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Pro Aris et Focis

File: aa70b5bab2b85aa⋯.jpg (305.08 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 5a9fc18a8f371b171a24217b7a….jpg)

09dc9c No.290987



>>279968 rt >>279898





>>285721 Videos of SOTU are disappearing. Archive before posting.

>>286850 RAW Video of SOTU

>>286613 , >>286746 FOCUS, "[something] Trump, you need to be shot."

>>284781 Lost & Found Photos of SOTU Phones. POST YOURS HERE PLEASE.

>>286590 How can we get the photo? Any LegalAnons here?

>>286601 , >>286614 , >>286575 , >>286625 , >>286633 Q Letting us know that Getty manupilates photos before posting?

>>286402 , >>286411 , >>286419 , >>286460 , >>286487 >>286489 , >>286510 Phone Screen Confirmed Shopped. Spread the word.

>>285836 , >>286363 Were the phone screens doctored?

>>286351 , >>286362 , >>286367 Focus on the TimeStamps on the phone (only thing not doctored)

>>285742 , >>285742 , >>285760 What is Q asking for exactly? Thoughts

>>285763 , >>285611 , >>285766 Photo updates

>>285681 , >>285707 , >>285714 The soundclip we're looking for? 3 seconds in "He oughtta be shooottt"

>>285547 , >>285562 , >>285551 Video Updates

>>285658 Can anyone access the ftp that was listed in the EXIF data of the photo on the Getty website?

>>285651 Beatty's Statement on Trump's SOTU Address


>>283537 rt >>283468


Updates: >>285423 , >>285771 , >>286339 , >>287019 , >>286912


Rothchilds selling investments. DOW crashing hard.


Re-read crumbs.

Nothing is coincidence.


Memo --> intelligence.house.gov/uploadedfiles/memo_and_white_house_letter.pdf

Rebuttle Of Charges Against The Memo --> intelligence.house.gov/uploadedfiles/hpsci_fisa_memo_charge_and_response.pdf

Rule 13. Correction of Misstatement or Omission; Disclosure of Non-Compliance --> fisc.uscourts.gov/sites/default/files/FISC%20Rules%20of%20Procedure.pdf

OIG Reports Page --> oig.justice.gov/reports/all.htm

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Compromisedfags. The board is not compromised unless there is confirmation from Q. Full stop.

You Decide. If there is a post that looks or smells like a slide, let it slide into obscurity and don't respond.

8d6047 No.291027

File: e2da1f60e188add⋯.png (342.86 KB, 646x688, 323:344, baked.png)

Thanks Baker, pretty good try.

cf0f4b No.291028


Good info there, thanks anon!

09dc9c No.291029

File: 79c1778c1f84210⋯.gif (924.48 KB, 252x164, 63:41, i8oPqdq.gif)


sorry about the error

had to bake quickly

eb15a1 No.291031

BAKER should read 356 not 256


Maybe just call it Schiff logic or something less divisive...good message though...just might get ignored by pussies who are triggered

86dfc2 No.291032

Any news on the sound byte from SOTU I've analyzed many times and have two potential people on the tape that could have said it, still not sure if it is "he needs to be shot"

834313 No.291033

>>290710 <<Newsweak 01-02-03-04

>>290714 <<Newsweak 05-06-07-08

>>290720 <<Newsweak 09-10-11-12

>>290723 <<Newsweak 13-14-15-16

>>290730 <<Newsweak 17-18-19-20

8de3c4 No.291034


Patriots aren't going to ask, or demonstrate, or have faith that the corrupt system created by evil people will restore order magically by itself because new, somewhat less corrupt people are there.

We're simply going to take it back via chaos and war, as humans have done against tyrants for thousands of years.

So yes, Q and POTUS are on the clock. And we're very grateful to them for starting the clock.

09dc9c No.291035

File: f733f2e9efad6a8⋯.jpg (17.93 KB, 350x260, 35:26, jack6.jpg)


there are two [2] posts about this already by me.

86dfc2 No.291036


Has anyone retrieved the raw footage yet?

cc40ed No.291037

File: 6a40365e2c633b5⋯.jpg (533.78 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, BigBabyEdition - Copy.jpg)


black hole sun wont you come and wash it all away. soundgarden

6646ed No.291038

File: 5aeba4d66f6ec9f⋯.jpg (44.93 KB, 474x593, 474:593, apache.jpg)

Got my first 12hr twatter ban for wanting to whoop someone's ass.

Apache Warriors

49d6f8 No.291039


i sympathize ... this has been dragging out long enough... time to hit the low hanging fruit... that will prime the public... then go after the big dogs and release as much info as can possibly be done

e0992f No.291040


I'm hearing "Donald Trump…" in my edit. Can't make out the rest. Sounds like a few words are "ghosted."

815b3f No.291041

File: cec4a316aad6cca⋯.png (31.65 KB, 959x258, 959:258, mildef.PNG)


He just signed financing for the military regardless of shutdown.

834313 No.291042


>Patriots don’t sleep.

<Anons don't read bread.

c1f374 No.291043

File: a4ee55d0046eb82⋯.jpg (675.78 KB, 3496x2696, 437:337, 128th-at-gitmo.jpg)


U.S. Citizens who have ties to terror, sedition or treason also can end up there. There is also a case for human trafficking connections ending up there under the EO State of emergency.

May they all have a speedy Military tribunal and a slow death.

da2307 No.291044




The fraud on the court is a BIG issue especially since it was ongoing for who knows how long. And its something they could all lose any law licenses. Rosenstein should be disbarred if he committed a fraud on the FISA court or participated in a conspiracy to commit a fraud on the FISA court.

>>https:// aclj.org/government-corruption/fisa-memo-released-and-fraud-on-the-fisa-court-revealed

The FISA statute, 50 U.S.C. §1805 (d)(1) requires a FISA order on an American citizen be renewed by FISC every 90 days. Each renewal requires a separate finding of probable cause. Then-FBI-Director James Comey, the now-disgraced former director, signed three FISA applications on behalf of the FBI, and former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe signed one. Signing on behalf of the DOJ were the Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, then-Acting Deputy Attorney General Dana Boente, and current Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein who each signed one or more FISA applications on behalf of the Department of Justice. Parenthetically, readers should note that Mr. Boente currently serves as General Counsel for the FBI currently led by FBI Director Christopher Wray.

a6647a No.291045

File: 6f77d0dd4fcbda3⋯.jpg (10.39 KB, 255x171, 85:57, c926db3ac9e2f923a61d11cc36….jpg)

Thanks baker here is your chain of command

ac7d16 No.291046


The proof is the video. That's the whole point of it.


Wanted him to hear of course. The real question is, did POTUS have a mic on him to be able to hear her so distinctively, or does she just have a big mouth?


Thank you baker.

cc40ed No.291047


Cherokee here anon

790b85 No.291048



He is right. It's wrong to get like that just yet, and dangerous, but I can understand it. Anyone professing any real desire for violence and isn't just expressing frustration at the slow (but reeeeeaaally picking up steam) pace- needs to STFU, or is a trap on the boards. Period. Dumbest. Move. Ever. to talk about that and incite violence is not the answer at this time.

86dfc2 No.291049


Ive equalized, slowed it down, and adjusted pitch, have quite a few variants, still fuzzy tho

c6130e No.291050

Looks like we have a leaky Wiener

https:// squawker. org/politics/somebody-just-leaked-every-phone-number-and-address-on-anthony-weiners-laptop-639-politicians-and-media-personalities-doxxed/

beb680 No.291051

Great work.


201a8f No.291052

bread #'d 256, should be #356

cb062a No.291053



63d812 No.291054


Obvious. Baker already addressed.

fab9aa No.291055

File: 5fca6f22f1b9525⋯.jpg (150.83 KB, 1067x597, 1067:597, Screenshot_20180206-214217.jpg)

File: b314fa054fa551e⋯.jpg (493.29 KB, 1072x1359, 1072:1359, 20180206_214707.jpg)


Was hoping it would say Made in USA lol. Would be a clearer signal after SOTU speech.

e6321f No.291056

#256!?!? Fail.

adaa89 No.291057


also the problem with that is, most of us have jobs, families we take care of, and other adult responsibilities. when we "protest" we only do it once, and we make sure that one time is all we need.

060b57 No.291058


Why are we NOT helping get this out? Nunes just said no one covering unredacted memo tonight. Deep state block

199390 No.291059

File: e56fe26a4a35de1⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1280x800, 8:5, photostudio_1517975185308.png)

Anons! THIS is the lady who was seated in the center. Q specified the center lady. This is her. I can tell by her hairstyle and dress. Cant see her mouth because she's behind the other lady.

ac78b0 No.291060

File: 8b10ad9d36127f0⋯.png (16.21 KB, 582x156, 97:26, Capture.PNG)

File: 556d157363a3b53⋯.png (11.08 KB, 599x93, 599:93, Capture2.PNG)

What if Hannity's "tick tocks" are related to the clock in Q's posts? Q has already mentioned that there are very few in the media that are /ourguy/. When Hannity was taken off of twitter recently, there was a clear reaction.

I see he said it tonight, and on the second. Anybody see a correlation anywhere?

676383 No.291061

File: 671a0df1259a6ef⋯.jpeg (252.67 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 92B20AE8-3E9A-4480-985F-B….jpeg)


201a8f No.291062

File: 3dc43eec78ae259⋯.jpg (75.77 KB, 344x315, 344:315, xvalentine-bread.jpg.pages….jpg)


95c2c6 No.291063


Protesting is what Faggots do to show their fag friends how loose their gaping asshole is.

That's not how you play the game. You have to find forcing moves. Chess tactics 101.

4813fc No.291064

File: 817fac4e9573985⋯.png (904.4 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 12D75D0A-694F-4349-B7FA-19….png)

File: c4e7fc3c676445e⋯.png (604.6 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 4C5C2C4D-5BE1-4023-A56F-8C….png)

49d6f8 No.291065


feels like beating a dead horse… we need our string of ears now

e6321f No.291066

What if POTUS actually knows all these people IRL, and they're all secretly laughing at the dumbfucks who think they're getting away some something?

86dfc2 No.291067



It could be the white chick she was standing right next to the camera, on the tape Brenda Lawrence is moving her mouth to the sound but so is the white chick, what is the white chicks name? I've analyzed Beatty's voice , I don't beleive it is hers, but lawrence could easily be a match

cc40ed No.291068


no more fucking sound bytes.

unless you have clear audio of someone plottiong ffs

81af42 No.291069

just spitballin here….. Would the Library of Congress have an unedited version of the image you anons are seeking?

95c2c6 No.291070


Hannity is Q duh

eb15a1 No.291072

File: a87c6bf73188849⋯.png (231.51 KB, 600x599, 600:599, comey treason.png)

File: e0d86b239d8c81a⋯.jpg (588.36 KB, 600x450, 4:3, gallows.jpg)

File: b43110bd5cf42af⋯.png (342.32 KB, 600x428, 150:107, gitmo ac.png)

File: d79481644398872⋯.png (321.09 KB, 600x337, 600:337, no criminals.png)

File: 4ffe08dca7e878d⋯.jpg (54.07 KB, 512x387, 512:387, pepe sniper.jpg)

358f13 No.291073

Thank you baker 👨‍🍳

9e8404 No.291074

File: 7bbf46729c3acaf⋯.jpg (10.38 KB, 275x183, 275:183, Unknown.jpg)


You gotta be kidding.


815b3f No.291075


Wasn't he trying to go to Mars? Looks like he missed Mars.

ac7d16 No.291076


Which white chick?

adaa89 No.291077


wait wasn't that car just launched today? or am i out of the loop? how the fuck could it have reached past mars already? or am i a retardfag?

e6321f No.291078


Hey. I just have to explore all the possibilities. Even if they're gay af. Mmmmk? Nigger.

beb680 No.291079


But you can see her jaw move.

86dfc2 No.291080


I've analyzed Beatty's voice I don't think it is a match in timbre or formant usage, Brenda Lawrence was a closer match, the white chick in red moves her mouth at the same time

decd67 No.291081

[repost so it does not get lost at end of last bread]


And there's the problem. Q said OUTRAGE JUSTICE, everyone's so busy talking about grabbing guns, locking and loading, we as a whole I think are missing the next step, which would be to stage a protest(s) about how unjust the system is et al. Play Their Game. They use BLM, ANTIFA whatever, We as Patriots need to take to the streets. We have forgotten how to play the game. You, We cannot win a war behind a keyboard and monitor. Fear of Doxxing yourself, eh whatever, but this is war. Can't win a war from the sidelines or without some risk.

61014b No.291082





House Recording Studio, CSPAN, Congressional Archives.

The Studio needs to be contacted.

Anon's can't get off chair.

060b57 No.291083


Seems the details unredacted show a pretty big punch. They are blocking waiting for dem memo. Thought this is what we do? Help Q get message out around msm. #GrassleyMemo

c313df No.291084


EM supposedly pulled out of 2 of POTUS's business advisory counsels. I think that POTUS/Q have flipped him somehow - he had to, or else he would not financially survive. But something tells me there's much more to this!

95bfe4 No.291085


Well worth the scroll…))

a084cc No.291086


Hannity is too much of a famefag to be Q. He couldn't help but out himself.

b96ace No.291087

for those of you still harping on the video, POTUS himself posted as anon this morning telling us that we had to go to the Congressional Office and request FEED 1 with a FOIA request in order to get the information that we are seeking. Other anons suggested that it was a job for Judicial Watch.

86dfc2 No.291089


in the red near the camera, further down the aisle from POTUS

199390 No.291090


It's so hard to tell. Such a quick shot

bc94e1 No.291091

File: 20fe85ebcbec9ec⋯.jpeg (515.9 KB, 1125x1005, 75:67, 5C28551B-8787-4F84-A246-F….jpeg)

4de238 No.291092


republicans don't protest. they're too busy working

e6321f No.291093


Like.. what if Soros is actually Michael Jackson and Cher's love child?

49d6f8 No.291094


the problem with all these memos is that without the supporting documents the left is going to cling to the bias narrative

689567 No.291095


How do YOU know it was POTUS?

cc40ed No.291096


fucking thank you

need new mission!

f8b2e9 No.291097


That… is kind of awesome.

199390 No.291098


Not white. Ive lived in the south too long. I recognize that cadence. Not a white voice.

10183d No.291099

File: 03f51aa6efe6e48⋯.jpg (21.03 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 1810832_1.jpg)

549306 No.291100


More reason to get rid of Soros

9e8404 No.291101

File: 2f03f258149f715⋯.jpg (299.73 KB, 750x1114, 375:557, L.jpg)


For any anons on the L train.

I was here that night.

This is not my thread tho.

358f13 No.291102

676383 No.291103


I am Donald J Trump Anon.

4 10 20 And Stuff.

bfe015 No.291104

File: 9b896128a086880⋯.jpg (870.13 KB, 1521x1939, 1521:1939, HRC timeline_pg1.jpg)

File: 8776e0e1a45dd30⋯.jpg (879.36 KB, 1521x1943, 1521:1943, HRC timeline_pg2.jpg)

File: da2e10092fd16df⋯.jpg (943 KB, 1524x1942, 762:971, HRC timeline_pg3.jpg)

Here is a timeline for HRC / Deep State Cabal - final draft. It is broken into 3 pieces for easy reading.

Observations from research:

1) We owe a huge debt to the Benghazi Patriots. If it had not been for the Benghazi investigation, the Clinton Deep State Cabal would still be in full swing. The lynchpin to the whole thing was that HRC could not produce an official government communication (email from a govt server) regarding Benghazi. That started the whole ball rolling.

