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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 9a7b0147c6dcd73⋯.jpg (1.99 KB, 150x150, 1:1, 8(1).jpg)

7c9ffd No.1

This board will be used for Q related research.

7467b5 No.2

Don’t fame whore

And we will stay loyal

68ed03 No.3

Thank you master baker 👨‍🍳

e8cedc No.4


^^^^^^^This fucking please like holyfuck. Third time's a charm.

6f4d68 No.6

I hope this is the right one

8d2f23 No.7



7c9ffd No.8


No famewhoring will be tolerated here.

e8cedc No.9


Thank you Q!

2df1cf No.10

Thank you

544426 No.11

confirmed ,

don't be a famewhoreing bitch

57d9f4 No.12


Great number to land on!

68ed03 No.13


Thank you Q🇺🇸

f974a9 No.14


Check them digit— just digit.

544426 No.15


33ca69 No.16


Checked we here

If you bake it, he will crumb

6326cc No.17


who is rat?????………

fafaa4 No.18

Thank you Q. I'm ready to continue researching for the better good.

318ec8 No.19

Glad we're settled. Back to work!

d782a5 No.20


no famewhore behavior

no interviews

no doctor fucking corsi

let them lurk and get their crumbs but DO NOT ENGAGE

3092d6 No.21

Why does it always have to be a namefag? Why cant everybody but Q just be anon?

335807 No.23


we got u Q

139d01 No.24


8d2f23 No.25

Thank you Patriots.

Please begin migration.

We didn’t like what we saw.

Good solution.

Protected by CM.


481d45 No.26

Q are the Iridium satellites from Elon Musk new satellites to replace the ones globalists have in place for security purposes?

873574 No.27


544426 No.28

6a7b33 No.29


We sure needed that, boss

e8cedc No.30

7 is God's number what are the odds Q landed on that? kek!

e56d79 No.31

Dear baby Jesus. Glad to be off that board. Thank you!

139d01 No.32


>Thought it could be connected to Q's drop re: anons having privilege to have POTUS speak directly to us here…


ee3284 No.33

Q can you confirm Sky Fortress=Zuma?

7c9ffd No.34


68ed03 No.35


Agreed sir!

1618d2 No.36



Thank you Q we were getting tired of the CIA shills

2e98dd No.37


Thank you Q!!

6f4d68 No.38


We didn't like it either

df3ec9 No.39



Thank you Q

What's going on with SpaceX – did the mission fail? Fake News?

7c9ffd No.40



6326cc No.41


how about the 7th floor group????

7467b5 No.42


Weeee dawgie!!! Round three ding ding ding!

335807 No.43

File: dc826fcd25bbab3⋯.jpg (217.43 KB, 1176x690, 196:115, Untitled IMP 03.0.jpg)


is this somewhat right ???

6a7b33 No.44


GREAT solution. The solution to end all solutions. We can get back to work now. Thank you

95ea11 No.45


Here. Ready and Willing!

2d2921 No.46



18b827 No.47

I have /storm/ board also if Q, CM or some experienced BO wants to take it for research. I grabbed it a few weeks ago when all the bullshit at cbts first happened.

227f17 No.48


Thank you

f1ede2 No.49


Is /thestorm/ the board you want us to migrate from? Or /cbts/?

12949c No.50


Glad you felt the same way.

Those who serve themselves are evil.

Patriots serve everyone.

68ed03 No.51

Too bad you can’t go back to other room and delete the link to here

2f4840 No.52


Knew this day would come, thank you Q, here to serve.

aa7859 No.53

I don't really get it. Did PA famewhore? Is it because he went to YT? He never claimed private comms afaik. Does that refer to /cbts/ BO instead?

f974a9 No.54

File: 32bc3d8e26df30b⋯.jpg (2.51 MB, 4056x6328, 507:791, Markers_ - Copy.jpg)

Here's some seasoning for this new bread.

1 new marker last night

2 new Markers found tonight

8d2e18 No.55

On board with the new board.

544426 No.56

File: 3eeafd1de80a89d⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1856x6745, 1856:6745, [15]_[1]-P_[pers]-COMPILAT….png)

last nights interactions


481d45 No.57

File: d0ed95cd20ef3dd⋯.png (34.11 KB, 1124x632, 281:158, ERXXXX.png)

Am I on the right track Q?

f1ede2 No.58

What is CM?

f29c73 No.59

So who's the BO here now?

2e98dd No.60


we didn't like seeing it either

cf946e No.62


aa7859 No.63


ok then

we're here to serve

2d2921 No.64


what a dumb question.

Pack all your bags from wherever you may be, put them all on a flight and depart here!

c1ec9a No.65

Thank you, Patriot. I tried about 12 times to create a board, and the system never accepted a captcha

6a7b33 No.66

File: e79b7938a35e8d5⋯.jpg (84.75 KB, 500x616, 125:154, 228bsz.jpg)

873574 No.67


I believe Q is the BO

2e98dd No.68


Codemonkey, site owner

3092d6 No.69

>no IDs

oh boy, was that really a good idea?

12949c No.70


The only way to know if you can trust someone is to trust them.

12ec4b No.71



05e1a8 No.72

Does any one have all meme zips? Could you just make one giant zip and share via mega? Pw=PatroitsFTW?

95ea11 No.75



f1ede2 No.76

9c1cde No.77

>>7 Present, sir. Present, fellow anons.

05b9f4 No.78


God I hope so!

a93721 No.79



currently limited to only 1 per post.

2d2921 No.80


Not the BO here

BO here is unknown

6f4d68 No.81


Actually laughed out loud

68ed03 No.82



d80b55 No.83


Lets do this Patriots!

f68dfc No.84


it's a brand new board. give it time

873574 No.85



59e624 No.86


love this guy.

stays in character.

e56d79 No.87


Will do.

Thank you.

We’re here for genuine reasons to work as a team.

c92b69 No.88

File: 1b4f6351a111ba1⋯.png (54.46 KB, 501x355, 501:355, Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at ….png)

i found a few Q posts earlier that were exactly 20 min apart…. to the second. the odds of this occurring by chance are pretty slim, so i think we can say that it has some significance… just haven't figured out what it is yet. any thoughts?

6326cc No.89


BO what u doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7c9ffd No.90


Still setting up. Please wait.

59ac7a No.91


Thank you, Q! Godspeed

f974a9 No.92



139d01 No.93

May I humbly suggest on this board we keep an open mind to the prospect of streamlining the usual bread we're used to? I will be willing and able to collaborate in a dedicated thread throughout the week. Goal would be to have something highly accessible and functional, trim the fat per se, that consensus approves of, in order to better facilitate research.

9c1cde No.95



Comfy already

12ec4b No.96


if u hafta ask… -.-

e8cedc No.97

I like this setup dedicated Q drops with a board dedicated to weaponized autism to solve the drops. Fuck yeah!

e98879 No.98

File: 0b27843af78cf0d⋯.png (688.49 KB, 751x499, 751:499, POTUS in AL 1-8-18.PNG)

7467b5 No.99


that actually made me laugh out loud

33ca69 No.100


Checked stay safe

c92b69 No.102

File: b521ec31ab12f63⋯.png (20.68 KB, 453x153, 151:51, Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at ….png)


and these two

3092d6 No.103


A living turd

7a7fc1 No.104

Thank you CM! We are Q-storm chasers!

c92b69 No.105

File: 04d483ec2137ec3⋯.png (25.83 KB, 452x145, 452:145, Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at ….png)

fe36b6 No.106

God bless you Patriots. Let's get to work.

05b9f4 No.107


Have to agree with you. haha

59ac7a No.108


We didn't think you would; brilliant solution, Q

873574 No.109

So what's going on in this other thread just Q drops?

https://8ch. net/greatawakening/res/1.html

9c1cde No.110


I have them. When you guise decide how they should be handled, let me know. My previous ideas have all fallen short of expectations and been labor-intensive.

7467b5 No.111


Lmao oh man we are off to a good start

d6c296 No.112


Roger Roger

ee4d99 No.113

can we please ban namefagging?

and i think BO and Q's Trips should be posted in the batter. seen so many trying to fake it today

2e98dd No.114


Q has his own board


BO here cannot comp Q drops

17ee0a No.116

Raw Text Q Dump UPDATED


No action required on your part, Baker, as long as you've brought the dough from the last bread.

2d2921 No.118

BO I made the board /qonly/ that was strictly for Q posts and was going to give him admin there too.

Please give me access to help you moderate this board.

e56d79 No.119


Keeps it clean an organized so we don’t have to worry about tracking them down. Makes things easier.

12ec4b No.120


do we have iridium now?

1cf239 No.121


This is beyond exciting. I can't wait for the /greatawakening/

082236 No.122



f68dfc No.123


goddamnit, learn2link


98975f No.124


Was getting a bad feeling myself tonight…was about to call it a night and right on Q…you show up with the perfect solution!! God bless you all!!

68ed03 No.125

We can research here and move back to the other board what we found…

01a3c3 No.126


Thank you Q

4b759b No.127

File: 4f1b0d1a201c163⋯.jpg (95.24 KB, 600x600, 1:1, NRO_We_Own_The_Night.jpg)

(You) 01/08/18 (Mon) 14:55:23 e85e9d No.28528>>28548 >>28603 >>28650 >>29302

The Spy Satellite Secrets in Hillary's Emails

https:/ /www.thedailybeast.com/the-spy-satellite-secrets-in-hillarys-emails

Aug 12, 2015 - They are to be kept in a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, or SCIF, which is a special hardened room that is safe from both physical and electronic intrusion. • TK refers to Talent Keyhole, which is an intelligence community caveat indicating that the classified material was obtained via satellite.

nonymous (You) 01/08/18 (Mon) 14:55:23 e85e9d No.28528>>28548 >>28603 >>28650 >>29302

The Spy Satellite Secrets in Hillary's Emails

https:/ /www.thedailybeast.com/the-spy-satellite-secrets-in-hillarys-emails

Aug 12, 2015 - They are to be kept in a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, or SCIF, which is a special hardened room that is safe from both physical and electronic intrusion. • TK refers to Talent Keyhole, which is an intelligence community caveat indicating that the classified material was obtained via satellite.

