Notables are not endorsements.


>>6546451 POTUS: "Something strange is going on with FOX!"

>>6546428 DuPage Medical CEO’s death a suicide

>>6546367 Rally viewer numbers

>>6546312 , >>6546314, >>6546316 Air Q's from POTUS

>>6546290 New Q Proof, POTUS: "When I went to North Korea"

>>6546233 , >>6546345, >>6546361, >>6546462 Eyes on Transcript of Loretta Lynch released

>>6546219 , >>6546245 POTUS: "Flood" and 'rapid fire' Q Posts from 1 year ago

>>6546205 , >>6546220, >>6546236 BOOM: Doug Collins releasing the remaining transcripts

>>6546180 , >>6546181, >>6546259 Photos from the rally

>>6546176 Meadows: Declas of Russia investigation docs ‘right around the corner’

>>6546166 Nigel Farage at “The Brexit Party” Rally today (it's happening!)

>>6546104 , >>6546125 Breaking: Military plane crashes in NC

>>6546101 , >>6546108 Disgraced pastor James MacDonald asked radio host for a hitman?

>>6546065 POTUS appears at 7.17pm

>>6546019 Montoursville and the TWA Flight 800 which killed 21 residents

>>6545987 Missile on the way?

>>6545892 House panel releases Michael Cohen transcripts

>>6545891 , >>6545924, >>6545934 Have we hit it? BIDEN/CHINA - Very important marker

>>6545890 Sealed Indictment numbers for May

>>6545889 Napolitano: 'Crown material' email could spell perjury for Brennan

>>6545870 Richard Branson tweet: US capital punnishment system is inhumane

>>6545855 POTUS tweet Delta = 32:23: Mirror of PAIN graphic

>>6545852 , >>6546161 OC dig graphics on potential NXIVM connections to the C_A & Dali Lama

>>6545833 Doug Collins tweets re Nadler and the Mueller Report

>>6545832 Anon theory on Pain -23, the pen and the insurection act (graphic)

>>6545826 , >>6545918, >>6546047 AF1 is about to land and…. landed!

>>6545825 How Hacking and Espionage Fuel China’s Growth. Includes infograph


>>6545716 Jim Jordan on why they want POTUS' financial records.

>>6545661 House intel committee to release Cohen testimony.

>>6545655 POTUS' attorneys will appeal ruling on financial records.

>>6545643 Hong Kong charges former JPMorgan banker over bribery.

>>6545568 DJT Jr.: The World is Watching.

>>6545528 NVIXM Allison Mack is married to a Canadian woman so she could stay in the USA?

>>6545116 Inside's Huawei's Shenzhen campus.

>>6545447 Parscale: President Trump needs your help to counter Big Tech censorship deniers.

>>6545436 Pompeo, Shanahan and Dunford briefing Congress on Iran.

>>6545305 General Dynamics wins $497 million U.S. defense contract: Pentagon.

>>6545424 Facebook uses data to create disease prevention maps

>>6545346, >>6545386, >>6545605 Houston rap group member sentenced for sex trafficking.

>>6545375 Cannibal aristocrats.

>>6545349 Nadler mad.

>>6545296 Q clock update. Re-read crumbs.

>>6545285 Brits to decide if there's a conflict between European and American arrest warrants.

>>6545259 OC graphic dive into Richard Branson's connections to NXIVM sex cult. (graphic)

>>6545256 RSBN feed for rally tonight.

>>6545218, >>6545298 Dominos and Papa Johns CEO(s) sell shares.

>>6545182 SCOTUS rejects Christian Iraqi immigrant's bid to avoid deportation for drug charge.

>>6545100 U.N. study: Corruption still a problem in reformed Afghanistan.

>>6545035 Why NXIVM sex cult allegations aren’t consensual kink by Sarah Berman.

>>6545032 At least 4 OIG investigations dealing with Spygate.

>>6545029 Alabama man suspected of shooting multiple officers in custody.

>>6545019 Tom Fitton: Weissmann sent email to Yates claiming he was in "awe" of her lawlessness.

>>6545018 Planefag: AF2 airborne towards DC.

>>6545011, >>6545072, >>6545157, >>6545467 DC Judge upholds subpoena for POTUS financial records.

>>6544999 USS Lincoln, USS Kearsarge conduct joint operations in Persian Gulf.

>>6544990 Active shooter reported in San Francisco.

>>6544977 NY prosecutors examining inauguration documents.

>>6544965 NXIVM Trial courtroom twats from ‘author’ Sarah Berman.


>>6544888 Live now: JW interview of Matt Gaetz.

>>6544832 Facebook, Google, Twitter to testify on election security.

>>6544809 Bill Gates seems to be interested in blood lately.

>>6544727 Marketfag update.

>>6544723 Senator proposes strict Do Not Track rules in new bill.

>>6544706 Nunes “likely” to send another criminal referral over Steele Meeting with State Dept.

>>6544702, >>6544726 AFSpecOpsCmd: Monday motivation.

>>6544665 America under POTUS: Greater and less racist.

>>6544647 Xi threatens rare-earth export ban.

>>6544641 Doug Collins on McGahn's situation.

>>6544576 Ohio Dems fear Trump will take the working class vote… again.

>>6544541 Colorado: Shrooms, abortions and school shootings.

>>6544487 Chinese made car could spy on us.

>>6544476 Ben Garrison and POTUS speak on the MIC and their endless thirst for conflict.

>>6544473 Planefag updates: Two more Army C560 flights.

>>6544365, >>6544431 Deutsche Bank tied to 9/11?

>>6544430 Stephen Herbits: ‘Clare and Sara asked me to do things that were improper’.

>>6544423 Hannity & Q: Gloves off.

>>6544599, >>6544399 DOJ: Congress may not constitutionally compel the President's senior advisers to testify about their official duties.

>>6544390, >>6544766, >>6544886 DHS warns of data threat from Chinese-made drones. (DJI)

>>6544297 Sen. Kennedy: China cheats!

>>6544208 Vice President Pence delivers remarks to U.S. Service Members.

>>6544204 Russia, China to open Arctic Sea to trade, cutting Asia-Europe shipping route by 5,000 miles.

>>6544196 Skolkovo Inovation Center.

>>6544191 France threatens journalists with jail time for exposing use of French arms in Yemen.

>>6544182 Ford says it's going to lay off 7,000 people worldwide.

>>6544166 President Trump will reportedly meet with Prince Charles during a state visit to the United Kingdom next month.

>>6544158 Italian dock workers refuse to load Saudi arms ship over Yemen war.

>>6544154 POTUS expected to instruct McGahn to defy subpoena.

>>6544150 Hamas denying reports of ceasefire.

>>6544129, >>6544148 Pipe bombs found in Grass Valley.


>>6544023 UK advises British-Iranian nationals not to travel to Iran.

>>6544000 Brennan's briefing: A law breaking endeavor.

>>6543962 Los Zetas Cartel dumps bodies at Mexican border State Police HQ near Texas.

>>6543944 Bartiromo Tweet: Comey insisted the dossier was included in intel assessment.

>>6543924, >>6544016 POTUS: China and MIC.

>>6543920 UK home secretary wants closed hearing to keep MI5 security breaches secret from public and media.

>>6543908 Researchers have identified 350 anti-POTUS Instagram accounts waging a disinformation campaign.

>>6543898 Germany spent record €23 BILLION on refugees and migrants in 2018

>>6543887 Los Angeles politicians involved in a late-night brawl at upscale resort.

>>6543874 Graham urges DJT to stay firm on Iran.

>>6543865 Austria: Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has hinted that Israeli political strategist Tal Silberstein may have orchestrated the debacle.

>>6543851, >>6543904 Meadows says declass is just around the corner.

>>6543850 Gowdy: "Game changing transcript between informant and PapaD"

>>6543840 DJT Tweet: "Fred Keller of the Great State of Pennsylvania has been an outstanding State Representative. Now he is running as the Republican Nominee for Congress, and has my Complete and Total Endorsement…"

>>6543828 Magic Johnson resigns from LA Lakers.

>>6543812 Scottish Tory Councillor’s home and car firebombed, he believes it was politically motivated.

>>6543501, >>6543843 Ecuador hands over Julian Assange's belongings to US.

>>6543777 Vice shilling for Huawei?

>>6543720 US Marine Corps has formed an auxiliary volunteer cybersecurity force.

>>6543676 T-Mobile, Sprint get merger backing from FCC chairman.

>>6543653 DJT Tweet: "See you tonight at 7:00 P.M. Eastern, Montoursville, Pennsylvania!"

>>6543615 Pence Tweet: "Great to be back in Florida! Thank you for the warm welcome…"

>>6543611 Venezuela's oil company and Spain's ambassador to Venezuela embroiled in a money laundering scandal/investigation.

>>6543590 DJT Tweet: "The Fake News put out a typically false statement, without any knowledge that the United States was trying to set up a negotiation with Iran…"

>>6543586 All Austrian far-right ministers to resign, party spokesman says.

