimal. Nearly non-existent. Today it's off the scales. Not everybody quantifies that because not everybody's mind works that way. There is impact. BIG impact. The understanding and interpretation of our purpose fractures more and more. Splinter groups (for lack of a better term) become more and more in number, smaller and smaller in size. The process is very subtle and very gradual. But very prevalent.

641129 No.274601


Would POTUS make a serious accusation if the TRUTH wasn’t about to come to LIGHT?

Black Forest.



FIRE sale days after post?

What went on there?


You have more than you know.


2596ee No.274602


Updated running list of POTUS digs:

Little Adam Schiff

Little Rocket Man

Little Marco

Mad Maxine

Lyin' Ted

Crooked Hillary

Leakin' Comey

Liddle Bob Corker

Cryin' Schumer

Psycho Joe (Scarborough)

Dumb as Rock (low IQ) Mika (Brzezinski)

Sen. "Pocahontas" (Elizabeth Warren)

Low Energy Jeb

3c3e26 No.274603


Why are you being such a drama queen? All you have to do is follow patterns.

0baa28 No.274604

A thread I read just now- How an Impatient anon says …If Q doesn't drop a crumb or something, he's leaving this initiative. A well placed rebuttal was: HE doesn't NEED TO COME BACK ANYMORE!!!

We've got all that we need to start DIGGIN. The Q TEAM may never post again…because they have set the momentum with us anons. We can call ourselves the Defacto Qanon Group, because it's our job now to carry forth with the several hundred drops and correspondences that Q has left us over several boards.

Like it or not, we have the resources now, the AUTISM, The PLANEFAGS, BAKERS, and everything else that makes us unique to CHAN.

If you are self centered and impatient and demand data/input on command, go drink some bleach. Otherwise for the rest of you, lets haul this fucking country sized puzzle together and start with all we have. it'll only get worse before it gets better guys….!

7032e2 No.274605


Thanks for showing up, needed…

bfe7f8 No.274606

Describing the situation doesn't automatically equate to complaining. Or railing against it. Sometimes less than ideal situations just have to be weathered and there isn't always an ideal solution.

641129 No.274607


BLUNT statement.


05e547 No.274608


G'morning Q

effe40 No.274609


what timing!

6546e8 No.274610


Perhaps you should have included…

Judge Arrested After FBI Descends on Texas District Court

'The FBI along with numerous law enforcement agencies including the Texas Rangers and the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office has now arrested a Democratic State District Judge in Texas in what's being described as a culmination of several month-long investigations into the Democratic Party's ELITE.'

http:// thegoldwater.com/news/17471-Judge-Arrested-After-FBI-Descends-on-Texas-District-Court

And let her know the 'low hanging fruit' is getting higher and higher up the tree of corruption that has run rampant in this country for so long.

2596ee No.274611


Time for bluntness Q?

3c3e26 No.274612


They just arrested a Dem judge and rec'd Steele for prosecution in 24 hours (on a Sunday).

Not good enough for you?

bfe7f8 No.274613


Naturally, the appearance is made in the middle of THIS. Am I officially fired?

50b0d6 No.274614

aa9790 No.274615


Outstanding anon!

You have my vote for naming the carpet bombing of Little adam "Trolling Thunder"

Loose the memes of war

6546e8 No.274616


EXACTLY why I posted it, Q!!!

8e520b No.274617





3c3e26 No.274618


Good morning boss!

5de7a6 No.274619


http:// lmgtfy.com/?q=federal+authorities+arrest+a+democrat+judge

05e547 No.274620


Speak bluntly, of carry a big stick bluntly?

8e520b No.274621


>A fire sale is the sale of goods at extremely discounted prices, typically when the seller faces bankruptcy

2b0f49 No.274622



667503 No.274623


well shit. i missed that. I stand corrected.

thank you!

8f775b No.274625


http:// www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/02/05/trumps-nicknames-for-rivals-from-rocket-man-to-pocahontas.html

344285 No.274626


So I guess you missed his posts this morning?

2596ee No.274627


Do the Roths actually think they can buy their way out of this??

5de7a6 No.274628


Thank you for stopping in Q!!!!

bc69b3 No.274629


You are the type that stands in front of a microwave making popcorn and complaining about how long it is taking


667503 No.274630


No, actually i usually walk away and do something else, then return to that horrid stench of burning popcorn.

I dont' do facebook. sorry.

478a59 No.274631

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roy_Blunt

9eafb9 No.274632

Q Any Guess on a Date that Public will see Government officials in cuffs ? ?

bbf12a No.274633

File: 393a14bf4415411⋯.png (61.47 KB, 1281x653, 1281:653, topnothpetition.png)

File: dd11e4e289a8489⋯.png (345.08 KB, 458x340, 229:170, dd11e4e289a8489be7a4d4402a….png)



3310d2 No.274634



Good morning, sir!

Glad to see you again.

POTUS is going hard and naming names.

Timing is everything on this front.

Light more fires, and we'll spot them.

Can we expect more blunt statements this week?

eaeae8 No.274635


God bless you patriots. My family thanks you for your tireless efforts. God be praised!!!

f79957 No.274636

File: 56f7d0b9679d793⋯.jpg (96.14 KB, 750x437, 750:437, DU8AA1AV4AAzCcZ.jpg)

bfe7f8 No.274638

I just think we have gone too long without properly learning to read the map. So much emphasis was placed on that from the beginning. Has its importance shifted? Some people are pouring a lot of effort into that. Is it still as important as it was "in the early days?" (Listen to me … the ancient one after 3 months.


3c3e26 No.274639

Q pls remember we only have Google to actually do research. We don't have your access to research. Can we Anons even see if Roths own anything in the black forest?

a49eab No.274640


God bless & Godspeed to all your team.

8e520b No.274642


>roy blunt

i was just thinking about him re: Q's post, anon. that named came to mind before any other possible interpretation

1a8f53 No.274643


at your service

853c54 No.274644

Can someone shoop Schifty's neck even smaller than it appears in his suit with his shifty googly eyes and big head?

9abff4 No.274645


This facility and the one out in the middle of the desert for No Such Agency causes me to believe that some company–Halliburton maybe? just a guess–specializes in constructing these kinds of massive campuses

3c3e26 No.274646

File: a151ef4e3823a88⋯.png (184.42 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180205-094806.png)

Alright Q, ignore me I'm an idiot. Haha.

a49eab No.274647

File: b9045a4b3b4b00d⋯.jpg (270.22 KB, 960x540, 16:9, schiff3.jpg)

6546e8 No.274648

>>274632 Are you kidding?

Did you miss…. ——–→> >>274610

06e552 No.274649


Are the Atlanta pics something?

3310d2 No.274650

Also, out of curiosity, any cabalist messages from last night that we can/should have picked up on?

f86b36 No.274651


Your Twitter rant contains poor reasoning, invalid logic and conjecture.

Not a compelling argument. You should continue he your career on Twitter.

8e520b No.274652



>FIRE sale


>Rothschild Family Sells Large Austrian Hunting Estate

whoa. is the biggest family in existence going broke?

db61c9 No.274653


Amen. I receive it. TY

c38226 No.274654


So ready to fight for my God, my country, my family, Q and POTUS. Here to serve Q!

697929 No.274655

>>274639 I do my research at libraries. Google is not trustworthy.

2596ee No.274657


Thank you for continuing to come back to drop crumbs time and again Q despite those among us constantly going off track and losing faith! Thank you for all that you do!

2afc0f No.274658

Liquid groove 421 productions . Club Pyramid on white hall

e7df31 No.274659


that was a massive q drop right there

a49eab No.274660



Guys Q does not stand for Q&A

Show a little respect and do some research or meme.

9eafb9 No.274661



Check for Bodies on that ground…..

ed9989 No.274662

BAKER of 336

This bread has to come down, it is way to early and Q has posted

8f775b No.274663


Rothschild sells hunting estate as big as NY 2 days ago.

https:// www.mansionglobal.com/articles/87753-rothschild-family-sells-large-austrian-hunting-estate

6546e8 No.274664


>FIRE sale = Everything must go!

478a59 No.274666

File: 322db503610bf25⋯.png (11.02 KB, 773x118, 773:118, blunt.PNG)


http:// www.politifact.com/missouri/statements/2017/dec/08/roy-blunt/blunt-partially-accurate-senate-sexual-harassment-/

this would be my guess what Q is referring to

3c3e26 No.274667


We aren't able to delete our own breads.

727d24 No.274668


He's a traitor. (Schiff)

fa6602 No.274669

https:// www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2018-01-31/rothschilds-sell-austrian-hunting-estate-in-a-historic-deal

286e29 No.274670

A seed falls to the ground and in to the earth. For the seed to grow "thestorm" must come. In the darkness of the earth the seed struggles to hrow and push ever upwards toward the light.

Finally the seed breaks the surface after much pain and struggle to grow.

You didn't miss Q before he was here.

Now is the hard part. "Thestorm" it's only in darkness of thestorm can the seed grow.

Some seeds fall on shallow ground. Some seds fall in to the small cracks of a mountain, the grown tree slowly cracks the mountain.

3c3e26 No.274671

Um so Dopey was at the mansion but where is he NOW?!

0bfb6d No.274672

File: 10b7aca5a55c159⋯.png (2.91 MB, 990x1025, 198:205, Off-The-Record_Press-Dinne….png)

File: b2e1d1cc100855f⋯.png (2.25 MB, 774x1012, 387:506, Off-The-Record_Press-Dinne….png)

File: cb839e419341472⋯.png (1.04 MB, 367x986, 367:986, Off-The-Record_Press-Dinne….png)

File: 6a6af9b07a5019c⋯.png (1.04 MB, 361x1005, 361:1005, Off-The-Record_Press-Dinne….png)

File: f174fb2a90f02e0⋯.png (772.4 KB, 352x747, 352:747, Off-The-Record_Press-Dinne….png)

Red-Pill tool for MSM entranced folks.

06e552 No.274673


You mean like more research on atlanta if needed?

0baa28 No.274674


Yeah, I have been lurking, but missed that post. That's AWESOME. I'm All pumped up from writing that tirade, but I'm happy that Q decided to show up.

ea3482 No.274675

File: 7bc357e1c657b28⋯.jpg (196.33 KB, 1440x984, 60:41, IMG_20180205_120245.jpg)

478a59 No.274676


Which in Turn would be our jobs to redpill the masses on this and get The People behind it. I may be wrong, but it's connected with the pedo / harrassment shit

1e97b1 No.274677

File: 551736b1193c0ae⋯.jpeg (15.48 KB, 349x144, 349:144, download (2).jpeg)

File: 914550289b2bad2⋯.jpg (34.16 KB, 323x499, 323:499, 41pRQRh MKL._SX321_BO1,204….jpg)

File: 2df28b1452c4633⋯.jpg (1.39 MB, 2500x1666, 1250:833, whathappenstoyourbodywheny….jpg)

File: 1b8c7f73fe39435⋯.jpeg (11.19 KB, 312x162, 52:27, download (1).jpeg)

File: 3f2e755bff24d07⋯.gif (27.21 KB, 541x448, 541:448, statin-use.gif)


This is a message from one patriot to another. I hope this message makes it to you.

The President recently underwent a physical and cognitive medical exam. It’s unprecedented that so many details regarding the exam were released to the public. We understand why, and believe it was an excellent decision. One detail raises a cause for concern. The President’s cholesterol level prompted the White House doctor to increase the President’s dosage of Crestor to ensure his cholesterol level are maintained within the healthy part of the spectrum. Crestor is a Statin and inhibits the liver’s production of cholesterol good or bad. The human brain contains 25% of a person’s total cholesterol count throughout. Cholesterol is a necessity for healthy brain function and cognitive awareness. Statins are the most prescribed drugs in the United States. Lipitor was the first of its kind and there are many other generic versions, Crestor is one of them. A side effect from statin use is memory loss. Prolonged use of statins diminishes cholesterol levels is the brain.

Have heart disease rates gone down since the discovery of the “wonder” drugs known as Statins? NO

Have Alzheimers rate gone up since the discovery of statins? YES

How did pharmacuetical companies profits look under BO’s admin? Under affordable care act?

Why are homeopaths and naturopaths not recognized by BIG medicine?

Why are they threatened and forced to operate in secrecy so often?

Many physicians are simply uninformed and take Big Pharma’s word because they simply do not know. I have had this conversation many times with all types of medical proffessionals.

It has been shown that the primary cause of heart disease is inflammation. Inflammation expresses itself from a number of environmental conditions. All humans are at risk of inflammation, and inflammation is a symptom/cause of virtually every health problem people face. In my opinion inflammation should be looked at as the number one health concern for all Americans, but it is not.

There are many all natural solutions for inflammation (the number one sympton associated with disease of all types). I know of one that is 100% safe and have personally seen this medicine help countless people without ever iliciting a negative affect.

Emu oil is an all natural anti inflammatory and a rich source of essential fatty acids (what every cell in our bodies crave) CBD is a powerful anti inflammatory, pain reliever and neuroprotectant. This company www. Theramu.com is and excellent company. They help so many people live fulfilled lives. Thier products are an excellent alternative to both statins and opiod pain relievers.

The President himself could be an example and promote a move towards a more “human” version of medicine and health. Our country has too many challenges, and accepting misinfo from Big Pharma has placed many Americans in even worse health conditions.