Codex 01/08/18 (Mon) 14:57:17 0e6a5b No.28548>>28603 >>28633

>>28528 → (You)

Yes! Someone is getting my point! This is what will bring her down! NRO is probably pissed that she shared this on her server and foreign agency have it.

>>28535 → (You)

Snow White leaked information that included Pine Gap AU the NWO DUMB Super spy hub next to Alice Springs…Under ground down under.

talent keyhole (TI) | Clinton Email Investigation Timeline

www. thompsontimeline.com/tag/talent-keyhole-ti/

“TK” is an abbreviation for “Talent Keyhole,” which the New York Times reports “ relies on satellite intercepts of conversations or imagery data. The program involves some of the most secure information in the intelligence agencies' computer systems.” “NOFORN” means no foreigners should read the intelligence.

>>28597 → (You)

Yes and the CIA is Keystone they are the ones that decide what to do with NRO/NSA etc. Intel.

Remove keystone (CIA)

Open Door of all doors

Green door (find patch)

< Know everything >

Tracking it back: the phrase last had a spate of usages in 1988 about the National Security Agency, command center of our global eavesdropping. Once gathered, wrote Peter Iseman in The Times Magazine, voice and signals intelligence must be analyzed at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage, then at a huge underground facility hidden beneath a pineapple field in Kunia, Hawaii, and finally 'behind the Green Door' of National Security Agency headquarters at Fort Meade, Md. (I once got lost going to an interview there and asked a local cop where N.S.A. was. You mean No Such Agency? he said and pointed the way.)

During the Iran-Contra investigation that year, an N.S.A. official testified that Gen. William Odom, then N.S.A. director, had ordered him to get an employee who had assisted Oliver North out of a public job and put him behind the green door of N.S.A. as quickly as possible, which meant out of contact with outsiders.

Before that, the phrase crashed into the public consciousness in a sense

unconnected to espionage. In 1972, Behind the Green Door was the title of one of the first pornographic movies widely released in the United States. (Deep Throat

So had to roll out earlier.

Good Evening Anons

I hope this may be of some use.

God Bless Patriots

139d01 No.128


All right! Glad to see I'm not alone with this sentiment.

fafaa4 No.129

Why can't I reply directly to the transaction #? My comment came up without the >>7

ed3942 No.130


Thank you, Q. Is The Muslim Brotherhood and Loop Capital connection on the right track? Are they a HYIP aka 'trading program'?

f1ede2 No.131

Q, perhaps post a graphic of Qmap to /greatawakening/?

ee4d99 No.133


Does the Filter work here?

and question to Q i hope i can get an answer..

will you only post your crumbs in your own board?

55f583 No.134

File: 441522d982c58e6⋯.jpg (8.7 KB, 259x194, 259:194, download (8).jpg)

i seriously feel like this right now

kek'd my pants

318ec8 No.135

Back to Loop Capital…why are VERY large corps getting $$$ from Loop?

6326cc No.136


i am very close to _/B\_/i\_/S\_

aa7859 No.137

For the love of God B can you please STOP posting everything on Twitter?

this is what gives us all the famewhoring

anons do correct me if I'm wrong

thought we had agreed to stop treating Q drops like lolcat memes

d45286 No.138

Q, did POTUS wear his purple tie to confirm Soros is in Alliance custody? Special place or not…

c1ec9a No.139



f29c73 No.140


still trying. why do you want power?

5419b4 No.141

File: adc6f0eef68f5d0⋯.jpg (206.2 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, DTErSK7WsAAHA0w.jpg large.jpg)

f0aee2 No.142


You seem awfully eager to help… a little too eager perhaps…

d782a5 No.143


Same when Q BTFO PA I had a kekgasm

I need to sleep soon gah

8ca496 No.144


I like it

don't be a faggot

a7e3e5 No.145

B is posting roadmaps

To here

00f8db No.146


You're reaffirming the trust we place in you by seeing what we see. Thank you.

3092d6 No.147


or just dont link it back here. That would probably be good too.

318ec8 No.148


Then drop the info. We need another Bernard the banker for enlightenment.

94a65d No.149


e8cedc No.150

Hell yeah Anon's get nice and comfy because this is the Sherman tank fueled on weaponized autism and we are at war with some evil fuckers.

fafaa4 No.151


I agree. Read twitter but DO NOT post from this board there.

95ea11 No.152



3092d6 No.153

33ca69 No.154

Q can i get a reference letter after this I'm slacking at work haha but totally worth it

c1ec9a No.155


B has no concept of OPSEC.

900068 No.156




c1f5b6 No.157


THIS … guy has been trying to get Q on his board for 3 days

05b9f4 No.158


What does that even mean?

f68dfc No.160


>will you only post your crumbs in your own board?

yes. that was the purpose for its creation


>future dumps here

5356c9 No.161


I think I'm too traumatized too get comfy, so soon.

7cd122 No.162


ae742a No.163


Copy that

f0abe4 No.164


agreed. weaponized counterintelligence to prevent shiilling. do not link to qresearch…

2d2921 No.165




And everyone that knows me in person knows they can trust me. I trust myself with this.

d34938 No.167

So thankful to see this migration and the new Q-only board. Been following and posting since half chans and this be like a gift. PRAY

01a3c3 No.168

What happens in 8 stays in 8

1f2fda No.169



7!, Very nice number Q. Master of all masters confirmed?

a7e3e5 No.170

File: 96e5e1d5e3241e8⋯.png (599.38 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180108-234759.png)

873574 No.171

So what's….


being used for now?

adafbb No.172


Q left out posts 2 & 3 in /greatawakening/ and left 10 minutes, delta 10 between posts 4&5


a2c150 No.174


It means all the twips will be here soon like the pppaaapppaarrraaazzziii

ee4d99 No.175

damn, how will we know when he comes around?

do we have to keep our eyes on it 24/7?

2ec176 No.177

Thanks Q, this really needed to be done. The more exposure you got the harder it was to do any research.


Thank you all and keep safe.

e56d79 No.178


Ok so what other threads do we want to add to the catalog?

c1ec9a No.179


Codemonkey - site owner

3092d6 No.180


Is it that hard to open another tab?

6326cc No.181


CM is codemonky

ee2e63 No.182

Namefags will be banned!!!

641753 No.183


FFS.. CM is Codemonkey.. 8Chs owner

9c1cde No.184

File: 08d6464fc96c920⋯.jpg (108.25 KB, 601x601, 1:1, 7.jpg)


e56d79 No.186


Nothing, unless you want to post there too

95ea11 No.187


Those who haven't caught up with us yet

fe3968 No.188

trusted and verified !

082236 No.189


I saw your posts on Twatter begging Corsi to come to your board.


6a7b33 No.190

File: 3da480d63a8f7f9⋯.jpg (87.94 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 22cygc.jpg)

f0aee2 No.191




12949c No.192

Let's migrate the Q graphics.

We don't need all the other shit do we?

139d01 No.193


I actually like this name a lot. It's professional.

f1d046 No.194

Just came across this before the move ,Has anyone picked this up?

He has an article called

<Formal complaints to the FBI regarding suspect Australian taxpayer donations to the Clinton Foundation

Which details 6 charges being prepared.

Did a bit of digging on the author and he looks like former AUS military turn investigative journalist

<Michael Smith News



4d5d7d No.195

i think this is More Exodus than the Bible!!!

544426 No.196

tfw , live happenings , again

5419b4 No.197


NICE catch! Didn't even see that. That is so awesome :)

6a7b33 No.198


Thats normie territory now

f29c73 No.199


I agree. If we made it this far, we don't need all that filler.

f974a9 No.200

File: af1ea86eb95a1a8⋯.jpg (144.01 KB, 712x709, 712:709, death.jpg)

You can't tell me Q set the table and isn't gonna serve us a meal. I'm HUNGRY.

68ed03 No.201

Damn! Here we go again! Wish they could have deleted the link to here in the last room!

7c9ffd No.202


Ok I won't. :)

a93721 No.203

File: 1e454bfe6fd310e⋯.png (416.48 KB, 1152x650, 576:325, feel_privileged.png)


They're going nuts about POTUS "privilege" comment during farmers speech today. Made me think about it since it's the typical out-of-place POTUS remark that usually has hidden meaning for us.

Thought it could be connected to Q's drop re: anons having privilege to have POTUS speak directly to us here…

2d2921 No.204


what twitter? i dont have fucking twitter

a3f5d7 No.205

Stop with the fucking fame whoring bull shit you fucks

This is not a game, yet you fucks still act as if it is

873574 No.206


Just don't put it on your resume :)

68ed03 No.207



139d01 No.208


Please god no. And please God, no linkbreaking BS. And if there is, BO PLEASE just make all off-site links normal text by default like /pol/. So much simpler that way.

900068 No.209

File: 2d21b9f84b0a4d4⋯.png (78.95 KB, 290x174, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png)


You guys are funny… This shuffle like vagrants will only work so long. Fight club rules can only apply to location, and I hope it works as long as it can. Anyone refreshing on the hash to see how long it takes?

Wagers anyone?

68ed03 No.210


I agree…. ugh! iPad sucks

e8cedc No.211

Here we go some juicey memes. Gettin super comfy now. God bless you Anons

ff3413 No.212

Semper Fi, Q.

8ca496 No.213


congrats bro

be a bro

transparency and freedom of speech

596f8e No.214


this. seriously. come the fuck on people.

ee4d99 No.215


Says who? i hope you're right i hate namefags.

83e908 No.216


01a3c3 No.217

Alabama wins

4b759b No.218



d45286 No.219

Guess I can go to bed, right. This night is all about migration? Good luck with the clusterfuck…

6517d7 No.220


So it begins

6f4d68 No.221

This is all bullshit

The Common Sense Show 1/8/18 (Hour 2)

Start at 36:00

This quest says he thinks Trump is in bed with the Deep State and there might be a red flag event coming.

He is saying that Trump will make this happen so he has to be in bed with the Deep State.

Three ideas he says could come as red flags

1. UFO and/or aliens

2. National threat at our borders (we have Chinese soliders here already)

3. Despot Protocol


3092d6 No.222


Is it really that difficult to post redpills to normies on twitter but DONT link it back here? Seems like it's an easy thing to do but I don't know.

5f3bb6 No.223


checked and kekd

c1f5b6 No.224

a7e3e5 No.225

File: 08f3bc14f4f728b⋯.png (414.89 KB, 1155x954, 385:318, Screenshot_20180109-000842….png)

There's that "We" word.