>>6543580 Russia declares unilateral ceasefire in Idlib.

>>6543577 DJT Tweet: "On this Cuban Independence Day, we stand by the people of Cuba in their quest for freedom, democracy and prosperity. The Cuban regime must end its repression…"

>>6543553 OIG inspecting the FBI's confidential human source program.

>>6543547, >>6543641 Israel and Hamas have reportedly agreed to a 6 month ceasefire.

>>6543488 Sweden media bans Swexit campaign commercial.

>>6543440, >>6543473 Nuclear coffin leaking. Fallout uncertain.

>>6543437 Canada, Mexico lift tariffs on US goods after Trump scraps steel, aluminum levies.


>>6542767 Tinker AFB Evacuating Aircraft Ahead Of Potential Severe Storms

>>6542687 New York Post: China’s ‘Social Credit System’ Is Dystopian Nightmare

>>6542675 Eiffel Tower evacuated as man caught climbing Paris landmark

>>6542642 (Video): Nigel Farage Latest Right-Wing Figure Hit With Milkshake by Lunatic Leftist

>>6542625 Bernie Sanders Puts Climate Change Doomsday Clock at 12 Years During Rally in Alabama

>>6542978 NWO predictions 1958 - A Speech Given With The 10 Steps The Deep State Would Take To Destroy America!

>>6542579 Brett Kavanaugh clock graph

>>6543024 Eyes On; Check video of VP Pence passing notes to military men

>>6542935 Bagdad missile lands near Tomb of Unknown soldier

>>6542934 The UK establishment is in full damage control attempting to give the dodgy dossier credibility.

>>6542930 Supreme Court tosses out ruling allowing lawsuits against drug manufacturer

>>6542874 Iran seen transiting several major a-300 air defense missile systems across the country amid U.S. tension.

>>6542870 'I want to leave while I still have all my marbles': Steve Kroft steps down from 60 Minutes after 30 seasons amid CBS News shakeup

>>6542868 BOOM! Eric Holder Body Slammed by Former Deputy Ind. Counsel Sol Wisenberg Over Attack on AG Barr

>>6542860 Crossfire Hurricane was the codename for Brennan and Comey’s operation in London

>>6542687 New York Post: China’s ‘Social Credit System’ Is Dystopian Nightmare


>>6542431 Supreme Court sides with Wyoming hunter as Gorsuch joins liberals

>>6542319 Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley Proposes Bill Allowing People To Block Tech Companies From Constantly Tracking Their Location

>>6542300 UK’s Spy Confession is a Lie and We Caught Them – Kavalec Notes Prove UK Was Spying on Trump Earlier Than Reported

>>6542283 New DJT twat: Looks like Bernie Sanders is history. Sleepy Joe Biden is pulling ahead and think about it…

>>6542274 Lindsey Graham twat w/CAP": The fault lies with the Iranians, not the United States or any other nation. …Stand firm Mr. President.

>>6542251 Ford Motor Co cutting about 10% of global salaried workforce

>>6542165 FCC chairman gives green light to T-Mobile-Sprint merger

>>6542149 Amash primary challenge in Michigan.

>>6542143 Trey Gowdy: Brennan, Clapper and Comey know full well dossier was used in the intelligence assessment

>>6541969 Eric Swalwell Is a Financial Mess

>>6541948 Anon opines: A SHORT NARRATIVE ON OUR LIVES:

>>6541937 NY State lawmakers tweak legislation allowing release of Trump's tax returns

>>6541898 Woman Injured by Flu Shot Receives $2.49 Million

>>6541894 New DJT twat: Why are the Democrats not looking into all of the crimes committed by Crooked Hillary and the phony Russia Investigation?…

>>6541882 New DJT twat: "We have a booming economy, and working people are making gains that they haven’t seen in decades." Stuart Varney

>>6541873 UK: 19 terror attacks have been foiled in the last two years including 14 by Islamist extremists, warns 'tempo is increasing'

>>6541860 Spain: Surge in Migrant Crime

>>6541853 Anon's take on POTUS interview: Comms: "I NEVER believe THAT intelligence."

>>6541843, >>6541849 Ukraine's defense minister resigns. All his deputies resign

>>6541792, >>6541809 New DJT twats w/CAPs Montage on NYT, MSM, Cash from Russia, 2 missing twats…

>>6541699 Suit opened in SDNY v. Senator Charles E. Schumer. (Racketeer/Corrupt Organization), April 4, 2019


>>6619334 Uber to use bad rider's rating to deactivate accounts

>>6619344 Current Facebook outages mostly hit US & EU (map)

>>6619442 DOJ IG reveals high ranking FBI official leaked to media "rampantly"

>>6619477 [NP] to react to Mueller's press conference during event in CA (live link)

>>6619532 Judicial Watch uncovers [HRC] had been warned about CommSec twice by Diplomatic Security Official

>>6619353 Twitter suspends Journalist who investigated media connections to Antifa

>>6619458, >>6619469 Investigative Summary on FBI Deputy Assistant Director

>>6619527 Recommendations Issued by DOJ's OIG That Were Not Closed As of March 31, 2019 (Anons, digging needed)

>>6619605 "Progress on MANY fronts": Possibly related to Q's #3348?

>>6619656 Pope states he "knows nothing" about McCarrick’s serial homosexual abuse

>>6619869 Another case of "wrong medication"? Depression played role in Parkrose High Case

>>6619916 Bernie Sanders: "I will support an Impeachment Inquiry"

>>6619939 Nadler alive & kicking again: His statement on Mueller's Public Appearance


>>6619148 NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio's new criminal guidelines to allow violent young adults to get out of jail free

>>6619131 U.S. Gang Members Arrested in Tijuana with Bazooka, Meth.

>>6619118 Whistleblower award for NYSE fine goes to HFT critic

>>6619107 Far-Left Extremist Arrested in Connection with Salvini Party Office Bombing

>>6619104 Mueller just proved his entire op was a political hit job

>>6619085 EU Council Chief Brags Brexit Was ‘Vaccine’ Against Euroscepticism

>>6618969 Democratic leadership sidestep impeachment calls after Mueller press conference

>>6618945 (UK) Boris Johnson to face court over ‘lies’ about UK’s £350 million-a-week cost of EU membership

>>6618930 Mueller Resigns From DOJ, Won't Testify, Says "Charging Trump Was Not An Option"

>>6618864 Brennan: Mueller's public address amplifies 'cry for impeachment'

>>6618724 PANIC IN UK - BBC setting up for "Trump is guilty but can't be prosecuted" narrative.

>>6618721 Speaker Pelosi On Mueller’s Comments: “The Congress will continue to investigate.”

>>6618719 Breaking: Julian Assange 'can't hold a normal conversation'

>>6618708 MSM Mueller Spin Propaganda Being Forced Down People’s Throats

>>6618680, >>6618693 James Comey instagram; 'Earn This'

>>6618678 Massive fire destroys historic Ambassador Hotel in Dallas. Anon calls for dig.

>>6618646 Mad Maxine demands on twatter POTUS resign, so they don't have to impeach.

>>6618637 Dept Of Homeland Security tweet: Human trafficking is happening everywhere.

>>6618604 Twatter BNL News; Man sets himself on fire in fromt of Whithouse. >>6618822 (Video)

>>6618599 U.S. Marines Deleted/Replaced Tweet

>>6618585 Happy birthday JFK - Never forgotton o7


>>6618380 Trump Campaign statement on Mueller's remarks

>>6618243, >>6618248 Mueller Transcript

>>6618183, >>6618198, >>6618275 OIG investigation concluded that the DAD engaged in misconduct

>>6618149 Coded Messages? Did Mueller attempt to save EU exposure by declass?

>>6618144 Amash twat - The Ball is in our court, Congress

>>6618004 Jim Jordan Tweet: Same conclusions…nothing new"-939 ref

>>6617981 Sarah Carter Retweet and Comment-"Agree whole heartedly…"

>>6617976 BNL-Dems:Warren,Booker call for Congress to begin impeachment procedures

>>6617952 WH Tweet-Today marks President John F. Kennedy's 102nd Birthday-o7!

>>6617950 Gingrich Tweet: Not guilty then innocent- Reference to Starr/Clinton as well

>>6617934 U.S. exchanges must face renewed high-frequency trading claims: judge

>>6617908 Head of ODNI CTIIC will speaking @ Aspen Institute today

>>6617874, >>6618275 Last Day on the Clock: POTUS Christmas tweet

>>6617873 Anon on how RM will not voluntarily assist in impeachment proceedings

>>6617840 Nadler Tweet-Taking the bait implores congress to move forward


>>6617691 New PDJT

>>6617653 Planefag report

>>6617242 “Yellow Vest” Facebook group with 350,000 members frozen on European election day

>>6617332 Trump administration proposes new rules to punish currency manipulators

>>6617120, >>6617121, >>6617180, >>6617085 anons sum up Mueller statement. Finishes at 11:11


>>6616740, >>6616440 anon sees possible countdown in POTUS & USMC twats

>>6616712 Salvini: “New Europe is born” amid nationalist-populist surge in European elections

>>6616615 Feds probing NY Veterans Affairs hospital for malpractice, forged records after Navy vet files formal complaint and sues

>>6616588 A Navy veteran suffocated after a brawl with Colorado police in a case that has escaped public scrutiny

>>6616586 U.S. banking sector reports $60.7 billion in profits for first quarter of 2019

>>6616438 Renoting: Julian Assange Now in Hospital Wing of British Prison, Lawyer Says …Can’t Have Normal Conversations

>>6616631 Nightmare fuel: New Pokemon app will monitor you while you sleep

>>6616419, >>6616454, >>6616625 Mueller Statement at 1100 EST. "The Justice Department said he will not take questions."

