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8kun is kill

This is a message from the OGs of /qresearch/:

We believe 8kun to be fully compromised, and that Q has not posted beyond December 8th, 2020.

Jim Watkins forcefully removed all of the original /qresearch/ mods and set new ones in our place. These new mods demonstrated that they knew very little about Q, board culture, moderation, or about anything that transpired in our community prior to their takeover. They actively censor and encourage anons to self-censor by post filtering whatever they don't agree with. They are outsiders who learned to blend in.

Jim Watkins has signed one of his friends on as a global volunteer, who proceeded to deface Q's private board with their own fake "Q Posts". They remain friends to this day. Since the takeover, highly questionable unverified "Q Posts" have appeared on /qresearch/ and many anons were banned for even questioning the authenticity of these posts.

/hivemind/ was the board of the originals, including the anons who were always wise to board fuckery and propelled this movement in the very beginning. 8kun is no longer trusted by many of us and we have decided to end support on this board and move to Matrix. You can find us at #QPilled https://matrix.to/#/#qpilled_public:matrix.org