2) It’s really hard to find the starting point of an FBI investigation, specifically:

a. What day did it begin

b. Who authorized it

c. What was the probable cause

3) How is it that the Trump administration was under FISA surveillance for over a year? When the warrant was issued for Carter Page, they renewed three existing warrants at the same time. Here are the requirements for a FISA warrant:

a. To surveil foreign agents (not domestic)

b. Must be renewed every 90 days

c. New probable cause must be supplied for each renewal

834313 No.291105


feeling the Paine tonight

61014b No.291106

358f13 No.291107

e6321f No.291108


Nice #'s, but yeah. There's plenty of reason to do that. PLENTY

And I don't even like people, but that guy… holy shit.

ac7d16 No.291109


Her mouth doesn't seem to be moving? It looks like she was smiling.

But the lady I believe is saying it stops immediately after the phrase is said.

Plus, if you say "SHOT" your jaw lowers and mouth opens (I have studied Linguistics) , she is the only one who is doing that. (That have seen.)

444b4f No.291110


Is that what this is saying?

Not saying you are wrong, but i didnt take it that way. Apparently, this is a memorandum that every president signs every year.

3420a4 No.291111


velocity and orbital calculations done ahead of time

81af42 No.291112


Which post? Sauce?

efc0a5 No.291113


Sounds like black womans voice imho

da2307 No.291114


this might be the best post I've seen maybe ever.

9fb9d2 No.291115


I'm still working on this. Going to call the recording studio and library of congress tomorrow

f88cda No.291116

File: e7daac3d62e4afc⋯.png (79.48 KB, 247x223, 247:223, LdRwithNewfriend.png)

b96770 No.291117



Paine's getting emotional and/or stoking emotions. That's bypassing the logic that POTUS is using for the long-game.

I'm no pacifist, but damn, I can see that jumping into the deep end like this will only undermine POTUS efforts, idk if he can see that. Or,

> MISINFO from past reliable sources.

>>290959 you're absolutely right, people are being mislead if not misinformed, and reaching out to them directly is the best way. Not even having to mention Q if they're not ready for that, but getting them to see the slow deliberate method that POTUS is using. One arrest on TV won't solve the whole problem, nor will shooting these people down and ending up in prison on their place, THAT's what people need to understand. Instant gratification will only leave them wanting more anyway, and where does taht end? It wont.

b01b48 No.291118


Can I ever have my request processed faster than usual or expedited?

Under certain conditions you may be entitled to have your request processed on an expedited basis. There are two specific situations where a request will be expedited, which means that it is handled as soon as practicable. These two situations apply to every agency. First, a request will be expedited if the lack of expedited treatment could reasonably be expected to pose a threat to someone's life or physical safety. Second, if there is an urgency to inform the public about an actual or alleged Federal Government activity, if made by a person who is primarily engaged in disseminating information, his or her request will be expedited. Agencies can also allow expedited processing for additional reasons. The websites for each agency will provide more information on any additional standards for seeking expedited processing.

0bb48b No.291119


Made by personkind

060b57 No.291120


Sessions will step out of the closet soon. And the IG report should give legs. Potus has plan. I just hope it comes before people tune out.

cc48c5 No.291121

Anons officially lost their damn minds over the last few days. So many lame attempts at reinventing the wheel.

Let's take something in the NEWS and see if it unlocks the MAP.

Elon Musk…go on.

Review EM and see if we can find something we missed.

ac7d16 No.291122



Brenda Lawerence. Right beside her.

Watch her mouth.

da2307 No.291123

61014b No.291124



ffb63a No.291125


I thought it could be the black woman directly in front of Beatty in this screen cap. Look how pissed off she is with her arms folded staring right at POTUS

6549f4 No.291126


Amazing work anon thank you!!!

eb15a1 No.291127

File: c5efec7c5525d63⋯.png (267.61 KB, 600x325, 24:13, schiff russ.png)


Hey Donald, while you're here

cf5894 No.291128


>Musk being a potential flip to /ourguys/ despite

America really needs what hes selling. SpaceX is the only american made rocket engine and reusable to boot. Otherwise its Russian RD-180 engines that may be used to hold the country hostage one day.

86dfc2 No.291129


That voice could easily be white, plus she is standing next to the camera, the taller guy turns to her right when it was said

0bb48b No.291130


REEE! He should have said HUPERSONS!

060b57 No.291131


Thank you!

9e8404 No.291132

cc40ed No.291133


awesome job anon sweet

815b3f No.291134


It was delegating more expenses and authority to Mattis and Mnuchin.

adaa89 No.291135


ohh so it isn;t ACTUALLY there then, thats the projected path, i went full stupid, mah bad thanks anon

decd67 No.291136


Weapons are still useful but they should be carried by organized security teams that are there to protect the people who are marching. Organized means a disciplined team commanded by ex military or ex police who have some experience in protection.

It can be made safe for the people who want to protest and demand arrests, release of documents, etc. We need to organize and get out from behind the keyboards. There is a place for every skillset to help in the revolution.

Plus, if people make their own signs based on the memes and the stuff that appears in #TheStorm hashtag on Twitter, then a whole lot of people who have NEVER SEEN any of these messages will be exposed, and will join the conversation.

If you need an overall slogan for demonstrations, I suggest this one:


444b4f No.291137


https:// obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/the-press-office/2016/07/26/memorandum-delegation-authority-under-section-1247-national-defense

bcc4e2 No.291138


I've said this many times and been shot down many times.

Then I turn around and hear one more voice and one more voice….. It's coming. We haven't protested, but that doesn't mean we won't!

It's part of the Storm! It's coming!

f41313 No.291139


I was looking at it earlier from someone on twatter. He also had LynnDR's number, as well as Jake Tapper & James Carville.

b01b48 No.291140


What is the Office of Government Information Services?

The Office of Government Information Services (OGIS) offers mediation services to resolve disputes between FOIA requesters and agencies as an alternative to litigation. OGIS also reviews agency FOIA compliance, policies, and procedures. The Office is a part of the National Archives and Records Administration, and was created by Congress as part of the OPEN Government Act of 2007, which amended the FOIA

ac7d16 No.291141


She's an alcoholic mess, poor thing.

She will be drunk out of her mind when… oh, you know. ;)

fd2748 No.291142


Damn POGs, breathing all the Intryman's air..

b23253 No.291143


I’m sure Hannity has staff lurking here.

cc40ed No.291144


bed time

9538a5 No.291145


Possibly why Q pointed out this person to us.


676383 No.291146

File: e1953c76e96cf15⋯.jpeg (54.75 KB, 497x500, 497:500, F3C662B3-E336-4F4C-B0BB-8….jpeg)

7995a5 No.291147


The seven dwarves are lying to us all. What they are putting in the air is not what they say it is. I live near Silicon Valley. The things that have been going by in the sky for the last year and a half are not what they say they are. You guys are being very naiive. They are lying to you. We had two very weird sky events so far tonight. They are lying. LYING. LYING.

eb15a1 No.291148

File: 3effe2134f7f632⋯.jpg (58.54 KB, 634x744, 317:372, pepe mlk.jpg)


That's Raciss

86dfc2 No.291149


Her mouth is moving I've watched it many times and yes her jaw moves down, watch the cspan edit 11:25

https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATFwMO9CebA

c3ce80 No.291150

Q keeps saying we have all we need. We forgot how to play. We have Hillary, at the very least, lying in testimony before Congress, verified by Comey testimony before Congress. Guilty. We have the FBI and DOJ lying to a FISA Court Judge to get a warrant to spy on a man that they had very recently employed. Guilty. You can keep adding what we do have. We have enough.

22546b No.291151


Insects: "Humans?? Pfft"

ac7d16 No.291152


Launch the L memes!

cc1136 No.291153

File: d9e1229d0a07f6c⋯.png (696.56 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, FC6EFE7A-76CE-47C0-A82C-14….png)

Wtf is going on with SX and EM. POTUS just congratulated him on a successful launch ? Code?

I’m so frustrated rn

98036a No.291154



That might be it too, Or they new True Pundit would, and the guy on 4Chan. And what is happening here.

Keep Calm and Stay the Course.

c38156 No.291155

File: 91e22273d753ba3⋯.jpg (42.02 KB, 436x437, 436:437, vatican_china.JPG)

Yesterday Erdogan met with the Pope to formulate a new world order strategy. Check the news. Today the Vatican is now glorifying China (the communist authoritarian state) as the perfect ideal for "the good of the planet".

We've gone from "Is the Pope catholic?" to "Is the Pope communist?"… And with the Erdogan huddle, true intentions may be starting to show. Maybe Soros and Roths do take their orders from P?

>He accused US president Donald Trump of being “manipulated” by global oil firms, and said that, as opposed to those who follow “liberal thought”, the Chinese are working for the greater good of the planet.


f8b2e9 No.291156


English is funny… there's always more than two meanings to any one thing.

358f13 No.291157


That was a repost fro last night, one anon searched the info and reposted it. That was NOT POTUS. There is no 41020 on the post. And he would most likely post on Q secure board l…

81af42 No.291158


If "POTUS Himself" said to go to the Congressional Office, why call the studio or LOC?

652b7b No.291159

Does anyone remember reading the story that Obama was trying to FF nuke Charleston SC a few years back? Doesn't seem so crazy now, looking back.

e6321f No.291160


Yeah, seen that a while ago. Well.. December, obviously. I'd still probably eat her taco. But I've already dated earth Satan, so couldn't be any worse, me thinks.

But then again.. might taste like aborted children, and that's not something I'm into.

cf0f4b No.291161



c313df No.291162


Every single one is of superb quality!!

358f13 No.291163


And I’m sure POTUS KNOWS most of us are NOT in DC

a084cc No.291164


We have enough to do what?

2c7a4f No.291165


Oh shit! Trudeau would have a problem with that… not politically correct.

7995a5 No.291166


you are being very naiive. EM is one of the seven dwarves. They are lying about what they are doing. That is big brother in the sky. This is a nightmare.

What we see in the sky in California and what they tell you are two completely different things.

ffae64 No.291167


Hannity isn't that close to POTUS to be coding messeges and such, and posting photos from AF1 , NO WAY. And I love Hannity, Q also posts in questions for the most part, that move would nix the fact of telling classified info because only questions were posed, no answers were ever given technically

9e8404 No.291168

File: 33326ad0518e2a2⋯.jpg (123.57 KB, 704x684, 176:171, Bingo.jpg)

File: d2922972e5c4b42⋯.jpg (6.54 KB, 198x205, 198:205, Patriots.jpg)



Nice work.

God Bless

7bd8f7 No.291169

File: 280db7d07d8b4e6⋯.png (3.01 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, Screenshot_2018-02-06-20-5….png)

File: e6eb7b716d0de07⋯.png (2.96 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, Screenshot_2018-02-06-20-4….png)

File: 157e64e2f2dd281⋯.png (3.08 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, Screenshot_2018-02-06-20-4….png)

d64fc9 No.291170


Awesome organizational skills. TY. Understand why the Excel version cannot be made available. Again, ty.

f8b2e9 No.291171


WE don't all have to be in DC.

230801 No.291172

File: b3520a81c722295⋯.jpg (69.71 KB, 720x662, 360:331, IMG_1803.JPG)

Breaking News

(Pic related)

beb680 No.291173


The lady next to the guy is whispering to him.

That is why he is leaned forward.

bcc4e2 No.291174


Or, boots on the ground.

Some nearby anon make a friend in the office!

Get out, be social once in a while.

Time to Veritas some shit!

dae706 No.291175

File: 3bd82ffa830f4c2⋯.png (893.99 KB, 782x584, 391:292, ClipboardImage.png)

b01b48 No.291176


FOIA Contact: To make a FOIA request to Main Office please send request to:

Joseph Scanlon

FOIA Officer, Office of the General Counsel

Room 3110

8601 Adelphi Road

College Park, MD 20740

(301) 837-3642 (Telephone)

(301) 837-0293 (Fax)

joseph.scanlon@nara.gov (Request via Email)

FOIA Requester Service Center: Phone: (301) 837-3642

FOIA Public Liaison: Gary Stern, Phone: (301) 837-2024

Website: http:// www.archives.gov/foia/index.html

Notes: This agency has additional FOIA contact information that can be found by visiting its website

9fb9d2 No.291177



Sorry i'v been away for several hours, what do you mean POTUS himself said to go to the congressional office?

95ba9f No.291178


I am with you on this. Even here, some don't understand about maintaining credibility or how quickly it can be shed.

cc8baf No.291179


Super Kek!

95c2c6 No.291180


I was kidding

49d6f8 No.291181


agreed… but i cant imagine they would be dumb enough to let that happen… once the hype plateaus i think they will make their move

676383 No.291182

File: 03d122fbe826d76⋯.jpeg (749.15 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, 58788ED1-9737-4BB7-BE1B-3….jpeg)

According to Musk, we are all in the Matrix anyway anons.

5dc77c No.291183


this makes no any sense ._.

9bd29a No.291184


Trump could just grab the black hats and kill them. Why try to preserve the rule of law? It's slow and inefficient. Lynchings are good.

Untill mob rule gets out of hand. Which it always does.

Q is trying to show you, just demand, with one voice, that the law prevail.

Jail and bring to trial the traitors.

Don't make them marters. Let all see our country WORKS.

Restore the constitution and Long Live the Republic!

f88cda No.291185


EXCEPTIONAL work, anon.

Organized, detailed, sourced.

God bless you BIGLY.

(Line 57 Typos "known", "Kremlin")

f8b2e9 No.291186

https:// twitter.com/JulianAssange/status/960967320762974209

They're getting desperate.

358f13 No.291187


No You are right .. that’s true. But POTUS didn’t post that comment the anon stated, it was a repost from an anon last night. I was here when we were searching how to get a hard copy.

c3ce80 No.291188

>>291145 The question is Who in the Justice Dept is blocking their testimony?

b96770 No.291190

Thomas Paine is tickling feelz. It's interesting to see how many people fall for it. This isn't a Law & Order episode anon. Get it together, keep it together. Stoke just enough outrage to provoke a demand for justice, but don't fall victim to it by putting all logic to the side. There's enough cowboys out there already to do that.

da2307 No.291191

I better see something soon from Jeff Sessions. Either this guy is putting on an Oscar performance or he's totally compromised.

98036a No.291192


What? It would take weeks to months to get to Mars? Is this a fake account or just fake Tweet completely?

7995a5 No.291193


It is all a big lie. They are trying to make it look innocent, but if it were they would not have to constantly make up lies when we in California see things with our own two eyes that are absolutely not what these people say they are. Trump should not trust Silicon Valley.

358f13 No.291194


I did NOT say that, another anon did.

b96ace No.291195





you clearly don't know the rules of the game. please learn to play.

I highly suggest figuring out how to read the drops by ANON that are connected to the POTUS. Very simple. Find POTUS tweets, 5 min apart for today. Count back 5 minutes. Look in Q Research. Look at 3 posts in that time frame. Figure out which post is most likely POTUS. Check other posts. Inside crumbs confirm.


you're welcome


you're welcome

Didn't get much attention earlier today.

>>285456 is one of the POTUS messages from this morning.

>>285736 re >>285611 is another POTUS message.

>>285704 is another POTUS message.

Click on the links and search that user id on that bread, there's a couple more.

This whole fucking board has been running around in circles ALL DAY so I would REALLY appreciate it if some anons learned how to play the fucking game.

Mod Edit:

Sigh, as much as I want this to be true, those posts are done by anon just like any of you.

Proof: Post histories.

Why, pray tell, would we need anything more than the inspirational and hard truths of Q.

We have over 600 previous posts to reference, especially since THE MAP CONTAINS EVENTS THAT ARE TO COME.

You want your Personal message from Trump? Flip over to your Qmap (which you always have open by your side) and ctrl-f p_pers


Post last edited at

0c17fd No.291196


Remember this: all the digging is a swarm of flashlights shining under rocks. Answers sought bring change as much as the answers found.