>>6616372 ‘Buddhist Bin Laden’ on the run in Myanmar after inflammatory comments

>>6616356 Police union leader says 60 more detectives needed to combat MS-13 in New York

>>6616325 MAXINE MELTDOWN: Waters demands ‘low life’ Trump resign, ‘free us of what we will have to do to impeach him’


>>6616152, >>6616162 Anon call to Dig on Cummings wife. IRS filings

>>6616132 New Mexico mayor issues cease and desist order to group building private border wall (video)

>>6616025 DJT twat: Republicans cannot allow themselves to again lose the Senate seat in the Great State of Alabama…

>>6615905, >>6615908, >>6615911, >>6615918, >>6615920, >>6615922, Anons opine on Rare earth minerals and China Trade leverage.

>>6615843 Trump vs Deep State in Historic Battle – Kevin Shipp

>>6615938, >>6615976, >>6616028, >>6616046, >>6616100 Anon Discussion of "Brave New World" in context of Q movement.

>>6615736 Boris Johnson must stand trial re: his role in undermining Brexit

>>6615718 D'Souza on MLK legacy being at risk (Bun)

>>6615703 Loretta Lynch hired by NY law firm as litigation partner

>>6615694 Make Aircrew Great Again patches are causing 'splodey heads

>>6615626 NXIVM members used spyware on Edgar Bronfman & other 'enemies'

>>6615510 US Marine killed in military training accident - RIP patriot


>>6614807 Army's 'Google Earth On Steroids' Can Look Inside Buildings

>>6614844, >>6614919 Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Pregnant Woman Is Not a ‘Mother’

>>6614868, >>6615088, >>6615142, >>6615216 Anons on DJT Tweet ("God bless the USA") and Q 38 ("The Calm before the Storm")

>>6614873 Kuroda underscores importance of BOJ's ultraeasy monetary policy

>>6614938 Dan Pfeiffer GoFundMe Exec – DIGG

>>6614991 Former DeBlasio Staffer pleads guilty to CP charges

>>6614974, >>6615039 Misfud map & Link Campus Rome (Proj. Charlemagne DIGG)

>>6615050, >>6615073 4chan trolls push hard to sell # as a sign of Nazi supremacy (Top-Kek)

>>6615062, >>6615349 Patriot Anons, Possible twist with RBG

>>6615121 Reminder: Adam Schiff’s collusion with oligarch, Ukrainian arms dealer, exposed (Feb 2018)

>>6615186, >>6615187, >>6615189 Resignations in the news today

>>6615220 Poll: Americans Increasingly View Trump as Presidential

>>6615264 NXIVM sex slave’s illegal immigrant was used to keep her in line

>>6615272 Mnuchin has a continued financial interest in Stormchaser Films, kek

>>6615317 Cali officials close southern beaches due to influx of sewage from Mexico

>>6615326 Inside the Yellow Vests: What the Western media will not report

>>6615332 VIPanon, Q2347 & "the picture will be the signifier"


>>6614556 Warner tells IC to defy Barr and Democrats will protect them

>>6614457 , >>6614522 Brazen pedo-symbolizm found on Netflix

>>6614462 New US uranium production and resource data released

>>6614413 Infamous El Chapo hitman extradited to US from Mexico to stand trial

>>6614381 , >>6614401, >>6614425 POTUS tweet mispelling, missing [y]

>>6614349 Moar digs on Elijah Cummings' wife Maya Rockeymoore

>>6614331 Huawei asks US court to declare defense bill 'unconstitutional'

>>6614299 Digging on the Florida plane crash, FEMA connections found

>>6614250 Gowdy: Comey has 'no one to blame but himself'

>>6614223 'APT28' cited as the hacking group that breached the DNC in 2016

>>6614222 Asian Market Report: Growth worries hit export stocks

>>6614187 , >>6614329, >>6614361, >>6614426 FISA Gatekeeper? Gabriel R Sanz-Rexach. Dig

>>6614157 Donald Trump 1987 CNN interview with Larry King

>>6614143 , >>6614544, >>6614579 Fitton tweets with all guns blazing

>>6614133 35 Key People Involved In The Russia Hoax Who Need To Be Investigated

>>6614053 2018, Japan found a 'semi-infinite' deposit of rare-earth minerals


>>6613846 Elijah Cummings wife Maya Rockeymoore: Dig and call to dig

>>6613792 Military Space USA Conference June 11th & 12th

>>6613749 Assange in hospital? Report from Sweden

>>6613748 F-15s witness fatal private jet crash 300nm off Florida. Dig

>>6613700 Cummings fights back after massive pay-to-play scandal accusations

>>6613662 Creepy Joe struck again Tuesday afternoon

>>6613647 Missouri NG activated to assist with tornadoes, connects to Q Post

>>6613505 , >>6613533 NM mayor files cease-and-desist to group building border wall

>>6613383 Bruce Ohr, Adam Schiff differ on Trump-Russia dossier points

>>6613362 Watch the water: US delegation visits China re environmental co-operation

>>6613311 USSS asks 'Are You Worthy?'

>>6613275 Mattis has book coming this summer: "Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead"

>>6613235 , >>6613432 Anon connects USMC tweet to 'habbening' Q posts

>>6613220 Crown document = First Steele Memo?

>>6613210 Florida appoints first chief science officer to take on climate crisis

>>6613199 RBG and Thomas trade barbs in Supreme Court ruling on state abortion matter

>>6613180 Sauce for Joseph Mifsud alias of Joseph Di Gabriele


>>6613058 Obama secretly tried to help Iran use U.S. banks to convert $5.7 billion in Iranian assets

>>6613011 Some Comey twats, the last few days

>>6612956 Mark Meadows Blasts Comey’s WaPo Op-Ed, “He Knows His Actions Are About to be Exposed by the Evidence”

>>6612952 Sara Carter article AG Barr Battles Intel Community And FBI

>>6612899 Fake social media accounts spread pro-Iran messages during U.S. midterms: FireEye

>>6612888 Paul Sperry twat, Adam Schiff wants more, basically a do over of the Mueller Investigation

>>6612849 New Trump twat, Thank you Japan Video

>>6612770 John Soloman twat, Carter Page alleges extensive contacts with alleged FBI informant, as Strzok-Page texts draw renewed scrutiny

>>6612754 New Brennan twat, You do not have a scintilla of the intellect, decency, & principles of VP Biden

>>6612712 New Trump twat, Back from Japan after a very successful trip

>>6612667 Sharyl Attkisson retwats Sara Carter "a gigantic battle coming" Barr vs Intel Community

>>6612659 Second GOP lawmaker blocks $19B disaster aid bill

>>6612630 Sen. Mark Warner sounds alarm over William Barr's new declassification powers (PANIC)

>>6612625 Texas secretary of state resigns amid voter purge controversy

>>6612570, >>6612911 U.S. Marines tweeted: All Aboard and Ice Blue

>>6612569 McConnel says we will fill a vacant SCOTUS seat next year if there is a vacancy

>>6612551 A young man entered a restricted area of Mar-a-Lago, and wandered around before being apprehended

>>6612448 Arrest warrant issued for ex-Pemex CEO in Mexico anti-graft push

>>6612411, >>6612414, >>6612420 67th Bilderberg Meeting discussion topics, and attendees

>>6611277 from #8353, post correction for the NXIVM Trial room twats from author Sarah Berman


>>6612177 U.S. Federal Reserve markets czar stepping down

>>6612110 DiGenova: Spygate tip of iceberg, as FISA court has 2012 evidence

>>6612100 Oklahoma accuses J&J of 'brainwashing campaign' in sale of opioids

>>6612060 Pres Manhattan Young Demspleads guilty to child porn charge

>>6612061, >>6612106 SecDef Names New Convening Authority for Military Commissions

>>6611864 Nearly 30 Million Acres Of U.S. Farmland Is Now Owned By Foreigners

>>6611840 U.S. Border Patrol creating “Border Patrol Processing Coordinator”

>>6611772, >>6611772 Reminder: DiGenova/Toensing repping CGI Whistleblower Douglas Campbell

>>6611725 Amash Attacks AG Barr: ‘Used His Position’ to Push Trump’s ‘False Narrative