Jesus Christ

7c9ffd No.226



0e39f0 No.227

Whats hilarious, if indeed this is going to be a part of history, is all the BO'S are going down as sellouts.

4d5d7d No.228


… she didnt post the link … right??

9c1cde No.229

>>51 I guess CM , and/or W+W could delete it. Maybe a good idea. If the entire team has migrated. Some might be asleep now though.

33ca69 No.230








I see you Q

79fcbf No.231

Goodbye, sleep. I hardly knew ye

96a0d3 No.232

confirmed this is GOOD … CBTS AND THESTORM DEAD

1d019e No.233

Yay! Happy to be here!

fe3968 No.234

CM is fair down the line, lets build the clock and wait on input from Q , we can keep working and doing what we do together , wherever we need to go, vagabonds and patriots

68ed03 No.235

File: 6324485218a04ca⋯.png (545.6 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 867B97C6-2F5E-4D4F-B735-15….png)

95ea11 No.236

▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/09/18 (Tue) 00:10:28 No.6

/qresearch/ confirmed.


f68dfc No.237


33ca69 No.238


Shit read wrong thing my bad

a7e3e5 No.239

File: 693104e6d8dee6d⋯.png (155.52 KB, 1440x1102, 720:551, Screenshot_20180109-000824….png)


55f583 No.240

File: b365fb16081da9a⋯.jpg (43.32 KB, 500x478, 250:239, 22cyo3.jpg)

cf946e No.241


positively clarkeian

1ae337 No.242

migrating like the Monarch butterfly.

speaking of the Monarch, it is an amazing testament to the glory of God and the folly of evolution if you research it. 4 generations of Monarchs are born a year. the first 3 generations only live 2-6 weeks. the fourth generation lives 6-8 months and migrates South for the Winter and then returns North to spawn the next years first generation.

That’s a difference of 1600% from min to max in lifespan.

6326cc No.243


can u tell us about Antartica???????

8b3dcc No.244

So what was with the smoke signal coming from the rooftop of the GQLD HQME? Fireman disguise for a guest? Destroying FBI equipment?

68ed03 No.245

Sure makes having Q posts already in Aline for us without having to go through all posts to find them

d782a5 No.246


1. Famefags, youtube fags, or other famewhoring will not be tolerated. Q "didn't like what (they) saw"



FFS for Q to come in here for this? embarassing.

Be anons

8ca496 No.247

File: 5541eefeafd1f6c⋯.gif (2.14 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 1451535969927.gif)


poo in the loo kek

05b9f4 No.248


Normies don't even know what that is referring to.

1618d2 No.249


What the fuck is happening antarticA

59ac7a No.250


Not quite Jesus Christ; but it is Q

227f17 No.251


YAS! There were a lot of references in his speech. The clock gesture with his hand, the comment "it's about time." and others, Nice Catch!!!

900068 No.252

File: af3087616407e3a⋯.png (59.96 KB, 255x197, 255:197, ClipboardImage.png)


I do not post to twitter. I have never, linked to any board we have been on. I watch that shit like a hawk though and come back here squealing. Not going to lie.

4d5d7d No.253


hummmmm… thus will b interesting..

fafaa4 No.254


No, that can't be true. Not all on that channel is accurate.

1cf239 No.255

I got the coffee, now awakening.

fbc582 No.256



adafbb No.257

33ca69 No.258

Where is >>2 and >>3 tho

bd88f8 No.259


a93721 No.260

Can everyone just get to friggin work already? IGNORE the shills, the famewhores, the newfags and WORK. This is NOT a game. We may not get many more chances if these boards continue to go to shit. Give Q and POTUS the RESPECT they deserve and FOCUS.

db1a4d No.261




aa7859 No.262



1) DON'T.

873574 No.264


Hahaha they have to get woke first to understand it :D

6637f8 No.266


Thank you Q for the new update

05e1a8 No.267

File: 9184a50c979e81d⋯.jpg (217.44 KB, 1176x690, 196:115, 9184a50c979e81d35c12c760ef….jpg)

e8cedc No.268


Yes Baruch and PampletAnon are exposed as famewhores and full of shit. Now things are much more comfy and proper. Tells mes some serious drops incoming and nop time for famewhore faggots.

2d2921 No.269


I think chatting with friends about chan and whatever is fine, but the degree the BO's took it to and supposedly making money off of it, is not

59e624 No.270




082236 No.271


Someone is whoring for your board in the same whiney voice.

05e1a8 No.272

File: 5e95613baf60d5f⋯.png (744.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 5e95613baf60d5f955b0c3a888….png)

1f2fda No.273


Really thou, any old anons know how to retreave deleted posts? 2 and 3 could be there for us to find.

73380e No.274

Just want to say thanks to all.

Godspeed, Patriots!

f97201 No.275


Thank you Q !!! PA banned me tonight for questioning his YT video. God Bless You, POTUS, our Military, and the USA

adafbb No.276

f974a9 No.277


He already did, keep up.

ee4d99 No.279


He already did lol

05e1a8 No.280

File: e8df6f0a0124057⋯.png (361.72 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 3254bd819ac35beed0c6e197d5….png)

12949c No.281

In reference to Q's /greatawakening/ photo, God Bless all patriots and the USMC.

Especially Sergeant Michael Strank, Corporal Harlon Block, Private First Class Franklin Sousley, Corporal Rene Gagnon, Corporal Ira Hayes, and Corporal Harold Schultz.

We will never forget them Q.

My grandfather was there as well and I'd mention him but I'm not trying to get doxxed.

87634a No.282


4d5d7d No.283


fuk antartica…

geoengineering/chemtrails/weathermodifications… ←- is this permenante? r we fuked?

87a334 No.284


No on your 17 spaces… Look at the capital letters:

VA, TAX CUTS & RE ← 17 letters

F ←- Given by Q

ORM ←- the other three after the F.

Once again, Q shows he has prior knowledge.

I am finding his confirmation of his inside status is not getting us anything but documentation. Is there a deeper message?

3092d6 No.285


Maybe CM isnt who I thought.

Thought he was that turkish jackoff who runs /pol/

c07ed6 No.286

Well said >>246

55f583 No.287

File: 64528899acdd380⋯.jpg (68.64 KB, 889x500, 889:500, 22cysi.jpg)

05e1a8 No.288

File: f2a2fd7f9d5347a⋯.jpg (4.97 MB, 3600x3600, 1:1, 14f44aae1c6cdb0e05a20a3ced….jpg)

2d2921 No.289


tell them I said to fuck off

aa7859 No.290



enough embarrassment

enough migrations

Let the chans be the chans.

900068 No.291

'cept Q let the cat out of the bag…


082236 No.292

Done you stupid fuck.


2de9fb No.293

People who keep begging for more information have to be kidding me. Q has given us plenty to work on. Noone has come close to interpreting the scope of what they've told us. They've given everyone most of the picture actually. I'm just not sure how much they want us to say we understand yet so i'm going to lurk some more until I find out.

a2c150 No.294


Carry the message yes but you guys turn the lab into a drive thru wild animal park…ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, step right up

d782a5 No.295


I meant youtube chats and the like.

please meme your friends

e8cedc No.296


Q already confirmed this board newfag. Lurk moar.

96a0d3 No.297

i expect a code monkey will appear to tell us this our new home

641753 No.298


My bad .. Just irritating that it was answered like 10 posts before it

3092d6 No.299

if he is, that guy is def a bad actor.

if not, I apologize for calling him a turd.

c3eaae No.300


Are pedo arrests going to be made public or are deals being cut? Do you not think that knowing this is key to red pilling the masses?

6455b3 No.301

File: 9ff78f0700f2309⋯.jpg (49.85 KB, 576x960, 3:5, 11412288_10206906353358597….jpg)


Q, this picture is from a secret society handbook. Masonic. If you could save it for another time, because it's not relevant to current events, and perhaps look into it when things are straightened out. Perhaps give us some feedback down the road.

914e89 No.302


deleted posts

probably while testing out the board settings

d45286 No.303


Uhh, it's a free country. Some people may want to get their info from YouTube as opposed to digging through the endless schills and steaming turds here. They want the Q news for the day…

031a0b No.304

b3ef84 No.306


Agreed. Good solution proposed by Codemonkey. Let the work begin again!

900068 No.307


You said derpina.

c265be No.308

I made it!

3092d6 No.309


No it isnt, and your filthy ape hands need to be removed for theft.

511278 No.310

File: 0f02a114149dd02⋯.png (24.64 KB, 493x497, 493:497, 0marker.png)

File: 14dc380ac55d2f4⋯.png (60.23 KB, 632x309, 632:309, twattermarker.png)

File: 5548d891b013959⋯.png (43.86 KB, 467x297, 467:297, trumptwitterarchivemarker.png)

File: 52f9b33794622a0⋯.png (207.52 KB, 1055x705, 211:141, Qmarker.png)

Reposting to /qresearch


Marker [1] Confirmed.

Confirmed: 15, 10, 5, 1



hi anons. a little help pls.


I think we might have found the [0] marker.

Sat 28 Oct 2017 18:15

But, I'm not sure what's up with trumptwitterarchive .com and twatter.

I have both showing tweets in EST but while zero marker is on target in trumptwitterarchive. com, in actual twatter this specific tweet is showing an hour ahead.

According to the archive, it should read: 6:15 PM

A few other random checks between trumptwitterarchive. com and twatter show parity.

I don't see an error in my GMT-EST time conversions. And, I don't see any other errors. This is the only one I've found that has this discrepancy.

We ran a program to cross-check all the chan stamps with the twatters.

CSV format: trip ID, post ID, 8ch time, twatter time,


Posted 0 minutes after.

The subject seems to mesh remarkably well, along with the whole wind[ing] back the clock thing. Could totally unlock the map.

Maybe POTUS will later adjust to confirm via COVFEFE Act?

And simultaneously, the opportunity to call out twatter for messing with government records.


It may just totally be a coincidence… I may have made a mistake or trump twitter archive made a mistake or this could be BIG.

As Q says, Have Faith.

So I'm putting it out there.

Donald J. Trump‏

Verified account




Following @realDonaldTrump


JFK Files are released, long ahead of schedule!