4813fc No.291197

File: 1f81aa168b6d136⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 1877EBAD-83EB-444A-9CDC-2D….png)

NUNES IS A BOSS!!!!!!!! I highly recommend you go watch this boss in action!

37f451 No.291198


NO stand by for upload

c2d642 No.291199

File: d1bb625e20b80a3⋯.jpg (15.33 KB, 474x356, 237:178, ithim.jpg)


(carried over)

It's him it's him!!!

Back from the grave!!

ac7d16 No.291200


Hmm, didn't see much movement.

But other things to consider:

- it does sound like a black female voice

- also, back to the Linguistics thing….SHOT. Jaw lowers, mouth open.

Brenda is doing it.

af45fb No.291201


Demo of new space tech?

230801 No.291202

File: a0821107e8f030b⋯.jpg (80.96 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, IMG_1794.JPG)


Gotta be trolling him… or controlling him!


ffae64 No.291203


make a deal with us, tell us what you know,we'll own your ass from now on,, now go send up these com sats for me you little Tesla name stealing bitch, get it now?

3420a4 No.291204


go watch some kerbal space program videos and understand.

d57887 No.291205


That took some time. Great work anon!

ee015a No.291206


It might be indicative of Elon being flipped to the POTUS side. Of all the major tech heads, SpaceX is much too valuable of a force for good to be totally gutted by mass public scandal.

I think the real dicks of the tech world are the social media bigwigs since they've basically served to promote globalistic ideals whereas SpaceX is a true gateway of human advancement. POTUS may have cut the biggest art of the deal engagement yet with Elon. Just my optimistic two cents.

199390 No.291207

Q specifically stated what lady it was. He said she was seated center. Cant see her mouth move because she is behind the other lady.

c3ce80 No.291208

2c7a4f No.291209


Wow! superb work Anon. Thank you for your service, and God bless!!

decd67 No.291210


Lot's of people organized campaign events in 2016. Many of those people are still in touch with their MAGA friends. I believe this is the right time to encourage some sort of protests against corrupt bureaucrats and politicians. And the protests should also include POSITIVE ACTIONB

195ad8 No.291211

OKAY, is there more Schifft here to be dug up? We know McStain (Not to be confused w/Schiff stain) gave Comey Doody the pee pee dossier, ARE there parallel dossiers one used as a cover to spy directly on Trump himself? These people are literally swimming in their own sewage.

ffb63a No.291212


Outstanding work, anon!

358f13 No.291213


Been here since oct when Q came, almost every single day for more then 15 hrs a day… I know the rules , I am a former CRYPTO from the US NAVY. But thank you so much , have a blessed day,

7bd8f7 No.291214

File: 1834bfc6d5cf924⋯.png (2.51 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, Screenshot_2018-02-06-00-3….png)

File: 22c93a09bed8bad⋯.png (2.56 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, Screenshot_2018-02-06-00-3….png)

File: eef02ac34a66cba⋯.png (2.49 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, Screenshot_2018-02-06-00-3….png)

4813fc No.291215

File: b8380099da6445f⋯.png (2.58 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, DF470EEE-9430-4172-8C8E-A2….png)

File: 99685a2ad5db9fa⋯.png (1.67 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 28690FA1-960E-46BF-8942-E2….png)


That’s his legit account, my friend.

58a0d9 No.291216


There's a rumor among some parts of the catholic church that this will be the last pope

0bb48b No.291217


If we protest, it just gives (((them))) another opportunity to pull a Charlottesville. Lefties will show up with hammers and blowtorches and shotguns, but if we call them violent, we are nazis.

Protesters ALWAYS look stupid because their signs can't say more than a bumper sticker—wit is not wisdom.

If there is another, superior to show our numbers AND our integrity, I'm all for it. A chain letter? Petition? I don't have the answer, but lefties have absolutely ruined the appeal of protests for me.

c5e7a5 No.291218



815b3f No.291219


THIS 100%

dfd572 No.291220


You are the one who does not know how to play.

230801 No.291221

File: 0fdde973b314e77⋯.jpg (53.66 KB, 960x540, 16:9, IMG_1804.JPG)


No, Really

37f451 No.291222

don't applaud he should be shot, as quoted by another anon


sitting who is she?

ffae64 No.291223


oh lol my bad

b96770 No.291224




These are definitely being pushed. It can get out of hand real fast.



>Can we simply arrest the opposition w/o first exposing the TRUTH?

This is the part that's getting lost in translation.

81af42 No.291225

836e50 No.291226


That's Hu-people to you

7995a5 No.291227


It is a big fat lie. We have seen these same things in the sky in California for the last year and a half. They tell us they are space debris from China or meteors. They are not. This whole thing is something they do not want to tell the truth about. Two things just went by in the sky here that look like the so-called Chinese space debris. They are not. They are up to no good.

The seven dwarves are data mining everyone.

cf5894 No.291228


>They use BLM, ANTIFA whatever, We as Patriots need to take to the streets.

This is EXACTLY what they want you to do. When you fight back the cops + them knock your teeth in, you get doxxed and arrested. That was the whole point of their bullshit alt-kike movement. Draw patriots out and destroy their lives. Where are BLM and Antifags now? Irrelevant with no boogeyman to fight.

Compare the progress by patriots with the first six-eight months and then after that nonsense at Charlottesville. Luckily everyone realized how full of shit they were and began focusing on whats important: The Government. A strong online game + IRL redpilling everyone you can keeps you in the game for years vs days if your photo is taken. Q's drops keeps anons laser focused.

94cace No.291229


Joyce Beatty. It's been know since last night.

efc0a5 No.291230


Exactly, if we were led to potus shot lady audio then he clearly pointed who that was, akthough she is no lady- trash

9e8404 No.291231

File: dc102348c87a4ed⋯.jpg (7.5 KB, 269x187, 269:187, Ewwwwww.jpg)


Larry Fitzgerald?

That You?

195ad8 No.291232


Ohooooooooo, Niiiiiiiice!

fab9aa No.291233

File: 99b872c99a9c3d6⋯.jpg (110.34 KB, 960x770, 96:77, FB_IMG_1517904664853.jpg)

File: ba73b7a46c00483⋯.jpg (49.33 KB, 800x670, 80:67, FB_IMG_1517932697595.jpg)

4d00e2 No.291235


Wow amazing Anon. Thank you!

6cbc25 No.291236


>The fraud on the court is a BIG issue

I agree and I believe I read that in order to invoke military tribunals have to prove courts aren't functioning and laws aren't being enforced.

358f13 No.291237


Last pope will be named Paul.

95bfe4 No.291238



There is no chance in hell that pans out like that. The lies to the FISC are massive. You simply aren't aware of the extent of them were. Christopher Steele don't look good, but HE DID NOT commit fraud on the court. It will take down anybody and everybody who signed off on the misrepresentations made. Those two you name are cooked before this and for this. They won't amount to about a third of those involved here.

There is no way in hell either that those judges didn't know what was going on. Deep State runs deeper than most know, or many to imagine.

What is more disconcerting is the English betrayal in American Politics. If Prime Minister May was neutral, she would have been of no need to be 'neutralized,' along with MI6.

The uprising is underway, arrests for criminal behaviour is justice.

This winter yet is opportune, come Spring, the natives will take to the streets in even greater numbers.

I'd let the Schiffty memo be released as drafted. Let the charges be drawn.

ac7d16 No.291239


Her big ass mouth opens like Christ on the 3rd day, I don't think she's "whispering".

cce997 No.291240

It seems the future is now with exploding trends which are God’s “intel in advance.” From the rush to globalism and a cashless society, the world is racing towards a final destination. Events are morphing as never before. Learn of the 15 trends affecting you today.

http:// olivetreeviews.org/radio/complete-archives/1221-end-time-converging-trends

fc332e No.291241

File: ff847d41207c341⋯.png (471.08 KB, 642x625, 642:625, Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at ….png)



Is is OUR job. That's OUR tape!!

Can we get a meme going so we can get 150 signatures?? If we get to 150, me and the team will head to DC. For all to see.

DO NOT DOXX yourselves. I just need memes and signatures.

I am NOT going to shut up about this Anons!!

https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/full-release-all-footage-each-video-and-photo-camera-used-during-2018-state-union-address

The time is NOW!!!

0bb48b No.291242


So then what? We see that there are different time difference between Q posts and Trump tweets and then what? What do we do with that information that is of value?

22546b No.291243

Is this big?? Grassley memo:

"The Clinton Campaign funded Mr. Steele's work"

ede6dd No.291244



9fb9d2 No.291245


Interesting. i'm 2 hours from D.C. but which office? The house office?

and does anyone have that specific anon that said it?

0c17fd No.291246


Basically Joyce Beatty, Ohio, confirmed.

dfd572 No.291247


Potus did not post on this board this morning.

bfbf8f No.291248


Well done Anon!

This is a fabulous resource!

09dc9c No.291249

File: 7f1606810785a94⋯.gif (2 MB, 268x268, 1:1, tumblr_nsl2i6EehD1qc3ju8o4….gif)

9460e9 No.291250


No. Who is Larry Fitzgerald? Lol Sounds Irish.

0bb48b No.291251



549306 No.291252


There is a video of Hillary just about saying the same thing before the election. She was glorifying China too.

7995a5 No.291253


It is 8:08 in California. His tweet is 10:06. Is there a rational explanation for that?

ac7d16 No.291254


Doing the Lord's work Patriot, good job.

834313 No.291255

File: 61fb216f70ffe7d⋯.jpg (53.48 KB, 600x606, 100:101, meatles.jpg)


>will be named Paul.

fc3b7f No.291256

Carter Page Testimony

https:// intelligence.house.gov/uploadedfiles/carter_page_hpsci_hearing_transcript_nov_2_2017.pdf

f8b2e9 No.291257

Man, I want to do the Twatter thing, but I don't want it connected to me. Blegh…

b6ad6d No.291258



Are any 'natives' coming around to #MAGA?

I know they overwhelmingly voted for dems, are they breaking free too?

5cdd36 No.291259


This is the part of what Q said that didn't make sense to me. Why yes, if you have probable cause then you can arrest.

b96770 No.291260


So, do I just BELIEVE that POTUS posted such here, or do you have a source? Link to the post itself at the very least?

Thing about being anon, is that one can say ANY damn thing, and somewhere, somebody will believe it without question. To them I say

>These people are LITERALLY MORONS.

49d6f8 No.291262


whatever timezone the tweet was viewed in

ac7d16 No.291263



Baker add to dough!

5dc77c No.291264

Where is the Tweet with the Launch of Rocket Falcom9?

cc40ed No.291265


f that anon, dont be cursing us damn it

c313df No.291266


Amazing work Anon!!

Thank you!!

Saved, saved, and saved!

BO - Must go in bread! Thank you!

81af42 No.291267


Thank you! I was not aware of that. It is some handy info to have.

a084cc No.291268


Why do we always seem to have to play by their rules? So, we don't want to protest because we're afraid of Antifa and bad media coverage?

The media is never going to be on our side. Hell, they don't even cover the few protests we have made. Why do we allow them to determine what we do?

358f13 No.291269

230801 No.291270

File: 0e6a398e064a623⋯.jpg (78.91 KB, 710x473, 710:473, IMG_1797.JPG)



Epic job anon!!!

98036a No.291271


what is the movie about the bug killing soldiers going to war? Did he use that footage?

95ba9f No.291272


Quite obviously Nunes didn't watch Hannity or Laura Ingram. This time Hannity had it before we did, just about 2 hrs ago, took us half of that to even find it.

86dfc2 No.291273


the "black" voice thing is wrong, the white chick is talking to a few people and she is right next to the camera, her cheeks widen when pronouncing HE, and brendas does not do that, it might not be the word "shot" could be time

f8b2e9 No.291274


Cherokee, Choctaw and Blackfoot with Czech and Icelandic Scots/Irish.

My mother's side used to rule the area where the Rothchild's hunting lodge is. Don't want it back. Too much blood in the soil. Bad luck.

eb15a1 No.291275


STarship troopers

ffb63a No.291276


To the anon posting all of this great info, THANK YOU! It will be used accordingly.

f88cda No.291277


will you describe further what you eyewitnessed? Even photos if you have them and are willing?

4638fa No.291279


Bravo!!! Nice work! Saved!

cc40ed No.291281


there has been innocent blood spilled in all land anon, sad but true. i hope we turn that around!!!!

0bb48b No.291282


Have you EVER seen a protest and thought to yourself, "wow, those people must be smart and right"?

eb15a1 No.291283


Where's Little Adam?

f6cccd No.291284

File: a3e0b2b117a9d4f⋯.jpg (10.6 KB, 253x199, 253:199, download-26.jpg)


Paine doesn't understand nor believe in the Q drops. He made fun of it , didn't he?

That's why he's going off the deep end.

What he's suggesting could derail the whole project of waking the public FIRST.

He needs to be counciled and comforted?

fc332e No.291285

File: 03b00bfecc6562c⋯.png (2.68 MB, 1000x700, 10:7, Trump_Lion_Transparent.png)


The house of Reps from what we know. Seems like Ryan is in Charge of it.

If I was within 10 hours of DC I Would have been there with my recording equipment and crew TODAY.

9f75d1 No.291286

It's not JUST Schiff who got punked.




https:// deplorablepartyusanews.blogspot.com/2018/02/schiffmccain-waters-caught-colluding.html?m=1

9e38a7 No.291287


Civil rights seemed like a good idea.

b96ace No.291288


Then you must be wasting your time with that comment. Please tell me how to play the game, it'd be much appreciated. I know how to find the anon posts. I still haven't quite figured out the delta.


I'm sad to hear that you've been playing the game since October and still don't know the rules of the game.


Normally POTUS gives us jobs or tasks to do with Q drops. Then he will clarify the information with the double tweets. Tweets of 3 refer to various posts in the Q archives, add up the delta and refer back to the post in the archive somehow. Not 100% positive on how that works.


It's actually really cool. I've been in conversations with POTUS on this board before. He does prefer not to be doxxed.

If you want to search for the posts that relate to the last delta that was posted a couple days ago, there are 20 posts, the last post was in response to a post I made. The delta was only 19 minutes. Some idiot said 1 - 2 tweet count back and then 2 - 3 post count.

ffb63a No.291289



In other words, we don't need any stinking 'internet bill of rights'.

If we can't defend what we have now how will defend that?

b96770 No.291290


Great posts will follow IDs as suggested. Yet can you PROVE that these posts are POTUS himself? Can you PROVE that you are qualified to say that these posts are POTUS?

ffae64 No.291291


Chronological order is tits, gives an account of their actions, be proud,nice job!!

b01b48 No.291292


This anon will have someone removed from him make the foia request in the morning.

358f13 No.291293


https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prophecy_of_the_Popes

09dc9c No.291294

File: d1ebd1c3d06b873⋯.jpg (48.01 KB, 533x400, 533:400, 1f806375b7878599354516b1d5….jpg)



Good work anons, proud of you.

ee2964 No.291295


she takes valtrex

95ba9f No.291296


>What if Hannity's "tick tocks" are related to the clock in Q's posts

I think Hannity saying Tick-Tock is a nervous tick he demonstrates because he knows more than he is allowed to tell. Must be frustrating as hell. At least we can tell what we know.

cc40ed No.291297


at wallstreet and union strikes yes

decd67 No.291298


You are absolutely right. We should roll ovber and beg forgiveness from our Illuminati masters. A life of slavery is the right thing for us all.

Baa baa baaaaaaa

f8b2e9 No.291299


Reminds me of DBZ Abridged...

"Everybody duck, cuz I'm turning left and I don't wanna smack anyone with my dick!"

0bb48b No.291300


We are the plague. God damn this board is getting dumber by the day.

81af42 No.291301


FFS! I'm not saying he did. Others are.