>>6611711 PA Youth Football Coach state sentence for sexually assaulting underage girls

>>6611697 Treasury Declines to Label China Currency Manipulator

>>6611678 Judge Orders Antifa Activist Yvette Felarca to Pay Judicial Watch Legal Fees

>>6611638 New Request to Make Public List of Matters Related to Special Counsel

>>6611636 Comey Dementia Twat: No ‘treason.’ No coup. Just lies — and dumb lies at that


>>6610847, >>6610892 Moar on Amash

>>6610861 Eric Swalwell: I May Be ‘Another White Guy’ but ‘I Know When to Pass the Mic’

>>6610893 The Rockefeller Way: The Family’s Covert ‘Climate Change’ Plan

>>6610926 South African Mom Who Spoke Out Against Slaughter Of White Farmers Found Stabbed, Beaten to Death With Hammer

>>6610946 Turkey Shoots Itself in the Foot by Providing Syrian “Opposition” with Advanced Weapons

>>6610961 Mueller: Obstruction indictment against Trump mentioned in Michael Wolff book does not exist (Wash. Examiner)

>>6611036 Planefag report

>>6611040 Q Proof: Is Alison Mack naming names? See Q# 1203

>>6611111 Hackers Use NSA Code To Grind Baltimore To A Halt

>>6611124 Followup on Letter Q Anon's artwork controversy

>>6611120 Q Clock update, plz re-read crumbs

>>6611184 New DJT: Feds will help with record flooding in Arkansas

>>6611272 Political Corruption: Microsoft, Facebook to intentionally interfere with Canada’s election, official says

>>6611276 NXIVM Trial room twats from author Sarah Berman

>>6611289 Former Scientist at Top US Lab Charged with Lying About Links to Chinese Program

>>6611383 Trump Undercuts John Bolton on North Korea and Iran

>>6611346 The End of Women’s Sports: Biological Male Wins NCAA Women’s Track Championship

>>6611351 Jim Carrey concern-fags over the future of the Free World if Mueller does not testify

>>6611361 “We Build the Wall” Closes Off Human and Drug Smuggling Corridor in One Weekend

>>6611366 Deep State Blame Game: Loretta Lynch Contradicts Comey’s Testimony on Clinton Email Investigation

>>6611426 Troops Wearing ‘Make Aircrew Great Again’ Patch Triggers Outrage from Left

>>6611429 New DJT: "I was actually sticking up for Sleepy Joe" (kek)

>>6611449 Crooked Democrat Senator Mark Warner Sounds the Alarm Over Barr’s Declassification Powers in Letter to Intel Chiefs

>>6611453 AG Barr Battles Intel Community And FBI. Illegal Surveillance Had Been Going On For Years (Sara Carter)

>>6611464 Top U.S. Environmental Enforcement Officials Meet With Officials in China

>>6611490 Donald Trump Jr. torches Eric Swalwell over "I may be 'another white guy'" tweet

>>6610909 Moar on Bilderberger mtg


>>6610090 Kushner heads to Middle East to seek support for US peace plan

>>6610082 Illinois Lawmakers Move Forward With Nation’s Most Liberal Abortion Legislation

>>6610084 NoName calls the JFK assassination an "intervention"; Pelosi calls for an "intervention"

>>6610098 CIA station chief on collusion with Italian Intelligence services against Trump

>>6610109 In Huge Strategy Shift, Amazon Set To Purge Many Small Suppliers

>>6610113 Justin Amash says Barr deliberately misrepresented Mueller report; claim countered

>>6610124 Netflix Threatens To Boycott Georgia If Anti-Abortion Law Takes Effect

>>6610131 Kentucky Rep, Thomas Massie (R) has blocked a House vote on a $19.1 billion disaster relief bill

>>6610132 Study: Trump has made America less racist

>>6610161 Leopold FOIA req - Navy replies verifying POTUS and RAINre WW1 Memorial last Nov

>>6610196 Haspel CIA career timeline (pic 4)

>>6610168, >>6610176 CIA Ret Brad Johnson on the arrest of Italian intel leaders and Haspel

>>6610158 Officer Commits Suicide After Making Videos Sexually Assaulting a Child in His Patrol Car

>>6610301, >>6610355, >>6610380 Sarah Sanders: Attorney general will decide if James Comey gets arrested for treason

>>6610342 New Sara Carter - Steele will not cooperate w DOJ review

>>6610405 Q drop 3229 - Steele coming to US to testify ?

>>6610155 Bidan prepares for NY fundraising blitz with Cuomo and short seller Jim Chanos

>>6610428 New DJT - Storms overnight across Ohio and other states - WRWY

>>6610444 New DJT -@GovMikeDeWine just updated me on storms

>>6610469 WRWY Q drops

>>6610518, 32e7a1 22nd WRWY from Trump Tweets

>>6610567 LG 'I would do what Reagan did. I would give Cuba ultimatum re Venezuela'

>>6610701 News Now Market Report-Pepe Style

>>6610649, >6610656 Bilderberg attendees, agenda from official site

>>6610669 Amash sends tweet storm (of Liberal Tears) on Muller, Barr, Trump


>>6609937 Netflix Threatens To Boycott Georgia If Anti-Abortion Law Takes Effect

>>6609936 Disaster aid bill worth $19.1 billion blocked again in House

>>6609836 British ex-spy will not talk to U.S. prosecutor examining Trump probe origins

>>6609827 POTUS takes No Questions upon return to White House

>>6609807 Porn lawyer Michael Avenatti pleads not guilty to defrauding Stormy Daniels - AP

>>6609787 Canada to present bill on ratification of new North American trade pact on Wednesday: source

>>6609786 Ex-FBI Director James Comey never used a grand jury to investigate the Russian interference/collusion "crimes" he said he was investigating - Paul Sperry

>>6609713 U.S. Supreme Court takes up Mexican border shooting dispute

>>6609657 Top court rejects challenge to rules accommodating Pennsylvania transgender students


>>6609601 U.S. Supreme Court avoids abortion question, upholds fetal burial measure

>>6609586 AZ _National Guard_ soldiers return after Afghanistan deployment

>>6609476 Oklahoma vs Johnson & Johnson: A high stakes opioid battle

>>6609402, >>6609451, >>6609724 POTUS Lands at Joint Andrews Base

>>6609370 Top officials at New York Fed stepping down

>>6609332 Arkansas, Oklahoma Prepare for 'Worst Flood in Our History' with More Rain Forecast

>>6609309 Obama Appointed FISA Court Judge Contreras Who Recused Himself from Gen. Flynn Case Reportedly Involved in Multiple FISA Court Abuses


>>6608519 Freed Sri Lanka Buddhist monk vows to expose Islamist militancy

>>6608524 M. Bezos 'pledges' $17b to charity

>>6608539 Barr: New York is changing law to go after POTUS

>>6608565, >>6608586 Planefag reports: POTUS incoming

>>6608661 Turkey invades Northern Iraq-Op against Kurdish militants(ZH so..tread lightly)

>>6608670 Possible incoming public statements from WH re: IG and other classified docs(@tribunal report)

>>6608698 New Zealand Gun Control Lobby Pushes Registration, Total Semiautomatic Ban

>>6608730 Judiciary Snapshot: Trump Nominees Confirmed May 20-24

>>6609154, >>6608506, >>6608514, >>6608832 Bilderberg in Switzerland from May 30th


>>6607903 Joe di Genova -Huber hasn’t even interviewed the top witness in (CF) case whom di Genova represents…. ?

>>6607885 GermanArchiveAnon update added #8428 to #8448

>>6607838 All In The Family: Elijah Cummings And Big Pharma

>>6607744 New DJT - RT @kantei -We so habby mista Pwesident come to Yapan. (loosely translated by Baker)

>>6607798 New DJT - God Bless The USA

>>6607977, >>6608206, >>6608185 New John Podesta, HRC twats

>>6607852 Trump 2020 win projected by 3 different models, New York Times op-ed says

>>6607845 Lawsuit Suggests Spying On Trump Campaign Started In Early 2016

>>6607758 Major construction underway in North Korea’s central government complex

>>6608172 Trump reshapes legal defense team


>>6607630 Enormous fire has engulfed the historic Ambassador Hotel near downtown Dallas. Ambassador Hotel first opened in 1904 & was a Texas Historic Landmark.

>>6607415, >>6607442 New activist campaign puts impeachment pressure on House Democrats

>>6607401, >>6607439 POTUS back on US Soil. Lands in Alaska. Dan Scavino twatter video of AF1.

>>6607309 Merkel warns of populists’ rise in Europe

>>6607268 Photo Unearthed of John McCain with “Source D-Source E” of Steele Dossier — Sergei Millian

Chost Bread

>>6607155 Kawasaki Knife Killer update (from German-anon)

>>6607088 New DKT re tornadoes in OK last night (spoke with Gov. Stitt). Reposted shortly after.