7:15 PM - 28 Oct 2017



Anonymous ID:BQ7V3bcW Sat 28 Oct 2017 18:15:48 No.147023341  Report

Quoted By: >>147026505 >>147039926,2


HRC detained, not arrested (yet). 

Where is Huma? Follow Huma.

This has nothing to do w/ Russia (yet).

Why does Potus surround himself w/ generals?

What is military intelligence?

Why go around the 3 letter agencies? 

What Supreme Court case allows for the use of MI v Congressional assembled and approved agencies? 

Who has ultimate authority over our branches of military w\o approval conditions unless 90+ in wartime conditions?

What is the military code? 

Where is AW being held? Why?

POTUS will not go on tv to address nation.

POTUS must isolate himself to prevent negative optics.

POTUS knew removing criminal rogue elements as a first step was essential to free and pass legislation.

Who has access to everything classified?

Do you believe HRC, Soros, Obama etc have more power than Trump? Fantasy.

Whoever controls the office of the Presidecy controls this great land. 

They never believed for a moment they (Democrats and Republicans) would lose control.

This is not a R v D battle. 

Why did Soros donate all his money recently?

Why would he place all his funds in a RC?

Mockingbird 10.30.17 

God bless fellow Patriots.


ac925e No.311

Need to bring maps and past posts…keep info consolidated

bd88f8 No.312

Is DEF CON referring to Defense Contractors?

fe3968 No.314


Fo reelz, done and done

60b0da No.315


We have a number of timestamp solutions now. Is it possible numbers represent letters?


E J O A F K 0

ff3413 No.316


873574 No.317

File: 4e8218eda6ec5ad⋯.png (159.45 KB, 933x526, 933:526, screenshot_243.png)


a3f5d7 No.318


Get your fucking glowing shit out of here

082236 No.319


I did, but was so mad earlier had to get off of twitter for a few hours.

Hoping this will work.

fbc582 No.320


Codemonkey is Ron Watkins, Jim Watkins son.

The turkish jackoff who's an admin of /pol/ is imkampfy. He needs to be drowned in semen. I dunno who the fuck Heil could be.

Get it right before yelling at people, nigger

33ca69 No.321


Expect a [10] from 45 go Q after this Alabama win, jesus what a coincidence after they lose the election

139d01 No.322

File: c3773add6595526⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1856x6745, 1856:6745, 3eeafd1de80a89de834f88bfbe….png)


Too cluttered.

Here might be a good one.

Might be nice if Q could confirm our authentications. Afterall he used to confirm graphic. And this is much more complex work to put together.

ee4d99 No.323

BO pls ban "B" and Tracy Beanz.

they are fucking the boards up

f0abe4 No.324


Lurk Moar

00f8db No.325


Distributing info everywhere = right and good with the mission

Building a personal brand or doing anything for money = not good

d782a5 No.326


then the youtube whores can lurk here and take their info and make videos.



e7ebf1 No.327


The Great Awakening is going to be hard for some people…

6326cc No.328


we don't know u guy's know better, we just see everything happening there, tonite was electric cloud was there

6455b3 No.329


Touched a nerve, eh?

68ed03 No.331


Well I know it makes it easier for me I don’t have to hunt through 750 post just to find what Q has to say

ff3413 No.332


No more Beanz. She just rides coatails.

6e02df No.333


You're glowing.

f974a9 No.334


I don't really understand, why did you include the VA,?

TAX CUTS & RE ← 13 letters

F ←- 14 - Given by Q

ORM ←- the other 3 after the F.

Total of 17

139d01 No.335


I agree.

c265be No.336


Thank you good sir!

d45286 No.337


True. Fuck BOs giving interviews…

6455b3 No.338


He confirmed it..

79fcbf No.340


Fo sco n seben yrs back n sheeeit

6a7b33 No.341

File: fc0fc58bd7db195⋯.jpg (75.02 KB, 517x500, 517:500, 22cyxn.jpg)

e8cedc No.342


A proper dick rider.

3092d6 No.343


I thought codemonkey was learningcode. similar names, easy mistake to make.

Glad to have that cleared up.

a3f5d7 No.344



e7ebf1 No.345


Don't even mention her name

f974a9 No.346


Anyone as desperate as you should be nowhere near a position with any power here.

05e1a8 No.347

File: 57a8849f8820894⋯.png (144.45 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 57a8849f8820894777bd0625d6….png)

6f4d68 No.348


I hate to say it but we need to stop Tracy and B from linking from here

33ca69 No.349


Hey I made that, saw a few people twatting it out

900068 No.350


LMAO. I felt like I'd walked into a new apartment, never been lived in before. This made me kek

f97201 No.351


Thank you Patriot

d34938 No.352

good thread diving deep on BO and friends of loop capital. Connects to spacex and the Asia foundation to name a just a couple



d45286 No.353


Helped me find Q on Oct 31st though, so I'll give her that…

d782a5 No.354




01a3c3 No.355


Stop, and that is Abraham I wish I had a Lincoln.please.

05e1a8 No.356


Doing some dumps ;)

12ec4b No.357


He already said no

05e1a8 No.358

File: 5ae2b3007a8fa0a⋯.png (349.8 KB, 912x996, 76:83, 5ae2b3007a8fa0af9a9369401e….png)

File: 16e0b685f3be8a0⋯.png (359.91 KB, 912x996, 76:83, 16e0b685f3be8a0cad16c2c4dd….png)

File: 8b882b9945120b0⋯.png (354.26 KB, 912x996, 76:83, 8b882b9945120b0cb779b59732….png)

File: 32b090328274acd⋯.png (351.51 KB, 912x996, 76:83, 32b090328274acd899086431e0….png)

File: 94f14837c965f47⋯.png (342.37 KB, 912x996, 76:83, 94f14837c965f470c2660c6cdd….png)

f68dfc No.361


best you can do is hit em with the banhammer

you can't control what you can't control

55f583 No.362

File: fd1483134caa327⋯.jpg (38.99 KB, 620x360, 31:18, 22cyyy.jpg)

adafbb No.363


would line up

6455b3 No.364


I agree as well

756985 No.365


I like it. This is what I was thinking too. It works for any of the same day markers([0], [5] and possibly [1]). Any thoughts on the markers that point to past drops ([10] and [20])? Ive been working on a csv with Trump tweets in excel that auto-generate duration since previous tweet. Hopefully will have some material for ya soon. So happy everyone is taking initiative and contributing. Its happening.

a3f5d7 No.366

Now that the game is finished, the board is set. Need wheels up on AF1 and get tonight's real drops so we can burn that midnight oil

6a7b33 No.367

New Q

/qresearch/ confirmed.


e56d79 No.368


Can we get some background on this? I remember you posting it, but don’t remember what it was for.

00f8db No.369


If you don't know why YOU making Q's board was no solution, you're not up to modding appropriately. The only time anyone should ever WANT to be a mod is if the board is being raided and no one else is doing it. Otherwise you're a fag.

139d01 No.370

File: 4a2c0cfe931ee66⋯.jpg (93.56 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 6875ee811cb1a760c0a4db8dbc….jpg)

Here's to hoping BO is a free speech absolutist.

01a3c3 No.371


Said I didn't like her 2 months ago, block their asses

a88c45 No.372

I am here, but I don't get why we moved. Comped?

33ca69 No.373


Damn that one is fuckin nice, I'm copping it

aa7859 No.374



Seconded. B please stop. If you care about the work being done here, stop.

You can always relay the real findings to your 17k followers, that will be useful.

But stop sending us the Twitter tourists and shills.

959ce7 No.375



96a0d3 No.376

i had a fealing the trip to the storm was temporary Q could see threw famefags easier than we could

a2425b No.377


Proud to be here with all you fine Patriots.

MAGA, for God and Country!

Let's get to work.

ee4d99 No.378


4b759b No.379

File: 82cf63bfbcf82af⋯.jpeg (608.79 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, IMG_20180108_231413_proce….jpeg)

f974a9 No.380


Famefags comped, what else is new.

3092d6 No.381


Yeaaaah I dont trust that guy either.

371428 No.382


Glad never unpacked from the last move!

ed3942 No.383


Never Forget

1d019e No.384

B really was nuts last night….ran to twitter and scared the shit out of people.

e56d79 No.385


Makes sure we add what time zone it’s in. Just to keep things clean and concise.

a2425b No.386


Thank you, Q

d782a5 No.388


Fine imagery

a3f5d7 No.389


fame whoring the board and didn't sit well with Q

6a7b33 No.390


Thats why Potter was freaking out. It was meant for US, not general consumption

12ec4b No.391

why are the C's all of a sudden twatting again… bracelets still on?

031a0b No.392


Tbh I just popped into /thestorm/ to find all of this migration happening. I still don't know what exactly happened :/

...or whether I should create a new thread on this board which I was working on on /cbts/ before that got comped :/

2d2921 No.393


BO Please give me access to help moderate the board.

d782a5 No.394




ed3942 No.395


I know that feel

139d01 No.397


Ignore what you don't like.

1fa12f No.398


Thank you Q. It is a pleasure to serve under your command and under POTUS. So help me God!

Semper Fi!

ae742a No.399

Fuck Tracy Beanz

c1f5b6 No.401


B suspect

4d5d7d No.402


she actually sidna good job with sgtreport last night… no one sais the name of the chan.. finally.


12949c No.403


KeKalini Awakening!

68ed03 No.404

I’m here to help research and meme make! I post a ton of memes, never never link to here!!!! I send link to reddit

f29c73 No.405

File: f051b0ef1544c7b⋯.png (175.9 KB, 1866x545, 1866:545, freshboard.png)

Nice fresh board.

What threads should be made?




We should vote more.


Is there a better alternative for polls?

101e69 No.406

I'm willing to bake; however, Bread might be a bit crusty.

c3bd03 No.407

Thanx, Q.

a3f5d7 No.408


Semper Devil

c1ec9a No.409

f974a9 No.411

5419b4 No.412


more like sloppy rider

7839a0 No.415


Humbled sir,

really humbled.

1d019e No.418


Yuck! No Thanks!

05e1a8 No.419

File: f1ba12b7793d33d⋯.png (314.08 KB, 1152x650, 576:325, 1e454bfe6fd310e1a87f3ab773….png)

544426 No.420

>only just catching up with news events

reports of fire at trump tower

>some reports say white smoke , some reports say black?

white smoke , black smoke , reminds me of when a new pope is elected

>godfather III?

going back through now

e56d79 No.422





f2f3b5 No.423

ee2e63 No.424


Tracy B

You are not welcomed in the new board.

