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Let's be the child

Let's all be the child at least for a while in our life.

>Use tor

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These are the rules of coexistence of this board:

- Respect the Global Rules.

- Do not post any illegal contents.

- You can debate, ask questions, post answers, or satires that would help people see the truth.

- Take the side of truth and justice before taking the side of someone, even yourself. If you defend someone, the reason should be you want to defend truth or justice, and not the other way around. If you fight someone, the reason should be you want to fight lies, crimes, evil, not someone's identity.

- Keep the respect with other users no matter how much you disagree with each other.

- Shitposts and spams will be deleted.

- While NSFW images are not allowed, discussions on NSFW topics are allowed.

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confused white girl

hello due to my own experiences and what I am seeing in the world, my beliefs are changing and I can't talk to anyone about it without being called racist. I am a white female/navy veteran. I am new to all of this so please be gentle

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Come discuss stuff with us over at https://redchannit.org/

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Just imagine

Imagine if once convicted chomos started being carteled served around the world. In the 1st year, investigations will only connect the "victims" with criminal history. Years 2-5, trafficking demand price will hike as the risk is greater. Is this possible?

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What pills are these?

What pills are these? Provide supporting evidence

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What happened to 8kun.top/leaked/ board?

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Angela Merkel

Merkel loves people, needs people. Why does she not use her own womb to produce more people instead of importing people?

Her womb is useless. She'd better change her gender.

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Absolute Proof

Please share with everyone you know to save our country!


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The leader of the free world

The leader of the free world


the leader of the FRAUD world?

“This is the fight. Right now — this is the fight. There are some squishes who want to give up right now despite all the irregularities,” Knowles said. “Those people are anathema. They should not be called conservatives. They should not be called Republicans.”

He continued, “we knew that this was going to happen. Democrats changed the rules of the election mid-way through during the election. They used COVID as an excuse. They used lots of excuses. They won certain court decisions; they lost others.” (RELATED: Supreme Court Rules North Carolina Can Accept Mail-In Ballots Up To9 Days After Election)

“Since Election Day not only do you have these stunning irregularities — unprecedented — ofthe widespread, unsolicited mail-in ballots, completely open to fraud,” Knowles said, “but now you also have the irregularities, they’re becoming very regular, ofmistaken numbers being reported only in those swing states.”


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Why are birds more moral?

A lot of birds don't fuck around. They only fuck their spouse. Why are human less MORAL than birds?

What is wrong with humanity or what is wrong with moral?

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How could the 99.8% let the 0.2% rule the world?

When the "world leaders" are jew appointed governors, how could the world pretend to be free?

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Remarks on humanity

What's humanity?

Let what humanity does define itself.

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The Germans were starving.

The Germans were starving.

What would HUMANITY do to be humanity, not to commit crimes against humanity?

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The racist gene pool

Those who promote diversity and gene pool hate all races.

They are racists.

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A virus assassin?

It could be true.

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Are Americans stupid?

How stupid have Americans become?

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God isn't always right, is He?

God created man in his own image. (I don't think He wanted to insult himself.)

And then God chose Jews as a special people. (I don't think He wanted to make a bad choice.)

But everywhere His chosen people were hated by the men He created.

God made the wrong choice, didn't he?

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Ilhan Omar, a hero or a traitor?

Or is she both a hero and a traitor?

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Guys I’m concerned about Trump. How can he ever fix our country without mentioning the giant elephant in the room?

Why are we still playing defense with democrats?

This is crazy.

Q posts are to good to be true and when I read them I get hope.

Then I see that debate and see we are still battling the narrative.

I’m off Twitter and anyone getting close gets banned off SM.

This needs to go to another level.

We’re are the people funding right wing groups?

4 years already.

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What can help?

Christianity isn't the answer.

Science isn't complete.

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Is it a crime against humanity?

If yes, where's the trial, conviction, and hanging of the convicts? (Hanging half an hour!)

If no, why were the Germans tried, convicted and hanged?

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Why is the word nigger racist?

Book: Ten Little Niggers

Film: Ten Little Indians (And then there were none)

Why wasn't it named Ten Little Brits?

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Could anyone be crueller than Eisenhauer?

Who could be crueler than Eisenhauer?

Was he a Christian?

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Who invaded more countries?

Who invaded more countries? The Germans or the Jews?

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Are the jews responsible for a hundred million deaths?

100 million deaths vs 6 million fantasy?

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Slavery: one person has absolute power over another and controls his or her life, liberty, and fortune.

Are blacks still slaves?

Vote slave?

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No slavery?

Good idea!

But what about producing products by slave labor in another country?

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Is nature WRONG?

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Why do some people hate racists but also love racists?

Why do some people hate racists but also love racists?

If I hate some people, I would not want to see them. But why do some people COME to the countries where the supposed racists live? Why don't they just want to have nothing to do with those supposed racists? Do they in fact secretly love racists?

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Rush Limbaugh

Is he a bullshitting conservative?

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Christians' faith

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The bible

Can Christians think?

Can Christians reason?

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A family of incest

God created people.

God was the father. Mary was the daughter.

God impregnated his own daughter. His daughter gave birth to her own father's son, Jesus.

No, Christians cry. It's not incest!

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Is abortion right or wrong?

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The very successful race?

More Jews become successful in the USA than they in Israel.

