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File: acfcf1c8cccedec⋯.jpg (48.22 KB, 382x385, 382:385, 1527550636966.jpg)

18eb73 No.1629781

I have no hope anymore, anons. My country (Brazil) is becoming more and more chaotic. We have everything here, all kind of natural resources. land and strong people, but we cant advance more. Is that some kind of elite's plan?

Can you say word about, Q? I see no ligth in the end of the tunnel anymore… i'm justing giving up…

e7325b No.1630034

File: a999d15d30654f8⋯.jpg (166.06 KB, 964x992, 241:248, DezGaF7VAAARAsx.jpg)

Never Give Up

Never Surrender

Double Down

Stay Focused


Fight! Fight! FIGHT

We Go One, We Go All


92a180 No.1630079

The cabal always had a plan for South America as they did for Africa.

They will rob the natural resources for the end. They will develop elsewhere, they will pit you against each other. They will use emotion to drive them.

They are easily manipulated by their lower needs.

Jesuits are your first problem of bigger magnitude. Followed by drug overlords soon after.

Pray, do good, think positive, a live a good holy life. A little light, shines bright in much darkness.

b9d845 No.1630463


This is a global effort. The deep state operates everywhere. These sick bastards have been at this for a long time.

Remember what Q said very early on:

SA > US > Asia > EU

The legal system in the US is different than SA. We don't have a king who can round up corrupt family members and lock them up in the Ritz. We are a nation of laws - a Constitutional Republic - and we will not sacrifice our way of life to destroy the cabal. We will use the power of the US Constitution to destroy those who would seek to subvert it from within and without.

The entire world benefits from each victory in the US. Just look at what has happened in North Korea. The storm will be felt everywhere as the deep state loses its grip on the world. Trust the plan. Be patient. I have friends in Brazil and do business on a regular basis in Rio. I am aware of the situation there, but I also know how talented and wonderful the people are of this great country. We will all take our countries back from the deep state corruption, and the world will become a far better place.

Stay strong Brazil Anon. Keep praying, keep trusting.

a6310c No.1632075

news about the truck strike?

b9a5eb No.1632293


Don't worry. Citizens of the planet are with you… You might believe foreign citizens live a life far beyond your reality, but they don't. Democracy only exists in a rethoric way.

It is all about working class vs. ruling class everywhere you go. The people of the "strong" nations suffer just as much as you. The "working" class of the planet has an incredibly dark reality, while the rulers of all of us, have no idea of what it is like to live an "ordinary" life…

d70738 No.1632685

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

I will pray for you tonight. Q says WW, if this is legit, you’re included.

b4e6de No.1633650


It's because your country is populated by low IQ race mixed mongrels.

efdd5b No.1668304


I've lost hope myself at times but during the storm, it's important to trust in a higher power. He has a plan for you specifically. You found your way here didn't you?

99% of the world isn't even aware /qresearch/ exists.

Stay on course. Stay True and Stay Faithful.


I will say a prayer for my fellow Brazil anon.

God Speed

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