Go away!

3092d6 No.425


Just 2.

ee4d99 No.426


Dude she posted the new Q board (B) not TB

c92b69 No.427


i noticed that there were several instances… i hadn't heard anyone specifically mention the fact that there were multiple times where q posts happened exactly 20 min apart… by the second. i'm anon man… i'm not trying to get credit or anything… .jesus

6326cc No.428


NO NO NO we don't trust anybody

84b26b No.429

Trump/Oprah 2020?

33ca69 No.430



I guess I am proud, but more importantly I hope you guys can use it. If you walk someone through it can be a decent tool. I shocked a couple fucks today

d782a5 No.431


None I'll say here except meme the fact that Q had to ask us to move boards due to her famefaggery

she is NOT q approved

6a7b33 No.432

File: fc566da63d854f5⋯.jpg (119.85 KB, 723x500, 723:500, 22azrh.jpg)

To all of you that have made the migration, have contributed and lost sleep, have done your part in this Storm, much love to you all.

05e1a8 No.434

File: ea96ed6603cec59⋯.jpg (269.75 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, Pilot-Salute-GH-43786.jpg)


So far so good.

Thanks to all.

a3f5d7 No.435


So glad to confirm brothers here

68ed03 No.436


f0ed7c No.437


alas B is all over it

fe36b6 No.438


>Q Please choose a research board

Are you even qualified to turn whatever you're using on? I don't think so..

05b9f4 No.439

How is posting Q drops on twitter breaking opsec or famewhoring? Normies have no idea where the new board is and they cannot post in it anyway. I have been here contributing since Nov. I make $0.00 from anything Q related. I don't have a yt channel or any other way to possibly monetize anything from this.

Trust me, you are going to want normies to understand that what comes from Q is good info. If you limit their intake of info to just memes they are still going to panic when they find out everything.

I am not using "we" to steal credit for the work done here. I was referring to what anons say here over and over is that "we" (anons) serve at the pleasure of the President. Which we do. Just bc I am a chick doesn't mean that I haven't been contributing this whole time and spending just as much time here as other anons.

aa7859 No.440


Not about the famefaggots

we need opsec and we are going to get it

enough time wasted

B please confirm you understand the board consensus.

Once again, the normie-tier findings will be dispatched. Just NOT the Q drops and anything leading normies and famefags to flood the board.

a2425b No.441



68ed03 No.442

Oops sorry!!!! Was wiping a piece of coleslaw off screen

6455b3 No.443


cpy <><

fafaa4 No.445


Agreed. It's frustrating to see B and Tracy taking our work in a direction that compromises the boards serious efforts.

33ca69 No.446


That you PA?

c1ec9a No.447


Da fuq?

95ea11 No.448


Maybe the storm is over, and it's time for the Great Awakening.

139d01 No.449


I'm pretty hands-off and have zero experience but I've been posting in Q threads for 14 hours straight now. I have availability and what wisdom a 30yo lifelong cyborg can have. Generally interested in contributing in some way. Would be willing to try my hand at modding, as well.

132b0d No.450

File: c737c6c0b1b86ff⋯.png (188.26 KB, 1048x840, 131:105, screenshot_244.png)

Here's a link to the Loop Capital Deals list on pastebin….

pastebin. com/AeF9CqM8

68ed03 No.451

ed3942 No.452

I'll wear my Kek medallion with pride when this is all over

4d5d7d No.453


yes, if the masses want to learn .. they have Discord ..

Reddit/thestorm ? i think...




a88c45 No.454




Thanks… I took a 10 minute break, everyone migrated and I am still dizzy.

d34938 No.455


Love (no homo) and thanks Q and everyone

7839a0 No.456


No, I'm not

fe36b6 No.457


Live and learn. Fame ain't for everyone.

d782a5 No.458


You're a good autist.

Just be that for now.

1618d2 No.459


you should already be wearing it with pride fag lol

d91c64 No.460

this is going to be interesting, im getting dizzy changing boards. research here, wait for Q to drop on other… ok

68ed03 No.461

Sky fortress= trump Tower?

9c1cde No.462

File: 3fb2ba6d81ad7bd⋯.png (5.64 KB, 300x200, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

Image Library has been created >>387

and populated with zip files.

Probably a good idea to sticky it to the catalog.

1ae337 No.463

it’s counterproductive to talk ABOUT Q to normies. it’s productive to talk ABOUT WHAT WE EXPOSE BECAUSE OF HIM.

I haven’t even told my wife about the story of Q yet. and I won’t until there’s major habbenings with public evidence that i can point to.

just like pedowood and pedoDC. I researched and clawed out my guts for years and besides a few slip ups never told her about it. but now that it’s becoming public I can point to it. CDAN is like the Q of the cultural elite CULTISTS.

Q we need public evidence of the CULT.

it will work. My wife loved hollywood. She ate it up. read those trashy magazines about whose doing whatever.

Now she HATES it when i show her facts about these cultists, but she BELIEVES. She knows the degeneracy is real, and she knows it runs much deeper and grosser than these mostly shallow #metoo stories.

I still don’t tell her about the really horrible stuff that gives decent people nightmares.

c1ec9a No.464

Hey quick question - anyone see CSPAN today - like, how empty were the chambers?

563167 No.465


Q - is the endgame to string us along dropping crumbs of injustice until we all snap, unite, and march on Washington?

f0abe4 No.466

someone tell the twitterfags (TB&co) that if Q wanted his posts to be shared on twitter. He'd fucking share them there. so STAHPIT!!

01a3c3 No.468


Yup, memeing and redpilling fine, you don't know where it's coming from,announcing Battle Strategies and times in RT, I consider them Traitors!!! Waiter, we'll be having 2 more in the Gitmo dining room please.

d782a5 No.470


aye captain.

feel safe going to sleep with this anon here.

nitey boys. see you tomorrow for fresh breads

5beada No.471

I've been doing some research regarding the current Australian PM Malcom Turnbull.

Former Goldman-Sachs AU Director/Partner, was involved in a royal commission that ended with undisclosed payments and swept under the rug.

I'd like some help regarding something:

In 2001 Malcom Turnbull and his wife purportedly started a charity called "The Turnbull Foundation".

It seems to be active, there was a $95,000 scholarship awarded in August 2017 to a female for a leadership/management degree.

Beyond that, I can find NO other information (regarding registration, financial information etc).

Could be worth looking into…

df3ec9 No.472


Fuck oprah - go research her ties to bill gates, sterilizing africans and race pushing while selling magical thinking to desperate women. She's poison, stop talking about her

8b3dcc No.474



33ca69 No.475


Nah we just gotta hold down the fort after the great awakening

68ed03 No.476


Nope, only court shows on my tv then it’s off

eb5d5b No.477


Thank you all patriots for all you do!!

6a7b33 No.478


Damn youre good. You rock anon

96a0d3 No.479

do we have any bakers ready for the new beginning of the long dig

f29c73 No.481

Next bread will be created like this one.

Simple no filler.

Everyone agree?

ee4d99 No.482

File: 06b74126dc55084⋯.jpg (45.81 KB, 1229x168, 1229:168, screenshot-2018-01-09.jpg)

Look, why is this happening?

aa7859 No.483


see >>440

I know you are a long timer. I don't blame you. We just need correct opsec, and you leading your 17k followers here does not help.

Twitter is the shop. We are the factory.

132b0d No.484



This is a transcribed list of all Loop Capital Deals taken from their website….

www.loopcapital. com/deals

There is also a pastebin text file that can be used for spreadsheets, etc

pastebin. com/AeF9CqM8

ed3942 No.485

Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/09/18 (Tue) 00:10:28 No.6

/qresearch/ confirmed.


6455b3 No.486

File: 3d74ff244ab4bde⋯.jpg (151.04 KB, 840x539, 120:77, 90917b9f2f36ee0721659fdc03….jpg)

68ed03 No.487



082236 No.489


Technically with a closed q board, normies can look there, will probably be confused and go away.

but linking to here should be prohibited.

This board needs to be delisted from site index so it can’t be found from homepage.

7839a0 No.490



139d01 No.491

6f4d68 No.492


You had said if the world knew everything 99% would be in the hospital.

Is the Mandela Effect a part of this?

5f3bb6 No.493

7b7f2e No.494

Already on twitter


ae742a No.495

Thestorm is done?

05b9f4 No.496

The info that I have posted to twitter from here has reached millions of people over just the last 7 days. That is the whole point of this project is to red pill normies, inform them, and get them prepared for what is coming. I was a normal person before this and I will go back to being a normal person after this.

Anons are jaded bc board have gotten fucked up by people telling bad info and trying to make money. I get that.

1ae337 No.497


someone suggested Oprah runs as Trump’s VP? vomit inducing.

i hope she runs against him though. we would destroy her

68ed03 No.499



890fd1 No.501





b3ef84 No.502


She's NWO all the way.


59ac7a No.503


Fame is overrated

cbcadc No.504

File: 07f4ee326b646e4⋯.jpg (52.55 KB, 426x426, 1:1, trumpwand.jpg)

6f4d68 No.506


Never been interested in fame. Now a bit more money would be ok.

544426 No.507

edb55a No.508


A Glorious Day.

This is YUGE.


God bless and God Speed

e56d79 No.509



12ec4b No.510


stfu B

bd88f8 No.511

File: 8b7d5234addf2ed⋯.jpg (45.43 KB, 640x417, 640:417, kimjohn.jpg)

13fff1 No.512

Sorry guys…I had to fuck my cousin real quick among all this board madness cuz


Ready to bake again.

f974a9 No.513

As a side point, recently we have gone from

/cbts - Calm before the storm



Things moving along at quite the pace…ready to start awakening some folks?

8b3dcc No.514


Smoke signal would be a great way to confirm, communicate something, sneak in a "fireman", or destroy some spying device.

05e1a8 No.515


Light butter.

4d5d7d No.516


i was referring to TB doing a good job.

B needs to learn how to be discrete on some q posts.


Notices/compromise OpSec shud STAY in the chan. Normies do not need to know. Again, if they were participating - they wud know. Besides that, its more harmful than good.

c1ec9a No.517



ae742a No.518

/greatawakening/ and /qresearch/ are the only two relevant boards going forward?