This is a plea to pass this message up the chain of command as the President’s use of statin drugs poses a long term threat to his mental health, and ability to fulfill his committments to the American people.

Q I beleive you are one of the good guys, and I have participated in the red pilling of thousands of ctitizens. Here is my redpill for you. God Bless Patriot

bfe7f8 No.274678


You can do research on individual sites - ones with a ton of information. I.e. Godlike productions has a local site search. Just throwing that out as an example. There are others. With the level of censorship applied to Giggle these days, I'm hesitant to use it at all. And Wikipedia is probably equally censored. They work for some things but the so often the real key is "historical" articles and info that Giggle is not likely to cough up.

a49eab No.274679


I reported it. Hopefully a mod will take it down

9eafb9 No.274680


Never heard of the Guy & not 100% sure it is tied to this….. I was referring to the Talking Heads on TV that should be i a cell…..

697929 No.274682

>>274646 Need to see how much they are selling it for and to whom? could be selling to get the assets out of their name…. only.

346039 No.274684



q means qteams

ccd35d No.274685


Welcome back, Q! What would really help us on the ground is reduced geo-engineering. With strings cut and climate no longer national sec, will the funding stop for this non-sense. Light keeps us healthy and strong–(((they))) know that.

6f8586 No.274686

File: 55add8a21849e2a⋯.jpg (835.18 KB, 1988x1604, 497:401, ASchiffTraitor.jpg)


Updated Anon's previous work

2596ee No.274687

FOX reporting Clinton associates fed info DIRECTLY to Chris Steele.

81f3c6 No.274688



F***king a right.

9c8064 No.274689


Q group…maybe it's time for you to issue a general directive to the board amigo(s)…..let these anons know that you are not needed for us to continue research and meme on our own and draw our own conclusions.

Otherwise we have a board that is paralyzed unless they here from you and yours.

8e520b No.274690

if the roths' are going broke, they lose their influence! talk about puppet strings being cut!

50a2f9 No.274691


They have found something with their instruments and are going for a closer look but do not want anyone else there when they find wreckage. It would be devastating to raise the wreckage and see that the seats were empty when the plane crashed and the luggage hold is also empty. Too many questions about where the people are. Many Chinese already strongly believe the passengers are all in prison somewhere.

ea3482 No.274692

Did they hunt children on that Rothschild estate?

344285 No.274693


Could use a paragraph of actual content in the petition and not just the header for it. But I am signing it now.

3c3e26 No.274695

File: 072c3f207468dbf⋯.png (738.43 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180205-095428.png)



Estate is the size of Manhattan and was originally seized by Nazis.

478a59 No.274696

https: //twitter.com/RoyBlunt/status/862079753146298372

Roy Blunt "My Statement on James Comey" wink, wink…might be closer

bfe7f8 No.274697


So many just put up their walls and refuse to accept any kind of agenda relative to the MSM. Frightening, actually.

8e520b No.274698


i wonder how many bodies are buried there

fe7e5d No.274699


AS just signed his own death warrant. Want an arrogant little prick

c5013d No.274700


Big DAWG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are doing amazing !! We are fighting !!!!

a5e354 No.274701

File: b6498ed70d2e273⋯.jpeg (2.32 MB, 1242x1726, 621:863, D075EA2D-23B9-438E-A9D0-B….jpeg)

ee391b No.274702


Thank You Q!!

e7df31 No.274703

anybody watching fox criminal referral unclassified against clinton associates

43781c No.274704


is that your answer to everything?


Never assume you know who you're talking to.

9abff4 No.274705


Thank you, Q for giving us all this intel over the months, and hope you'll continue to keep us posted over the coming years.

Godspeed, and God Bless

c3992e No.274706


Thank Q!

f93682 No.274708


I'm just gonna ask….

Are these Atlanta pics something we should pursue or a distraction?

b83e8b No.274710

Wow - Catherine Harriage breaking news on Fox - a report has come out that members of the Clinton bunch fed information to Christopher Steele

478a59 No.274711

File: 38b2cebf698a7a8⋯.png (76.47 KB, 621x311, 621:311, blunt1.PNG)

bfe7f8 No.274712


What kind of research can be done on Tor? I have it but don't use it. Maybe some indications would be there.

5604fc No.274713

7/22/2000 glendale news press meet adam schiff david mc millan big brothers big sisters articles. Glendalenews press. Com

92755b No.274714


A busy week ahead I guess ?

3e781e No.274715

So there is a link between AS, Dopey Prince, and the Roths'?

346039 No.274716

_/q\_did you guy's get to @bis_org

effe40 No.274717


that was my first thought too, didn't want to reply directly to Q with it though lol

4b5e19 No.274718




Let's try Schiff, Comney, Clapper, Warner, and Brennan for starters.



4efd97 No.274719

File: dd11e4e289a8489⋯.png (345.08 KB, 458x340, 229:170, Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at ….png)


Amen. This is OUR nation. WE are the Government.

Together We are strong!!

727d24 No.274720


>Wow - Catherine Harriage breaking news on Fox - a report has come out that members of the Clinton bunch fed information to Christopher Steele

Of course!

8e520b No.274721


>What kind of research can be done on Tor?

anon, every clearnet website can be read and accessed from Tor as easily as any other browser

bfe7f8 No.274722


Maybe that perception needs to be put out but actual arrests? I just don't see it happening.

346039 No.274723


everything you can find on tor

c1a312 No.274724



cb7109 No.274725


If you spent less time bitching, pissing and moaning and a little more time reading and comprehending the cumulative results, instead of only reading these shitted up threads, you would realize your premise is utterly unfounded.

I still maintain, you need to get laid. You sound like your having your period.

2000a1 No.274726


Nothing President Trump is accidental.

4b5e19 No.274727

(((I don't respond to shills. thank you.)))

bfe7f8 No.274728


Okay then let me change "Tor" to "Onion sites." I never had the patience to find valid ones.

1f28bd No.274729


Is 1/22

referring to the number of MEMOS coming??

ed9989 No.274731


updated bread including Q's posting:


67a43c No.274732


The south part of the German black Forrest borders to Austria. …maybe interesting Google earth findings at the border

6546e8 No.274733

File: b79ecff941d30df⋯.jpg (423.37 KB, 1176x2192, 147:274, Roths Fire sale.jpg)


Roths having a FIRE sale….

Happy Days!!

727d24 No.274734



Gawd I hope so.

c5013d No.274735



db61c9 No.274736


Fire Sale: Everything Must Go

ba2e25 No.274737

Rothschild forest.

Isn’t that where you hunt little children? Like a fox hunt game for them. And then murder some of them. I read it in a survivors book.

22e3cd No.274738


With walnut dipping sauce.

7ae7c3 No.274739


Trump legalizing weed?

346039 No.274740

b83e8b No.274741


just gets dirtier and dirtier

e545db No.274742


I disagree. Love the Q drops. Q points us in new directions. Love it when he tweets/posts… Created a wave of positive energy on this chan.

a49eab No.274743


Has Q ever mentionned Atlanta?

Stick to the tasks he assigns us, not some wild goose chase.

ea3482 No.274744



It's Monday.

bfe7f8 No.274745


I know from my time in Germany that their forests are sacred and from what I ever saw, seldom used for recreational purposes. But this was a long time ago and maybe things have changed.

f93682 No.274746


Sauce why?

9abff4 No.274747


Most of those "losing faith" are paid concern shills, sent here to try to make some of us think all hope is gone

05e547 No.274748


If they have proof of that, shit is about to hit the fan!

22e3cd No.274749


Yes, the ATL blackout/fire was a high profile capture.

3c3e26 No.274750


Lol, I don't think that's the interpretation.

e4749b No.274751


Amazing. There's NO WAY Q could have predicted this if he wasn't really on the inside!

Which kinda scares me.

Tbh, was kind of hoping half the stuff Q talks about wasn't true…

What a scary world we really live in

346039 No.274752


did q drop this picture?

e55fde No.274753

Q, Is Walmart administering tainted vaccines?

fa6602 No.274754

File: 1ba66fa037cabe8⋯.png (16.05 KB, 524x144, 131:36, ClipboardImage.png)

Was this Roth property the one used for hunting children? Goes back a few days to this post…

3310d2 No.274755

Schiff has been scrambling for weeks - he knows what's coming and had a few deals turned down, so he's praying for cabal intervention.

Meanwhile, the cabal is in dire straits, selling massive swaths of land for cash that a certain Dopey Prince can no longer provide.

This is prep-work for two things at least:

1. FF operations.

2. Lawsuits and lawyers. The cabalists need cash fast to cover their asses, and with many of their own running around like blind mice, they're trying to do so without drawing too much attention.

It isn't working - Q sees all, Q hears all.

Arrests will occur before midterms, likely. Anons need to be patient.

c443d6 No.274756



ca017e No.274757


This has to be where the Elites hunted humans for sport and sacrifice!

cb7109 No.274758


Sounds like Roy can't make up his mind. Playing both sides of the issue. I hope some twatting anon will point out to him he can't have it both ways.

He certainly isn't learning being PC from our President!

2596ee No.274759


Ever seen the movie "Surviving the Game" they hunt kids, adults, whoever.. They have theme hunts (all girls, all boys, homeless, drug addicts). How do you think they get the skin for their human leather shoes??

67a43c No.274760


We need Googleearthfags to check the property

8e520b No.274761


>onion sites

look in the hidden wiki. beyond that, i don't know, anon. most of what you're going to find is poorly written & executed spam sites. probably some human trafficking sites, some drug stores, etc. as for research, my guess is everything you need can be found on the clearnet

1e97b1 No.274762


Had no idea Q posted just now, had an epiphany so I just had to post. should I redo it as a response to his post?

dbae39 No.274763

“MJ” Michael Jackson like in the A

3c3e26 No.274764


All vaccines are tainted. Read the insert in the pkg.

22e3cd No.274765


Some cheese pizza and walnut dipping sauce? I heard Podesta and Cooper were fans of this.

fde44f No.274766



That's horse piss and not actually beer.

e4749b No.274767


I bet they hunted more than animals there

025058 No.274768

A lot of people disappear in the Black Forest.

I read someone placed an estimate of 15,000 in one year alone.

Hunger Games?

Terrorist Training Camp now?

e55fde No.274770

Was Black Forest an MKUltra brainwashing facility?

e7df31 No.274771


100 percent thought this too

2596ee No.274772


Sounds like there are already criminal referrals lying in wait so the shit has hit the fan and is about to get flung everywhere.

817dd9 No.274773

Here's my post last bread:


''I don't see a Black Forest inference here.

This area in Austria is called the Langau.

Yes, it's a forested uplands area, and was bought by a German paper company for a fire sale price, but I can't connect it to Q's Black Forest inference.

Black Forest is in Germany, near the French border, so not close to this area and Black Forest has a folklore all it's own. No news report I've read mentions Black Forest. Perhaps, I'm not sure and haven't read it anywhere, the manor itself was named Black Forest by the owners.

So, interdasting due to sale timing and price, but a stretch to weave a Black Forest connection into it, IMO.''

So, fire sale was OK, but my Black Forest opinion wasn't.

I'm going with 'A' Black Forest rather than 'THE' Black Forest, unless, the manor or estate itself was named 'Black Forest'.

Shudder to think what a 'Black' forest implications are.


6546e8 No.274774


Look here Anon!

This is big… ——→> >>274610

a49eab No.274776


I nearly filtered you there lol.. Thought it was the last guy being pedantic..

8e520b No.274777


>the most dangerous game

9abff4 No.274778


I'm bad with names, reference to a Roy Blunt?


3c3e26 No.274779


I hit the wrong post to reply to.

ab701f No.274780

File: 4ef52cf11461a02⋯.jpg (22.51 KB, 634x351, 634:351, 48E51B0500000578-5352451-i….jpg)

The terrifying 'Sea Hunter' drone warship: Self-driving 132ft vessel that can spend three months scouring the oceans for hostile submarines WITHOUT a crew will be put in action by the US Navy this year.

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5352451/132ft-long-self-driving-Sea-Hunter-joined-Navy.html

bfe7f8 No.274781


The times I tried that hidden wiki, 100% of the sites I checked were either bad or useless. It's a shady world in the deep web and people move around often.

I have not tried it for years so again, things may have changed.

9d3c76 No.274782



effe40 No.274783


>keep us posted over the coming years.

lol like a new arm of the gov:

"Better shape up, Mr. Bad Politician, or we'll tell 8ch and they'll meme your secrets all over social media"

50a2f9 No.274784


Might be worth looking into Sen Roy Blunt (R) Missouri to see if there is anything suspicious. But this may be a red herring.

2000a1 No.274786


I've heard there are nine but we may only see five of them due to classified material.

f86b36 No.274787


While I would love some arrests, I do not think they are forthcoming anytime soon.

POTUS is focused on MAGA and swamp draining.

POTUS has his goals. No one knows what they are.

My opinion, and is just an opinion:

POTUS is happy with resignations, no need for trials.

Many have resigned, chose not to run again… TG is the latest.

CEO's resigning as well.

Trump battles with money, not bullets or trials.

f93682 No.274788

File: 7dfdf7725e6d7d4⋯.png (2.54 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180205-110220.png)

55e6fb No.274789






79d5bc No.274790


Artichoke tea reduces cholesterol. Buy it in Chinatown.

ea3482 No.274791


Blunt statement.