7bd8f7 No.291302

File: 1d1c6c0e46b132f⋯.png (3.03 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, Screenshot_2018-02-06-21-1….png)

File: 0c68510eec4f2be⋯.png (3.03 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, Screenshot_2018-02-06-21-1….png)

358f13 No.291303

They say the pope who takes the name peter the Roman will be the last pope before destruction of the world

dfd572 No.291304


You are absolutely disgusting! You should be banned for disrespecting POTUS!


b23253 No.291305


Made from Detroit lions? Really? Kek!

f53b14 No.291306

So anybody else think RR brought the FISA application against Page again mainly to bring down FISA judge Contraras? Q?

95c2c6 No.291307

File: d06c1001b1957b4⋯.png (444.73 KB, 640x407, 640:407, ClipboardImage.png)

b6ad6d No.291308


If you have any tribe atmosphere/governance/council tid bits, do share.

If you are familiar with reservation atmosphere that is - are they warming up to repubs and Trump?

All votes count.

As far as their issue of latinos and gangs infiltrating their ranks, any push back? Do tribes dislike them or are young susceptible?

ffb63a No.291309



In other words, we don't need any stinking 'internet bill of rights'.

If we can't defend what we have now how will we defend that?

eb15a1 No.291310

File: c5efec7c5525d63⋯.png (267.61 KB, 600x325, 24:13, schiff russ.png)

be4ea1 No.291311


Clearly these faggots have lost their funders. Looking for new daddy.

a084cc No.291312


And, yet, the SJW/special interest group protests seem to be the impetus for all sorts of freedom sucking legislation.

If smart is equal to results, there is an argument that they have been smart.

9f75d1 No.291313


2nd vid down

https:// deplorablepartyusanews.blogspot.com/2018/02/schiffmccain-waters-caught-colluding.html?m=1

4de238 No.291314



welcome to the chans, faggot

98036a No.291315


Then the whole thing must be bogus.

https: //www.universetoday.com/14841/how-long-does-it-take-to-get-to-mars/

f8b2e9 No.291316


I have no idea. We haven't interacted with them. but some of the Natives I do know off the reservations love Trump.

0bb48b No.291317


>>>291242 (You)

>Normally POTUS gives us jobs or tasks to do with Q drops. Then he will clarify the information with the double tweets. Tweets of 3 refer to various posts in the Q archives, add up the delta and refer back to the post in the archive somehow. Not 100% positive on how that works.

Pretty sure it's just Q's way of proving he works with DJT

b6ad6d No.291318


SCUM. Whores wearing frocks and disgrace to our Lord.

95ba9f No.291319


The other well made point was that we work, have jobs and families, and contribute to society as a whole which gives us less free time than the antifa basement dwellers that are looking for something to do.

37f451 No.291320




>NO stand

9e38a7 No.291321


what do u think the Boston Tea Party was?

358f13 No.291322


Did you add Ryan in there, he was at the meet on tarmac

9460e9 No.291323


Your name is sexist, Peter.


12b098 No.291324


da best

5dc77c No.291325

Maybe this Audio from SimonParkes Explains Why Geotus congratulate Musk, just say it

https ://www.simonparkes.org/single-post/2018/02/05/Wolf-Spirit-Radio-Sunday-4th-February-2018

7995a5 No.291326


Not exactly correct. But they are all Peter.

fc332e No.291327


Me and the crew are DC bound. It's time to show up on the ground.

7bd8f7 No.291328

File: dda25b8ba936361⋯.png (2.92 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, Screenshot_2018-02-06-21-1….png)

efc0a5 No.291329


I always have a feeling good guys have to restrain him not to say too much, he looks overwhelmed

98036a No.291330


It takes 150 to 300 days to get to mars.

Less than a day? Someone calculate the speed, please

cc40ed No.291331


f u, i was making a f joke.

some people need to lighten up

military calls it rand r

take night off, drink some beer, take ol lady out

get layed ffs. everything don't have to be so damn serious

c6572b No.291332



They will know we are a primitive culture.

I hope Soros was alive during the launch.

358f13 No.291333


Wasn’t he charged with messing with kids?

9fb9d2 No.291334


Thanks for this, i'll call tomorrow see whats required. if it's simple i'll go tomorrow too

b01b48 No.291335


Whether its Potus or not doesn't matter. Making a Foia Request is free and its the SOTU, we don't need a lawyer to ask for footage that was broadcast to 50 million people. the records archive isn't a political agency who is going to stonewall the request. They can probably host it or burn it onto a few DVDs in about 10 minutes. Lets not forget, the reason is concern for the Presidents Safety.

230801 No.291337

File: f73f478dfbbb977⋯.jpg (131.73 KB, 636x345, 212:115, IMG_1746.JPG)


Yo are these the pics Schifty got from those two Russian dudes????

Fuckn' KEK!!!!

b66848 No.291338


Emotion tends to do that to the human creature. And these are anons that have a sneek peek. Imagine the shitstorm from those who are oblivious.

fc332e No.291339

File: 03b00bfecc6562c⋯.png (2.68 MB, 1000x700, 10:7, Trump_Lion_Transparent.png)


Can we get a meme going so we can get 150 signatures?? If we get to 150, me and the team will head to DC. For all to see.

DO NOT DOXX yourselves. I just need memes and signatures.

I am NOT going to shut up about this Anons!!

https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/full-release-all-footage-each-video-and-photo-camera-used-during-2018-state-union-address

The time is NOW!!!

3835a4 No.291340

File: 4a489c2c2df266c⋯.mp4 (1.02 MB, 666x360, 37:20, greatsleuth.mp4)


Seems like plenty of proof in yesterday's comments about "the Great Sleuth"

358f13 No.291341


I take a few hours off here eve day. Play a few pc games. Bingo is my fav… need it to clear brain

9460e9 No.291342


Hey. It takes evil to beat evil, mmmmmmmk? Love it and believe in Jesus.

Everything will be okay. God loves us, even you.

10183d No.291343

File: 32c19d011f99e7f⋯.jpg (102.79 KB, 800x522, 400:261, Z-33a.jpg)



b6ad6d No.291344

File: 11e7df96aae6ed1⋯.jpg (78.64 KB, 600x819, 200:273, behindthecurtain.jpg)


Disgruntled minorities are favored target for 'grooming' after they victimize and fetishize such women - point the finger at their main target (whites) while (((they))) gobble up the land.

There is much wisdom and untainted insight in blackfoot, navajoe, apache, and sioux spiritualism/habits. It must be preserved.

If you can redpill anyone, I hope your efforts bear fruit among the tribal members.

060b57 No.291345


Nunes said it on Laura’s show. Either way it’s twitter blackout

b01b48 No.291346


National Archives and Records Administration

National Archives and Records Administration

Chief FOIA Officer: Gary M. Stern, General Counsel

What do these FOIA terms mean?What do these FOIA terms mean?

FOIA Contact: To make a FOIA request to Main Office please send request to:

Joseph Scanlon

FOIA Officer, Office of the General Counsel

Room 3110

8601 Adelphi Road

College Park, MD 20740

(301) 837-3642 (Telephone)

(301) 837-0293 (Fax)

joseph.scanlon@nara.gov (Request via Email)

FOIA Requester Service Center: Phone: (301) 837-3642

FOIA Public Liaison: Gary Stern, Phone: (301) 837-2024

Website: http:// www.archives.gov/foia/index.html

Notes: This agency has additional FOIA contact information that can be found by visiting its website.

fc332e No.291347

File: 03b00bfecc6562c⋯.png (2.68 MB, 1000x700, 10:7, Trump_Lion_Transparent.png)

Can I post personal videos here?? Maybe I can be the first Anon to get clipped in the new Revolution??

98036a No.291348

I actually think Musk may have achieved half the speed of light to get his rocket to Mars that fast - and past :)

beb680 No.291349

Well, guess (((they))) were wrong again.

The destruction of the world is already going on.

f88cda No.291350


>Find POTUS tweets, 5 min apart for today. Count back 5 minutes.

Count back 5 minutes from what, Anon? Your instructions are incomplete and cannot be implemented without further info.

cc40ed No.291351


good anon good, even in war u must relax or you will crack

f8b2e9 No.291352


We're not looking for fame and neither should you. Fame is more trouble than it's worth.

fc332e No.291353

File: ff847d41207c341⋯.png (471.08 KB, 642x625, 642:625, Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at ….png)

I was at the end of a 40 hour day yesterday or I would have been all over the house, the capitol, and Ryan. I will be in 10 hours, believe that!

230801 No.291354


Here is the pic they are talking about!!!

vvvvvvv (warning explicit content)


eb15a1 No.291355

File: bf8b5fe0adb1c9f⋯.png (447.09 KB, 560x366, 280:183, pepe clinton memo.png)

6549f4 No.291356


He cut six months of his travel time –– how so 🤔

cc40ed No.291357

i would never want fame

dont want to be rich either

just live comfortable and be able to help others

3caa0a No.291358


I told these anons this same thing last night…just in very few words. We can't find the image on google or online. The photographer was the only one to have it, not getty has it. Stop chasing nothing anons!

6afb62 No.291359


THE SAME can be said for our nations Amish and other disconnected American's.

9f75d1 No.291360

Anon's. May I get at least 1 or more of you to listen to the audio of McCain committing treason? You thought Schiff was bad? You've heard nothing yet!

da2307 No.291361

File: 6484ca343eef015⋯.png (310.73 KB, 500x504, 125:126, ClipboardImage.png)

94be9d No.291362


"ingenuity" = clever, imaginative.

SpaceX / Elon Musk Theory: POTUS is telling us that NASA is fake. However, he's doing it with a wink, because we want kids to think it's real. It's important to spark the imagination of the next generation of American engineers.

So as the exposure of the lies marches forward, it might serve our best interest to let NASA stay "real", for the kids. In the same vein as Santa Claus. When they reach a certain age, they will learn the truth about space / NASA.

358f13 No.291363


True! Us mil types understand that

fc332e No.291364

File: 03b00bfecc6562c⋯.png (2.68 MB, 1000x700, 10:7, Trump_Lion_Transparent.png)


Fame?? Stop projecting please. I've done this my whole life. If I live through this, you'll see.

it's not only bad people and big timers who keep "files" and "insurance".

This is for God, and for Freedom and for Country.

a581c6 No.291365

File: ddbacca5b3a8335⋯.jpg (40.67 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1517602904253.jpg)

File: 61739e9d7361534⋯.jpg (38.39 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1517728552629.jpg)

beb680 No.291366

195ad8 No.291367

Grassley Memo, footnote 7, bottom of page 3

The FBI has failed to provide the committee the 1023s documenting ALL of Steeles statements to the FBI

f8b2e9 No.291368

File: d506e3693ad9f6c⋯.jpg (68.44 KB, 946x532, 473:266, DVZ78rrVQAAXIj2.jpg)

22546b No.291369

I'd rather have rich-people problems

a084cc No.291370

b23253 No.291371


It’s still near earth. Just a projected orbit

76febf No.291372

File: 25c11a7c8cc2ea3⋯.png (368.98 KB, 1663x820, 1663:820, hait1.png)

File: fe4162ab4bd23ee⋯.jpg (626.43 KB, 1661x838, 1661:838, hait2.jpg)

File: 20a7de3e02012fa⋯.jpg (747.56 KB, 1673x847, 239:121, hait3.jpg)

File: 8999df6a237bf3a⋯.jpg (673.29 KB, 1670x844, 835:422, hait4.jpg)

File: 4b2204834bd3e2d⋯.jpg (579.06 KB, 1667x778, 1667:778, hait5.jpg)


Re: HRC and crew in Haiti


Who is Black? Èzili Media Updates | Pedophilia, Obama was Hip Hop glorifying the individual not collective Black good, CIA weaponized drugs in Haiti and U.S.; Zimbabwe coup supporters must be outed and contained if Africa doesn't want another Libya on their hands...

This Èzili newsletter update covers a range of current news topics, including the pedophiles in Haiti Walking Together for Christ; the idiotic Black folks in the U.S. still defending Barack Obama who help destroy more of the little Black wealth there was and bent back the Black legacy of moral high-ground in the U.S. I also touch upon the Zimbabwe coup d'etat, Libya slave markets, the Megan Markle tragic mulatto curiosity, the current state of Haiti resistance to colonialism and the Black collaborators with systemic white depravity in Haiti.

Èzili's media updates - The Pedophiles in Haiti Waiting Together for Christ

White-imported colonial terrors in Haiti are so deep, so outrageous, so horrible there's simply no polite way to write about these Bringers of Doom, these pedophiles in Haiti, without wanting to castrate, skin them alive, burn and kill them. None of it would be enough justice, enough pain returned, for what they are doing to innocent Haiti children.

Fort Navidad was destroyed by Cacique Caonabo and Guarionex, 522 years ago. They were the first Haitians to resist European occupation and the white settlers' rape, pillage, plunder and pedophilia. All, the white man said, in the name of Jesus. The sea itself rebelled. Destroyed their Santa Maria.

But in the news yesterday, I read about James Arbaugh, another white male from the fake U.S. humanitarian cabal in Haiti who was caught sexually abusing Haiti boys as many as 21 Haiti boys, one as young as 5-years old.

A photo of the Satanic and deprave-looking James Arbaugh aka "Missionary James" is copied herein .... and also posted at one of our FreeHaiti albums. It's added in with some of the other pedophile-Jesuit-and-Jesus-Bartholomew-de-La-Casas cabal who now run Haiti with the Paul Farmer/Bill Clinton UN-NGhoe white savior crew. (See He groomed Haitian boys for sex, feds say; Now Stuarts Draft missionary is in custody at .....


815b3f No.291373


>McCain committing treason

Which time?

9460e9 No.291374

Hey, I accidentally fucked my girlfriend in the ass in the coat closet of a church, and God still loves me. If you've done less than that, you're just fine. Trust me.

9f75d1 No.291375


Oh for fawk sake. Listen to the damn audio

cc8baf No.291376


Trump is the Batman and Crying Schumer is the Penguin!

This is the new hashtag from Scott Adams of Dilbert Fame!!!

37f451 No.291377

File: 73236a3ed7c7477⋯.jpg (246.58 KB, 602x375, 602:375, 11.jpg)





060b57 No.291378


From the running thread at that time of tweets.

b01b48 No.291379


Schiff's Kompromat.

95ba9f No.291380


Fuck NO. They committed fraud on the court. That does make the judge guilty of anything.

They represented Carter page as a Russian spy to get the warrant on him. He worked for the FBI years prior to that, so that is a whole other fraud on the court in addition to the Dossier bullshit and those clowns. I think lynch and/or holder may have signed off on that Page business in the beginning (don't remember, I'll have to fetch that sauce). In any case, the Judge is not a researcher, they are to do that before the application. While a FISC judge could be crooked, that is not the issue here in any case.

435bf0 No.291381

Elon Musk - environmentalist - first purposeful space polluter. ironic.

98036a No.291382


Now we are back to wormholes and the Philadelphia experiment and Baron the Time Traveler.

decd67 No.291383


You mentally ill people need to get off the board and get some professional help. Of course Trump is congratulating Elon. He is the CEO of SpaceX. This is a big achievement. Forget the automobile shell that went up. There is a real government payload that is important, just like the last SpaceX. These launches were planned to be for the enemy, but then Hillary lost the election, and now the Pentagon are in charge again. But they are being nice. If the launch was to carry a treasonous payload, then SpaceX will carry a DOD payload for free. If it is genuine research, or something for NASA, then business as normal.

This seems perfectly normal to me because I speak Russian fluently and I watched Putin take down the oligarchs in the same way in the early 2000's.

Russia and the USA are competitors, not enemies. You need to understand the difference.

fc332e No.291384

File: e2c86652b4f96d6⋯.png (89.21 KB, 586x391, 586:391, Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at ….png)

Fame is easy = sell your soul.