082236 No.519


What is that you are pointing out?

cf946e No.520



Arthur C. Clarke

Read a book Hoss.

1cf239 No.521


Yeah I saw that. I've been thinking, nothing that I hear at this point would put me in the hospital, part from withheld tech/meds.

8ca496 No.522


thanks for the save.

a lot of anons lost sleep.

cant stop, wont stop.

in it to win it.

we operate in daylight

55f583 No.523

File: 85e851137b9090e⋯.jpg (93.65 KB, 500x887, 500:887, 22czfc.jpg)

1d019e No.524


How? Who? Damn.

68ed03 No.525


Maldafort Office In trump tower…. I wonder

ee4d99 No.526


i finally found you, stop bringing twitter retards! Filtering you and it's gonna feel great.

7e3580 No.527


You mean why are filters working?

f29c73 No.528

File: 07955f736d20da7⋯.png (8.85 KB, 681x277, 681:277, bread.png)

101e69 No.529


Take charge Sir get these scalawags back to work.

95ea11 No.530


Filters. You either filtered someone, or someone AND their responses

9c1cde No.531


The memes-by-topic are 1.7 GB. Not suitable for a zip. Much smaller zip files ~100Mb will time out for some. A torrent maybe, but I have never hosted a torrent.

The images harvested from early Nov. thru 12/27 are 2.3 GB, 6290 files. A number of those have been transferred to the memes-by-topic but not all. I'm doing it by key word and missing some that way. Impossible to go thru them individually.

c1f5b6 No.532


Filtering your extremely annoying ass.

a3f5d7 No.533


Corruption is easy attainable with the simple minded

Strong minded know there is a much greater reward with loyalty

01c701 No.534

File: 75a1ad4c89c4d85⋯.jpg (23.12 KB, 358x312, 179:156, 876563w4596854w.jpg)

914e89 No.535


re-do your 'options' settings

93538c No.536


Please tell me that was autocorrect…. Or that I am taking literal what is some kind of expression I am unfamiliar with.

30aa6a No.537

File: 60e8a46399f3a98⋯.jpg (46.46 KB, 640x417, 640:417, kimeric.jpg)

a2425b No.538


Surrounded? Good… They won't get away this time.

3a38c4 No.539


OR, Sneak JA into the building with that 1 alarm fire and 126 fire trucks responding, lol.

6d4df8 No.540

File: 0e7485cfad1344d⋯.jpg (24.03 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Fuckoff.jpg)

Let this be a lesson to all you fucking newfags famefags and namefags. No one gives a fuck about you. The reason for being anonymous is that only your argument and facts hold any merit, not who is saying them. And for fucks sake, if you are new here from twatter or plebbit or wherever, take some fucking time to lurk and learn about imageboard culture before you post.

139d01 No.541

File: 5b0ff361e304284⋯.jpg (352.92 KB, 669x736, 669:736, 1478547185552.jpg)


Let's do this.

01ce02 No.542


Many of us were not liking the view either!


2d2921 No.543


read here this is why


fbc582 No.544

8b3dcc No.545

a2425b No.546


Elegant choice of names, sir anon.

fbc582 No.547

96a0d3 No.548



13fff1 No.549


You literally know nothing about college football and what most people in America were watching on tv tonight.

588ee5 No.550


so long as its not within the same thread; this never gets old for me.

Carry on

6f4d68 No.551


They are not ready yet. That is our mission. To figure things out and put into form that the normies can understand and not flip out. You are not really helping right now.

95ea11 No.552


YW, anon!

f68dfc No.553


well, you know anon, sometimes when you get really excited, you just have to fuck your cousin

d0354e No.554


I am accessing google.com.au to search for info. It seems to be difficult to even access some of the links in Australia. I found one page that would have contained the info you are looking for. Looks like stuff has been wiped. I am going to keep looking.

84b26b No.555

Where do we sign up for firing squad duty?

I have a Red Ryder BB gun. It'll knock an eye out.

5356c9 No.556

File: 6e5db6de2df6ee0⋯.jpg (72.44 KB, 822x581, 822:581, qresearchers.jpg)

ee4d99 No.557



900068 No.558

File: fa1ee687cbdb1cf⋯.png (457.78 KB, 803x688, 803:688, ClipboardImage.png)

e56d79 No.559


But what about graphics and things that we want easy access to? Shouldn’t we make dedicated threads for certain topics? Not everything under the sun, but keep it clean and organized.

8b3dcc No.561


That was my guess…safest place around.

68ed03 No.562


That could be also

55f583 No.563

swearing, sexism, racism, and no jewry…fuck it almost feels like a chan board again

praise KEK

71fe84 No.566



436095 No.567

Q poster earlier:

SEC_conf monitored

SEC football?

4b759b No.568

File: 92036769f5938c0⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 1406x1043, 1406:1043, IMG_20180108_231413_proces….jpg)

95ea11 No.569



Ok, everyone settle in. I have a feeling Q won't make any drops until we do.

5b0df4 No.570

AJ is the kiss of death…lol

082236 No.571


What is wrong with you?

641753 No.572


f1fcac No.573


Anyone have any ideas on what the header should be - the intro posts in other words? Same format? Or different?

Q posts definitely - what else?

8b3dcc No.574


Top floors are Trump's apartment.

399575 No.576

Thank you BO for making this board.

Let's make this about the cause, and not about individuals/fame/YouTube, shall we?

8ca496 No.577


legit. stay true anon

df3ec9 No.578

Is the [0] Q/Trump post coming to /greatawakening/ tonight???

0c2f60 No.579

this didn't take long.

new boards, both on reddit/cbts_stream

oh well, what to do…?

8ca496 No.580

File: 5f98cdb1daa5edb⋯.jpg (29.25 KB, 620x470, 62:47, a.jpg)


I prefer sand people

f5e1b8 No.581

Wow..lots of action..no more shady BOs

ee4d99 No.582


Sick of them directing people to the boards, the boards are getting tons of trolls and shills

and then they get comped…

68ed03 No.583

Much more mellow… I can not research, make memes, and eat at same time

a2425b No.584


I'm pretty sure this bunch was born ready… Let's start the fuckin' show, eh?

I'm digging and sharing either way. The truth matters and I'm going to speak it until my dying breath.

f97201 No.585


She who shall not be named…

edb55a No.586


Funny af.

f0abe4 No.587


they are easily startled, but they'll soon be back, and in greater numbers…

101e69 No.589

File: 47b6979746aae26⋯.jpeg (3.93 KB, 225x225, 1:1, download.jpeg)


For future BAKERY use

9c1cde No.590

File: ed6f0912d4c5606⋯.png (7.44 KB, 300x200, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

c1f5b6 No.591

File: d2870ca631e60b6⋯.jpg (198.79 KB, 842x960, 421:480, Oprah_she_knew.jpg)

a2425b No.592


Well… For now, yeah. Everything is subject to change though. Welcome aboard! ;)

87a334 No.593


17 spaces BEFORE the F and 3 spaces after the F. Pay attention to details.

f68dfc No.594


dig, make memes, share info, same as before

3a38c4 No.595



05b9f4 No.596






My only concern is that the cats out of the bag on Q. People know he posts. And they know its at 8 ch. If I stop posting the Q drops they will come searching for it.




on twitter or anywhere else.

I do care about the work done on this board. I will stop posting the Q drops if that is what the board wants. I will just relay the memes/articles/etc.

9036c2 No.597


Thank you Q. Godspeed!

e56d79 No.598


It’s 13

f1fcac No.599

If anyone wants to use the info from the batter from /thestorm/ all the new Q posts have been added in their correct order (I think) and separated by date. Both new boards have the posts included.


f68dfc No.600



36130b No.602

082236 No.603


So sarcasm?

I ain’t posting my twitter account here but then I don’t post links there either.

7b7f2e No.604


Nice trips…

318ec8 No.605

Hilarious that the cabal thinks they can out maneuver POTUS + MI. Justice is coming. Long overdue Justice.

f5e1b8 No.606

The great migration!

1f2fda No.607

File: 367596ff92b0863⋯.jpg (10.2 KB, 400x164, 100:41, DTCaQzJUMAAtjC2.jpg)


36130b No.608

File: 7b9c57971141328⋯.png (358.93 KB, 1936x1422, 968:711, Q_New_Location_1_9_18.png)

563167 No.609


Go fuQ yourself

6f4d68 No.610


Thank you

74122d No.611


I didn't make any decisions, but I did have problems with technical aspects of what his youtube guests were saying i.e. they were wrong. He asked me for correction, he said my correction would be broadcast, I gave correction, and as far as I know (I could not bear to listen to the whole thing) it was never broadcast. My technical issues were

(1) they have no idea what they're talking about with EMP, it's not a threat in the way they describe for physics reasons, and

(2) everyone's talking about Musk's company SpaceX as possibly giving rocket tech to NK, but what about Bezos' company Blue Origin ? Why is that never considered? And they didn't mention it on the show either, even when I questioned that.

So at the least he went and did a rather bad podcast and mentioned our board on it, and we never were consulted about the association. That's my view on it.

f2f3b5 No.612


> will just relay the memes/articles/etc.


ae7e60 No.613


Had this thought too.

Also find it very interesting that this new migration took place like, RIGHT when Alabama threw their game winning TD.

c1ec9a No.614

g'night anons. I'll pray before bed that this board stays comfy, and much great work continues to be done.

Thank you, Q. It is a pleasure to serve.

a7e3e5 No.615

File: 72c23bbf74a28fd⋯.png (881.19 KB, 1337x1519, 191:217, 2018010900372785807_151547….png)

Any questions

f974a9 No.616

Ok, so for any anons who have trouble mentally filtering out the shills and noise.

Pay close attention to how this bread feels. Feel the flow of info, the humor, the collective flow of consciousness, etc.

This is the baseline. This is what it feels like without shills. You will only ever really truly experience it when we move boards, because it's only a matter of time before they catch up. But now you can think back to this time, and remember that it's what the Bread actually tastes like.

1d019e No.617

B linked everyone to greatawakening from what I can see on twatter

335807 No.620



f29c73 No.622

I think the picture of the bread should be whatever the date is Zulu time.

cadc84 No.623


Sorry, no, that is literally how Alabama fans celebrate.