Statement by blunt.

Or a blunt statement that POTUS ain't fucking around on this.


We have more than we know.

Either we haven't made some connections or we haven't discovered hidden information or .onion addresses where the info has been dropped?

e55fde No.274792


Yes, but not every company took $11B from loop capital and added a 6 pointed “Spark” to their logo at the same time they started administering vaccines…

9abff4 No.274793



AH! Senator!!


bfe7f8 No.274794


The point was to look for human hunting info - but that gets so serious, I doubt it would even be on there. Word of mouth only.

c5013d No.274795


Stay hidden be protected. We trust you know what you are doing.

05e547 No.274796


Duck-n-cover! INCOMING SHIT!

4b5e19 No.274797

The place to find information is NOT by asking Q a question when he shows up in the room. Clearly, Q has been watching all morning- he responded 10 minutes after another anon posted the screenshot of Trump Tweets, responding to those tweets.

This is not a place for "facts" as in "news stories". That's why we call it "research". Bread. Crumbs. Baking. Loaves. Do you even know what all of those terms mean? This is QRESEARCH not "CNN" where they spoon feed you manure instead of facts like they're assumed to. This is where stories that get put on various websites get sourced from. (yes, many of them are "anonymous" sources)

Thank you for your time reading this.

0baa28 No.274799

Rothschilds are Liquidating their assets. Selling stocks all over the world, Austrian Estates… its like they are needing some cash all of a sudden. Who are they going to bribe now? Where are they going to hide? house of cards is falling all around them. Not quite the NWO they thought they could organize…I guess we are stronger and more prouder to be free and in the light!

ba8eae No.274800

File: 7fd8afe2607d818⋯.jpg (201.19 KB, 999x813, 333:271, P.jpg)


The Next News story after the initial Rothschild forest relates to a person called P


P is a finance minister

7970c0 No.274801


Has to be exactly that. Hollywood just plays out these SICK scripts that appear to happening for many decades. Q has alluded to that over and over with movie titles. These people will burn for eternity.

ccd35d No.274802


Thanks for this, anon. I worry for POTUS on the statin use. They are bad news.

05e547 No.274804

878153 No.274805

Roths selling that estate is big, they never sell any asset. Either they need to raise cash or it's strategic. Who bought it, was it sold for market value, etc. Q saying firesale does make it sound like it was rushed, maybe all their assets are illiquid so they needed cash?

95b974 No.274806


BLUNT AND DIRECT, i remember from crumbs

43781c No.274807


wow, that's really damning. When will these assholes just start being honest and direct?

The Truth really hurts these assholes like vampires in sunlight. Comey is a traitor.

9abff4 No.274808



Great minds think alike, anon

b83e8b No.274809


Is "executive time" a threat to POTUS?

478a59 No.274810


I'm waiting for the day when he calls us a bunch of stupid faggots and tells us to get to work bwa ha ha ha

c443d6 No.274811



Location of the plotting to take out our beloved President?

0baa28 No.274812

727d24 No.274813


M-5 Active ?

9eafb9 No.274815


YES ! Do it ! win the public over with that alone lol !

7e8258 No.274816

File: 6e35ad242b94e95⋯.jpg (216.11 KB, 1152x2048, 9:16, IMG_20180205_100406.jpg)

Is this what Q meant as fire sell…in reference to the sell of the Austrian property?

055388 No.274817

93 WIBC Indianapolis‏Verified account


Follow Follow @93wibc


NEWS: @IndStatePolice says the suspected drunk driver who killed Edwin Jackson & Jeffrey Monroe was here illegally.

Manuel Orrego-Savala, of Guatemala, has previously been deported on two occasions, in 2007 and again in 2009.

a06887 No.274818


That better mean some visible action. this is getting fucking stupid.

79d5bc No.274820


Human sacrifice to tree of Thor.

ee391b No.274821


Lawyers don't work for free.

dbae39 No.274822

It you can understand this will show you the network.

http:// www.lunarmagazine.


9abff4 No.274823


Sen Roy Blunt is directly involved maybe

b73d99 No.274824

Is that cockfest from last night finally over?

bfe7f8 No.274825


That's a BIG statement … that would crash markets. Are they really liquidating? What is normal trading volume for them? Everything about the stock market is follow the leader. If they liquidated, so would everybody else.

fd61d1 No.274826


Christopher Steele reflect PM May's position, ref: 'neutralized?'

a49eab No.274827


The bitcoin site bittylicious.com is down since 3 days ago. I suspect they had an interest in it if not totally owned by them.

6546e8 No.274828


Thanks, will add to graphic

3c3e26 No.274829

So Roths we're harboring an enemy of the US, I bet that ended well.

Dopey been picked up by us?

f93682 No.274830

File: 6ea9ca5311ea44d⋯.png (2.79 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180205-110527.png)

File: 3092fe0b835a0e7⋯.png (2.43 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180205-110535.png)


c5013d No.274831



1e97b1 No.274832


Inflammation is the problem, not cholesterol

e4749b No.274833

Dear Q

As it is my birthday today

I humbly request you arrest Hillary Clinton today. Put her in a box with a bow on top.

Thank you!

e545db No.274834


I think us Patriots are an important part of the war. I think Q appreciates us.

0bfb6d No.274835

I tracked Brian R. Reichelt to [http:// www.hmsf.org/index.htm].

Other names listed there are coming back with (possibly) suspected child related info.

Aaron Resnick.

"He has served on the executive committee for numerous young patron groups in South Florida including, but not limited to: Best Buddies of South Florida, Big Brothers Big Sister’s Impact Circle, Art Crowd of the Bass Museum, the Green Room Society for the Center for Performing Arts, the Tropees of the Historical Museum of Southern Florida, the Jewish Legal Society of Miami, and the MOCA Shakers amongst others. He is also active in local, state and national politics. He is a Regional Board Member of the Maccabi World Union and a member of the Ben Gurion Society of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation.Currently, he is a member of the Silver Director’s Circle for the Bass Museum, the Leadership’s Circle for the Museum of Contemporary Art (Miami), the Maestro’s Circle for the Friends of the New World Symphony, and a Supporting Member of the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts (and a member of the Green Room Society). Professionally, Mr. Resnick is an attorney, who honed his craft at one of Florida’s oldest and most prestigious firms, Gunster Yoakley, before starting his own boutique law firm in 2005 with offices now in Miami, Boca Raton, Gainesville/Ocala, Jacksonville and New York City." [http:// thelittlelighthouse.org/aaron-r-resnick/]>>274607


9c8064 No.274836


if laws were broken it's POTUS legal responsibility to see that they are enforced.

if laws broken….trials are required by law.

6f8586 No.274837


I believe it is a Liquidation Sale but NOT because they need cash - more like they are having it taken from them. POTUS can't annex 5400 hectares of land in Europe - but $122.3M is a nice bit to come back to the US.

a06887 No.274838



The economic collapse has been planned for a LONG time. Them selling off means NOTHING other than it's time for the markets to come down.

bfe7f8 No.274839


Shitcoin has been in meltdown for the past week and shows no signs of slowing.

0baa28 No.274840


You're prolly right anon. things are slowly going south for them.

2b9e67 No.274841

Please don't slam me. Help me. I'm 100% a Trump supporter… I've been sucked into Q and part of me wants to believe… I actually did/do… But have questions. Why would someone at Q level risk their position (or whatever) be giving the American public Intel (even if coded)? Is that even allowed? I watched a video this morning by Scott Binsack titled "The memo truth, Failed middle test false flag, Q & anon exposed" … He swears Q is Alex Jones, Jerome Corsi and and Roger Stone and says we all look like idiots…. I guess what I need is reassurance as I've already been redpilling people.

f93682 No.274842

File: 7e550681031a576⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 1152x2048, 9:16, youdoodle-2018-02-05T11-07….jpg)

cf0aed No.274843

File: 83b3859a6cf1589⋯.png (403.46 KB, 615x640, 123:128, cheers.png)


500686 No.274844

File: c8a2d4d9b3d550d⋯.jpg (45 KB, 500x651, 500:651, 23zqvx.jpg)

a06887 No.274845


Or, it's totally unrelated, and simply part of the market collapse, long planned.

060f29 No.274846


Nice to have you back!

When will the Chemtrails stop?

c1a312 No.274847


No need, they will see it. Redpilling anyone on statins is very tough!

27c231 No.274848



Rothschild sells hunting estate as big as NY 2 days ago.

https:// www.mansionglobal.com/articles/87753-rothschild-family-sells-large-austrian-hunting-estate


https:// family.rothschildarchive.org/estates/86-langau

3c3e26 No.274849


Lololol "but we will light a fire to flush them out"


827990 No.274850

Happy Monday, lads!

c443d6 No.274851

BLUNT. All in caps. Acronym?

c443d6 No.274852

57cd11 No.274853

Like in "it will be the final proof that there is something wrong"?

e55fde No.274854

Are they fleeing to Astana or from it?

22e3cd No.274855


Haha, all good fam.

43781c No.274856


I have to agree, why is Schiff still in office if he is known to be leaking intelligence info from the President? Why is Pelosi, or Schumer? Are we just going to keep giving them nicknames? How about a paper cut or a noogie? Time to get serious about arresting these evil fucks.

1e97b1 No.274857

bfe7f8 No.274858


AS of 11:08 EST, the DOW is up 330-ish. That doesn't reflect a Rothschild sell-off.

0baa28 No.274859


WE ARE THE ANON…Q is with the President. Jones, Corsi, et al, are not on Air Force 1 with him on trips…Q IS!

3700a2 No.274861



The president should be on Vascepa (mfg by Amarin) and not statins. Do the research, especially how the corrupt FDA and BP screwed Amarin 5 years ago.

Cholesterol is a worthless marker for heart.

Vascepa also lowers inflammation, fixes dry eye syndrome, joint pain, improves COPD symptoms.

bfe7f8 No.274862


The two-bit fame fags.

ed9989 No.274863


Here is some hard truth anon, none of that shit even matters now. Look at what has happened here. Twatter is blowing up with the truth. You and others are red pilling normies. The corruption is out in the open and will never go back under wraps.

Even if Q is a larp (which I do not believe) it does not matter. The intended goals has been achieved. The cat cannot go back in to the bag once it is out and it is out bigly.

b83e8b No.274864


"executive time". A very BLUNT threat to POTUS from a little piece of Schiff

a06887 No.274865


The selloff was friday. They won;t collapse the system on a Monday, are you fucking new? The 2/2 drop was a warning, I expect the actual collapse 3/3

22e3cd No.274866

File: 08dcdab91cd6d39⋯.png (379.2 KB, 566x461, 566:461, rg62.PNG)

4b5e19 No.274867


Have you seen the picture of the Q team? It has been PROVEN to us who the Q team is? How long have you been a part of this? I'll help you a bit if you haven't been around very long. Let me know, thanks.

055388 No.274868

GU Women & Peace‏


Follow Follow @giwps


Watch at 11am as Secretary @HillaryClinton honors Yazidi activist @NadiaMuradBasee, Myanmar peace builder @waiwainu, & BBC chief int'l correspondent @bbclysedoucet for their courageous efforts to advance women's rights and peace #HRCawards

Hillary Clinton

Verified account


4m4 minutes ago

More Hillary Clinton Retweeted GU Women & Peace

Tune in!

7d8b8b No.274869

7032e2 No.274870



▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 02/05/18 (Mon) 15:41:35 641129 No.274601>>274605 >>274607 >>274608 >>274609 >>274614 >>274616>>274617 >>274618 >>274621 >>274622 >>274634 >>274640 >>274643 >>274649 >>274652 >>274663 >>274664 >>274685 >>274700>>274702 >>274705 >>274706 >>274718 >>274729 >>274732 >>274733 >>274736 >>274740 >>274757


Would POTUS make a serious accusation if the TRUTH wasn’t about to come to LIGHT?

Black Forest.



FIRE sale days after post?

What went on there?


You have more than you know.


Rothschilds Sell Austrian Hunting Estate in a ‘Historic’ Deal


A tremendous collection of seven antique 19th century roe deer hunting trophies attributed to the Baron Rothschild of Austria on original Black Forest carved plaques


Why else would they sell if assets hadn't been seized. I did read that payment would be in Bitcoin or Monoro only, but can't find the sauce for that.

They sound as if they are up shit creak, or nearly…..

ca017e No.274871


And the sell off stopped at 666 points down! How much more fucking glaring can you get?

1e97b1 No.274872


Anything but statins

bfe7f8 No.274873


YES. I'm wondering when we hit that hundredth monkey point. We have to be close if we haven't crossed it already. Last week I even got one of my bros (not the evil one) to dive head first into all this. He even set up a Twatter account and is now fully active, completely independent of me. So we're getting the job done. One mushy mind at a time.

cb7109 No.274874


THINKS more . . .

a06887 No.274875


There's NO movement of consequence. Sorry, it's pretty sad that we accept these tiny little things and these platitudes so easily.

9abff4 No.274876




Direct stament about Comey from Sen Blunt then. Total kek! Get 'em, Q!