Money is EASY = work hard and be smart or sell your soul

Women are easy = tell them what they want to hear.

Righteousness and giving your ALL for what you KNOW is true….

Not so easy.

Drive on Anons!!

49d6f8 No.291385


i think shit like this is priming the american public

9f75d1 No.291386


here's the link. go to the one with McCain. He truly believes he's talking to the Prime Minister of the Ukraine

https:// deplorablepartyusanews.blogspot.com/2018/02/schiffmccain-waters-caught-colluding.html?m=1

22546b No.291387


She told me it was an accident also

5a1ea1 No.291388

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



ffb63a No.291389


Tired Jobanon thanks you for this repost!

b6ad6d No.291390


I agree - though amish are not exactly at risk for subversion, if (((they))) so much as touch a HAIR on them…no wrath is greater than God's whose Children have been harmed.

There is also of course convincing research discovering that good part of original american settlers were of european origin.

b7a1f4 No.291391


As per POTUS's message, >>285704 we should keep distributing memes showing the photoshopped phone and making people aware of it….Keep it in the spotlight as suggested….

decd67 No.291393


Should have added, that a smart business person learns from his competitors. A fool rejects his competitors, calls them names and soon goes bankrupt.

cc8baf No.291394

File: e2c3affb2c94c4e⋯.jpg (86.14 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, DVYEmbHXkAADejN.jpg)

File: da3708579b1c2d0⋯.jpg (38.98 KB, 640x499, 640:499, DVYEm-jW0AADvg2.jpg)



cc1136 No.291395


EM is in Florida right now. That’s where the launch was at

6549f4 No.291396


You said that –– no one here did nor does anyone think that!

4813fc No.291397


damn, wtf…this is crazy. People need to listen to these.

86dfc2 No.291398

That video lead is dead, were looking for something else, probably a shot of Beatty's phone. The white chick says it and the phrase ends with the word time, she is right next to the cameraman talking to a few people and the tall guy turns to her, lawrence and the black dude are talking to one another and are no where near a mic


76febf No.291399


Sure hope so.

b66848 No.291400


Haha, accidentally? Slipped just right huh? Lol

c313df No.291401


[Also reposting so it doesn't get lost]


f8b2e9 No.291402


I think she's the one wearing Cameo earrings…

358f13 No.291403

File: 670534a1e2f8707⋯.png (2.32 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, C0F673BD-A6F8-4D28-A4B8-42….png)

KEK! Got blocked! lol!!!!😂

41ee39 No.291404


I think God especially loves those that hate the world. So yeah.




49d6f8 No.291405


its real… just not well understood… they are still speculating as to why it works

9f75d1 No.291406


That's what I'm trying to tell you dang Anon's. This shit is massive serious!

ffb63a No.291407


Sounds like he lurks around here with that response!!

c3ce80 No.291408

>>291380 months prior, not years

834313 No.291409


well, i made peace with the twitterfags (as in i ignore them, mostly).

diversity of tactics.

we can't expect to win this with a single, unified, controlled movement.

It will be all sorts of waves.

>You are the calm before and during the storm.

cc8baf No.291410

File: c330a4688cc4498⋯.jpg (169.12 KB, 982x1200, 491:600, DVY2_UyXUAAOcKw.jpg)

cc40ed No.291411


not me, they are so miserable, bored, unappreciative, get complacent, have no respect.

bible says its hard to be on right road if you aare wealthy.

10183d No.291412

File: 757f893ac24a0a8⋯.png (273.89 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Z-006.png)



9fb9d2 No.291413


Got it thanks

b96ace No.291414

File: aeaf3b3ef3bda2d⋯.png (98.35 KB, 1818x779, 1818:779, learnour comms.PNG)


Q drops. Spent a lot of time teaching us how to read their comms.


Q team at least. POTUS posts 5/10 minutes after to correspond. All coordinated.

see Q posts that I have pictured.


youre welcome


exactly, thank you.

>>291340 ?????


Find POTUS tweets. 11:00 and 11:05 this morning. 5 min apart. Subtract 5 min from earlier tweet. 11:00-5 min is 10:55. Convert from ET to your time zone. For me that is 9:55. Look at 9:55 messages by anon, it's often accurate down to the second, in this case I think it was :45 and it was the anon message at :47 or so. Close anyway, I'm not being exact.

358f13 No.291415

Twatter blocked her from my twatter! LOL


41ee39 No.291416


Shiff happens.

a02460 No.291417

File: 7c3c4a2239f50f2⋯.png (397.38 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180206-231944.png)

I bookmarked a while back, went looking for it earlier but forgot what I was looking for. Interesting though.

http:// directorblue.blogspot.com/2017/12/a-timeline-of-treason-how-fbi.html?m=1

072454 No.291418



BAKER BAKER BAKER BAKER BAKER - next bread please #ClintonDossier








95ba9f No.291419


Probably not without a link.

Odds are he was committing Treason before you were born. I'm game though, he is one of very few people in the world I could almost say that i hate.

9e38a7 No.291420

22546b No.291421


Lord Trump is rich

98036a No.291422


I gurss I really need sleep because now I think the Amish internet mafia is here :)

07412c No.291423

A Texas judge and Democrat was arrested and charged with taking bribes in exchange for giving favorable rulings in his courtroom for more than a decade.

On Monday, 93rd State District Judge Rodolfo Delgado posted bond on charges asserting he abused his power and office to personally enrich himself with bribes dating back as far as 2008.

Federal authorities arrested Delgado on Friday and raided his home and office. He posted a $100,000 bond on Monday after filing for an appeal, claiming he didn’t accept any bribes in exchange for favorable rulings.

His criminal complaint was unsealed Monday, which details that he is accused of accepting three bribes from November 2016 to January 2018.

He denies it, but the case it pretty clear. Federal agents have been investigating Delgado since November 2016 when prosecutors set-up a sting operation with another undercover lawyer to bribe Delgado at least twice.

The FBI used the lawyer turned informant to build the entire case against Delgado,which featured phone recordings, meetings, and documentation showing he accepted bribes from the lawyer in return for favorable rulings in his courtroom.

https:// patriotbeat.


4813fc No.291424


it seems like there is a direct youtube link to those videos. We need to get them on here asap.

be4ea1 No.291425


For what?

230801 No.291426

File: c7f32d97bfcdbb3⋯.jpg (45.62 KB, 638x480, 319:240, IMG_1744.JPG)


Chill… only making fun of the situation.

I read the article, listened to it and heard it on Hannity's radio and TV show…

63d812 No.291427


Do you have another direct example of this? If not, your theory needs further proof.

f8b2e9 No.291428

Any anon here know how to sign up for a Twatter without giving out personal information? Or should I just stick to Minds?

cc40ed No.291429


hard not impossible

bbfe38 No.291430



ffae64 No.291431



that's a tough one ,kinda sounds like that and the guys head did spin around like he couldn't believe what he just heard, need a better copy i think

49d6f8 No.291432


ive heard this is a consistent problem with judges in texas because of how they are elected

f88cda No.291433

File: d053352122fed36⋯.jpeg (40.96 KB, 314x500, 157:250, glow2.jpeg)


You have posted a paraphrase of this 3x in a row in last 20 minutes, without providing what you actually eyewitnessed (if you did). Just "oh scary". You may be right but without sauce you will be ignored.

Say what you saw

If possible show what you saw

Or else we ignore you.

Repeat posting the same info with minor rewording is a shill tactic.

f6cccd No.291434

Take it from first hand.

Marching around does nothing.

And it will give a chance for the mass media to frame you wrong.

It's make people feel better and feel "we are doing *something"" lol

You have to be able to at least foresee how your actions can succeed, for them to do so.

If you can't even imagine how the action could win, it won't

Tabling , talking to people in the neighborhood, passing out fliers. That could work.

When all people of a particular persuasion are in one place that can be tempting for the opposition. Get rid of a load of opponents with one stroke.

Best to be de-centralized.

And of course that's why marches are always pushed? They do nothing and may even harm.

9f75d1 No.291435


haha hardly b4 I was born. I know all about Hanoi Johnny. This audio is incredible. and I gave you a damn link. You want the original? Is that your argument?

9d1ac9 No.291436


Holy shit !!! Great work Anon !!!

358f13 No.291437


Twatter blocked her from my twatter! Don’t know, they didn’t send me a message…

be4ea1 No.291438


It was launched in FL. No clue what he's talking about.

08426b No.291439


I think Qpost meant OUTRAGE & JUSTICE in the form of memes. We need to wake the normies by telling them to ask for JUSTICE, act OUTRAGED, be OUTRAGED that Dems have almost pulled off irreparable damage to this country.

Stages of Grief : (Grief because of what (((they))) have done to our country/money/laws/voting)







We are at the ANGER part. Word is spreading about the corruption- meme the hell out of THAT to amp it up.

Get the normies to start calling their Congressmen demanding answers.

Memes could be pictures of Senate members with phone numbers for normies (then normies can pull those for their state to circulate); memes could show pics of people OUTRAGED/mad/INDREDULOUS look on their face with an EYE catching headline like "THEY DID WHAT?" (maybe in clude 1 or 2 fisa violations at bottom or congressional #)

Once you get them riled up, they will become vocal and start doing our work for us-awakening more normies.


He knows that Q asked for OUTRAGE and JUSTICE memes.

Let's give OUTRAGE and JUSTICE memes to the normies.

Let's show OUTRAGE and JUSTICE in our memes to Q.

Let's go Anons!

41ee39 No.291440


Yeah.. you just give them a fake ass name and a bullshit email address. Wtf? Are you new to the interwebz?

I think there's classes at your local job center.

98036a No.291441


Sorry tired :) Funny.

150-300 day journey in less than a day, and I am just suppose to buy that?

230801 No.291442

File: 1162f3dce9d5641⋯.jpg (37.57 KB, 391x351, 391:351, IMG_1735.JPG)




KEK!!! Good stuff

Another anon made this image!

bb5075 No.291443

File: 26f35fe1530632a⋯.jpg (271.35 KB, 1024x941, 1024:941, konrad_curze__close_up_ii_….jpg)




b96770 No.291444


Logic, that's what I respond to. Much appreciated!

2c7a4f No.291445


Is that you, silent one?

da2307 No.291446

File: 6484ca343eef015⋯.png (310.73 KB, 500x504, 125:126, ClipboardImage.png)

cc40ed No.291447


amish live very simple lives, ive been in their houses 2 was very strange to me. i dont know about any weird shit, for the most part i think they live godly lives. that shit on tv was fake af

6549f4 No.291448


^^^This –– time to wake up anons

89d3b1 No.291449

95ba9f No.291450


>Trust me.

That's not such an impressive resume to me.

c415a1 No.291451

File: d48c16839d75c89⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 2610x1808, 1305:904, DWS-PEANUTS.jpg)


Thank you, anon. Glad someone else understands. Anytime I try to bring this subject up, I get flamed by some angry shill calling bullshit.

For curious anons:

Pic Related is the best example I know of, and with all three involved: an "Anon" plus Q AND POTUS in tandem.

Sometimes the shit doesn't hit you right away. Keep weird phrases in the back of your mind. Sometimes it makes sense later on. Don't drive yourself crazy, but don't be close-minded like the angryfags kek.

Mod Edit:

Sigh, as much as I want this to be true, those posts are done by anon just like any of you.

Proof: Post histories.

Why, pray tell, would we need anything more than the inspirational and hard truths of Q.

We have over 600 previous posts to reference, especially since THE MAP CONTAINS EVENTS THAT ARE TO COME.

You want your Personal message from Trump? Flip over to your Qmap (which you always have open by your side) and ctrl-f p_pers


Post last edited at

9391c8 No.291452

Anons, check me here.Okay, so just on Fox, POTUS took a meeting with RR to discuss the Memo (Dem Memo). Schiff stated he wanted State and Justice Dept. to return reviews individually so they could track edits / changes if POTUS made any for political purposes. Also heard Dems had methods and sources in memo, to get POTUS to redact or not release. Trump said roll it, and RR knocks on the door to talk? Thoughts?

0abb10 No.291453

File: 62bb27257f4e16f⋯.jpg (20.28 KB, 326x212, 163:106, IraqiMostWanted.jpg)

Remember the Iraq bad guy playing cards, we need some for the traitors of this country.

199390 No.291454


looks like you blocked her

98036a No.291455


that is it I am off to bed no one seems to have a sense of humor.

b01b48 No.291456


When you are ready, can we get a pdf copy or something with working links? topkek

caff87 No.291457


That's what Soros wanted. Don't fall for it.

a581c6 No.291458

File: f7501afe70789b8⋯.jpg (49.61 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1517928053838.jpg)

3caa0a No.291459


And it didn't work for them. We protest, we look like crying infants. This is the 21st century. We're doing it right this way. The only time I'll take to the street is when a civil war breaks out. I'll lock and load….then hit the streets.

358f13 No.291460


I go every month to Amish area near me, for honey, bread, and such, been to a few homes there… they are VERY religious people. Minimum type lifestyle. Very very clean!

072454 No.291461












ffb63a No.291462


It's called Rule of Law and then add in a hefty dose of common sense, anon.

cc8baf No.291463


Current Democratic traitor cards and our own "Whom we do not name" cards would be a great idea!!!! Super Kek!!!

c415a1 No.291464

File: c8a82e5433b0a66⋯.png (395.14 KB, 768x768, 1:1, Trumpbunny.png)


Mega awesomesauce to you, anon!

caff87 No.291465

File: c4933271708b826⋯.jpg (52.75 KB, 527x345, 527:345, samsung.JPG)


Might be on to something...

b96ace No.291466


Not a theory. Try it out. Trump Twitter Archive is real helpful too.


Good job anon. Follow instructions.

For all of my posts in this bread:





If you read all of them and implement the instructions… you may find yourself talking to the Q Team or possibly POTUS one of these days as I have on multiple occasions. It's awesome!

9e8404 No.291467

File: c367a133ceb8d9f⋯.jpg (13.72 KB, 204x255, 4:5, Potus Praying For You.jpg)

God Bless Mr. President and Team.

Stay the Course.

ac7d16 No.291468


May God protect and have mercy on leaffags.

358f13 No.291469


Nope! I was trolling her page with memes

b01b48 No.291471


We need a tableau-fag to make an interactive timeline to redpill the masses.

8700e1 No.291472


No hannity is probably lurking here himself. I've had conversations with him on Twitter. He doesn't sleep much & loved Twitter for a while but pulled back.

358f13 No.291473

9f75d1 No.291474

For those who don't believe the McCain audio with the false Ukraine Prime Minister here's another link.

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-02-17/senator-mccain-falls-absurd-russian-prankster-pretending-be-ukrainian-prime-minister

81f2af No.291475


Anybody can post a comment. Back yours up with some evidence.

41ee39 No.291476


Well.. I'm fairly certain I'm the guy with the 7 stars mentioned in Revelations, chapter 2. (7 star tattoo (right arm) that I just 'happened' to get years ago)

..and other stuff. Anyways.. read the 'KeyOfDavid' threads in /thestorm/ if you're not sure.

Either way, I don't care what's impressive to you.

0c32c5 No.291477


This made my day, too funny. Already sent it out to friends and family. You are a talented memer my friend.

a084cc No.291478


Trump should release it without redactions. The public has the right to know about 90% of what the FBI/Doj does. The Russians probably know our methods better than we do.

199390 No.291479

Surely Mrs. Beatty has had a knock on the door regarding her ill choice of words. These people really are morons.

0ca620 No.291480


I'd have to agree.

Just as she started to talk, they switched to another camera but left that mic on. It sounded like the lady in red.



Good eye.

I'm about to do some more PS fuckery with what I have. Unless another photofag's already figured it out.

I've gotta get caught up on the boards.