>>6606993 Hussein was still 'Kenyan born' in 2007 according to his literary agency

>>6606967 FBI: Hamas supporter arrested for plotting to bomb Trump Tower

>>6606907 1700 Fires in Israel since Thursday (Lag Baomer holiday)


>>6606193, >>6606208 Dayton OH hit by 'historic' tornado; 'catastrophic damage'

>>6606205 DJT tweet & Q#76: "Super-predator"

>>6606229 DiGenova on Trump's Order to Declassify 2016 Surveillance Docs Memorial Day (vid ~14min)

>>6606245 Flood map for Keystone Dam

>>6606248, >>6606284 UK, Italian & Aussie govt's now stand against Misfud, Downer, Halper

>>6606296 Fitton retweet of Feb tweet on Clinton email & Benghazi scandals (discovery heating up): "Huge."

>>6606240, >>6606308, >>6606786, >>6606307 Anons unearth old FBI / Hoover docs on the "Globalist CFR"

>>6606312, >>6606328 The Qclock is set to the correct time (proof)

>>6606327, >>6606682 Moar on Evergreen DIGG

>>6606333 Feb 6 2019: Anon links Q 2629 on [D] Day with June 6 1944 D-Day

>>6606378 DS Desperation: A FF May be Their Last Option to Save Themselves

>>6606389, >>6606406 Bill & HRC walk in Memorial Day parade (anons on symbolism)

>>6606396 Wm Barr investigation: Australia open to help request, Payne says

>>6606416, >>6606516 Photo Unearthed of John McCain with “Source D-Source E” of Steele Dossier — Sergei Millian

>>6606430 California Rising: Mass protest against social media censorship at FB shareholder mtg (May 30)

>>6606484 MIT Rocket Scientist Weighs In On Leaked Syria Chemical Investigation Memo

>>6606532 Moar on Wendy Sherman

>>6606563, >>6606565, >>6606569 Resignations in the news this weekend

>>6606714 Attacker kills one, injures 17 others in mass stabbing in Japan (FF re DJT/Abe visit??)

>>6606774 Navy Pilots Were Seeing UFOs on an Almost Daily Basis in 2014 and 2015 (NYMag)

>>6606818 Why so many MSM hit pieces on JFK Jr and wife in the last week?


>>6605430 anon pic of Flynn banner and POTUS and FLOTUS today matching colors

>>6605450, >>6605687 New PSperry - Source D/E of Steele Doss in photo with NoName - Sergei Million

>>6605728 Schiff encourages intelligence leaders to consider 'the example of Secretary Mattis' and resign

>>6605847, >>6605848, >>6605867 Nunes Twats "D-DAY" @prageru and vid

>>6605901, >>6605940 Q shape 3 pointers on Devin Nunes' D-Day tweet

>>6605855, >>6605899, >>6605903, Per request for dig on Wendy Sherman from pb

>>6605920 Scavino: POTUS & FLOTUS enroute to Air Force One

>>6606024 Foreign Policy doc of the week - JFK threatened an end to U.S. support for Israel over its nuclear weapons prog


>>6605144 re: newfags-The morning sun can blind you. Be kind. Be helpful. That's why we were called

>>6605101 NYT: Model predicts YUGE Trump 2020 win

>>6605021 Jordanian-Mexican Smuggler Who Transported Yemenis over the Texas Border

>>6604913, >>6605010 Live Soon: President Trump and the First Lady Aboard the USS Wasp

>>6604910 Subway rider lied about anti-gay attack, was actually aggressor: cops

>>6604860 ‘Stronger than ever’: Trump weighs in as Israel’s Netanyahu struggles to form government

>>6604830 FrontPageMag: How Bill Gates Destroyed the SAT

>>6604797 Austrian parliament sacks Kurz as video sting crisis rolls on

>>6604796 Barak Ravid's sandy twat over Trump Bibi Support

>>6604779, >>6604779 WHO drops transgender from mental disorders, WHO, WHO, WHO, WHO WHO

>>6604716 'American Soil' Is Increasingly Foreign Owned

>>6604711 Canada takes a first step towards ratifying trade deal with U.S., Mexico

>>6604684 Texas SOS Resigns after U.S. citizenship controversy

>>6604678 Huawei reviewing FedEx relationship, says packages 'diverted'

>>6604659 Why did Admiral Rogers Join the Israel Team 8 Unit 8200 Think Tank

>>6604622 NYPost 3-year-old article re: Iran Payment. Interesting timing


>>6604506, >>6604514 Huge crowd of Marines and Sailors ready for CinC. DJT Twat: Can't Wait

>>6604472 Microsoft, Facebook to help tame internet ahead of Canada's election

>>6604451 Breitbart: Joe Biden has been absent from public view since early last week

>>6604430, >>6604433 planefag: PENCE61 and KC-10A Extender

>>6604392, >>6604416, >>6604443, >>6604416 16 People Stabbed near Tokyo

>>6604320 Arkansas River Flood update from Dardanelle Lock and Dam

>>6604302 1987 Biden claimed he finished in top half of class, but he really finished near bottom

>>6604254 QuodVerum Blog: POTUS Clinton would have expanded the massive illegal spying

>>6604192 Mount Everest death toll rises to 11 amid overcrowding concerns

>>6604138 Sharp is considering relocating its China-based manufacturing

>>6604135, >>6604145 Hill: All States taking up 2019 Abortion Laws

>>6604113 NEW Based Ben: 3 Stooges on a Jackass in the Headlights

>>6604092 (Not so) Lil Miss NoName to Klobby: Leave NoName out of it

>>6604087 NYT via ZH: Navy UFO Firsthand Accounts

>>6604052 The Andy Griffith Show is a pretty decent guide to life

>>6604046 Biden is the one who "put more sentencing in" the 1994 Crime Bill

>>6604013 Japan to limit foreign ownership of firms in its IT

>>6603920 DJT retwat: Mollie's Book "Justice on Trial"

>>6603873 clockfag: Peace Through STRENGTH

>>6603862 DiGenova: Wray (FBI) and Haspell (CIA) stonewalling DECLAS


>>6603625, >>6603632 Describe treason: Okay, enlisting foreign governments to overthrow the republic

>>6603585 Past Americans Charged With Treason

>>6603560 Bannon sees Nigel Farage running for PM

>>6603523 Hill: Senate GOP vows to quickly quash any impeachment charges

>>6603510 Tehran Says Ready for Creating Mechanism for Dialogue With Gulf States

>>6603498 Vid: Hillary refers to super predators

>>6603472 Vive Le Pen: Macron should Resign

>>6603467 Biden: "We have predators on our streets. They are beyond pale, many of those people."

>>6603414, >>6603432 Vid: Trump-Abe Speech, Presser and Notes

>>6603400 Lawmakers, Trump agencies set for clash over chemicals in water

>>6603394 Best Way to Honor Fallen Soldiers Is to Stop Sending Troops to War

>>6603391 Hill: Abe-$24B to U.S. creating 45,000 new jobs

>>6603266 Beijing Prepares Cyberscurity Rule In Retaliation Against US

>>6603241 New Florida Law Bans Release Of Mass Shooting Recordings

>>6603213 BBC whines after viewers accused it of downplaying Brexit Party

>>6603209 Japanese citizens abducted by NK. Trump met Families

>>6603203, >>6603281 Embattled Texas SOS to resign

>>6603167 Joe Rogan putting out the #deepfake message.

>>6603158, >>6603507, >>6603541, >>6603246 Q CLOCK UPDATE: Today's Q Clock :56. Missing [a] related.

>>6603129, >>6603175, >>6603683 DJT Twat: 1Biden; 1994 Crime Bill. Missing [a]

>>6603097 Lavrov castigates US attempts to reshape Latin Americ

>>6603085 Perspective on Kolfage private Border Wall section

>>6603081 Israel Says It Destroyed Syrian Air-Defense System Near Golan Heights

>>6603052 EpochTimes on SF Judge injunction on Wall Funding

>>6603039 Criticized Kolfage Fundraiser has completed a wall section (w/Kobach, Bannon, Fisher)


>>6602956 Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz has been ousted

>>6602826 Abe tweets re Japanese investment in the US

>>6602770 Alejandro Villanueva’s Memorial Day Video

>>6602659 'Full moon coming', re note below

>>6602639 , >>6602675 'Morning sun brings heat': POTUS & Abe met in the Morning Sun room

>>6602633 Syrian Army uncovers White Helmets’ German-made medical supplies

>>6602600 3 modelers predict Trump reelection: report

>>6602549 NY Post states "Spygate" is real, points to Hussein

>>6602529 Rodriguez: Call for Mexican investigation and prosecution of NXIVM

>>6602518 , >>6602547 More on 'We Build the Wall', 'The People's Wall'