6546e8 No.274877

File: 1f4f048ce9f5eb4⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 2496x2968, 312:371, Roths Fire sale.jpg)

Roths FIRE sale…

346039 No.274878



▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 02/05/18 (Mon) 15:41:35 641129 No.274601>>274605 >>274607 >>274608 >>274609 >>274614 >>274616>>274617 >>274618 >>274621 >>274622 >>274634 >>274640 >>274643 >>274649 >>274652 >>274663 >>274664 >>274685 >>274700>>274702 >>274705 >>274706 >>274718 >>274729 >>274732 >>274733 >>274736 >>274740 >>274757


Would POTUS make a serious accusation if the TRUTH wasn’t about to come to LIGHT?

Black Forest.



FIRE sale days after post?

What went on there?


You have more than you know.


a06887 No.274879


The selloff that warned of the last collapse was 777. Good times. LOL They are FUCKING WITH US.

bfe7f8 No.274880


Try to be less emotional. You sound like a spoiled princess.

2b24d3 No.274882


Q started as an anon and will end as an Anon, maybe Q is an Anon right now as Anon in this bread. Q = Q4Mendax0%/4PenguinX0%/2CatOnQWERTY0%Q trolling /US

fd61d1 No.274883


"What went on there?"

Eyes Wide Shut

Human trafficking

Child sacrifices

c5013d No.274884


Got it Anon !

c443d6 No.274885


so the black plot was universal and plotted in the black forest by black hearted losers?

b73d99 No.274886


This would have to imply asset seizure, as we were told Dopey had his wings clipped also.

a06887 No.274887


Try not to focus on emotions. That's some SJW bullshit. Let's focus on the facts, and the facts are the reason for the emotions… or rather.. the lack of facts that backup the assertion shit is happening.

Fuck your feelings, and fuck your assessment you SJW millenial fagboi.

e55fde No.274888


Check out the Q anon documentaries on YouTube and the QMaps first. Lurk here and listen but this is the research board where the cutting edge is happening. Check out Snow White, B, Kill Rogue and those they follow on a Twitter. Background gives context. Godspeed.

c50aa6 No.274889


Is anyone able to explain the point of these images w/ zero explanation of the dig afoot, please?

478a59 No.274890


yep, they need cash (assuming) all their assets have been frozen, liquidate, liquidate, liquidate!!!

43781c No.274891


Medicinal mushrooms like maitake and reishi boost your immune system and lower cholesterol and they are completely natural, with no side effects. We don't need any more synthetic drugs.

9eafb9 No.274892


Overthrowing the Republic send them to Gitmo for a Military Trial…

fde44f No.274893

File: 321d7ce25d57e1b⋯.jpg (77.37 KB, 928x575, 928:575, Marco-Rubio.jpg)

File: 34c8d5d0ca14231⋯.jpg (63.96 KB, 633x434, 633:434, Rubio-Foam-Party-1.jpg)


>Little Marco


f6fbf6 No.274894


Are colored glasses useful when trying to see the light of old glory?

777100 No.274895


Binsack is a criminal conman - don't even bother listening to him.

0025c6 No.274896


“Not the evil one”. Kek. Thanks for clarifying!! 😂😂

878153 No.274897


Considering they have a 6T fund for emergencies, it's unlikely they need to raise cash, so yeah, maybe it is an EO confiscation

50a2f9 No.274898


POTUS first wife, Ivana is from Zlin in Czech which is not that far from Langau on the Austria Czech border. If the estate was aquiring children for either sexual purposes or for hunting and sport killing, it is likely that local people knew about some of this or at least suspected it was going on. This begs the question, did Trump learn about this evil Illuminati behavior through his wife Ivana? Note that Ivana's daughter, Ivanka, is especially interested in resolving the issues around human trafficking.

e545db No.274899


Completely agree with all you said. (Did I write this???) Well done… anon

025058 No.274900

The owners, both living in the U.S., decided to sell the Langau Estate near the town of Gaming to the Austrian Prinzhorn family because the buyers promised to keep and develop the forestry in the Lower Austria province. The family of entrepreneurs Cord and Thomas Prinzhorn has a net worth of 1.1 billion euros ($1.37 billion), according to 2016 estimates by Austria’s Trend magazine.

fa6602 No.274901

File: 8e142d459479617⋯.png (267.4 KB, 767x542, 767:542, ClipboardImage.png)

2b0f49 No.274902


if all their assets are frozen , what are they liquidating ?

22e3cd No.274904


Q, when this is all said and done with the FBI/CIA abuses. After TIs are freed; will you please disclose what the intelligence community did to the American people?

Please provide us some vindication if at all possible. They've ruined our lives and reputations in a lot of cases. Thank you for all you guys are doing and have done.

2000a1 No.274905


perhaps their assets are frozen.

060f29 No.274906


I have a suggestion. In between Q posts, this place drifts without direction. I recommend that the Baker steps up as leader. When making the next bread, post at the top a research topic theme for that bread only. For example: the next bread may have a research focus topic of Black Forest. Encourage everyone to to focus on researching Black Forest for one bread as a default. Q posts and current events may distract, but that's ok. Black Forest would be the default research topic to replace random off topic discussions.

7d8b8b No.274907


Could be, these fucks are heavy into symbolism.

ed9989 No.274908


They also own a paper company if I am not mistaken…and just bought a shit load of trees.

e2e5a6 No.274909

A Dead Man's Vengeance by B.L.U.N.T.


233559 No.274911

File: 8c0a3f3c70d1143⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1111x1784, 1111:1784, Q 2018-02-05 10-41_10-42_a.png)

File: 253f343782bfbd6⋯.png (302.36 KB, 1111x771, 1111:771, Q 2018-02-05 10-41_10-42_b.png)

File: 89d999c4b1459d2⋯.png (657.33 KB, 1111x1342, 101:122, Q 2018-02-05 10-41_10-42_c.png)

File: 7101897eb574a4c⋯.png (2.09 MB, 1111x3903, 1111:3903, Q 2018-02-05 10-41_10-42.png)

8e520b No.274912


bakers don't herd cats. they ensure continuity of conversation

9abff4 No.274913


So is "Dopey" Schiff's nickname among members of the roffs family?

a06887 No.274914


They have 500 trillion on gold. If you buy they have no assets you're a fucking retard.

f4068a No.274915


Maybe the First Option., why someone burn his palace?

025058 No.274917


What is the connection between Cord and Thomas Prinzhorn and the Dopey Prince???

05334f No.274918

http:// edition.cnn.


fe7e5d No.274919

Roths sale

One of the Heirs…Worked at CNN and HUFFpost….interesting…with all that money?

https ://www.linkedin.com/in/nancy-tilghman-2542b7b/

27c231 No.274920



>"What went on there?"

>Eyes Wide Shut

>Human trafficking

>Child sacrifices


a8c8af No.274921

I've always learned that the rich dont really ever sell anything unless it is completely useless to them anymore. They more move things around. I would check out the seller and look at their connections. Probably not even leaving the Rothchilds but giving the appearance of it.

0025c6 No.274922


Maybe someone else is liquidating. Like our government. Or an estate.

2b0f49 No.274923


gold is an asset you dumb faggot

06e552 No.274925


Hope everyone realizes that q and potus do not need us for "research". We are needed to help redpill the masses…that is why we meme. It helps boost support for POTUS and to rattle the blackhats.

b73d99 No.274926


Prly not all. An asset mass as large as theirs would take some time to seize.


The wooded property, known as Langau, is nearly as large as Manhattan

Cord Prinzhorn, chief executive of the eponymous paper and packaging company, beat out a number of other bids for the wooded property, as the family intends to hold the estate for the long-term, according to Bischof Immobilien CEO Klaus Bischof, who handled the deal. An email sent to Prinzhorn Holdings was not immediately returned.

43781c No.274927


We need a complete takedown of all criminals in govt, regardless of party, and nothing less to clean out this traitor-filled swamp. And Karl Rove? Why is this fucking dweeb still being asked for his opinion?

06c44f No.274929

File: 69b43705a531038⋯.png (18.11 KB, 370x90, 37:9, Closer than you think 2018….png)


Q team's response to an inquiry about the indictments being unsealed…..

67a43c No.274930


This might indicate the the R-shields prepare for a upcoming internet raise spike (what they decide themselves).

Real estate drops in value when internet rates rise sharply, especially the high end of the market.

bfe7f8 No.274931

File: 8f4d5db1301e43c⋯.png (600.47 KB, 824x297, 824:297, Locations.png)

You'd think they would hole up in the same building.

c2e12a No.274932


& very DIRECT.

67a43c No.274933


internet = interest (auto correction error)

3c3e26 No.274934

Did you guys miss the part about Dopey hiding out there?



bb3b33 No.274935


Trump has called Schumer Dopey but it's also the name of one of the main computers in the 7 Dwarfs

f23174 No.274936


We are getting the genie out of the bottle.

Helping people see the bigger picture, raising awareness.

233559 No.274937

File: 0507ca3d6f05123⋯.png (565.21 KB, 888x888, 1:1, CatHerderpp.png)

>>274906 eeeeew "leader"

>>274912 exactly

a8f42d No.274938

Rothschild assets seized

Selling property for cash flow

05e547 No.274939


Hopefully this week there will be more than just the judge in Texas.

c2e12a No.274940


RIP Schiff, you were never loved to begin with.

43781c No.274941


yeah and leave her on our doorstep.

We'll take care of her.

a7fe84 No.274942

"FIRE sale days after post?"

What post caused the Fire Sale?

c50aa6 No.274943


Why aren't these Q posts in the bread?

b73d99 No.274944


2b24d3 No.274946


Leader on the Chans!?

f20080 No.274947


I doubt there's a readily available source on THAT.

a49eab No.274949


They can only sell for cash, all their plastic are belong to us.

8e520b No.274950


because they just happened ITT, fuckstick

db61c9 No.274952

Calling Comey, Warner, Brennan, Clapper and Schiff LIARS and LEAKERS is a BLUNT statement.

Back when this country was based in honor, being called a liar was a very serious accusation.

And of course leaking classified information is a serious crime.

05e547 No.274953


Will be interesting to see if Rothschild Island comes up on the market.

ed9989 No.274954


They were made in this bread, they have been added to the dough for the next bread

233559 No.274955


because they're fresh as fuck? they popped up here

9d3c76 No.274956

a06887 No.274957


Sigh, they aren't selling off their gold, and the 6 trillion obviously is only known assets. I am simply stating that the rothschilds need to sell assets we are aware of because they are 'broke'.

05e547 No.274958


Pay attention and lurk moar!

bc0319 No.274959

File: 72ea9ce5c138efe⋯.jpg (30.84 KB, 480x360, 4:3, chicks.jpg)

3700a2 No.274960


Also Prince Alwaleed is Dopey

84f69c No.274961


I just filter the little concern fag, thats the problem with the country right now, everyone wants it yesterday and how they want it boo yoo

bfe7f8 No.274962


Well … there are some people who would not help our cause here. He happens to be one of them. He's an Obama devotee which DOES help our cause, even if unintended.

3c3e26 No.274963


"Black Forest"


6f8586 No.274965



unusually blunt statement

The German commander in South West Africa issues a proclamation in October 1904 to people of the Herero tribe:

'I, the Great General of the German soldiers, address this letter to the Herero people. The Herero are no longer considered German subjects. They have murdered, stolen, cut off ears and other parts from wounded soldiers, and now refuse to fight on, out of cowardice. I have this to say to them. The Herero people will have to leave the country. Otherwise I shall force them to do so by means of guns. Within the German boundaries every Herero, whether found armed or unarmed, with or without cattle, will be shot. I shall not accept any more women or children. I shall drive them back to their people - otherwise I shall order shots to be fired at them.

Signed: the Great General of the Mighty Kaiser, von Trotha.'

Quoted Thomas Pakenham The Scramble for Africa, Abacus 1992, page 611

The General revoked their 'citizenship'.

Is POTUS revoking "citizenship's'?

233559 No.274966

sad pelicans hoping for attention after a fresh Q drop.


a06887 No.274967


Since fucking when? LOL That statement has no basis in truth, since they control all digital money through the fed and the IMF. Go fucking fish if you think that.

50a2f9 No.274968

I understand that the helicopter from Newport Beach was headed to Catalina Island when it crashed. The island is mostly wild land. Could this where the California hunting parties take their teenage victims for blood sport?

Catalina is close to LA. Not sure if anyone has found any direct links to Schiff

c5013d No.274969



ed9989 No.274970

is anyone stepping up to bake the next legit bread or shall I do one more?

b73d99 No.274971

Another property sold recently


cff4c1 No.274972

Nervous baker on standby

1c9d4c No.274973


Why are you posting all these and no explanation of what they are

1f28bd No.274974


President can declassify docs/intel but instead of doing it outright he starts fires on twatter that the MSM can't ignore….they dig in and say "not acting presidential"

We MEME off of Trumps tweets, (psyop)

KEK ensues

Then Trump drops truth bomb through one of the committees memos.

06c44f No.274975


We are looking for:

Tweet Marker Decode - 1 -14_yes

I intuit it will be soon if not already underway.

50b0d6 No.274976

Dopey is the only dwarf who does not have a beard. He is accident-prone and mute, with Happy explaining that he has simply "never tried" to speak. He is like Gideon the Cat in Pinocchio, the title character as the circus elephant Dumbo, and Tootles in Peter Pan.