The lady in red seems just too happy. >>289395

Onward with the photo!

9d1ac9 No.291481

File: 3be7774cf17428e⋯.png (14.14 KB, 255x202, 255:202, shiff1.png)

0c32c5 No.291482


This made my day, too funny. Already sent it out to friends and family. You are a talented memer my friend.

a581c6 No.291483

File: 9b748521567cec2⋯.gif (991.89 KB, 500x208, 125:52, DHx0xca.gif)


If you could shop Beatty's head on the chick it would great

668e95 No.291484

I was able to go into the Fox video which I uploaded to my site and can be found here (zipped so you can download it without it starting to play in your browser):


and extracted the audio only as a 7 sec MP3 which I then converetd to mp4. I can clearly hear a lady saying 'he needs to be shot'.

I can't post that file here because it has no video but here is hte link to the 7s file (114k):


b01b48 No.291485


>1) We owe a huge debt to the Benghazi Patriots. If it had not been for the Benghazi investigation, the Clinton Deep State Cabal would still be in full swing. The lynchpin to the whole thing was that HRC could not produce an official government communication (email from a govt server) regarding Benghazi. That started the whole ball rolling.

Benghazi was the keystone.

a084cc No.291486


Allowing the enemy to set the rules of the game is not common sense. There is no law that allows the left to protest while forbidding the right to do the same.

53a788 No.291487


This is very ineffective persuasion. No one can hate a cute kid.

2c7a4f No.291488






signed: Canfag

e76586 No.291489


Blacks are being kicked to the curb as Dems shift focus on illegals who compete for entry-level jobs and affordable housing.

9d1ac9 No.291491

File: b3ffef0349de253⋯.jpg (97.89 KB, 750x500, 3:2, Schiff teeth.jpg)

f88cda No.291492

File: 72112365d6a314e⋯.jpg (14.74 KB, 248x255, 248:255, KekTroopsReeeeeee.jpg)

File: d91b4db1da109e1⋯.png (226.9 KB, 738x673, 738:673, Reee Frogs of War.png)

File: d62b6a26911c71a⋯.jpg (59.93 KB, 650x520, 5:4, RidersOnTheStormREEEE.jpg)

File: 5a7a821ab50c847⋯.jpg (59.86 KB, 480x449, 480:449, MAGAfrogPlague.jpg)

49d6f8 No.291493


looks like they might have to walk off the democratic plantation then

b6ad6d No.291494

File: 993d2aba4276e5a⋯.jpg (95.66 KB, 946x618, 473:309, Concord Bridge.jpg)










We need to start memeing again, HARDER than last time. #memo is just the beginning.

Steve Wynn resigned today.



People don't know that there is a VAST reservior of UTTER HATRED towards our corrupted members at EVERY LEVEL.

EVERYONE know (((they))) have been thumbing their noses at us.



We need to ramp up the ANGER part.

Q and POTUS are depending on us. US.









FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

c313df No.291495


What an idiot!!!

What do you think the memos stem from and lead to idiot?

He is always inciting violence or taking to the streets or protesting! Really? What really are you protesting?

Funny how these a'hole hussein worshippers NOW want to come out and protest. Not then, but now. Wow how utterly stupid!!

eb15a1 No.291496

File: 00cb6c9f5faffdb⋯.png (120.27 KB, 600x337, 600:337, Pepe .png)

File: 17da6cf17d0bfe0⋯.png (219.3 KB, 600x450, 4:3, pepe dossier.png)

File: 24a575fb74064c9⋯.png (470 KB, 560x366, 280:183, pepe list.png)

File: 3664ba226de6a60⋯.png (198.45 KB, 600x450, 4:3, pepe putin victory.png)

230801 No.291497


Check the meme breads…

Maybe a month ago an anon made some.

Someone mentioned that deck of cards…

But I don't think he made cards like that instead he made a trading card with info/stats on back

195ad8 No.291498

FBI does not believe Steele provided information to the press, yet oct 2016 suspended its relationship with Steele because of his "unauthorized disclosure of information to the press." Per footnote 9 in Jan 2017 application to renew FISA warrant for Page. This must be where McStain enters, yet he gave Comey Doody the dossier?

cc40ed No.291499


bought a puppy once from them, they invited my family to eat supper with them.

i still want to know what this was, was a 4x4x2 box in middle of room, had a pole coming out the top with a lightbulb. middle of winter and warm as hell. wtf tech was that? anyone know?

a581c6 No.291500

File: 4158dd3003cfd55⋯.jpg (39.35 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1517523432686.jpg)

File: ed9f38710b28914⋯.jpg (37.15 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1517523527234.jpg)

c72d16 No.291501


I think we should trade DACA fags for Democrats and liberals.

Not sure Mexico would have it, though. And I don't blame them.

b96ace No.291502


You're welcome… glad to see another anon get it.


very very very few of us get it. I wish we could start our own board just for these correlations.

We also need a list of breads with starting and ending times… I haven't seen that yet. Wouldn't be TOO hard to do but time consuming… 350 breads already.

Mod Edit:


The posts this anon referred to are just other anons like you and I.

Proof: Post histories.

Post last edited at

358f13 No.291504

File: a5045e485d3c650⋯.jpeg (96.49 KB, 740x727, 740:727, 16D7AEF7-E6BC-42FF-A98B-6….jpeg)

b6ad6d No.291505


OP/BAKER, consider adding this on to the dough and thread OP.

This is important - we need to break out of our 'limits'.

27d8d4 No.291506

For those asking about time to mars for Starman: This is from text at WATCH LIVE: Starman - Join SpaceX Live Views From Space | CAR IN SPACE on youtube

On February 6th 3:45pm EST SpaceX launched their amazing Falcon Heavy rocket. In the nose of the rocket was STARMAN sitting in his Tesla car!

It is hoped the car will be thrown into an elliptical orbit that stretches out to Mars' orbit around the Sun.

The car will take at least six months to travel the 200 million miles to Mars.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2p55BmwmJM

b96770 No.291507


gladly, after you, i like to watch

86dfc2 No.291508


>That video lead is dead, were looking for something else, probably a shot of Beatty's phone. The white chick says it and the phrase ends with the word time, she is right next to the cameraman talking to a few people and the tall guy turns to her, lawrence and the black dude are talking to one another and are no where near a mic

The white woman in red is happy, I think she says "he needs the time"

49d6f8 No.291509


driving too hard can illicit the exact opposite response and make people double down in their current belief.. its not about force… its about the right touch till sheer anger is required… i believe the pedophilia will be the time for anger… most americans are willing to break political ranks to back that war cry

41ff37 No.291510


The quotation marks on that are atrocious

Really distracting

a581c6 No.291511

File: c52a756e6b8ae0c⋯.jpg (73.48 KB, 600x583, 600:583, 1517637417797.jpg)

File: 61d1140be644fe2⋯.jpg (40.81 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1517611864037.jpg)

46912a No.291512


Just heard Colbert in the background. Enraged by the BS.

OUTRAGE will follow.

Stay strong Anons. We are WINNING.

bfe015 No.291513

Thanks, anons, really appreciate the kind words. Yes, as time permits I'll investigate a PDF with working links and fix the edits supplied here.

f88cda No.291514

File: daf65527850ca5c⋯.jpg (531.48 KB, 626x1112, 313:556, SocialMediaFAQ-1.jpg)

File: c517f05699b3604⋯.png (652.68 KB, 628x784, 157:196, SocialMediaFAQ-2.png)

File: 5f083e89d8829da⋯.png (1.28 MB, 640x2495, 128:499, SocialMediaFAQ-3.png)

File: 2eaee9eeb276fc2⋯.jpg (569.54 KB, 1208x680, 151:85, SocialMediaFAQ-4.jpg)

File: 5ce035f92c6025e⋯.png (227.34 KB, 690x1200, 23:40, SocialMediaFAQ-5.png)


You could go over to the War Room and get instruction from the twitterfags over there.

Or you could read these social media guidelines which explain how to get a twitter account without doxxing yourself. I don't know if it's still possible but some have done it in the past.

One suggestion to ignore is Yandex for a temporarily email account. We don't use that anymore.

2c1424 No.291515

File: 4f9bf66e6996fef⋯.png (6.49 MB, 3358x1904, 1679:952, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at ….png)

Anons, I might have something. Since all of the other photos of the phones Q posted had a timestap of 9:42 ET that means it would have had to be around 27 minutes into the video since Trump didn't start speaking until 9:15.

Look here at 26:53. Someone has their phone out:

http:// www.azfamily.com/clip/14089701/raw-video-trump-delivers-first-state-of-the-union-address

110236 No.291516


who are they? how are they related to Schiff? he was the male prostitute that was implicated in the standard hotel human trafficking operation?

ffae64 No.291517

File: b52aea5e640ea94⋯.png (567.69 KB, 767x713, 767:713, ClintonDossier.PNG)

fc332e No.291518



b6ad6d No.291519


Good call - I simply wanted to break the spell of this temporary lethargy I feel in here due to lack of 'evident' arrests and general fatigue.

People are still under pressure. Seeing subhumans still running around disrespecing our people everyday instead of being taken down - it's taking a toll.

34305a No.291520


I'll do my part each weekday from 1-3PM on Twitter.

5cdd36 No.291521


Heard about Schiff's ploy this morning to force redaction. I say release all of it. Just do it. Enough already.

07412c No.291522

File: 14428ba289d6cc2⋯.jpeg (455.42 KB, 1222x1959, 1222:1959, 0AD49FA5-77C2-4740-8005-9….jpeg)

Resigned now



9e8404 No.291523

$25M deal over Trump University fraud lawsuits moves forward - ABC …


9 hours ago - A federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld an agreement requiring President Donald Trump to pay $25 million to settle lawsuits accusing his now-defunct Trump University of fraud. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected an effort by student Sherri Simpson to opt out of the deal and pursue her own …

This ninth circuit court is outta control.

541753 No.291524


Gemmel Moore

Found dead in Ed Buck's house

4d00e2 No.291525

More on who lives in New Zealand purchased just before and or after the Nov Pres Election….the Deep State are on the move. Peter Theil of paypal ,James Cameron, Matt Lauer, etc. They know something…“apocalypse insurance”…!!!

https:// www.ft.com/content/4e81247c-c92d-11e7-8536-d321d0d897a3

358f13 No.291526


Didn’t make it…was from meme rooms

cc40ed No.291527


awesome, i want the prog you use

86dfc2 No.291528

>>291508 Listened to it hundreds of times, the phrase definitly ends with the word time, not shot. we heard what we wanted to hear

81f2af No.291529


I hope Soros was tied to the rocket!

815b3f No.291530


You mean a week ago. This story is at least a week old.

668e95 No.291531


There is something seriously amiss when a 'test' rocket is sent into space at enormous cost ($$millions) with a fucking CAR in it that itself costs about 100k.

Why has there been no outrage about something so seriously stupid and wasteful???

Who the fuck is paying for this clown act??

If NASA were to do that (which they wouldn't as they wouldn't be allowed) a ton of people would be out of a job.

ffae64 No.291532

File: aee9856d3f8f27c⋯.png (393.24 KB, 365x491, 365:491, LP.PNG)

ffb63a No.291533


Were that the case…..electrogravitics.

676383 No.291534

File: 6fa012dd02cbad2⋯.jpeg (66.2 KB, 640x379, 640:379, 98388B47-89DA-42E3-A6EB-8….jpeg)

Where’s the State Department memo?

fc332e No.291535

File: 03b00bfecc6562c⋯.png (2.68 MB, 1000x700, 10:7, Trump_Lion_Transparent.png)


YES!! Where we go ONE, we go ALL!!

Thank God we are here "battling" like this and not like our broken and starving at Valley Forge and all the thousands of places where our fellow Patriots shed their blood for us.

We got this. We ARE winning.

d47b7f No.291536


No paywalls for me thank you very much

d70955 No.291537


Passionately angry shill. Slide.

834313 No.291538

File: 1f5db1def03a430⋯.png (1.01 MB, 821x462, 821:462, MadAsHell_memos.PNG)

File: f6431566c6f3e3f⋯.png (985.98 KB, 819x460, 819:460, MadAsHell_traitors.PNG)

File: 4359aa04b0bba39⋯.jpg (168.39 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, MadAsHell.jpg)

3caa0a No.291539


Did our tax dollars pay for it?

815b3f No.291540


>Who the fuck is paying for this clown act??

That would be us. Its just that most people don't realize that they have been funding Elon this whole time.

3420a4 No.291541


So. Have all of these links been archived, or will they all be scrubbed by tomorrow?

6544c4 No.291542


You've got one circled, yet there's another, closer and more obvious in the bottom left. Dem's all over the place had their phones out as a coordinated show of disrespect toward POTUS.

d70955 No.291543



49d6f8 No.291544


go figure it was the 9th circuit

435bf0 No.291545

NASA usually uses a big block of concrete to test rocket payloads… Musk used a car to sell tickets to the launch. >>291531

c415a1 No.291546

She's /ourgirl/ kek.

Harmeet K. Dhillon

‏Verified account @pnjaban

7m7 minutes ago

Harmeet K. Dhillon Retweeted Thomas Paine


Thomas Paine


BREAKING: As DOJ Prosecutor, Adam Schiff Was Accused of Covering Up Evidence to Help Prosecute FBI Agent in Shady Russian Spy Case https:// truepundit.com/doj-prosecutor-adam-schiff-accused-covering-evidence-help-prosecute-fbi-agent-shady-russian-spy-case/ …

0 replies 27 retweets 33 likes

a581c6 No.291547

File: 55aad8fe1c2e004⋯.jpg (37.96 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1517926746723.jpg)

I can smell it in the air tonight….

444b4f No.291548

New Executive order refrences section 1238 of the NDAA.

Section 138 of the NDAA


https:// www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/2810/text#toc-H3D4482942BD649109F078437550989B0

New Start treaty

> holding Russia to thier commitment to reducing thier nuclear arsenal.

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_START

Article stating Trump denies saying he requezted a 10 fold increase in our nuclear arsenal.

> countless articles from MSM declaring trump wants to increase our nuclear arms.


Who controls NK?

> Russia

Why is this relevant?

> Nuclear

How did NK advance thier nuclear capabilities so quick?

> They obtained nuclear material from Russia?

How did Russia obtain nuclear material?

> Uranium 1 deal

Why is this relevant?

> Hillary Clinton arranged material support to a sworn enemy of the United States of America.

> Korean conflct still active.

> War.


Hillary Clinton commited treason by providing material support to an enemy of the united states which is currently engaged in an ongoing conflict with an ally of the United States.


Where did the 500m go?

> russia

How did it get there?

> iran

How did Iran acquire it?

> Obama

Congressional apporval?

> No

Obama commited treason alongside HRC. Trump is funding the mil during shutdown to ensurse Russia's compliance to nuclear deal.

< war

6549f4 No.291549


don't use Yandex it's a Russian based company use Inboxbear.com

07412c No.291550


On Reuters an hour ago

49d6f8 No.291552


typically you do not put anything too vital on a test run… got to make sure shit works and a car like that is a fair sized payload to test on

d47b7f No.291553


yanno fuck these memos

These fucks remind me of a game publisher; suck you in with a really kick-ass trailer and demo. Buy the game, you find out it's only about 1/5 done and you gotta wait 3 months for the first 'DLC" (which btw you gotta pay for).

Then, while sure that helps it's still fucked - so you wait another 3 months for the 'next' DLC (that of course and again you gotta pay for)

18 months later we're all fucking zombified and are demanding the xpac.

godamn sponges

caff87 No.291554


Should this go in the batter?


fc332e No.291555


Bless You Anon!!