>>6602482 Border Patrol seizes ultralight aircraft loaded with meth, fentanyl

>>6602403 Netanyahu unable to form government, Knesset pushing new elections

>>6602398 First major trial in opioid crisis to start in Oklahoma

>>6602383 Chinese Bond Market roiled by first ever bank failure

>>6602375 , >>6602512, >>6602712 Planefag Updates

>>6602369 Jonathan Pollard, US spy for Israel, complains of neglect by Israel

>>6602359 Salvini says no to ‘Eurabia’ in Italy after report on Sweden

>>6602347 Teens to be taught 'how to do drag' in public library summer class

>>6602333 Two suspects arrested over last week's parcel bomb in Lyon

>>6602323 , >>6602427, >>6602336 EU election and aftermath news

>>6602297 Calls grow to prosecute Brennan

>>6602291 , >>6602340 Serial molestor Richard Strauss, Jim Jordan and Perkins Coie

>>6602280 Photos of POTUS & FLOTUS with Japan's new Emperor and Empress

>>6602254 , >>6602292 UK headlines re the EU elections and Brexit party victory


>>6602156 Hackers use NSA code to grind Baltimore to a halt

>>6602133 POTUS: ‘We'll be going to Mars very soon’

>>6602086 Private group We Build The Wall headed by Steve Bannon build a section of wall

>>6602083 Biden, Obama Officials Stood to Gain From Ukraine Influence

>>6601988 POTUS Schedule

>>6601985 Lindsey Graham Proposes Invasion of Venezuela

>>6601973 Aus Press: May's resignation had everything to do with US election meddling

>>6601935 POTUS will be protected by US warship and nuclear sub during Ireland visit

>>6601932 Sara Carter Poll: 98% say Brennan is obstructing justice by fighting Declas

>>6601885 2017 report: Chinese investors buying up Puget Sound properties

>>6601791 Uncanny face morph of Susan Rice and Hussein's sofa buddy

>>6601778 Anon connects POTUS video lengths to Q posts theorizing 'IT IS ON'

>>6601762 , >>6601617, >>6601684 'Enlightenment' tweet signals 'This week' Q Post

>>6601724 Baghdad security plan was named "Fardh al-Qanoon"

>>6601721 Head of Romania's Social Democrat Party (PSD) is jailed for corruption

>>6601661 Apple accused of 'intentionally and illegally' sharing iTunes user data

>>6601619 Iraq offer to help with peace between US and Iran

>>6601604 , >>6601732 Time columnist who forged Trump tweet quote apologizes

>>6601598 FISA was obtained after dossier was found as fake

>>6601568 , >>6601681 POTUS' 'libel laws' tweet connects to Q's 'Libel laws, end of MSN'

>>6601544 Pope Francis sounds racism alarm as EU nationalists win big

>>6601530 Anon Pep Talk and Reality Check


>>6601342, >>6601382 Democrats can't oppose Russia without siding with Republicans (LSA).

>>6601174, >>6601236 DJT Tweet: Arlington video. (video)

>>6601219,>>6601304 LIVE: White House Tweet: "Vice President Mike Pence is participating in today’s Arlington National Cemetery Memorial Day Ceremony."

>>6601194 DJT Tweet: "Hoping things will work out with Israel's coalition formation and Bibi…"

>>6601184, >>6601191 FLOTUS Tweets: Memorial Day and Japan trip (White Hats).

>>6601164, >>6601210 Rain couldn't phase the marine standing guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

>>6601081 Anonymous American Vet's open letter of appreciation to Team Q.

>>6601076 Sebastian Kurz no longer Chancellor of Austria.

>>6601066 The Democrat's embrace of socialism and the misunderstanding behind the term.

>>6601037 Drones a new attack vector. Tokyo announces fresh arrests.

>>6601018 8ch news and performance summary.

>>6600995 Police found complicit in cover up of Pa. catholic church child sex ring.

>>6600929 LarrySanger & Cheryl Attkisson talk about a block chain alternative to the lefty Wikipedia.

>>6600912 Wrongly imprisoned former Rep. Steve Stockman files appeal.

>>6600877 Deutsche Bank not looking good. May ask investors for cash to restructure.

>>6600852, >>6600888 POTUS rips into Ian Bremmer for fabricating quote.

>>6600833, >>6600770 Anon gives a briefing on the various political parties found in the EU.

>>6600826 Political correctness hits UK military.

>>6600765 NK smack talk and Japan trade negotiation/space exploration.

>>6600719 DJT Tweet: "Liz Cheney: Statements by agents investigating Trump 'could well be treason'"

>>6600728 Obama "foundation" kicks off in Asia. Indoctrination?

>>6600697 Dems celebrate prematurely over the ruling of Obama activist judges.


>>6600615 NATIONALISTS WIN: Salvini from Italy, Le Pen from France. Farage in UK, Tarczynski in Poland Smash Globalist Elites in EU Elections

>>6600612 Left-wing Greek PM Tsipras calls for snap elections after party takes beating in EU & home polls

>>6600606, >>6600610 Hollyweird Update: Scott Baio, Getting attacked for openly supporting POTUS.

>>6600553 Statement by Attorney General William P. Barr on Memorial Day

>>6600401 North Korea calls John Bolton a 'war monger' and a 'defective human' after Trump's national security adviser slammed Kim Jong-un's missile tests

>>6600391 Sara Carter Poll: 98 Percent Say Brennan Is Obstructing Justice By Fighting Declassification

>>6600293 Brexit Update: Furious voters turned the country Brexit blue today as they sent a vicious message to the Tories and Labour.

>>6600285 Donald Trump makes good on a promise, but Dems cry ‘coverup’ - FoxNews

>>6600169 Army Virtue-Tweet Backfires: 1000s Expose "Heartbreaking" Horrors Of War

Ghost Bread/ Collector

>>6600137 Another populist election win - India

>>6600130 Anon on the cabal's 50 yr. plan & how POTUS reverses it

>>6600092 Planefag update re: Chinese A/C

>>6600045, >>6600077, >>6600088 New PDJT

>>6600000, >>6600481, >>6600496 US Strategic Command; BLUE, Stronger Together. Tons of Q crumbs in video

>>6599989 Italian intelligence asked to assist in PDJT takedown

>>6599893 HRC twat - scrabble update


>>6599459, >>6599075, >>6599091 Huawei DIGG, con't

>>6599109, >>6599281, >>6599411, >>6599412 Live: Trump, Abe hold news conference after Tokyo meeting

>>6599116, >>6599197, >>6599324 Red Carpet Precursor to MOAB? DIGG, con't

>>6599123 Scavino: Projected August announcements re Japan trade

>>6599123 US President Donald Trump becomes the first foreign leader to meet Japan's new Emperor Naruhito at a ceremony in Tokyo's imperial palace

>>6599132 "Wikipedia Is… Broken," Controlled By Special Interests & Bad Actors Says Co-Founder

>>6599142, >>6599157 Rachel Maddow tax lien info for diggs

>>6599193, >>6599304 , >>6599450, >>6599475 The largest party in the entire European Union parliament is now led by Nigel Farage

>>6599209 'Rare Exception': Indian FM Allowed to Fly in Pakistani Airspace (bodes well?)

>>6599240, >>6599373, >>6599778 Ramtha links to Dems (votes & donations)

>>6599241 Pakistan Security Forces Foil Terror Attack Near Quetta Airbase

>>6599242 GITMO lawyers see issues in torture exhibit

>>6599316, >>6599390 Japan PM's Abe may visit Iran in June

>>6599348 Greens did well in EU elections due to votes "stolen" from the far left SPD

>>6599351, >>6599357 Watch @GavinDeGraw's performance on the National Memorial Day Concert (w/Iwo Jima pic)

>>6599500, >>6599658 DJT/Abe press conference (main points)

>>6599607 Trump presses Japan over trade gap, expects 'good things' from North Korea

>>6599635, >>6599651, >>6599696, >>6599823, >>6599824 Op. Charlesmagne DIGG, con't.

>>6599644, >>6599677 Viv[a] Viv[e] Le Resistance

>>6599747 China's largest chipmaker to delist from NYSE

>>6599748 Measles outbreak now in Western Wa / Seattle

>>6599766, >>6599804 DJT tweet/retweet: working lunch at Akasaka Palace

>>6599793 Polish nationalists win EU vote, set stage for national ballot

>>6599775, >>6599750 Bidan Island explosion

>>6599811, >>6599822 Italy arrests two for hacking into emails of ECB's Draghi, former Italy PM Renzi


>>6598523 new DJT Great evening last night, thank you!