In the very early stages of pre-production for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Dopey was simply called 'The Seventh'. An armature of each dwarf was constructed as reference for the animators. Perce Pierce, one of the storymen working on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, was particularly active in creating the characters of the dwarfs. Dopey's personality and role were finalized quite late in the process. After someone suggested that Dopey should move like burlesque comedian Eddie Collins, Collins himself was filmed performing actions for Dopey. This helped to define the character's personality. Mel Blanc, known for his voice work in Looney Tunes was hired to voice Dopey, but he was dropped when Dopey was decided to be mute. A similar event would happen with Gideon from Pinocchio.


Though designing the dwarfs was relatively easy, animating them proved to be difficult, as the animators, already finding human figures difficult to animate, now had to animate "ill-formed" human figures. Vladimir Tytla noted that the dwarfs should walk with a swing to their hips, and Fred Moore commented that the dwarfs had to move a little more quickly to keep up with the human characters.

In order to establish Dopey's character during the march home in "Heigh-Ho", George Stalling noted traits specific to the character, to be taken into account in the animation: An armature of each dwarf was constructed as reference for the animators.


Dopey is often the butt of the other dwarfs' jokes and his silly, playful actions often annoy the pompous Doc and the short-tempered Grumpy. Not entirely dim-witted, Dopey simply acts in the vein of a toddler or a dog, which explains why his shenanigans are met with little to no punishment or confrontation, aside from a soft clunk on the head, or something along those harmless lines. The dwarfs are apparently used to his goofy actions and simply ignore them, generally.

Perhaps Dopey's most notable trait is his lack of speech. As mentioned above, Happy states Dopey is simply unaware whether or not he can speak, as he has simply never tried. In spite of this, he can occasionally be heard making various vocals, such as whimpers, hiccups, and a one-shot yell. Interestingly, his lack of speech does not seem to trouble the rest of the dwarfs, as they are shown to understand his other forms of communication just fine. Doc, specifically, was able to easily translate Dopey's blathering into a cohesive sentence prior to their first meeting with Snow White.

Physical appearance

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

In the 1937 film, Dopey is a short and slender dwarf. Unlike his companions, he has no beard and is completely bald. He has pale skin, baby blue eyes, giant ears, thick black eyebrows, and a small pink cherry nose. He dons a loose olive drab turtleneck tunic with a couple of gold buttons vertically on his chest and sienna patches on his elbows stitched in black thread, a black belt with gold rectangular outlined buckle, blue leggings, a pair of sienna medieval-style shoes, and a purple stocking cap. He is also mute, according to Happy as he tells Snow White that he does not talk and never tries.

a06887 No.274977



780060 No.274978


The Dopey Prince @Alwaleed_Talal Was the Wallet of the NWO, Black Ops .

Now it's all gone.

They need to cash they personal asset to continue the plan.

Last ditch effort to survive.

Desperate move

3c3e26 No.274979



You can do it!

2b9e67 No.274980


I've only been urking, reading, watching (everything I can) for about a month. I haven't seen the photo you mentioned. Where can I find it. My other post was my first post so navigating this site (as to where to find my original post and replying) has been a challenge.

817dd9 No.274981


>seldom used for recreational purposes

In Germany, forests are filled with fire roads and hiking trails. All publicly accessible.

Forests may be closed off for logging, or for days when hunts are underway. At those times the access points are taped off (like crime scene tape).

As far as large areas of woodlands fenced off, no.

Not sure about Austria. What would be important to see is if this estate in Austria is fenced in or in some way does not allow public access. That would be the exception, rather than the rule (by German standards.)

My experience has been that, whenever I'm in the woods (in Germany), I always expect to see someone. To be specific, even when I'm off the beaten track and want to take a leak, I look around first.

c50aa6 No.274983




Thanks for clearing that up. I'm in a different time zone - just dawned on me. Struggling to focus, just had the worst news.

f6fbf6 No.274984


Yeah, but if what I've heard over the years, the Roths have LOTS of gold. Probably even most of the gold out of Fort Knox. Either way, I doubt their coffers are completely empty yet, but who knows, maybe we liberated some.

1e97b1 No.274985


The problem is inflammation, cholesterol is misinfo

a3cc34 No.274986


selling off the publicly visible items. shine a light on roaches they go into hiding. perhaps going underground to try to ride out the storm?

be766d No.274987

Rothschild Family Sells Large Austrian Hunting Estate

The wooded property, known as Langau, is nearly as large as Manhattan

By Beckie StrumOriginally published on February 02, 201

https:// www.mansionglobal.com/articles/87753-rothschild-family-sells-large-austrian-hunting-estate

233559 No.274988

File: 74c55a9fd161c2a⋯.png (242.72 KB, 490x276, 245:138, nobody-knows.png)


it's been like that since last night, new tactic.

no reason given, bone thrown, maybe real anons digging or just shills, who the f knows?

should be contained to their own thread if can't be stopped.

fe7e5d No.274989

Why doesn't someone on our side take control of all the MKUltra Celebs and start having them go bezerk or start telling the truth. Surely the NSA can access their trigger words. That would be so cool to witness. Deprogram them. Just a thought that crept into my head this am.

Use their TOOLS against them.

f20080 No.274990


I can't connect that. Server IP could not be reached. Had to use a web proxy.


06e552 No.274991


You CAN NOT sell off an asset that has been seized/frozen. They know that the time is near for seizure.

a06887 No.274992

File: 88a73136d247b52⋯.jpg (82.85 KB, 620x349, 620:349, gold-reserves.jpg)

ab701f No.274993



The US Navy is set to roll out a self-driving drone warship that can hunt down enemy submarines.

Now a prototype of this autonomous ship, capable of scouring the open seas for three months at a time, has been officially transferred to the US Navy.

The prototype can reach speeds of 27 knots and uses cameras and radar to track its location and spot other ships.

Dubbed the 'Sea Hunter', the 132ft (40-metre) ship is designed to travel thousands of miles out at sea without a single crew member on board.

The 132ft (40-metre) ship is designed to travel thousands of miles out at sea without a single crew member on board.

The anti-submarine warfare vessel could join active naval operations as early as 2018 and would hail in a new era of warship.

When it enters service, the ship will operate for around 30 to 90 days at sea without a crew.

Sea Hunter relies on radar and cameras to spot other vessels and will leave and return to port on its own.

Powered by two diesel engines, the ship can reach speeds of 27 knots per hour.

In initial testing of Sea Hunter's autonomy capability back in 2016, the ship successfully executed a multi-way-point mission with no person directing course or speed changes.

The completion of Sea Hunter's performance trials was the first milestone in the two-year test program co-sponsored by DARPA and the Office of Naval Research.

This was an odd statement,,, especially with all tyhe ChessFag talk, that goes on in here,kek very interesting,

'The US military has talked about the strategic importance of replacing 'king' and 'queen' pieces on the maritime chessboard with lots of 'pawns,' and ACTUV is a first step toward doing exactly that.'

Sounds like the Navy already has it,, and in one part, they said it could be active early 2018,,,, It is probably active at this moment.

A nice ship to have for the Storm,,,

Bless our Military, and our POTUS.

270ac6 No.274994

Black Forest and Rothschilds https:// www.1stdibs.com/furniture/more-furniture-collectibles/collectibles-curiosities/taxidermy/set-of-seven-baron-rothschild-roe-deer-trophies-on-original-black-forest-plaques/id-f_4232633/

8a2d9b No.274995


http:// waterfordwhispersnews.com/2017/02/16/rothschild-family-to-sell-their-67-stake-in-planet-earth/

c50aa6 No.274997


Ffs, I'm in a shitty way and diff. time zone. It's been cleared up.

bc69b3 No.274998


lose the name NEWFAG

6546e8 No.274999


>They can only sell for cash

remember when LdR said 'paper is for puppets'??? Ahahahaha

cc09ad No.275000

File: 111a582d4b91e7f⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1078x516, 539:258, ClipboardImage.png)

This is different land but still interesting to read

Benjamin de Rothschild is Forcing Native Pygmies Off Their Own Land So the Elite Can Slaughter Elephants

By Editor November 30, 2016

http:// theeventchronicle.com/news/africa/benjamin-de-rothschild-forcing-native-pygmies-off-land-elite-can-slaughter-elephants/#

3c3e26 No.275001



4699d0 No.275002


They aren't there, because (you) didn't lurk enough.

Once (you) lurk moar, they will begin to appear in the bread, at the top.


e545db No.275003


The U.S. can only freeze American assets.

cb7109 No.275004


I think that had more to do with the natives being restless and tearing up their own shit again.

1c9d4c No.275005


This is a negative email. Q has been gone 4 days while they take care of stuff. Patience.

b73d99 No.275006

does anyone have a ciaoogle earth pinpoint on that house in the photos of the blackforest estate?

I have an idea

f86b36 No.275007

Q, is the stock market drop a result of POTUS confiscating assets re. EO?

a06887 No.275008


BINGO. LOL If you think 'paper' and 'credit' are something they care about, you know NOTHING.


e545db No.275009


nice trip

060f29 No.275010

Definition of blunt

1 : having an edge or point that is not sharp

scissors with blunt ends

was hit over the head with a blunt instrument

gave her bangs a blunt cut just above her eyebrows

2 a : abrupt in speech or manner

She tends to be blunt.

a blunt refusal

b : being straight to the point : direct

To be perfectly blunt, I don't think he can do it.

3 a : slow or deficient in feeling : insensitive

… showing how blunt the eyes and ears of writers generally are … —Norman Foerster

b : obtuse (see obtuse 2a) in understanding or discernment : dull

his blunt mind

cff4c1 No.275011



1c9d4c No.275012


Some message make more sense at the time they were posted. This time these were gong to Sara Cater for what was going on at the time.

aa9790 No.275013

File: e0e25ec77ca64ff⋯.jpg (25.72 KB, 568x272, 71:34, Dan.jpg)

Dan is (((ourguy)))

bc69b3 No.275014


welcome to last week

f20080 No.275015


Even those are only money because we say they are.

d6c62d No.275016


right? lol Q was gone like 3 days and people were all " i don't think he's ever coming back, never ever." what a weak attempt to make us give up, must have been msm employees shilling on their break - no acting talent at all

0e13ec No.275018



We might want to do some searching on Roy Blunt + Schiff, in case that is what Q is hinting at.

One quick result:


>Although they almost certainly differ on most issues… Adam Schiff and Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri found themselves in near-complete agreement… on the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

>Blunt added that he "particularly supports giving the Ukrainians weapons"

>Blunt said: "…I don't think Ukraine would have happened if Syria didn't happen."

060f29 No.275019

Dopey has a blunt mind.

233559 No.275020

File: f7a459fe02ec45c⋯.jpg (38.94 KB, 334x500, 167:250, BIGblunt.jpg)


forgot one

c443d6 No.275021


thats a lotta moula. If assets are frozen then it would need to be a cash sale else the proceeds could be frozen as well. Something doesnt make sense.

e2e5a6 No.275022

Thomas Prinzhorn owns Austria's largest containerboard company, Prinzhorn Holding, though these days he devotes his time to politics as a member of the national liberal party alliance for the Future of Austria. Prinzhorn studied engineering at the Technical University of Vienna, then went to Harvard for his MBA. After graduation, he started working at his father's small paper packaging company, turning it into a paper and containerboard behemoth, with revenues of $1.3 billion. His son, Cord Prinzhorn, handles management of the company.

He Studied at Harvard.. Connection to Alwaleed?

ed9989 No.275023


Not sure but this is latest dough:


bc69b3 No.275024


we love bongino for sure he lurks here maybe even posts

8bbd4a No.275025


Best thing you can do…go to the MEME folders on here, grab some memes that speak to you, and forward them in Facebook (the most normies are there), forward on Twitter, forward on text messages…hang in there!

Of note, please don't watch YouTubers - they misinterpret Q often…and have been warned.

06e552 No.275027

File: 00b0aadb6bb2c66⋯.jpg (35.64 KB, 600x338, 300:169, ding.jpg)

a06887 No.275028


Yes, but everyone says it's money. They are money because history says they are. You can't change that by this point. Sorry.

ab701f No.275029


Sorry , it did automatic spacing like that. I did not do that, and it was normal when i copied and composed it,, kek

f6fbf6 No.275030


Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was confirmed that Dopey is Allweed. I spelled it wrong i know, I don't care.

e545db No.275031


let 336 fill up…

500686 No.275032


Black Forest.



FIRE sale days after post?

I see BARF, and that's what they do now. The Sick people now getting really sick to their stomach.

bfe7f8 No.275033

File: 12dfbd0417e87c3⋯.png (18.94 KB, 626x192, 313:96, bs.png)

a06887 No.275034


You realize they are estimated to be worth 500 trillion, right? Like, anything they tell you about they are linked to is NOTHING compared to what they have.

757ac0 No.275036


They sold off over 5,000 acres the size of Manhatten

43781c No.275037


Ah, No.

92b65f No.275038


Stock market is dropping because of the fear that interest rates are finally going back to historical norms.

233559 No.275039


there were posts a few threads back about the prices, acres sold cheap, diggers find those, not far back

61a8b7 No.275040

they have many estates lots in france..


4699d0 No.275041


the stock market is controlled by bankers, not presidents.

the stock markets are glorified casinos for the plebes to get raped in.

a06887 No.275042


Stock market is 100% rigged. It drops when THEY want it to… by how much they want it to.

c69fdf No.275043


anons, has it sunk in yet that Q has only just begun to fight?