110236 No.291556

who is the congressman who had an intern die in his office?

ffae64 No.291557


You know it Old Salty : )

420189 No.291558


No. The story a week ago was that he resigned from being the Chairman of the RNC. THIS news is that he has now resigned from being CEO at his Casinos

d47b7f No.291559


At least in games you occasionally get a 'special event' to spice shit up while you wait.

I want the Gallows day special event nao!

fc332e No.291560

81f2af No.291561


I think a firing squad dressed up like Howdy Doody would be poetic justice for Comey.

49d6f8 No.291562


EA Memos … youve already played the game and know what they offer lol

c14230 No.291563

Det är dags, Mina bröder. De F -1 strike, F. Bekräfta gä.

420189 No.291564


Morning Joe Scarsburo

800926 No.291565


I will try this anon. Lord knows I've felt retarded since that drop.

0e0de3 No.291566

OK anons I've been watching SOTU for anything peculiar. I've singled out a portion I find interesting. I've made a looped audio file and a video snippet that shows Paul Ryan's expression to what's going on. Something unsettling happened. Just watch him aand listen carefully.

https:// www.anonfiles.cc/file/d5bd03daa031d894889dd69db6b6411a

9e8404 No.291567


Federal Judge Alex Kozinski Resigns As Inquiry Begins | Fortune

fortune.com › Briefing › sexual harassment

Dec 18, 2017 - Alex Kozinski, a high-profile federal judge, retired Monday following sexual harassment accusations from at least 15 women. Kozinski served on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in California for 32 years. He was appointed to the Ninth Circuit—the largest federal appeals court in the U.S., .

Yes ninth court…

The President already settled this lawsuit.

Why is it coming up again?

49d6f8 No.291568


wasnt it lindsey graham? checking…

decd67 No.291569


I'm sorry but that is a very poorly made point. In fact it is irrelevant. If you have no time to go on a protest, do something else. But do not sit on your couch and dictate what all patriots must do.

Some people are angry and want to protest. It is a good way to let off steam. People have done this before. It can be organized and polite and safe.

And most importantly, as word gets out about the Clinton crime family, the deep corruption of Obama and the fact that several previous presidents were involved in similar crimes, there will be more and more people who are angry that they were fooled. ANd I haven't even mentione pedophilia and satanism yet.

Donald Trump cannot solve all your problems. In fact, you will soon learn that Trump can solve far fewer problems than the voters believe. A lot of people were voting for a savior, for an emperor. But Trump is not really God Emperor of the US. He is merely the President and he has a lot of rules that limit what he can do or prevent him from acting. More than you know.

cc40ed No.291570


u can smell it, u can smell it, in my best eddie murphy voice

420189 No.291571

4de238 No.291573


imo, no. POTUS doesn't post here. Anon posts here

t. not the baker

95ba9f No.291574


THAT is a kick in the balls for Podesta !


49d6f8 No.291575


negate last post… morning hoe

b4055b No.291577




>further FISA section 702 info from video:

>FBI received small fraction of NSA data collection under this programme.

>FBI only receives a small percentage of NSA downstream collection and none of NSA upstream collection.

>FBI can only receive this information when it is directly connected to a live investigation

>So we have on tape the 3rd most senior FBI official confirming that the law was broken re Trump campaign investigation.


230801 No.291578

File: 1627d15e1ab8663⋯.jpg (40.96 KB, 198x255, 66:85, IMG_1802.JPG)


Forget that… firing squad dressed like Trump, hair and all!!!

a581c6 No.291579

File: 771a8f5ba721d60⋯.jpg (36.64 KB, 640x299, 640:299, Dilios.jpg)

I modified the end speech in 300 for you ANONS. Tell me what you think, thought you may need a chuckle and some motivation.

We go one we go all….

As simple as an order a President can give….

Remember why we must unite. For he didnt wish tribute, no songs or monuments, or poems of War and valor. His wish was simple…. We go one we go all…..He said to me…..That was his Hope…Should any free soul come across  8chan. In all the countless centuries yet to be, hear our voices whispered to you from the ageless stones. Go tell as Americans passerby, that here by Constitutional law, we lie….And so our Leader risked his life. As did my brothers. Almost 2 years ago. Long we pondered our Leaders cryptic talk of victory….

Time has proven him wise. But to the free Americans! A word was spread! Bold President Trump and his Q group. Laid down their lives, not just for America, but all the world! And the promise, this Country holds. Now…Here on this ragged patch of the web called the Chan's. The deepstate hordes face obliteration!!!!!!!!

In DC the Pedos huddle……shear terror gripping tight…..Their hearts with icy fingers. Knowing what mercilous horrors they suffered at the swords and spear of Trump and Q…..Yet they stare now …across the plain… AT HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF ANONS…. GUIDING MILLIONS OF FREE AMERICANS!!



d47b7f No.291580


We need a meme that unfavorably compares the memo's and release process to really shitty DLC fuckery.

Mass Effect 3 vs James Comey?

b7a1f4 No.291581


Nope. Silent one is here. I'm being silent.

110236 No.291582


lol if I recall she hit her head on his desk and died..

676383 No.291583

File: 03f097c8ee9785a⋯.jpeg (289.77 KB, 1600x866, 800:433, FE9283B5-77A4-4C5D-AA64-E….jpeg)


Where are the brothers Podesta these days?

Haven’t heard much out of them lately.

49d6f8 No.291584


#MurderingJoe lol

46912a No.291585



Will bring own wig and rifle.

THEY LIVE. But not for too much longer.

110236 No.291586

File: 16301b5e9c1bbb1⋯.jpg (50.46 KB, 686x688, 343:344, DVZ-NWvVQAA87OZ.jpg)

somebody meme this please

fab9aa No.291587

File: 3445bc6963e561d⋯.jpg (242.48 KB, 1080x1008, 15:14, Screenshot_20180206-224009.jpg)

File: 8ea3af06ad4befd⋯.jpg (207.07 KB, 1063x923, 1063:923, Screenshot_20180206-223914.jpg)

Still dark… https:// t.co/V7tg26j606

Nunes definitely knows.

cc40ed No.291588

File: 0be45b682df5eae⋯.jpg (241.64 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, shopped - Copy.jpg)

816a24 No.291589

File: 2f6e0f959582304⋯.png (268.92 KB, 492x293, 492:293, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-02….png)

49d6f8 No.291590


almost not necessary… he sucks as is

2c7a4f No.291591



a02460 No.291592

Too bad we won't have them all sentenced before July 4th. Great day to celebrate ridding of the country of traitors.

495f3a No.291593


The thing about DACA - Dems are trying to preserve their Current voter base

The beauty of Trump's plan requires them to go 12 years without violating the law to obtain citizenship

They Vote - They're Out Out Out

c7bf3c No.291594


Wait…you really believe there's a car in deep space..flying around?

07412c No.291595

File: 12a159f50874dfa⋯.jpeg (537.04 KB, 1242x1939, 1242:1939, 9B658256-96C4-47A6-8885-0….jpeg)

The newspaper's publisher and CEO, Ross Levinsohn, agreed to take an unpaid leave of absence last month following disclosure of sexual harassment allegations against him while he worked at other companies.

https:// www


cc40ed No.291596


u know this creepy fuck is into some shit

1e43fd No.291597


Tungsten payload. Kinetic weaponry is heavy.

a581c6 No.291598

File: 7a4b230d24ae409⋯.jpg (17.53 KB, 248x189, 248:189, flat,800x800,075,f.jpg)

816a24 No.291599


That works too. I'm on board with that. :)

d47b7f No.291600



It pretty much memes itself

834313 No.291601

File: c1ae24e07e8e5c7⋯.png (277.92 KB, 777x514, 777:514, ConanHaiti_blank.png)


is it me or there aren't a lot of haitians in Conan's propaganda?

cc40ed No.291603

110236 No.291604


those eyes

f8b2e9 No.291605

File: ba5614924e71bd5⋯.jpg (48.7 KB, 594x425, 594:425, DVaCwOQXkAAKK3G.jpg)

420189 No.291606


Yes. She was like, 24 & I think they said she had some freak sudden medical condition that no one knew about and she passed out hitting her head. Something along those lines. But total 100% bullshit. He resigned soon after. Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along. That beady eyed bastard.

ffb63a No.291607


From what I understand, an electrogravitic engine creates it's own gravitational field separate and apart from the Earth's gravitational field.

This field can be controlled. By manipulating where the field is pointed a gravity well is positioned in the desired direction of travel and a corresponding gravity hill is directly behind….thus causing movement.

The really cool thing is that the craft within the field maintains one positive G regardless of the speed or direction changes. The field acts as an inertial dampener such that anyone inside the field will only feel one positive G regardless of any maneuvers.

Super luminal speeds are achievable in the atmosphere and in the vacuum of space the speeds are considerably higher.

T. Townsend Brown discovered all of this back in the 1930s-40s.

(((They've))) known about it for that long.

decd67 No.291608


Yes. And this is getting a lot more distribution than I expected. There is a groundswell building.

But it would be even better if we can provide proof of a coverup by getting the original highres video. People are still working on this, checking with the right Federal agencies, the Library of Congress. It is out there, and if they tamper with that, like the records in the National Archives, then they just make their crimes that much bigger.

Dig Dig Dig. Make the phone calls, write the emails, find the video

75b59a No.291609


>designed in California, assembled by chinks

a0c8c2 No.291610


It should be obvious why the LA Times was targeted for destruction after Trump's election. They were the only somewhat fair publication on the west coast and they were the only ones to get the polling correct during the campaign.

3361fa No.291611

I will send $50 through PayPal (or other reasonable preferred method) to Anon who actually finds the SOTU iPhone shot.

Match me berniebros

d70955 No.291612


Further to the left I think.

444b4f No.291613


These people are evil

Axis of evil

NK-Iran-EU- russia

Hillary - russian agent

Obama - agent of MB (Suad/Iran)

cb062a No.291614



make it viral

3e0b8b No.291615

File: cb3ec73056be79c⋯.jpg (63.44 KB, 500x501, 500:501, jerk meme.jpg)


jus for you.. Lemme know what text you want anomie

815b3f No.291616


I will match!

790b85 No.291617



f43379 No.291618


Evies Crib (Tamera Luzzatto) was also HRC chief of staff for 8 years.

c415a1 No.291619


We could make a separate thread, but then sometimes I wonder if it's really a good idea to draw attention to the "others." They/he stay(s) anon for a reason, I'd guess.

I keep a running tab of bread #'s with interesting keywords, but I go thru so many breads in a typical night in between digging and memeing, I get lazy and am usually half asleep when I write them lol. Then when I have time and energy, I'll go and make graphics out of the ones that pan out.

79c1a4 No.291620


Perfect Sh*thole….perfect

b7a1f4 No.291621


Oh, btw, janitorial services required 353. They shit in the bread. And due to my lack of facial recognition, I got #8 wrong, but I tricked some shills into giving me the answer: Prince Zaid Al Hussain.

9d1ac9 No.291622

File: 2787c1801d30849⋯.jpg (69.73 KB, 640x499, 640:499, Cuckie Shuma Rat.jpg)

110236 No.291623

File: d071de2cb8f76ff⋯.jpg (11.36 KB, 255x169, 255:169, 243oiz.jpg)

a0c8c2 No.291624


That stupid fucking argument held NO WATER WHATSOEVER during the American Revolution.

Do you realize what losses the signers of the Declaration of Independence suffered so you could wage your armchair revolt?

00d561 No.291625





Emergency baker needed !!!

Current baker had his connexion down. He don't know why and can't bake next bread nor give the dough (no connection atm).


Post last edited at

676383 No.291626

File: 6ff4576aacf5924⋯.jpeg (85.87 KB, 600x456, 25:19, 06628071-79AA-44EB-8B37-7….jpeg)


Rods of God?

Thor’s Hammer?

654f88 No.291627


Oh it's not you. he wants us to think Haiti is paradise, since Trump called it a shithole.

49d6f8 No.291628


eh… its theorized that quantum particles get pulled in and pushed out creating the thrust… my personal theory is based around the harmonics (black body radiation) of matter… gravity is probably nothing more than EM wave but physics hasnt caught up yet

ffb63a No.291629



7dadf2 No.291630





4de238 No.291631



i would make the red arrow shorter though.

f8b2e9 No.291632

Another plane crash, this time in California.

http:// fox5sandiego.com/2018/02/06/small-plane-crashes-in-santee-near-gillespie-field/

fb68a2 No.291633

Planefags awful quiet tonight. Any present? Any unusual activity?

6549f4 No.291634

File: 3926fa5aef66483⋯.png (508.77 KB, 614x614, 1:1, screenshot_895.png)

ffae64 No.291635


it's so crude and rude with the cursing but i can't stop fucking laughing

cc40ed No.291636

i want a body count of these sic fucks

not the fake wars but personal 187

06f183 No.291637

Somebody Just Leaked Every Phone Number and Address on Anthony Weiner’s Laptop: 639 Politicians and Media Personalities Doxxed

https:// archive.li/uoPMn

816a24 No.291638




IKR?!?! Lol. When I do cocaine, I usually just stay hidden in my room with the doors locked and the curtains closed. But I appreciate his commitment.

75b59a No.291639

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fc332e No.291640


THIS!!! Do we have phone meme templates. I'm the PetitionFag, but I can whipe up a meme or two.


b0331c No.291641


2506ba No.291642


I said the same thing. That car is a distraction for whatever is really inside of the hull, or whatever else was delivered with it and released.

b7a1f4 No.291643


Yep. I will become the most irritating creature they've known. I'm good at that. I'll be all over it tomorrow.

3361fa No.291644


You’d think ourguys could release evidence of that without compromising other investigations. Take Scarborough, or anyone, down already

110236 No.291645


hahahaha this is what happens when a couple brains get together

cc40ed No.291646


im just not looking tonight, i watched earlier seemed normal

87d0f8 No.291648

File: 48b17c302e438fa⋯.jpeg (2.14 MB, 2208x1242, 16:9, 7C78A81C-CA59-4415-82E2-4….jpeg)


Lady in the center. She had a chunky pearl necklace on.

d47b7f No.291649



>When all people of a particular persuasion are in one place that can be tempting for the opposition. Get rid of a load of opponents with one stroke.

>Best to be de-centralized.

That's what makes Guerrilla warfare so tough to beat, and why it's so damned effective.

Don't give a highly funded, highly organized enemy a singular target to focus on.

c415a1 No.291650

File: b0352f57ea7d203⋯.png (53.69 KB, 225x225, 1:1, StormTrumper.png)


Fun in NK for the Olymipics?

230801 No.291651

File: 8837e9c5d5c18a7⋯.jpg (842.11 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, IMG_1788.JPG)


Sooooo last year….

cc40ed No.291652


yea there is no f car up there omg

110236 No.291654


lowest black unemployment ever and these traitors refused to stand

0c32c5 No.291655


Black? The look like white people with tans.

9e8404 No.291656


No such thing as tungsten kinetic weapons.

Fairy Tale.

816a24 No.291657


Extreme times call for extreme measures. ;)

eb15a1 No.291658

File: ff0050ce221cda5⋯.jpg (273.49 KB, 600x402, 100:67, pelosi.jpg)

File: f8b7b69461d5cc5⋯.png (482.85 KB, 784x811, 784:811, pepe check.png)

File: 377fcf695b414c0⋯.png (101.13 KB, 400x333, 400:333, pepe mike gaff.png)

File: 6ad55d0b9e1d046⋯.png (205.09 KB, 600x352, 75:44, pepe pi hide.png)

10e3b1 No.291659



It is most definitely Antartica. Bring it on.

3e0b8b No.291660

File: da56491396087fd⋯.jpg (64.21 KB, 500x501, 500:501, jerk meme 2.jpg)



Needs a little spice I think.. Open for suggestions KEK

9e8404 No.291661

File: e3a2f1711d2c1ad⋯.jpg (34.96 KB, 720x960, 3:4, Thor's hammer.jpg)

d70955 No.291662


Shill. Filtered.

ffb63a No.291663


Nobody is forbidding you from doing it. We're just saying it doesn't work.