95ea11 No.624


Well, maybe someone should start baking soon, this bread is filling up fast

3a38c4 No.626


Normies are much too busy with their distractions to think about Q. Especially when the MSM is keeping it all on the DL.

f68dfc No.627


i love how that ignores the "e"

it's still good tho

f97201 No.629



57d9f4 No.630


Mind Blown

d91c64 No.631



feel like beez in a trap just beez in a trap

f0abe4 No.632


extra E?

36130b No.633


giving out Q's new board, but not this one

df3ec9 No.634


I love it… what about the E? No one mentions the E

87a334 No.635

Quit chatting and start researching. Fucking shills! This is NOT a chat chan. Go to Fakebook or twatter if you want to socialize.

This is important.

082236 No.636


Actually, screencap of q post won’t matter since tgat board is locked anyway.

Just slam anyone linking to research board.

e7ebf1 No.637


Q is ET

93538c No.638


For the life of me… I do not understand the fandom of football. I understand spectating and playing sports… I just don't understand the fixation on them.

Or colleges, for that matter… A delightfully useless institution of Laputa, it has become. Swift would find it side-splitting hilarious that we have finally succeeded in turning shit back into food. Now if only we could extract sunbeams from cucumbers….

But we slide….

d57808 No.639

present and excited to work

Godspeed Q and godspeed Patriots

c1ec9a No.640

05b9f4 No.642


No I did not. And no one on twitter knows what that Q drop even meant.

7b7f2e No.643



f97201 No.644

900068 No.646


Good! Go , see, go home to twitter, ponder. I see nothing wrong with that, and someone named Jon did too

c1ec9a No.647


In in there is a reference to this board, so therefore, she doxxed this board by association.

05b9f4 No.648

df3ec9 No.649


^^^^^ This

954501 No.650

File: c59c6003f02cc47⋯.jpg (289.85 KB, 1066x750, 533:375, 2ks.jpg)

File: e99e1eefc372688⋯.jpg (117.96 KB, 624x518, 312:259, The Storm.jpg)

File: 429f2a55fcfeef3⋯.jpg (103.76 KB, 847x490, 121:70, Les Deplorables.jpg)


My man.

8ca496 No.651

Q RESEARCH GENERAL #1 whose baking?

13fff1 No.652


Lolol tip your fedora elsewhere…you belong on r9k or some shit, but we welcome all bakers regardless of where they usually lurk.

Carry on anon.

959ce7 No.653


I believe it's "THE", not "A"

68ed03 No.654

Dang! Got locked out!

f974a9 No.655

File: fdb82994f0c2aaf⋯.jpg (132.16 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 81cNleST1DL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)




36130b No.656



overnight bread usually feels good too

the shills don't report for work till about 8:30am

but you are right…. the feeling was just awful at the end - it felt like it started with the Anderson Cooper thing and went downhill from there

12ec4b No.657

more info on fire pls? you got the bad guys?

05e1a8 No.658

File: 4dadb72c68f9331⋯.jpg (373.96 KB, 1668x2224, 3:4, c9fbd963b09e22b25066401fe3….jpg)

File: 7072c181524f29e⋯.png (444.14 KB, 1001x1253, 143:179, 7072c181524f29ec91b86fa571….png)

File: 29e9fc1e375ae76⋯.jpg (24.64 KB, 255x255, 1:1, b6e0ce39fdccb9bad294abe908….jpg)

e4db3c No.659


Thank you for your service.

Will some actions be taken to neutralize the octopi of Senior Executive Services and Serco? They are powerful, well-entrenched throughout the bureaucracy.

c07ed6 No.660


Like a breath of shill free air

756985 No.661


You're gonna be in the history books. Soak it in.

a54560 No.662


Loop capital is literally the deep state at the city level. They broker public assets into private hands and run pension funds. They suck at both. They prey on poor cities. Literally gold. I wish I were kidding but I have a personal stake in this. We gotta find out who they're giving my money too anons. These fuckers are in 77 cities doing the same shit everywhere.

088bca No.663

File: e633362f0bfc861⋯.png (36.83 KB, 477x183, 159:61, Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at ….png)


Thank you Q!

True leadership is recognizable.

Keep your powder dry anons!

6200c1 No.664

So when some new info has been dug up, and it’s relevant, will Q reply to it here? Or link it on greatawakening?

914e89 No.665

e0840a No.666

Never chaned, but reporting for duty

745fd0 No.667

Any planefags know "when specifically" the private plane flew from Atlanta to Dulles (IAD) during the blackout?

900068 No.668


Dates don't use a Z time, we use a Julian calendar and you need a fucking chart for those after about Feb to figure out what day it is.

f1fcac No.669

I am putting together the next Bread

05b9f4 No.671


I don't think anyone else knows what this board is called.

d4f812 No.672

GREAT Discovery by anon, i highly suggest reading it and commenting!




This doc sums up everything Q has been saying.


In anon's own words:

>>"So what if Snowden was never actually a traitor to the USA, but only a traitor to those who used to control the USA?

>>What if he has been on the undercover mission to trump all undercover missions this entire time?

Q Please Confirm??

68ed03 No.673

Why can’t I see me????

4b759b No.675

File: eaa545a74954ce7⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 1406x1043, 1406:1043, IMG_20180108_231413_proces….jpg)

959ce7 No.676

Can (should we) bump limit over 750?

ee2e63 No.677


Well at least he dropped the name.

But we can still see you famefag.

Are you the one that gave that interview.

8ca496 No.678


Have you tried medication?

139d01 No.679

Tips for being a good /qresearch/er

>Be courteous: generally try to be polite, as appropriate. We are researchers in a collaborative online workspace.

>Be quiet: when some anons are trying hard to piece together intel, it can be very distracting and exhausting if there is a lot of 'noise' in the thread from numerous other anons engaging in separate or casual conversation.

Maybe there should be two threads - two general threads, one with fun only the other with no fun allowed. Then again maybe not. I don't know.

95ea11 No.680


Thank you, Baker

ef6dd9 No.681

Thank you Sir!

f5e1b8 No.682

No more self appointed gate keepers…nice

6455b3 No.683


This place is LISTED on Q's new board.. he confirmed it there!

05b9f4 No.684


Love you anons!


Take our fucking country back eh?!

93538c No.685



Or did I enlist again and forget about the whole ordeal?

2d2921 No.686

File: 5f9cb54f756ce7e⋯.jpg (160.78 KB, 1679x821, 1679:821, qonly.jpg)



BO proof that its me

59ac7a No.688

File: 7ff6dafaf26a6b6⋯.png (402.87 KB, 700x393, 700:393, Trump King.png)

6a7b33 No.690

File: 35ebb60efa27f57⋯.jpg (158.21 KB, 636x528, 53:44, the gorilla channel.jpg)

96a0d3 No.691

750 has worked dont change what works

e56d79 No.692


You can post the relevant topics from the drops including questions or links to relevant articles to get them to start their own research. You could include a Q somewhere hidden in the message like Assange. At the end of the day, the info can stand on its own.

95ea11 No.693


It's in Q's board and /thestorm/ both

74122d No.694


Looks like this was 2010, Obama's second year in office.

How did it change from the 2009 guidance and from guidance before that? Seems to prevent commanders from locking down any aspect of internet service on a longterm basis, does this give commanders less authority to protect information than they had prior?

d07c33 No.698

File: 459c659504eccd9⋯.jpg (311.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, swamp-wars-q-research.jpg)


To Q or not two Q? That is the Quest i am on .

All wars are fought for the acquisition of wealth

082236 No.699


No and no.

Hardstop 751/52.

7e06a4 No.700


thanks anon



even without the address they all know it's on the chans

It's the screencaps of Q drops that has to stop, you even relayed the address of /greatawakening/

I would delete that tweet. Just the FINDINGS, relevant stuff that we produce, is good for Twitter - and any other platform, for that matter.

4b759b No.701

File: bbc1e08e68370d1⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 1406x1043, 1406:1043, IMG_20180108_231413_proces….jpg)

13fff1 No.703


The night of the Atlanta "power fire"

I believe it was a AC-10 I think…only reason I know is because I live literally 3 min from Dulles and it looked like it was headed this way but flew on over. I THINK. Can't confirm. It was that night though.

8ca496 No.704

f68dfc No.705



it'll slow down the complete newfags if it's not linked.

f0abe4 No.706

I suggest all you linkniggers stop linking here even in other boards… the shills are sure to watch them and any wayward autists will get the gist with what is already there… time to stop now.

c1f5b6 No.708



oh ffs, think, he has the link to this board there

05b9f4 No.709


God no! I have never been in any yt video.

3a38c4 No.710


I see you.

Clear browser and try again…

959ce7 No.711


Because this one is permanent. There will no longer be doubts that GOD exists.

a3f5d7 No.712


No what you do is muck up the work space with people that have no clue what is going on

Imagine if you are in a theater enjoying a great film and a group comes in with 15 minutes left and starts telling you what happened during the movie. Then if we tell them how the movie has really gone they are clueless.

This has to end. The info will find them. They don't need to come in to the work space and muck it up with basic bitch questions

12ec4b No.713

File: 014e5da5013f274⋯.png (626.05 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 1868924a8ec630df1a0f80fbb0….png)

745fd0 No.714


Trying to connect some dots…POTUS tweeted about "a very special place" and then about the Wright brothers the night of the black out.

082236 No.716


Please have this board hidden from 8ch front page.

I believe this will require CODEMONKEY.

adafbb No.717


that would be a "doh" moment

01ce02 No.718


Chemtrails stopped months ago ABRUPTLY at the time the NoSuch>CIA takedown.

No dox, but TX, ARK, LA area.

9ff623 No.719


crystal refers to crystal city 9-11

or CF Crystal that rammed into the oil tanker?

6a7b33 No.720


Can CM go over there and delete all those that linked?

399575 No.721


Loop Capital will eventually will lead to 0bama.

Bank on it.

c1ec9a No.722


Oh Lord - here they come already.

Father in heaven, please keep this board comfy so the work of real autists can be undertaken without unnecessary interruption. In Jesus' name, Amen.

df3ec9 No.723

Have there been anymore of these decoded?

[R]_( )[+4] = [R]_(PEARL HARBOR)[+4]

68ed03 No.724

Why can’t I see me or any anons?