Why can't the god chosen and the most successful be so successful in Israel?

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Who will be the savior?

An American Nazi party?

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Why are immigrants racists?

They don't like their own country, don't like their own land, don't like their own people. They are all racists against their own.

But they hate racists.

Why don't they hate themselves the racists?

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Are Christians useful fools?

When Christians are told to love, they love, love liars, criminals, invaders, and their enemies.

When Christians are told to hate, they hate, hate the Germans.

Are Christians useful fools?

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Are founding fathers bad people?

Were they war criminals?

Violent far right extremists?

Were they terrorists?

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The 20th century was jew century.

Will the 21st century too?

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Why does the world let Jews decide what's right and wrong?

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Does God have testicles?

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Does Dresden Fire Bombing prove that the Germans are not humans, and nobody commits any crime against humanity?

But if the Germans did one thing against anyone, they committed a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

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What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Religion?

Religion (whatever religion) is present vs no religion is present in a society, What could be the biggest difference?

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Reclaim America, what and how?

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Why aren't the black people proud of their own race? Why don't they refuse to mate with someone of another race to show their racial pride?

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Who invented retarded and deadly multiculturalism and why?

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Without the Romans, what would Christianity look like today?

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Yeah, why?

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Met Police officer: 'It’s an insult to call me racist'

Why is it an insult to call someone an animal?

I personally agree that it is. But why?

If it's because the difference between animals and humans, then what about the difference, (sometimes huge,) between different human groups?

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The Western Society On The Verse Of Total Collapse, They Must Make Non-Textbook Move Or Gone

Source: freejoy.aimoo.com

The Western Society On The Verse Of Total Collapse, They Must Make Non-Textbook Move Or Gone

The hard truth is that the western society on the verse of total collapse and disappearing.

They cannot live and use history victory to support the modern life any longer.

The current virus pandemic, migration crisis and protesters has exploded many big loopholes in the Western society.

What if for some reasons all nations stop export their products? Such as a real virus outbreak or natural catastrophe like big dams break, earthquake, super volcano eruption, etc.

Then the heavy import products in Western society will gone !

What is the protesters, migration criris grow bigger and bigger?

The current internet environment is very easy to to manipulate the people, especially the younger generation who have no real life practices.

The western society is also gone.

All that can only happen because of wrong policies.

They are building their house but only care about the roof, but do not care about the floor, the wall the piles.

They are have minimum wages too high, they are providing too much benefits for the people. And that is the number reason leads to migration crisis and protesters.

When you have a leader say refugee welcome and support for animal life style instead of human life style, then there is no hope any more for that nation.

When you have a secret society tell people to learn about cannot be verified 28 stars on the sky and have little to no connection with real life style (learning from a eastern ancient book and wisdom), then that is the sign of failure as well.

I have provided some crazy move/policies to help you guys. That is the only hope and winning move you guys can use. The new public equally owned company can easily counter the gold-backed currency from the Asia because the public do not have gold, only small group of people have it.

They should not listen to the Asia secret society who most do not know what they are doing and waste time to negotiate.

They cannot keep the sword and hope for the problem will go away with just some “soft” move.

They must forget about thinking the Messiah is fake, the real Messiah only talk about good things, the stuffs we want to hear, they will appear in front of our eyes, etc.

Sorry folks, you are living in the endless possibility worlds within worlds, and everything is possible.

If you do not wake up and keep your destiny in your own hand, you only gone !

It is either make a tough non-textbook decision or gone forever.

That is the way of life in this world.

The natural catastrophe will come and increasing, and will cause much more trouble within next 12 months if you cannot have a right move and direction.

I can only give the tools but cannot appear in the public for I am above the level of this current civilization already.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Buddha

Source: freejoy.aimoo.com

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Look at the bottom, the "served" people, how could it even be possible?

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What's the meaning of life?

To eat and be eaten?

To store energy?

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What's the similarity between the lives in a ecosystem and a society?

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Is Christianity about faith or politics?

If it's about faith, why don't Christians defend their faith? Why do some of them try to adapt to new political environment?

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Do birds have more evolutionary advantage?

Imagine if every bird were a human, then what would happen? The presence of the police is guaranteed! There would be rules, morals, police and a ruler. But why don't animals need those things?

Do birds have more evolutionary advantage or disadvantage than human?

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Can it fool people to call things what they are not and be aggressive until the victims shut up in fear?

For example, call invasion diversity, multi-something, open, and call resistance or defense bigotry, hate, stupidity.

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Globalists vs global predators vs stateless people (who have no loyalty to any country but use all countries), what's the difference?

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What brings people together?

What brings people together? Common interests, or worshiping the same god?

I think both work. But which one is better?

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Does God look like man?

Genesis, So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

Does God look like man?

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Why more likely boys take the blame?

Why is it more likely that boys take the blame when girls are more sexually aggressive than boys?

I don't think it's fair.

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To learn from experience or tale?

Religion: Before people know what exactly their God is, they suppose a deity exists, then try to find what the deity is, or prove that their deity is what they have been told.

Science: Before people know something, they resist the temptation to think they know it. They have to learn it first.

Which one is right?

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Being Religious

What's the most important thing one must do to become religious after believing the existence of God?

Worshiping God?

Praying to God?

Following God?

Offering sacrifices to God?