49d6f8 No.291664


im pretty sure some of the "meteors" a while back would disagree

cc40ed No.291665


the fucking gravy train is fucking over bitches

676383 No.291666


George Soros 212-262-6300 W

Soros 888 Seventh Ave NY NY 10106

f88cda No.291668

File: 6d75c4db9b66aee⋯.png (761.28 KB, 1000x718, 500:359, 003CardFlynn.png)

File: 6d75c4db9b66aee⋯.png (761.28 KB, 1000x718, 500:359, 003Flynn.png)

File: ba6d22a2542fb65⋯.png (583.79 KB, 1000x718, 500:359, 004BodiesBuried.png)

File: 9e6fd5041e21858⋯.png (697.61 KB, 1000x718, 500:359, Qcard005.png)


He did not make very many cards.

9538a5 No.291669

And why.

From reading, obviously if he did redact McCabe's name, that evidences a cover-up. He may know other things that Justice Dept. wants to keep hidden, which does bring up the question of who is trying to keep him quiet and why.

Also, apparently his wife worked closely with HRC and travelled with her extensively.


7dadf2 No.291670


>George Soros

satan got satan's number

420189 No.291671


There was apparently heavy fog

>The two people did not survive the crash. Their two dogs were taken to a local animal hospital. One of the dogs ended up dying due to its injuries.

>Fox 5 confirmed the victims are Dr. John C. Longhurst and his wife, Cherril. They are the plane's registered owners from Montana.

>The couple once lived in Escondido and Dr. Longhurst was on the faculty at UC Irvine Medical School.

9e8404 No.291672


You mean like this?


3420a4 No.291673


This. Don't provide them with ammo.

c14230 No.291674

BAKER if your connection got spiked it is because we are here, drop unknown ids that showed up 5 mins before ,we can track them back thru vpn and tor and … If codemonkey is on have him break connection and re connect, track ids. We got you Fam. Open drop we will track .

cc40ed No.291675


him fondling little haitian boys

816a24 No.291676


It's.. it's… BEAUTIFUL!!

6549f4 No.291677

File: 150a9052a0bc7a0⋯.png (219.58 KB, 484x500, 121:125, screenshot_896.png)

230801 No.291678

File: 4ccc6cc306d9381⋯.jpg (442.39 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, IMG_1771.JPG)


Damn son!!!! Trips fucking Satan!!!!

75b59a No.291679


>stop mansbridgesplaining

c415a1 No.291680




b6ad6d No.291681


8 = symbol of resurrection and rebirth

>Their need for symbolism will be their downfall

Come to think of it, (((kushner))) sold off his 666 property as fast as he could - message?

cc40ed No.291682


or put a couple in background putting on their draws

110236 No.291683


lol the left makes him out to be some creative genius

5dc77c No.291684


Spooky.., Very spooky

d47b7f No.291685

File: cb1234f9e689e2c⋯.png (15.41 KB, 160x229, 160:229, 1485891316101_50559.png)

1e43fd No.291686


The most powerful rocket ever carries the heaviest payload ever. Kinetic weapons platform is a lot cooler than Cobra Commander Project Pelican shipping container missile launcher.

be4ea1 No.291687


I want to punch him in the throat. Haiti deserves REAL attention for the horrific fraud and abuse that has been inflicted on its people. This asshat is perfectly fine with lying his ass off about children being stolen and used for sex trafficking and sacrifices, as if they are cattle. Perfectly fine with Haiti being an absolute shithole where people live without running water or electricity after 6 BILLION DOLLARS disappeared. Fuck you Conan.

cc40ed No.291688


thats what torches and evaporated granit countertops in cali

554f06 No.291689


oh boyy im speechless haha make sure to not show your pussy plz, absolutely embarassing

bfe015 No.291690


The ones that would archive have been archived. There were a couple of sites that threw and error, so those didn't go.

cf0f4b No.291691

File: 11a54393d1afe92⋯.jpg (273.97 KB, 817x1357, 817:1357, Conan Haiti.jpg)

7dadf2 No.291692


>(((kushner))) sold off his 666 property as fast as he could

when did this happen?


forsaking satan; embracing god

da2307 No.291693


Trey Gowdy is being prepared for special counsel > Clinton Foundation. Or DOJ Deputy Assistant AG. Either way, he was the one who originally was pressing Clinton on Sydney Blumenthal who was facilitating access to her through the Clinton foundation.

110236 No.291694

>>291666 lets give good ole georgie a call tomorrow morning, what do you say?

bb9b7b No.291695





can bake if needed will prep oven

0e0de3 No.291697

File: 02ba08b75377135⋯.png (495.2 KB, 771x507, 257:169, fulldisclosure.png)

2c7a4f No.291698

File: 2e5445b7a67a6a8⋯.png (135.54 KB, 777x781, 777:781, Comfy40-60.png)

cc40ed No.291699


im glad he did, i still dont know what to make of him just having to have it

fad0f1 No.291700


Hats off to you anon. Great job!

230801 No.291701


Oh those were made before the ones I was talking about… and they don't look as pro as those and have a backside posted with.

The ones you posted look good, wish there were more like them

3dd056 No.291702



110236 No.291703


top top top meme patriot. posting it on twitter rn

bfe015 No.291704


Except for one that got scrubbed right in between clicks. That shook me up a bit.

95ba9f No.291705


Not sure who you're mad at, but you attribute a lot of your rant there at me, and it is not only not applicable, but a lot of it only makes sense when the presumption is made that you are venting.

That's fine with me bro, but you should re-read what you wrote and the recognize how little of that applies to what I said.

I would have to drive 3 hours to anywhere to protest. I don't sit on my couch. Never asked Trump t o solve my problems. In fact your whole last paragraph is a childish rant. You need to do as you suggested, and go let off some steam, before you have a stroke.

816a24 No.291706


>forsaking satan; embracing god

God allows PLENTY of stupid shit*

*So long as you believe in him and Jesus.


13fb83 No.291707

File: ee18cb8c6308612⋯.jpg (75.19 KB, 608x655, 608:655, hbfuturefelon.jpg)


Yes they can.

75b59a No.291708

File: 24c51d0caf627a5⋯.jpg (17.88 KB, 474x474, 1:1, cbc.jpg)


He's been replaced by Ian Hanopersonsing

e01e9f No.291709


30d9e4 No.291710


can you repost better copies, Thank you.

7925f2 No.291711


Dont see EM as bad guy somehow.

cf0f4b No.291712


TY, kindly.

420189 No.291713


I really do hope that after the major shit comes out & major players are taken care of & things calm down a bit, they can begin work on solving all the murders that have been piling up over the last bunch of years.

ffb63a No.291714


Obvious swamp gas

f8b2e9 No.291715

Smear campaign against POTUS is in full force on Twatter.

3dd056 No.291716



49d6f8 No.291717


efce95 No.291718

Just finished listening to the Dan Bongino podcast and he blows the whole thing wide open. If he can figure it all out, I'm convinced that Trump has the goods on everybody, he's just like a cat right now playing with his kill for awhile before he bites the head off the snake. It won't be long now folks.

358f13 No.291719

Thanks but you are about 170 threads behind


cc40ed No.291720

need titty break, post nice no saggies

ffae64 No.291721


>https:// archive.li/uoPMn

the names are telling, David Brock,soros888,etc

f55cbd No.291722


Great job, anon.


This pic shows the people with cameras who'd have the best views. We need to id them. Is there a seating chart?


00d561 No.291725


Thanks!! Real MVP! <3

Post last edited at

bb5075 No.291726


>not "JEWS"

230801 No.291727


Not sure if he has sold… last I heard he was gonna try to get the number changed?

49d6f8 No.291728


Yep… i tried pulling it off of facebook too… and magically it was gone

fc332e No.291729


Perfect!! Where can I get the phone templates Anon??

46912a No.291730

Twitter Feed = Woke

Good Night Anons. Well done Patriots.


Will rejoin battle in the AM. Bedtime for OldFags

bb5075 No.291731


What else is new?

09dc9c No.291732

File: 52ab6476eabe879⋯.jpg (84.77 KB, 500x587, 500:587, can I get a hand.jpg)

sorry anons I was looking forward to baking but my internet is being unstable

Good luck anons

0aa46e No.291733


I can bake too, if needed.

My only real plan was to stir the shit pot and throw some diesel fuel on the Anon bonfire, but y'know.. I do what I can.

14910d No.291734

Long time lurker here, need at. Here to learn and lurk MOAR.Any help with 1st day would appreciated. God bleaaings

6549f4 No.291735

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

'Rods From God Weapons System

b6ad6d No.291736


misspoke - LEASED not sold.

honeypot, or simply a 'still bad apple'?

He is exactly the type for (((globalists))) to sink their fangs into the core family.

be4ea1 No.291737

Sick of seeing innocent people die for chess games. Ala Amtrack. Time to take these muthafuckas down. How many more FF's will happen before we see traitors to the U.S. locked the fuck up?

c7bf3c No.291738


You must be new around here….

cc8baf No.291739

File: be69ed5092336d7⋯.png (133.21 KB, 500x549, 500:549, trump-grabbed-my-pussy-too….png)

cc40ed No.291740


go read as much as u can

9e8404 No.291741



bb9b7b No.291742



what number ?

d47b7f No.291744


With Adam Schiff's hand…

b6ad6d No.291745

d624ac No.291746


Don't applaud, he needs to die!

f8b2e9 No.291747


How much of that is not pussy?

87d0f8 No.291748


Hannity is doing everything perfectly. He is sitting on things until it’s time to start shaking and waking the sleepers.

He is also helping draw in the net bubble what he does and does not say.

Everyone has their role to play. Style and timing are all part of that.

0e0de3 No.291749

File: f7a320b6fc1b197⋯.png (177.79 KB, 400x430, 40:43, shittyres.png)

File: 29c99870303c7bd⋯.png (263.48 KB, 298x506, 149:253, phone.png)

f88cda No.291750


I hate to tell you … that is a precise symbolic model of the earth. The flat earth with a dome over it, with the waters above and the waters below. I know you guys are going to beat me up for saying this… We recognized it instantly, pointed it out at the time without saying what it was, very few responded, so we slunk back into the shadows……

Honestly I do not know what the topology of the earth/universe/local system is and I am not wedded to a particular point of view, but with the evidence I have reviewed I am now in great doubt that it is what we have been told.

Sciencefag here.

Such a disclosure, if true, will rip up everybody's belief system very bad. Maybe that is what will put 90% in the (mental) hospital.

0aa46e No.291751


Oy vey.

decd67 No.291752


You are thinking way to small. Antarctica is a tiny continent mostly covered with ice and very few people live there.

The battle against the Illuminati is being waged GLOBALLY. Actions are happening in many different countries WORLDWIDE.

Now, THAT is much bigger than anyone can imagine. Now you know why Trump is not worried about Obama travelling to another country.

He can run, but he can't hide.

And you will soon find out the truth of that when the Pentagon holds its parade of US military might. A mere Yahoo video does not do it justice. Although, if you watch with a critical eye several times, there is an AWFUL LOT being communicated in that video.

a084cc No.291753


Pick a fold and have at it.

e01e9f No.291754


hey right on friendlyanon.. love ur spunky energy!

cc40ed No.291755


yep, just creepy.

i ont even type out whole number f that

9e8404 No.291756


Was warned it would be scrubbed.

If it wasn't for time spent here I wouldn't have paid it any mind.

db4382 No.291757

read again re elon musk about car in space.

has to be a message,,,, gotta be something there …

to stupid for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

358f13 No.291758

42a832 No.291759


Is this spread sheet available for anons?

a084cc No.291760


Jump in. The water's fine.

d47b7f No.291761


You're referencing Corsi - credibility




0aa46e No.291762


10% (maybe)

bfe015 No.291763


Thanks, anon, this is great inspiration!

75b59a No.291764

File: 040e3de5485caa0⋯.jpg (11.47 KB, 198x197, 198:197, it's all fake.jpg)


Someone I used to hang out with went to a NASA Twitter meetup a few years ago. The most entertaining stories she had were about sucking off strangers in the bathroom.

7dadf2 No.291765




kush is bad. anti-christ tier bad.

one of the major reasons why so many people are on the fence with DJT

b55963 No.291766

File: e585f168cab9d6a⋯.jpg (87.99 KB, 634x421, 634:421, rg10.JPG)


Thanks for baking.

cc8baf No.291767

File: c99549b796bf189⋯.jpg (58.88 KB, 465x486, 155:162, search.jpg)

cc40ed No.291768


me gots it

420189 No.291769



49d6f8 No.291770

00d561 No.291771


#357 and choose a title <3

Post last edited at

fc332e No.291772

File: ff847d41207c341⋯.png (471.08 KB, 642x625, 642:625, Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at ….png)

676383 No.291773

3caa0a No.291774

Who has a clear or a video where the lady says not to applaud during the SOTU?

699900 No.291775

Another CEO stepping down - Steve Wynn. Wonder what else he was up to?



dae706 No.291776

File: 51d11f0af33780a⋯.png (1018.48 KB, 757x494, 757:494, ClipboardImage.png)

f8b2e9 No.291777

https:// www.rt.com/uk/418050-white-powder-delivered-assange/

Deep State trying all the tricks. It's not enough.

800926 No.291778


It's a test. The car is just promotional bullshit. Spacex is legit trying to colonize mars. He's trying to invent reusable rockets.

640c33 No.291779

File: 6fd2b293fece7dc⋯.jpg (41.79 KB, 356x319, 356:319, lizards.jpg)


Amazing. McNasty really thinks he's talking to the PM of Russia! What an idiot.

"I tell you my friend, I cannot predict what this President will do….I think the important people right now is Tillerson who - although friends with Putin at one time - must be very careful because of the process of his confirmation as to how he handles the sanctions issued…I do know that General Mattis is strongly in favor of sanctions and as you know he is extremely influential."

Death to traitors.

e01e9f No.291780


dont hate 2 tell me.. I posted knowing exactly y it was there

d70955 No.291781


Take your stupid unfounded space weapon theory to Reddit where that dumb shit belongs. Filtered.

75b59a No.291782


I fucked my girlfriend under a statute of the Virgin Mary once. On the grounds of a convent.

668e95 No.291783


AS in this instance is Antonin Scalia the Supreme Court justice that was murdered at a retreat in Texas.

30d9e4 No.291784


Do you think you could repost better copies.Thank you.

5dc77c No.291785



a084cc No.291786


Order him a pizza. In fact, order all the people on the list a pizza.

cc40ed No.291787

boobies boobies boobies

63c14b No.291788

https:// youtu.be/xAHMa_2YktM

This guy trolled David Brock

49d6f8 No.291789


well as someone who actually understands engineering… they are quite possible

95bfe4 No.291790


I stopped at Corsi and Jones.

0aa46e No.291791


Well.. the alternative to us sitting on our asses making memes and talking shit online, is that we just go out and start beating the shit out of elected officials.

I hope they appreciate this a little more, but wish twatter would stop with their fascist bullshit, or it might get real.

110236 No.291792

>>291776 What was his goal? excellent meme

7dadf2 No.291794


isn't this a school night, kid?

42a832 No.291795


Probable cause =/= a solid case. Could still get off in court, or even before court.

790b85 No.291796


Have to put Schiff's face on the front monkey

b01b48 No.291797

easy to build hard to target

668e95 No.291798


Another idiot that believes the earth is flat.

3835a4 No.291964


>>>291340 ?????

Since some were questioning whether POTUS might post here, his quote from yesterday was clearly a message of comradery with those paying attention and helping to sleuth, expressed with the same awe and excitement many of us are feeling. Why wouldn't he post here?

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