Patience, dig and meme always, win-win

f23174 No.275045

e2e5a6 No.275046


Great question.

1f28bd No.275047



If your a Rothschild and you print the money Fed Reserve) you wouldn't need to sell anything for cash - I think this is something else - hiding something.

Chances are the buyer is "owned" by them somehow

1da10d No.275048

Could Dopey be one of the cia super computers? A good place to hide it would be in your bosses house in a different country

4b5e19 No.275049

Read between the lines. Remember AlaWeed's (mug) shot? Same thing going on with this Rothschild estate.

The goal is not to engulf the world in war. The goal is to get all this crap done quietly and behind the scenes. No one, worldwide, can afford WW3 right now.

However, all of this has been foretold in prophecy. Those guys know that their time is up. Rev. 2:9 and 3:9. Revelations 12:1 sign was on Sept 23, 2017 with the King in retrograde in the Virgin for 42 weeks before that as well, along with being on the Feast of Trumpets.

Look at what happened in 1917 and Jerusalem and the Turkish Army and Allah, prophecy behind that.

Similar things are happening today.

For those of you who are asking about chem-trails, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, money, and all of that stuff that pisses you off, please rest assured that we are working on that. That is not a part of this first wave that we're taking care of right now. If you remember seeing elsewhere, why worry about the fixed elections in Alabama if you're just going to take out the cause of the fixed elections? Remember that email from Sros that circulated just before the elections? Yes… it IS real. We are taking Sros out.

Everything is being rolled up from the bottom to the top. You can't imagine the amount of ground work that has already been put into all of this. We have been told 3 years of intense work. Trump published a book in 2000, The America we Deserve, which is his political manifesto. Here is a video interview of Trump many many years ago with more info on his political ambitions. Trump himself has known for many years of his political destiny. Maybe "darkly", but, he IS the one who BOUGHT the Winter White House. That's to his best advantage though- the spooks have never had a chance to bug the place.

72216c No.275050




bfe7f8 No.275051


Who bought?

8a2d9b No.275052


big difference duckduckgo makes - sorry everyone

f20080 No.275053


That's right.

b73d99 No.275054

Rothschild heirs Nancy Clarice Tilghman and Geoffrey R. Hoguet, who live in the United States, sold Langau

26e76f No.275055

File: 74c1f03d4e42b05⋯.png (51.25 KB, 578x231, 578:231, unknown.png)

saucey sauce https:// twitter.com/LdeRothschild/status/955518245376847873

26e76f No.275056

File: 74c1f03d4e42b05⋯.png (51.25 KB, 578x231, 578:231, unknown.png)

saucey sauce https:// twitter.com/LdeRothschild/status/955518245376847873

e2e5a6 No.275057


Double meaning to everything.

c2e12a No.275058

File: 8eb9a2ce6a1dec6⋯.jpg (4.26 KB, 220x147, 220:147, 220px-Niki_Airbus_A321-231….jpg)

I believe Q is referring to the Austrian airlines, Niki, whose parent company Air Berlin, filed for bankruptcy in August last year and Niki declared bankruptcy on Dec. 14th after issues with the agreement.

>On 5 December 2016, parent company Air Berlin announced plans to sell its entire 49 percent stake in Niki to its own minority owner Etihad Airways.


bfe7f8 No.275059


I thought DDG worked off Giggle; didn't return anything Giggle wouldn't return, just helped hide the user from tracking. Is this incorrect?

9c9dfc No.275060


Crazy pelicans has made it impossible for me to take anything serious comming from /thestorm/

6d4804 No.275062

File: 91fc2b4c8eb0182⋯.png (668.89 KB, 546x746, 273:373, LRCUGicMBHzCWueXceyEpgov.png)

>>274768 Sound familiar anyone?

27c231 No.275063



Rothschild sells hunting estate as big as NY 2 days ago.

https:// www.mansionglobal.com/articles/87753-rothschild-family-sells-large-austrian-hunting-estate



https:// family.rothschildarchive.org/estates/86-langau

Bettina Looram, who has died aged 88, was the last surviving member of the Austrian branch of the Rothschild family to have grown up in Vienna before the Anschluss of 1938; 60 years later she successfully retrieved from the Austrian state a collection of artworks that the Nazis had stolen from her family and which, when sold at auction in London in 1999, fetched nearly £57.7 million, a record in Europe at that time.

http:// www.lootedart.com/news.php?r=PRKA7P738711

233559 No.275064


here we go

>>273896 <otherthread

>Did anyone notice the price & details?

>5400 Hectares (13345 acres) for $112.3M

>@$10K/acre - pretty pricey

e545db No.275065


I watch YT. It's the only way I can keep up being a jobfag. Yes, sometimes, YouTubers mislead, but viewers need to discern truth. There are some good dedicated youtubers out there.

282575 No.275066


of course it's live on unbiased cspan2

b73d99 No.275068


ad2ebb No.275069


Sauce or conjecture?

817dd9 No.275070


>The south part of the German black Forrest borders to Austria

No, it doesn't.

Black Forest is the mountain range that forms the east wall of the Rhine river on the French border.

Black Forest is on the other side of Germany from Austria.

This is important, IMO, because Q may be talking about a black forest rather than the geographic area known as the Black Forest.

I'm not sure myself, honestly.

ab701f No.275071


It is needed to have the information needed to red pill the masses. Otherwise you are just saying hey, these people are bad,, but with no sauce. We are also here to make and complie the sauce, for the red pilling. And to be ready as news,events, arrests, new information comes out, to be able to let people know what is really going on. Research is very very IMPORTANT, hence the name of the board.

00ec6d No.275072


Yes, the whole point is - Trump could arrest all the swamp monsters in one week. But it would look illegitimate, he would look like an authoritarian to millions of the normies and even riots could follow. The media would scream.

Our job is to redpill the normies, they need to understand that there was a widespread corruption in the Washington DC. They need to understand that there were and are a lot of really bad people in the gov't who have to be arrested and executed. Preparing the masses is our job. Tell them about corruption, pedophilia, satanism, anti-democratic and anti-human conspiracies.

bfe7f8 No.275073


Then times have changed, as they tend to do.

e2e5a6 No.275074


Thomas Prinzhorn.

Went to Harvard.

Thomas Prinzhorn owns Austria's largest containerboard company, Prinzhorn Holding, though these days he devotes his time to politics as a member of the national liberal party alliance for the Future of Austria.

9c9dfc No.275076


When was i namefagging?

can you tell me my name?


54447b No.275077


BDT? Was a FF stopped last night?

ea3482 No.275078


Also a reference to drug trafficking.

Also a reference to a stoner.

Dark glasses hide stoners red eyes.

f93682 No.275079


Here we are Human Hunting!

Read this fags!

2b4cb1 No.275080


POTUS light's the fire of TRUTH

01ad41 No.275082


Legs Lynn shilling chocolate now?

4699d0 No.275083



you just named yourself. Good job.

6d6477 No.275084


I did some digging too but also couldn't connect the Roth sale to the name black forest. Also notice Q mentions 'forest' and not forrest (euanon here, no idea what typical spelling is and if it varies between UK/US english)

As per Q post I'm trying to figure out if someone called P (finance minister?) actually was involved in the transaction

a06887 No.275085


Now, how long do we redpill? I week? A month? Until the cabal has time to counter attack?? LOL there are 2 sides, both attempting to win. The longer they let the enemy walk, the more they can accomplish.

16f18e No.275086


"About to come to LIGHT" is relative. It did take quite a while for the truth of the Obama "wiretap" accusation to see the light.

74ab99 No.275088

I don't understand why Dopey was released. I didn't think it was a good idea when I heard about it. Even tho his $ might be seized, he knows people who can take bad actions. In fact the day of or after Dopey was released, Hannity's twitter was taken down

12ef7f No.275089


We're getting tired.

ad2ebb No.275090


Sauce or fuck off with your cryptic shit.

233559 No.275091




>>273896 <otherthread

>Did anyone notice the price & details?

>5400 Hectares (13345 acres) for $112.3M

>@$10K/acre - pretty pricey

<Pricey for you, maybe, but a historic, developed property THAT large is worth a WHOLE lot more valuable than that

<Agreed. We have farmland without any improvements at all that sells for 3k/acre. This is firesale cheap. Might be an indication of a coming asset value crash.

<Agreed. They must've needed the cash in a hurry.

<$10K/acre is a deal for raw land, let alone land with a mansion on it.

0025c6 No.275092


And gold and silver have value because the people say they do.

06c44f No.275093



9c9dfc No.275095


Then tell me what name i was fagging as??

I don't even know it...

1ab306 No.275096


The market is correcting due to too much short term optimism.

Before this drop, 80%+ of stocks were on buy signals.

Too many bulls.

That's unsustainable. A correction was needed.

However, money is still pouring into US equity mutual funds and ETF's.

Just give it a 4-8 weeks to weed out the weak holders and the market will go back up … as earnings growth and outlooks are very positive.

055388 No.275097

An aide of former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has been arrested for operating a human trafficking ring in California.

Police confirmed Wednesday that one of the men arrested as part of Operation Reclaim and Rebuild was Daniel Pellisier – former advisor to Schwarzenegger who oversaw California’s Natural Resources and Environmental Protection agencies.

“johns” included 39-year-old Hamel Yan of Elk Grove; 19-year-old Darrick Chavis of Vacaville; and 42-year-old Steven Birdsong of Antelope.

eb6de5 No.275098

so when they start logging the property, I'm guessing mass graves will be 'accidentally' found?

ea3482 No.275099


If they liquidated 500 billion in stocks that could translate to a 666 point fall.

8e520b No.275100


>And gold and silver have value

because they have intrinsic value


bfe7f8 No.275101


Wikipedia says that party is effectively extinct.

9c9dfc No.275102


How is this namefagging??

Do you know what namefagging is??

GTFO before you get triggered...

ca017e No.275103


"Prince" "Horn"

Sounds evil to me!

72216c No.275104

Rothschilds assets about to be frozen

Selling off estate dispose of evidence

Soros donated all his money just before assets frozen

Saudi Prince Dopey fled to Black Forest estate

Rothschild selling to friendly Prinzhorn

c6f969 No.275105


How central is Islam to all of the corruption on the planet?

344285 No.275106


Looking forward to it.

3700a2 No.275107


Who bought it? Dirt Cheap. Flip it and pocket the $$$.

Build a wall?

bc69b3 No.275108


welcome to yesterday newfag LURK MOAR READ PAST BREADS

wait two years before posting anything

38ad76 No.275109


No we're not. We are energized and unstoppable. If you're tired, Reddit is >>>>>>

Go distract yourself with cat videos until you fall asleep.

fd61d1 No.275110

[1] minute between Q posts.

1c9d4c No.275111

It does seems symbolism is doing the idiots in. We have to keep watch for the number 91.

Amtrak Train 91 was traveling between New York and Miami with about 145 passengers and crew members, when it hit the CSX train on a bypass track,

Route 91 Harvest Festival Shooting Leaves At Least 59 Dead, 527 Injured in Largest Mass Shooting in U.S. History

Is there a connection to the GOP train crash with 91? I just got up and coffee is waiting so am still not thinking straight.

f23174 No.275112

File: db10a4f4a598def⋯.jpg (52.62 KB, 650x434, 325:217, ldr_legs.jpg)

bc69b3 No.275113

43781c No.275114


yes, and mushrooms are anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial immuno-modulators that can save lives, but since They can't patent them they won't tell you

1adb56 No.275115

Hi all, has the swamp been drained yet? Any arrests? Let me know, thanks!!

45fc64 No.275116


Operation Paperclip

22e3cd No.275117

The Austrian estate was sold late January. It's reasonable to assume that it took quite a bit of time to work out the details between the seller, broker and buyer.

We could also reasonably assume that the initial decision to sell happened late December after the EO regarding the blocking of property associated with human rights abuses/corruption was signed (Dec. 20).

bc69b3 No.275118


you must go back

74ab99 No.275119

Dopey also owns/owned large part of Fox… Something with Hannity was going on that niight.. he tweeted weird code… this was right after Dopey was release. Why did they release him?

6a04b1 No.275121

File: fa76d8ab3281cef⋯.png (878.97 KB, 1377x1266, 459:422, Capture _2018-02-05-11-29-….png)

Seed of Satan. Dog is used as God spelled backwards as a way to devalue him. Nothing to do with being underdogs. That's why Chelsea Clinton retweeted this.

a06887 No.275122

File: ba541fc5a6a65ee⋯.jpg (16.19 KB, 300x400, 3:4, 31e5c7cb1690827c6197b24f4f….jpg)


LOL use your fucking head. fucking newfags.

0baa28 No.275123


Paperclip happened after WW2

055388 No.275124

Elon Musk replied

Jeff Bezos

Verified account


2h2 hours ago


Best of luck @SpaceX with the Falcon Heavy launch tomorrow – hoping for a beautiful, nominal flight! @BlueOrigin #GradatimFerociter

100 replies 555 retweets 3,561 likes

Reply 100 Retweet 555 Like 3.6K Direct message

Elon Musk

Verified account


11m11 minutes ago


Thanks 😘

eb0ffa No.275125



374bc4 No.275126

GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina was offered a federal judgeship in 2017, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned.