890141 No.726


Do you remember what it was like a month ago, we could get work down, now we get posts about force fields on Trump tower and did Jesus have sandals made of Jew skin, it's really hard to focus now to keep it in positive control altitudes.

60b0da No.727




Most people are stupid. They may not make connection.

6f4d68 No.728


'very special place' is Camp David

7c9ffd No.729


Working on it.

a9e3ad No.730

File: e7fde469e8c75c7⋯.jpeg (35.86 KB, 480x388, 120:97, c0fd3a881a59ca58adfa93c92….jpeg)

I'm thankful for this board.

A suggestion, starting point for brainstorming & digging:

Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima, February 23, 1945

d0354e No.731


Finding a bunch of stuff if you want info. I will compile and post summary.

544426 No.732

File: c8b84ad8351a9b6⋯.png (50.8 KB, 1831x364, 1831:364, Q_Research-confirmed_[15].png)

Confirmed , Confirmed and ,

Confirmed [15]

>pic related

edb55a No.733


Godspeed Baker. Godspeed.

May God Bless Our First General And All Who Post In It.

Glorious Day

c1ec9a No.735


Like, it's all about you, isn't it? Go back to reddit.

7c9ffd No.736

Anons lets get moving. We need bakers, stat.

adafbb No.737


calling disinformation

05b9f4 No.738


Ok. Deleting.

3a38c4 No.739


Not over my house they haven't.


8b3dcc No.741

We've migrated? Someone wake me when Q shows up…or links Loop to the old mob through wives.

227f17 No.742


A coop was a touchy subject with clown connection. Board imploded during that… (((they))) weren't happy

900068 No.743


No. but Q does when you get to GA. unless he deletes it… Q? Perhaps remove that third post?

Twitter already knows your board, fine, but we can slow the bad guy progression by taking that post away. Make them work for it at least a little while maybe.

f29c73 No.744

File: 006ef0a645aa064⋯.png (14.04 KB, 800x524, 200:131, breadpic.png)


Here is a pic for the next bread.

Nothing fancy. (my opinion)

Keep it all simple.


I'm not a chrono expert. I'll look in to what you typed.

1618d2 No.745


082236 No.746


Not hyperlink so anyone who gets here is smarter than yogi….the average bear.

3092d6 No.747

Twitter should just be for memes and meme accessories if you ask me.

36130b No.748


I hear she just reads the board, what does she do when she gets to the part when people talk about her?

is it like an episode of Jimmy Kimmel's "celebrities read mean tweets"?

or just she just skip over the comments about herself

959ce7 No.749


Clear Clear twice.

Crystal City (CC)

cc5336 No.750

any anon make Q posts word searchable for easy future proves past confirmation? or did i miss it?

9ff623 No.751


delta 10 on the first two on greatawakening

f68dfc No.753


>Someone wake me when Q shows up


edb55a No.754

File: fea606ee9e48fa3⋯.jpg (60.01 KB, 568x534, 284:267, IMG_2735.JPG)

01a3c3 No.757

File: 756ae788bcece51⋯.png (637.25 KB, 901x490, 901:490, free.PNG)

f974a9 No.758

File: c8318754308e622⋯.png (167.97 KB, 1336x896, 167:112, reform.png)


This was my only other one that I found so far.

a3f5d7 No.759


ZUMA is fully operational

PSYOP is to confuse the target of the capabilities

132b0d No.761

File: d2160fd53516f76⋯.png (688.11 KB, 928x661, 928:661, screenshot_246.png)

f0ed7c No.762


There are people saying /qresearch/ in replies on Twitter

139d01 No.767


Sounds good for now. Then thread # per day / per total below that maybe.

92896d No.769


I had chemtrails over my house about a few weeks ago

745fd0 No.770


Thanks. So while it was airborne POTUS tweeted about the Wright brothers and "GREAT AMERICAN SPIRIT":


8b3dcc No.771


The drops I mean.

8ca496 No.772




ed3942 No.773


Loop Capital/Jim Reynolds Jr. Financed Obamas 08 run and Obama even lived with the dude for a short while.

76962e No.775


>I will just relay the memes/articles/etc.


This is for you also:


f0abe4 No.776


tell them to fuckin STAHP!!! lel

adafbb No.777


post numbers 4&5

45 = POTUS

139d01 No.778


Within the same image I mean, just in case that wasn't clear.

05e1a8 No.779

File: a08fe0b3cea0cba⋯.png (399.09 KB, 534x647, 534:647, a08fe0b3cea0cba958238395dd….png)

File: 1a3e2a6c53e4792⋯.png (87.42 KB, 739x593, 739:593, 7a4d2d34a505b935bdaba10995….png)


Doing it while it happens, so much easier lol.

df3ec9 No.780


I'm looking for a delta [0] tonight

Let's get this show on the road!

fafaa4 No.781


No, not againnnnn!

900068 No.782


Today would be… 8009 (2018 and nine days into it). They do not account for the teens, etc.

c1f5b6 No.783

Fuck you B

edb55a No.784

File: bbad6707a282bef⋯.jpg (56.29 KB, 564x491, 564:491, IMG_2729.JPG)

dddb00 No.786


Digits checked and kek’ed

02c17f No.10834


If one purpose of Q posts is to get normies on board with the MAGA mission, it should be noted that you've shot yourself in the foot and hurt that cause with the DEFCON fiasco. No amount of explanation will reverse the damage done. People are now increasingly wonder if Q is the real deal and trustworthy.

663260 No.10908


Q rately answers questions. Q gives the clues because Q wants US to search.

663260 No.10948


If you see it - Tell them to delete their comment. Argh!

68be71 No.11166


Laughed - couldn’t resist, came back 3 times to laugh some more.

befa8e No.11229


That would make it beneficial for all, less time consuming (not having to sift through all the BS) and make it more efficient for everyone…but good luck with that!

befa8e No.11240


The Rothchilds

035a7e No.11242

FTA: While Wright's Trinity United Church is not accused of any criminal action, it thrives in an environment that has forged some of the most extreme black supremacist groups with religious coloration ever seen in the US. Black Chicago has incubated a number of black supremacist "cults," which grew rapidly among poor, illiterate black migrants who left the Deep South for war work in the First World War. Among these sects was the Moorish Science Temple of America, whose dynamic "prophet," the Noble Drew Ali (AKA Timothy Drew), taught blacks that they are the descendants of the Moors and penned the "Circle Seven Koran," developing a religion more in common with the Shriners (down to the MSTA's red fezzes) than with historical Islam. Ali's death spawned a whole set of rival Chicagoland groups, among them the Nation of Islam, the Black Muslims best known for Malcolm X, and less well known for the Zebra Killings, a West Coast campaign of serial murder which targeted "white devils" for rape and gruesome death. (Another NoI splinter was the Nation of Yahweh, positing blacks as the "real Jews" instead of the Moors, which carried out a similar slaughter campaign against whites in Florida). The Moorish Science Temple also gave the world the El Rukn tribe, a ferocious gang of drug dealers, rapists and killers also known as the Almighty Black P. Stone Nation and founded by Jeff Fort, absurdly AKA Abdullah Malik and Imam Abdul Malik Ka'bah. The El Rukns formed a huge gang alliance called the People Nation, with allies in Third World criminal enterprises like the Hispanic Latin Kings nationwide. Accused of corrupting Chicago police, the El Rukns were used as muscle by Chicago luminary Jesse Jackson in his shakedowns of white businesses and other affirmative action projects, with "gangstas" wielding signs reading "Don't get messy with Jesse." Jesse Jackson's half brother Noah Robinson allegedly served as a liasion for the El Rukns with both legitimate businesses and drug dealers. Robinson eventually faced charges of hiring El Rukn enforcers to kill a witness and a former business partner.

The El Rukns also received major US grant financing for various initiatives, and allegedly served federal Cointelpro interests by driving the Black Panthers off the Chicago streets. Such was Fort's status that he was invited to Richard Nixon's inaugural, but snubbed Tricky Dick, dispatching two henchmen in his place. El Rukn taste for "public/private partnerships" were their eventual downfall. According to the US government, El Rukn "emir" Jeff Fort made a pact with Libyan strongman Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to carry out acts of domestic terrorism against Gaddafi's chosen US targets. Another Chicago based black Muslim was stymied in his attempt to gain Libyan largesse; the feds denied the request of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan to receive $1 billion from Gaddafi's oil coffers, albeit for missionary, not terrorist, work. Convicted in 1987, Jeff Fort is well into his 80-year sentence at the federal supermax prison in Florence, Colorado.

A more recent incarnation of Noble Drew Ali's Moorish dream is the Seas of David, a Miami group lured into a bogus al Qaeda plot to attack various US landmarks. The plot was concocted by the federal government to give the appearance of "fighting terrorism," but was so patently phony that the case collapsed. Perhaps as a nod to the Mecca of Moorish Science the feds had the Seas of David agree to attack Chicago's Sears Tower.

Again, neither Obama nor his church are accused of illegal actions, though the Clinton campaign, which sacrificed a staffer after getting caught, has "suggested" Obama may, like many denizens of South Side Chicago, have sold dope. The white soccer moms who may vote for Obama because they feel guilty about being white would be surprised at the milieu which helps form people like him.





befa8e No.11250


Is Q or POTUS saying there are no deals for the Rothchilds??

befa8e No.11329


This fits in somewhere! NSA is keystone I believe.

ce5959 No.11462

File: 16a0d34a8e6e43b⋯.jpg (106.04 KB, 643x420, 643:420, hillaryhang.jpg)

9411e8 No.11488

The Expanse

9411e8 No.11508

Incidentally, Snow White has 3 figures in the lore. Snow White, Schneeweischen and pink and Rumpelstielzchen! The question is, which Snow Withe is hermetically?

eee7e8 No.11527


>15 - 10 - 5 - 1

time intervals - check tweet timestamps.

eba184 No.11839


a45d65 No.12168


Great photo

18a4a1 No.12227

http:// www.therealityfiles.com/guinea-pig-b-by-buckminster-fuller/

0fc615 No.18943


0fc615 No.19021



c02577 No.19201

It's about time

80ff64 No.20900


Do You have this available yet?

Someone did it for the other cbts and storm but hasn’t added the great awakening

https:// qcodefag.github.io/

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