>>6598485 new DJT rt @usembassytokyo

>>6598734, >>6598706, >>6598605 Trump first world leader to meet new Emperor, and Abe was first to meet Pres-Elect

>>6598355, >>6598384, >>6598413 moar on Op. Charlemagne

>>6598638 for the clockfags, Army Reserve twat image is :55 and was post on May 26 which is a :55 on the clock

>>6598821, >>6598969 Donald Trump and Barron Trump scarbble = 17

>>6598943 POTUS Live Link (hasnt started yet)


>>6598200 Citi, JPMorgan, UBS Face Forex Cartel Class Action in Australia

>>6598083 Trish Regan and China’s Liu Xin to debate next week

>>6598055 Addiction to video games is now considered a mental health disorder

>>6598039, >>6598061 Joint Staff Retweeted National Memorial Day Concert

>>6598023 Brennan openly calling for Coates and Gina Haspel to defy AG Barr

>>6598021 Massive Victory for Conservative Nationalists in European Elections

>>6597971 Spoopy Digits on US StratCom Twat w/9-11 Cap

>>6597926 anonylsis: Trump Public Mtgs w/Japan; Non Public China/SKorea

>>6597999 Israel "Shocked" After Germany Warns Jews Not To Wear Skullcaps

>>6597955 Toyota to build factory in Myanmar

>>6597945 Mil-Tweet(s): Mad Scientist initiative

>>6597896 Asia Tech Report: Some iPad & MacBook Production Shift to Indonesia

>>6597814 50yrs ago today: Apollo 10 Spashdown

>>6597773 Leidos: IC Contr. subsidieries in 3 FVEYs countries: UK/CAN/AUS

>>6597770 Huawei Removed from Three Key Standards-Setting Orgs

>>6597525 DJT re-Tweet: POTUS & Abe at the Imperial Palace.


>>6597444 Kek speaks: God Bless America.

>>6597435 Britbong leftie's are also sore losers.

>>6596868 "The people of France see the movement manifesting"

>>6597402, >>6597276 Sweeney mirroring McCabe's actions in the Weiner case?

>>6597301 Origin of Memorial Day.

>>6597290 Netanyahu struggling to form coalition?

>>6597282 Thousands march in China to commemorate Tiananmen.

>>6597151 Farage post on FB.

>>6597210 Salvini also talks about a 'changing Europe.' See: Orban's comments.

>>6597196 Politicians calling for a 2nd Brexit vote.

>>6597109 China's robot censors crank up as Tiananmen anniversary nears.

>>6597082 POTUS live in Japan.

>>6597056 Osprey flyover.

>>6596984 Smollett case sparks outrage for disparate outcome.

>>6596963 MSM continues to ignore the biggest political scandal in history.

>>6596955 Q clock update. Re-read crumbs.

>>6596933 WH Tweet: POTUS & FLOTUS headed to Imperial Palace.

>>6596879, >>6596991, >>6597176, >>6597181 Comey Tweets Mattis quote.

>>6596791 Nigel's post-election speech.

>>6596834 Trish Regan fights back against China's state TV: 'China is waging an information war against the U.S.'

>>6596817 Lee Greenwood performed live at Charlotte Motor Speedway. o7

>>6596787, >>6596852 POTUS remarks at couples dinner in Japan. (video)


>>6596667 Grassley Tweet: I hope the Dem's have the same patience we had with Mueller.

>>6596418, >>6596435, >>6596460, >>6596413, >>6596532 POTUS and FLOTUS enjoying Japanese quisine with Abe. Various other Japan trip photos and video.

>>6596404 New evidence links Colombia army chief to civilian slayings.

>>6596303 Brexit Party in the lead

>>6596254 EU lead candidate does not want to work with the nationalists.

>>6596246 Morgan Stanely doesn't like America standing up for its' own interests.

>>6596237 Orbán wants to 'change Europe' after big win.

>>6596234 Le Pen calls for dissolving Parliament as her party wins France's EU vote.

>>6596222 Iraq sentences French ISIS fighters to death.

>>6596194 DoD: Lighting the way.

>>6596173 NM Gov. who claimed no crisis now asks for help.

>>6596085 Cryptos are exploding higher, Bitcoin at 12-month highs.

>>6596083 POTUS lifts: Presents US President's cup to Sumo champion.

>>6596027 Sky News live election results.

>>6596014 Bongino on the Deep State's palpable panic.


>>6595466, >>6595567, >>6595641, >>6595645, >>6595154 EU election results (big picture)

>>6595182 The List Increases: 1,375 Well Sourced Examples Of Barack Obama’s Lies, Lawbreaking, Corruption, Cronyism, Hypocrisy, Waste, Etc.

>>6595226 Science's Untold Scandal: The Lockstep March of Professional Societies to Promote the Climate Change Scare

>>6595232 At Least 30 Killed, 200 Missing as Boat Sinks on Lake in Western Congo - Reports

>>6595246, >>6595273, >>6595273, >>6595404, >>6595410, >>6595462 Planefag reports

>>6595322 Ana Navarro - call for a DIGG

>>6595335 New DJT: Congrats to the Great…Roger Penske

>>6595346 Yellow Vest action in Brussels

>>6595349 Large warehouse fire in Paris

>>6595388, >>6595407 Le Pen warns Macron to ‘DISSOLVE PARLIAMENT’ after defeat

>>6595405, >>6595261 Le Pen beats Macron in France as nationalists gain in EU vote

>>6595704 French TV meltdown over Le Pen victory

>>6595415 Greek PM likely to call snap general election: party source

>>6595421 Hundreds of German soldiers ‘unfit for service’ following missions abroad

>>6595502 DHS 100% Border Crossers with Children Being Released into US and Given Work Permits

>>6595318 Anon's Theory of 11-11 Mayotte Event

>>6595536 Keystone DIGG, cont (Penn, the Keystone State)

>>6595540 Former CNN contributors slam 'hate Trump' network that 'openly despises conservatives'

>>6595553 “Wikipedia is…broken,” controlled by special interests and bad actors, says co-founder

>>6595569 Markle is skipping lunch with POTUS & Prince Harry during state visit

>>6595574 Hope Hicks subpoena article in NYT draws torrents of criticism

>>6595594 Spreadsheet Archive update

>>6595645 England: Brexit party ahead in 13 of the first 14 areas to declare

>>6595682 UK Guardian's coverage of British election results (some keks, but MSM sad)

>>6595683 JPMorgan Chase accused of purging accounts of conservative activists

>>6595690 Anon explains structure of EU governance

>>6595702 Planefag report on Cessna 182 crash

>>6595691 Anon on Christopher Ghika's & John Bolton's outlook on war with Iran

>>6595761 Ian Bremmer defends and then deletes false Trump statement about North Korea

>>6595683 JPMorgan Chase accused of purging accounts of conservative activists

>>6595829 US DoD tweet


>>6594480, >>6594545, >>6593746 (pb) Meanwhile Xi letter to world to cooperate with Beijing in dev new Internet, Big Data and AI

>>6594472 Obama DOJ’s Media Spying Operation Was Far More Invasive Than Thought (2013 DOJ

>>6594445 POTUS Schedule - upcoming Events in Tokyo, Japan

>>6594588 Footage of Potus golf in japan

>>6594575 May 22-24 Trump ally KY Gov Bevin hosted 5th Annual US-China Governors Collaboration Summit.

>>6594609, >>6594546 UKanon chimes in with thoughts that MAY resign came after Nunes Letter

>>6594774, >>6594784, >>6594844 Macron Humbled in France as Exit Polls Show Le Pen Win, EU updates

>>6595032 EU 2019 results: Brexit Party expected to win most UK seats

>>6594856 ‘Q’ Cut Outs Line Up On The QClock Tomorrow


>>6593687 Tweet from Japan w/screens

>>6593746 President Xi Invites World To Join China In Building New Internet

>>6593779 Markers are still unsolved

>>6593739, >>6593879 Qpost x ref

>>6594003 Prayers for POTUS

>>6594210 New Docs Show Obama DOJ’s Media Spying

>>6594277 anon on UCMJ changes


>>6593310 Graham: Pelosi's job is at risk

>>6592941 Bill Binney and Larry Johnson on "Russia Gate"

>>6592953 Graham: call out on Military Tribunals

>>6593002 Iranian [Subs]

>>6593013, >>6593037 More Eye Pyramid Tweets

>>6593050 Chick-fil-a fighting bans

>>6593093 Dorsey looking to Jack Crypto?


>>6593201 Brennan veiled threat dot connected

>>6593253 Oklahoma reaches $85 million settlement with Teva Pharma

>>6593315 Belgium turns Right

>>6593372 Clockfag reports :55


>>6592029, >>6592016 pb, >>6592022 pb Possible Voter Fraud in EU election

>>6592064, >>6592125, >>6592130 POTUS Tweets

>>6592191, >>6592482 POTUS: Rolling Thunder WILL be coming back!

>>6592120, >>6592180, >>6592124, >>6592207, >>6592223 Pence Intrigue

>>6592076 Pope Hiring Hitman (Abortion), Cardinal "Intervention"

>>6592136 TRUMP on Smollett smear on MAGA

>>6592169 Swalwell Fiancials

>>6592300 USMC: Blast Off

>>6592387 British Scholar Sues DS Spy Stefan Halper & MSM (re Flynn)

>>6592392 Guest Interviews for Today (5/26)

>>6592526 Lindsey G: declassification 'not compromising national security'

>>6592562 FCC Response to 5G dangers

>>6592582, >>6592656 Bread #8409 (with Q posts) is 404d


>>6591313, >>6591390 Academia now does more harm than good (Jordan Peterson vid; 4mins)

>>6591845 President Trump never revoked former CIA Director John Brennan's security clearance.