“He is not planning on becoming a judge,” a source close to the congressman told TheDCNF. “He was approached months ago and turned it down.” The source added that he will return to private practice.

A White House official confirmed that Gowdy was approached for a seat of the 4th Circuit, but declined the offer.

fe7e5d No.275127


She worked at CNN/Huffpost..part of their Mouthpiece

They also control Thomson/Reuters….they love controlling information. That's how they got their start.

Right one? She's got that look

https:// www.linkedin.com/in/nancy-tilghman-2542b7b/

92b65f No.275128

The Lost Treasure of the Nazis by Noel Richards

Ernst Kaltenbrunner, the last commander of the dreaded Nazi SS, is said to have hidden the funds of the corps somewhere in the Black Forest when it was realized the Allies were closing in on them at the end of World War II.


dffbd6 No.275130


Q, what happens after military trails? back to a republic? I am sure we want to be careful of how that ends, right?

e545db No.275131


Ah NO NO..

Everyone has a part to play and some work hard on their "bit" to add to the whole scope. So would one sit on a valuable piece of research accomplished while waiting for the topic to come up in the bread.

Q constantly tells us to re-read the crumbs.

45fc64 No.275133


Version II - There has multiple times bad actors have entered America.

81f3c6 No.275134


Interesting how POTUS nodded to the Dems with the water but never took a sip the entire SOTU. I had previously just read a an article where he has a "specific" water person who pours his water and then places a napkin over it to keep it from being poisoned.

a06887 No.275135

File: 27a3a26d0dc79e0⋯.jpg (76.87 KB, 838x835, 838:835, DP2L_0oUMAA9TGY.jpg)


Nothing yet! Some more cryptic clues with no substance however! Timing is excellent, just as people were starting to question this as a possible psy-op. These fucking Q-team fucks better do something public soon.

099bbe No.275136


He means Schiff is like Anthony Blunt…Soviet spy from the Cambridge Five

c5013d No.275137


As long as it takes ! now STFU!

9c9dfc No.275138

File: 7d2c12ce1a3c79e⋯.jpg (8.33 KB, 68x41, 68:41, namefagging.JPG)




<-- This is namefagging...

Now go fuck yourselves...

581c3d No.275139


I know. The fact you are a lemming is a tough pill to swallow and you are deafened here in the echo chamber.

374bc4 No.275140


Please STFU.

3e781e No.275141

No sauce yet, but seeing whispers of Flynn filing motion to dismiss

a06887 No.275142


Fuck you. I can question this, since we've had about as many misses as hits in terms of events.

f4068a No.275143


What are the Names of the Supercomputers of the C_A?

bc69b3 No.275146

all you newfags with your newfaggy ideas -

this is not an episode of fucking survivor

everything is going well without "leaders"


go back to (((faceberg)))

45fc64 No.275147


Tinker Tailor Solider Spy -

43781c No.275148


what's with all the fucking commas?

72216c No.275149

ignore shills

stop sliding board

get working

2c298a No.275150


10k an acre is not pricey at all for what it is, are you kidding me?!

I live in the middle of no where, an acre here is anywhere between 1,000-10k. Depending on A LOT of different things. Most is just flat farm land(cheaper side) then there is some filled with trees, & others that are a bit of both.

Looks to me like they were trying to dump it fast. Fire sale indeed

c5013d No.275151


All you're terminators has belong to us ?

6f8586 No.275152


Now I need to watch the SOTU again - I saw the toast, but didn't notice that he did not drink.

bfe7f8 No.275153


This is the first time (to my knowledge) this info has come up. If this info is valid, it's a HUGE addition to what we already have because we keep hearing about the sacrifices but we've never found any info on how they specifically go down. Especially "where are the bodies buried?"

bb3b33 No.275155


Definitely need to read the crumbs from January 27th!!!!!

b73d99 No.275156

File: b21981bb2f2cd17⋯.jpg (450.24 KB, 1600x800, 2:1, 0717-AD-JAGD03-01_sq.jpg)

File: b7e71e8877299c2⋯.jpg (235.36 KB, 757x1100, 757:1100, 22_D7A3329.jpg)

File: d88797901af48fa⋯.jpg (240.35 KB, 1213x822, 1213:822, 0717-AD-JAGD05-01.jpg)

File: 6b51749e554a57c⋯.jpg (234.44 KB, 1219x813, 1219:813, 0717-AD-JAGD04-01.jpg)

File: ad028b61919e7a4⋯.jpg (246.01 KB, 761x1100, 761:1100, 0717-AD-JAGD06-01.jpg)


Is this the correct estate?

Pics from inside

Antler horns

Stuffed owls

6546e8 No.275157

File: ce8b4c7f1d06ed7⋯.jpg (2.09 MB, 3192x2760, 133:115, Roths Fire sale.jpg)


Thanks, added to Roths FIRE sale graphic!

>>275008 Roths selling off Silver in Dec!

344285 No.275158


Lurk yes. Read Q's posts 1st yes.

Wait 2 years? NO

This BS because we do not have 2 years. Now or never.

233559 No.275159

File: 27d427ccb4ef314⋯.png (661.96 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_20171112_Sign….png)

File: 95f1d6ffde52203⋯.png (457.97 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, snow white xerox.png)

File: c33d83838de3d52⋯.png (105.41 KB, 900x428, 225:107, SevenDwarfsIBM).png)

1ab306 No.275160


How often do the Rothschilds sell property?

That would tell us more about motives.

Something tells me they don't ever sell real estate holdings.

They certainly haven't ever needed the cash …. until now, maybe.

Likely cleaned the child blood off the walls and want to distance themselves from this Austrian place due to Dopey Prince and his pedo palls.

btw, lose the fucking namefag. You are NOT special here.

b780ec No.275161

File: 6189584aaac09e6⋯.jpg (106.32 KB, 780x497, 780:497, STOP AIDING CRIMES AGANIST….jpg)

Please share with all you know. We really need to make more people aware of this kind of criminality. Perhaps it is also a rare opportunity to give credit to the Catholic church who apparently exposed this plot by having the vaccines tested.

This little known news article exposing the truth about vaccine misuse really should disturb you for several reasons. First, because of the criminality involved essentially robbing the reproductive opportunities from 500 women in 3rd world countries who have already been exploited for generations by imperialism (now renamed as neoliberalism). Second, when such truth does come to light, it gets little mainstream media coverage. Third, everyone just assumes that it was a "contamination" problem due to poor GMP and thus nothing really happens except that the company has their license is SUSPENDED!. Fourth, when considered in the context of all the other similar incidents occurring in third world countries where vaccination programs are doing more harm than good, it further confirms my (and others) intuition that there are people involved at the highest levels who are actively plotting to depopulate these countries under the pretext of helping them. Fifth, these corrupt programs are paid for with our tax dollars and/or from donations given to nonprofits.

While this occurred in an African nation, the US sets the global standard for how corporations are punished. Despite being nonhuman, the US has granted corporations with many human rights, but without the responsibility that comes with those rights. For example, if I knowingly and covertly sterilized 500 women, I would be charged with a crime and held accountable. Not so for corporations! Vaccines impregnated with beta human chorionic gonadotropin (BhCG) cause permanent infertility among girls and women because this is the pregnancy signalling hormone women produce when they are pregnant (its the protein marker used in the common urine pregnancy test!). When BhCG is injected into the body along with an immune system adjuvant (stimulus) contained in a vaccine, the body's immune system creates antibodies to attack that protein, thus terminating pregnancy and all future pregnancies. Therefore, its mere presence in a vaccine automatically constitutes a crime against humanity because there is no therapeutic reason that it should be there in the first place nor any conceivable reason that it was somehow an accidental "contaminate." Its like finding cyanide in a multivitamin, but even more incriminating because BhCG can only be produced through a highly advanced biotechnological process. This stuff isn't just lying around where it can accidentally fall into a vaccine production process. In fact, it is only available only by prescription in most countries.



A state-sponsored forced sterilization on a massive scale has allegedly taken place in Africa according to opposition leaders and the public who are railing against the government. An industrial pharmaceutical laboratory has since had its license suspended by the Kenya Accreditation Service as a result of the controversy.

Kenya’s opposition leader Raila Odinga—who swore himself in as president on Tuesday—claimed that at least 500,000 young girls and women may be infertile, following a tetanus vaccine administered by the government in 2014 and 2015.

The controversy began coming to a head in 2016 when Agriq-Quest Ltd, a Nairobi-based pharmaceutical company got in a dispute with Kenya’s Ministry of Health over their tetanus and polio vaccinations. A group of Catholic doctors originally made the accusations claiming that the vaccines may contain a hormone that is dangerous to young women and can cause potential sterilization.

https:// www.blacklistednews.com/article/63453/pharma-co-has-license-suspended-as-vaccine-blamed-for-sterilization-of-500000-women-.html

bc69b3 No.275162


yeah - a lemming

dropping huge truth on the masses

red pilling the fuck out of hundreds

echo chamber?

you are an idiot

do you know how many eyes are on this board right now globally

your comment shows your ignorance and your lack of understanding and the inability to be aware of your surroundings

enjoy irrelevance

6546e8 No.275164

>>275156 —–→> >>275157

17976d No.275165


WE GET THE IDEA. Stop spamming that fucking gay board.

c5013d No.275166



9c9dfc No.275167

File: b9a4c9ff543fdd1⋯.jpg (98.53 KB, 576x576, 1:1, cookie.jpg)


You just won a filter and a cookie...


don't spend it all on one place...

e2e5a6 No.275168


I like how you think!

f86b36 No.275169


The next memo will show how Schiff conspired with the media

b73d99 No.275170


Where exactly is it on that map??

2c298a No.275171


1st thing I thought of too. Took almost a year

00ec6d No.275172


There is a lot of strategic planning. I think that most of the stuff will blow up right before the midterms in such time the the Dem's will not be able to recover and will suffer a landslide crushing defeat.

2b0f49 No.275173

File: e0ff71c07e1e129⋯.jpg (32.64 KB, 625x416, 625:416, a483ca0b413153496e7ac49ca0….jpg)


bc69b3 No.275175

File: 146431250736795⋯.png (4.05 KB, 161x167, 161:167, ClipboardImage.png)


echo chamber - BWAHAHAHAHAHA

c5013d No.275177



47e3de No.275178

Newfag here so I apologize for my ignorance.

What is the feeling about Q's recent absence? In his last messages he mentioned Comey calling for sleeper cells to activate and then an hour later he writes simply "APACHE" rather ominously.

What if APACHE was a distress call? Could the deep state have made a move against Q?

a49eab No.275179

File: 247430c9e241324⋯.jpg (392.87 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, littleadamschiff.jpg)

e8a14c No.275181


Black Forest is the name of the castle/mansion on the land that the Rothschild's own in Austria.

Alaweed turned, and also had his assets seized. While stocks will be slowly sold, or control/influence used in the companies he had interest in, he was forced to give up $6billion in cash. The cabal is strained and they have to sell. They also reduced their holding in Apache stocks as well.

In April 2017, Alaweed met with the Austrian Ambassador. Because of his current situation, that allows us to put pressure on Austria. They might have been leaked info that forced their hand to sell early before they lost it as well as needing cash on hand because of the money hole Alaweed's removal has caused.

Alaweed was a big chunk of cash at the top, and combine that with the 10,000 traffickers arrested so far, they're feeling the pinch. The only hope is to sell off things at a much lower value. Doesn't help them that GS moved everything into NP. Roth are having to fund everything which is going to bleed them dry fast. Desperation makes for more obvious mistakes.

c2e12a No.275182


Now how does that link to Dopey?

01ad41 No.275183

File: d6cfc5cc4ff1594⋯.jpg (89.45 KB, 804x603, 4:3, DSCN0441obama-shopped-3-80….jpg)


Lots of things about Obama coming to light.

374bc4 No.275184


You really need to get a clue.

Please do not post on this board anymore, faggot.

b73d99 No.275185


That's a lot of sales.

233559 No.275186

just FILTER the distractors, don't reply to them, why oh why must we repeat this all the time

a06887 No.275187


LOL Nope. Go fuck yourself lemming.

581c3d No.275188


When everyone lacks true discernment and is beating the same drum it's an echo

67a43c No.275189

They even sold a collection of seven antique 19th century roe deer hunting trophies attributed to the Baron Rothschild of Austria on original Black Forest carved plaques.

All are originally marked with the "R" of the Rothschild monogram, Y head symbolism, and 1 has an upside donw cross

https:// www.1stdibs. com/furniture/more-furniture-collectibles/collectibles-curiosities/taxidermy/set-of-seven-baron-rothschild-roe-deer-trophies-on-original-black-forest-plaques/id-f_4232633/

9c9dfc No.275190


Q was here earlier today.

Not long ago in fact

6546e8 No.275191


check out this graphic…


e545db No.275192


What do you mean "no substance". Q explained POTUS's tweet. The reference to Blunt has already been pointed out to Senator Roy Blunt's tweets this morning. Anon's have already been discovering leads on the Black Forest and Austria drops. The Fire sale is being covered.

Patriots… do not be discouraged.

I wish people that don't want to be here would just stop coming here.

f648d0 No.275194


explanation ; clown slide

c443d6 No.275195


property in the family that long? No, they wouldnt unless dire necessity. I hope they feel the cumulative terror of all their victims in their demonic heart at this very moment.

3700a2 No.275196


Inflammation is only a symptom of an underlying cause. The ultra high carb Standard American Diet generates a lot of inflammation in the body.

Who promotes that particular inflammatory diet? The Government… specifically the USDA. The Food [Pyramid]. School lunch programs. Farm subsidies.

Who profits greatly off of that particular diet?

Big Pharma, the Health Care industry, Health Insurance companies, the Food Industry.

22e3cd No.275197


Sorry about that. I forgot the name field. I use it very sparingly for TI stuff but I'm 98% anon. You might have seen me from the other boarrd.

They sell property from time to time. They sold their Carribean property early 2017.

This they've had for over 100 years so I'm assuming it is special. So special in fact, they required the new buyers to promise to keep up with the forestry of the property.

61a8b7 No.275199

File: 1e0306c5d119387⋯.jpg (301.58 KB, 962x848, 481:424, 29f80c91efb9149c21a38a6e1c….jpg)

ed9989 No.275200


This is very BLUNT bluntforcetruth.com/every-bogus-2016-fisa-request-to-spy-on-trump-was-signed-by-obamas-ag-loretta-lynch/

9c9dfc No.275201

New shill tactic:

Accuse everyone of namefagging.

06e552 No.275202


Not true.

https:// www. goldinglawyers.com/can-the-irs-levy-foreign-bank-accounts-golding-golding/

233559 No.275204


>guys waht if Q abandons us

<concernfags in a thread where Q freshly posted


74ab99 No.275205

fire sale

ˈfī(ə)r ˌsāl/Submit


-a sale of goods remaining after the destruction of commercial premises by fire.

-a sale of goods or assets at a very low price, typically when the seller is facing bankruptcy.

7bb21d No.275206


https:// twitter.com/RoyBlunt/status/862079753146298372

47e3de No.275207


That is great to hear, thank you!

Can you link his posts as well? I'm curious.

c5013d No.275208


We are winning you must be a child in mommys basement to not see the 5D chess being played you faggot !! Back to fagbook !

3310d2 No.275209


You're burning at both ends here, slidefag.

Glowing twice as bright and half as long.

84f69c No.275210



2b0f49 No.275211

File: 4d306737c91cb22⋯.jpg (111.3 KB, 700x700, 1:1, cc1da2221bda17c3e70ff1393a….jpg)


a06887 No.275212


SUBSTANCE = arrests and disclosure - public. Shock and Awe, as presented to us would occur.

NOTHING of SUBSTANCE has occurred. Lotsa conjecture, some good research, but NOTHING that backs us up to the public. Sorry.

45fc64 No.275213


They don't deal in money.. As Q has suggested there is another reason.

The place had two power plants?

What for?

2c298a No.275214


No it wasn't, and no he didn't. That was all a bunch of attention whoring bullshit. Don't encourage him. Sheep.

6546e8 No.275215


Roths FIRE sale!!!


Everything must go….

0651dd No.275216




>BLUNT statement.

Roy Blunt?

6e86f2 No.275217


Like harboring an enemy of our state.

1c9d4c No.275218


Gowdy was offered the seat in the 4th Circuit last year and declined. Has nothing to do with now.

9c9dfc No.275219


Ctrl+f (search: UW)

He posted in this bread

7bb21d No.275220

File: fbfc6096ee4123d⋯.jpg (33.24 KB, 687x206, 687:206, bluntstatement.jpg)


blunt statement:

bfe7f8 No.275221


Do not disgrace chocolate chip cookies in this way. They are sacred.

346039 No.275223


fire (_(((sale)))_)

c443d6 No.275224

Alefantis is a Rothschild, yes?

cb3443 No.275225


Sloppy Steve Bannon

c483d6 No.275227

The 1MDB?

In switzerland - close to blackwood forest

https:// www.finews.com/news/english-news/25399-1mdb-khadem-al-qubaisi-nightclub-st-tropez-topless-mohamed-badaway-al-husseiny-najib-razak-jho-low-riza-aziz

Rothschill-bank involved:

https:// www.finews.com/news/english-news/27823-edmond-de-rothschild-1mdb-marc-ambroisien-khadem-al-qubaisi-abu-dhabi-aston-martin-bernard-coucke

a06887 No.275228


I see 5D chess being played. I do NOT see us winning so far. If you do, you're blind. I see some potential positives, with nothing to corroborate it. You should see the same thing.

233559 No.275229

File: e2a0f8b3e0719e4⋯.png (800.45 KB, 888x506, 444:253, DoNotFeedPelican.png)

and stop fucking FILTERSIGNALING

(we're doing it too, we don't care/you're taking up space fer nuthin)

1ab306 No.275230


>No, they wouldnt unless dire necessity.

Running for their fucking lives.


Now they know what fear is … same fear they subjected children to.

I can imagine the pussy Roths shittin' themselves every time they read a Q post …

06c44f No.275231


Yeah, I need to lurk more? Maybe you should and then you might realize what's really going on around here. You could even be the idiot that asked "are you a pelican" and got the plague mask picture in return a few days ago. But, you weren't. Perhaps you should lurk more….

f93682 No.275232


Have we considered simple money laundering via real estate deal??

b83e8b No.275233

581c3d No.275234


Go fuck yourself authoritarian fag

c2e12a No.275235


>67% stake in planet earth

We're free! Hooray!

f4068a No.275236


Oh, Thank you., mmm.., It's sounds fool, but Maybe He's referring to the Supercomputer (Dopey), as the Next target

1355a7 No.275237

What do the colors mean on qcodefag.github.io?

6f8586 No.275238


>Anthony Blunt

Good find Anon

Do you think this might apply?

Blunt died of a heart attack at his London home in 1983, aged 75.

Jan 27 2018 12:37:21



ID: 6ac3b9





Heart attack.



4bbdd5 No.275240


FYI lovastatin was first of its kind = Mevacor

47e3de No.275241


I'm sorry, I did apologize for my ignorance. I'm glad to hear that he is okay!

I hope others who might have been worried see your reply so that I can maybe be an anti-concern troll.

I know you're right to be skeptical of course.

c2e12a No.275242


what colors

e545db No.275243


thank you for your very polite correction…

4efd97 No.275244

6b962c No.275246

File: e305fa017f6e858⋯.jpg (68.85 KB, 585x376, 585:376, sbtb.jpg)

430130 No.275248


- You will always see (You) on your personal posts. The easiest way to find your personal posts is to ctrl+F and type in (you) and click "whole words". Occasionally other anons will use the word but as a rule it'll be very easy to find your own posts.

- Hover over the user id to see the number of posts from that user. As a rule, search back through their posts to see if they're giving out classified/inside/truth. If you understand truth, then it's not hard to see who's being truthful and who's being a f'ing idiot.

-Click on the post number to reply to that post.

-User ID's change after every bread most of the time. Breads/Threads are limited to 751 posts. If an anon you like has been posting, just look for their writing style in the next bread, you will likely catch them.

Look at the picture. We have seen that black book that forms the I of the Q in previous drops. As well as the water glass, the pen, and the napkin. The table and the black book form the Q in the picture. (picture wont load right now)

My user ID might be different as I am on a VPN.

I hope you find this before the thread runs out. Godspeed.

bc69b3 No.275249


when people make statements like this


45fc64 No.275250



47e3de No.275251


Thank you again friend :)

1e97b1 No.275252


thank you

0651dd No.275253




>BLUNT statement.

Feb 01 2018

Blunt Statement on Environmental Protection Agency’s West Lake Announcement

https:// archive.is/FeN4J

c43ecb No.275255


We dont do this for Q. We do this because it is not only right, but, it is good for the nation. We are THE PEOPLE. We have a responsibility to our great nation. It is on us to fight the propaganda machine that our government has become. Our validation comes from positive changes taking place in our world.

We will never wake up in a world where everything is right if we dont stand up. Q gave us the motivation. Q gave us focus. Q cannot make us want to right the wrongs perpatrated by evil elitest who believe not only are they better than us but that thier vision for the future is more important than ours. This, my fellow ANON, falls to us and us alone.

If anything, Q does more harm than good. The normies flock to Q. The normies shit up the bread and distract us. After Q disappears, so do the normies. The bread becomes tastier and the research kicks into overdrive.

I am not wishing that Q never returns. I simply believe we dont need Q to guide us every step of the way.

> Go back and re-read the crumbs

> Learn our comms

> Q is always here

> Learn our comms

24ea57 No.275256


Apache Water rights.

Go back a day or two.

f6fbf6 No.275257


Feb 5 2018 07:41:35



ID: 641129



Would POTUS make a serious accusation if the TRUTH wasn’t about to come to LIGHT?

Black Forest.



FIRE sale days after post?

What went on there?


You have more than you know.


It seems to me, because of the way this is set up, that it suggests some connection with Schiffy and Black Forest and possibly that location.

921c30 No.275258

Schiff -→ Austria

Lautenberg Amendment

https:// schiff.house.gov/news/press-releases/rep-schiff-announces-extension-of-lautenberg-amendment-for-iranian-religious-minorities-fleeing-persecution-included-in-omnibus

84f69c No.275259


Sounds a little strange, they wanted the buyers to develop the wood? most wouldn't want it touched since it's pristine, must be something to hide

bfe7f8 No.275260


I would assume that Q may (eventually) stop posting by choice, but if "taken out," then POTUS is gone too. Odds are effectively zero.

8e520b No.275261

threadly reminder the next thread already exists:





586e58 No.275262


When are the arrest going to happen? WHY is HC LIVE talking right now. You say you are help and doing something? WHAT???? Noone has been arrested they still on the streets

9eafb9 No.275263



yep 666 was just too obvious ! LOL !

cff4c1 No.275264






Finish off the existing bread before fresh bake.

344285 No.275265


Q posted here this morning. Try reading.

a06887 No.275266

File: 37347963d445d30⋯.png (229.53 KB, 490x516, 245:258, 37347963d445d304b605f4451c….png)


why? his comment is 100% valid. if everyone is repeating the same shit, and lacks discernment, it's exactly an echo chamber… You're the fucking shill.

6546e8 No.275267


Did you see the price?

$170 Trillion!!!

1ab306 No.275268


>This they've had for over 100 years so I'm assuming it is special.

100 years in the family.

Agree. They wouldn't sell that property unless they had to.

dffbd6 No.275270

>>275174 I would guess Q asking us to trust is very important ... for now I will... but we must all be very careful about totalitarianism. and the fella that plays the guitar? :)

e8a14c No.275271


Rothchilds also recently divested of a large % of their Apache stock holding.

6e86f2 No.275272

Graphic anons we need the graphics to show Q's post "Dopey" and "Black Forest" that he posted BEFORE the sale was in the news.

That's how we verify Q to the public.

a06887 No.275273


Based on WHAT?

d84cd3 No.275274

File: 1e1b95eb24b13fe⋯.jpeg (98.29 KB, 936x960, 39:40, 5E5C1ECE-BCBC-4679-97E9-5….jpeg)


Shut the fuck up you concerned faggot. You’re contributing nothing of substance to the thread and keep repeating your whiny ass bullshit

Mods should ban this kike

06e552 No.275275



My point exactly

ea5832 No.275276

Any parallels to this case?

Anthony Frederick Blunt (26 September 1907 – 26 March 1983),[1] known as Sir Anthony Blunt, KCVO, from 1956 to 1979, was a leading British art historian who in 1964, after being offered immunity from prosecution, confessed to having been a Soviet spy.

https:// en.


bc69b3 No.275277


hey newfag

been here since day 0 read every fucking bread and every fucking Q post

dont talk shit - you have no shit to talk

7bb21d No.275278



9ea37d No.275280

File: 7c4f8d97ad7ad4b⋯.jpg (3.19 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 1517849347355844356462.jpg)


when should we expect the crumbs for the trafficking and sacrifices? Whats gonna before those crumbs come out

2474a2 No.275446


http:// www.nytimes.com/1999/07/09/world/at-90-million-rothschild-sale-exceeds-goals.html

At that time (1999) most of the items were well over the estimated price.

A lot of unnamed buyers as well as other Roths in attendance - a money laundering activity

Really makes you question why the current estate was sold off so cheaply

ac1106 No.275455


You're wrong it was just taking a breather we're coming back

ac1106 No.275466

All of those photos yesterday I seem to think there's Distortion due to heat in the photos.

72066c No.275472

FIRE sale days after post?

Could this refer to stock market crash after the posting of the "MEMO"?

a789c6 No.275509

bread filler

99e03e No.275515

little Adam on RT https:// www.infowars.com/flashback-adam-schiff-appears-on-russian-tv-calls-for-more-fisa-transparency/

a789c6 No.275516


a789c6 No.275524


a789c6 No.275529


c2d031 No.275531


A week or so ago an Anon suggested that the Black Forest castle was used, among other evil things, for "hunting parties", in which human beings would be released on the grounds and hunted/killed by the elite guests. After Dopey (Prince Alwaleed) was released from prison in SA there was a post from Q taunting Dopey about the Black Forest. I wondered at the time if Prince Alwaleed would be "kidnapped", taken to the Black Forest castle, released and hunted/killed, as he had done to innocent victims in the past. It would certainly be a fitting end to the evil that is Prince Alwaleed.

a789c6 No.275549


e35dea No.310392

Q's reference to Blunt statement is Lisa Blunt and her Statement was "Don't clap for him Trump needs a bullet".

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