>>6591890 DoD tweet on loading munitions into a F-16: "Handle with care"

>>6591320, >>6591441, >>6591643, >>6591665, >>6591728 Boatfag reports (great job)

>>6591604 GAA Update, "Sunday Morning"Edition

>>6591566 Russia launched a nuclear-powered icebreaker on Saturday

>>6591611 HRC "energizes" 1500 Dems in Texas (wow)

>>6591648 NASA meteor jut his Austrailia w/power of nuclear bomb

>>6591670, >>6591677 Mag. 8.0 earthquake strikes Peru

>>6591680, >>6591732 POTUS said, "The world is changing": matches line in Q2100 and Q2443

>>6591760 China's communists funmd Ardern's labour party

>>6591785 Long Beach Port boat report ("Reverie")

>>6591825 UN envoy: "Libya a textbook example of foreign intervention" (Aljazeera)

>>6591829, >>6591836 Moar on Rachel Chandler

>>6591904 DONKTUM: restricting the range of consciousness

>>6591953 President Trump Attends the Sumo Wrestling Cultural Program (vid)

>>6591944 Pope Francis says abortion is like 'hiring a hitman' amid heartbeat law protests in the US

>>6591977 Papua New Guinea prime minister resigns after 7 years

>>6591997 President Trump Participates in a Couples Dinner with the Prime Minister of Japan


>>6590500 Emory University Fires 2 Professors for Not Disclosing Ties to China

>>6590590 FLOTUS/Sarah attend team Lab exhibit at Digital Art Museum-Mori Bldg

>>6590594 Trump’s Lawyers Come to Agreement With House Committees to Hold Off on Subpoenas: Report

>>6590608 Biden DIGG, con't.

>>6590663, >>6590663 Mike Pence tells West Point grads they should expect to see combat

>>6590673 RT France reporter hit by policeman while filming Yellow Vests protest

>>6590657 Nunes' letter reveals Misfud's real name: Joseph Di Gabriele

>>6590658, >>6590808, >>6591156 DJT on Agriculture and Beef: theme of the day

>>6590709 Fiat Chrysler and Renault in Talks on Possible Alliance

>>6590724 Red Red Stinger

>>6590732 Smugglers force thousands of child migrants into prostitution

>>6590737, >>6590774 Pennsylvania the Keystone State

>>6590776 Crossfit suspends use of FB (and lists the reasons why)

>>6590797 Cement/concrete DIGG, con't.

>>6590820, >>6590985, >>6591012 Comprehensive boatfag updates

>>6590832 Brennan speaks about cherrypicking re: Nunez tweet

>>6590837 The 'gang' in Tokyo- Pic(no sauce)

>>6590850 Neighbouring China switches off electricity supply to North Korea's Bidan Island

>>6590835, >>6590854, >>6590741 POTUS and ABE selfie during golf outing-very happy!

>>6590859 Former Donald Trump official hopes for US-China trade deal, but says Beijing can afford to wait

>>6590878, >>6590906 POTUS tweet- Great Morning w/Abe in Chiba

>>6590892, >>6590938, >>6591051, >>6590898, >>6591013, >>6591187 Charlemagne/Silent Ones DIGG, con't.

>>6590897, 6590906 Scavinos tweets

>>6590953 China's Deepstate History

>>6590982 4 missing after 2 ships collide in Pacific off Chiba

>>6591012, >>6591109, >>6591139, >>6591147 Long Beach DIGG, con't.

>>6591169 Huawei "Spent All Their Resources Stealing", Stunning New Exposé Shows


>>6589746 Victor Davis Hanson: A case of Clinton Projection Syndrome

>>6589825 Corrected tweet DJT

>>6589817 Trump's "Rolling Thunder" tweet is the reference to the storm?

>>6589852 Mexican military helicopter crashes, killing six

>>6589879 Red Castle tweet about flooding and KEYSTONE lake

>>6589897, >>6589917 Children in Social Services System Most at Risk of Being Sex Trafficked

>>6589909, >>6589966 FLOTUS and Mrs. Abe enjoying being in the LIGHTS at Lantern Exhibit/Be Best projected

>>6589957 Anon on why Coates was Circumvented

>>6589963 Another "Concrete" tweet

>>6590021 DOD FB A mirror image come to life

>>6590039 USMC tweet "I Got Your Back"

>>6590070 Carter Page tweet " It's about to get quite grotesque"

>>6590098 Defense contractor the Pentagon accused of 'gouging our taxpayers' repays $16M

>>6590119 Iran Condems France for Extradition of Iranian Engineer


>>6590163, >>6590194 Scavino FB posts With some of the great team members in Tokyo, Japan…./Marine One — flying over Tokyo,

>>6590197 Qpost 256 relevant to next few days?

>>6590222 Biden camp responds to Trump's NoKo tweet

>>6590253 JW Uncovers FBI Knew of Hillary’s Abuses

>>6590332 Trump targets UK, AUS & Ukraine's involvement in Russia hoax


>>6589595 Vid: Jason Chaffetz suggests IG report already in

>>6589530 Faithless electors who didn't vote for Clinton can be fined, court rules

>>6589498 DJT Twat: Off to the links with Abe

>>6589049 Pope now wanting Interventions for Climate

>>6589269 Danish party presents plan for full asylum stop until 2025

>>6589148 Deep State Has Left ‘Paper Trail As Wide As Interstate-95’

>>6589123, >>6589107 Coast Guard F15s saw Citation V crash 300 miles off Ft Laud

>>6589105, >>6589105 POTUS to present the trophy to the sumo champion is a YUGE honor

>>6589097, >>6589419 Kappy Dead-Man Switch Activated?

>>6589055 Amy Klobuchar invokes Jimmy Carter to defend underdog campaign

>>6589037 Mexico’s economy contracts in 1st quarter

>>6589014, >>6589198 DJT Twat: Bidan vs. Biden. Viva vs Vive

>>6589018 ICE arrests 31 in New York immigration sweep

>>6589007 OpEd: Children Sex Trafficked Hidden Victims of Border Crisis

>>6588995 Vid: Open-Air Preacher at UNT stops to RedPill Students

>>6588947 Haberman Warns Intel Could Be Used Selectively (TopKEK)

>>6588924 Under CIA Chief Gina Haspel, an Intelligence Service Returns to the Shadows


>>6588839 DJT Twat: NK fired off some small weapons and Biden insult

>>6588801 anon's wisdom on anon-discernment and agency

>>6588549 US Army Suicide Hotline twat vs. Q2300 DECLASS w/Hotline #

>>6588522 IBTimes: The Constitution Dictates That Impeachment Must Not Be Partisan

>>6588478, >>6588714 Trump Critic Taibbi: Avenatti, Wohl, & The Krassensteins Prove Political Media Is A Hucksters' Paradise

>>6588477 UK intelligence laundered Steele Dossier, delivered it to James Comey

>>6588398 twat: Deep State Assassination Threat supporting MIC

>>6588371 NYtimes blames NSA for Baltimore hacks

>>6588342, >>6588373 Coincidence Voight's 17th tweet ties-in with Q55?

>>6588339 Turkey arming terrorists in Idleb

>>6588286 Fox Vid: Rolling Thunder: Last ride through DC. Trump Assist?

>>6588277 Trump Urges Fairer Trade with Japan at Start of State Visit

>>6588226 USAF to Live Stream Indy 500 Flyover

>>6588212 RMcD Twit: Not just China on trade. POTUS working Japan too.

>>6588198 GWP: Rumors-Fired Italian Spies Were Connected in Plot to Eliminate Trump


>>6587995 eyes on Krass Twatter back online

>>6587841, >>6587921 DJT new re-tweets from John Voigt.

>>6587806 House Dems Agree To Halt Subpoena For Trump Financial Records During Appeal

>>6587775 Merck Created Hit List to “Destroy,” “Neutralize” or “Discredit” Dissenting Doctors

>>6587703 Israeli who headed Colombia child prostitution ring arrested in Portugal

>>6587664 Sumo association scrambles to beef up security for POTUS visit

>>6587624 Multiple Michigan Priests Arrested, Charged With Sex Abuse

>>6587603 Maine governor signs bill to remove VAX exceptions

>>6587575 Breitbart: 600,000 Migrants Enter Britain in One Year

>>6587544 Operation Charlemagne: Italy’s role in Framing Trump!

>>6587542 Police Complicit in Catholic Sex Ring Cover Up Conspiracy

>>6587441 Know-Nothing Juncker praises Merkel on Refugess

>>6587419 planefags C-40 Eastbound Convoy

>>6587378, >>6587392, >>6587399, >>6587404 Anon on Hammer; Relevent Q Drops

>>6587377, >>6587383 Carter: Schiff "Trump is ‘Stonewalling the Truth’ By Declassifying"; DeSouza

>>6587371 clockfag: U.S. Dept of Defense Tweeted: #CountdownTo600


>>6586559, >>6586582, >>6