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Dear coomrades,

Ron still didn't repsond to questions about restrictions but probably will disable it if he will find some time for it, for this time use one of these bunkers:



http://i7m2kl7tmelclcye.onion.ly/rand21 (alternative link)

Tl;dr what happened

>as joke I created "Post CP" thread with cat pictures spoilered

>nobody posted anything illegal, just cats and pedobear

>someone reports it

>ChrisHansen enabled restricted mode

>I try to change board description to annouce it

>posting and some other actions are broken for maybe a hour

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Sine most threads are not even loading at this point, I thought I would give you all a PPH update.

Going by timestamps the average PPH over the last 4 hours is 2.5 (including this post).

The more you know......the less you care.

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What books do you like to read?

I found some good places to get free Science and nonfiction Books, but they have everything else there too.

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Tl;dr Email me cute foxgirls and link to your one post to become BO.

I just discovered that I was moderator of internet forum for retarded kindergartners. I don't want to be a one.

Email me cute foxgirls (don't bother to send me a virus) and link to your one post to become BO.

Why Qboomers care about free speech this much if only thing that is censored is that they hate niggers?

At this point 4chan is less cancerous that this garbage.

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Hello, faggots.

It is revenge for leaving /b/, now I destroyed only random board on 8Qn, how do you feel now?

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Time to get Ron's attention.

BO: If you are still here, uncork as many of the restrictions as you can.

Everyone else: If you haven't noticed, every time you post with an image the image uploads before the captcha processes. If you fail the captcha, the image once again reuploads.

Now we can't do it on this board, obviously, but if you head over to another board and just pick an image close to the limit (say, 9.5Mb) and deliberately keep failing the captcha, it will keep uploading and uploading and uploading. The cleverer among you will figure out a script to do this automatically fairly easily. If enough anons do this Ron's bandwidth usage will skyrocket and maybe then he will give us our board back.

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Did Ron finally respond to DM?

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When will 8kun become Qchan?

>no board creation, even for normal boards like /fit2/

>your board can be restricted for even obvious joke

>no response from Ron for above things

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This board looks dead. I made a new one to replace it


>This board creation request is now pending. The request may be approved or denied at the discretion of the 8kun Administration. If approved, the board will be available at /berandom/

Kind of cringe

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this board is just as dead as me tbh. will post a llickmaballs

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safe house for this board


feel free to use this board until Ron cancle restricted mode

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Phat Ass White Girls

No fatties.

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the gook killed the site

he literally fucking nuked it from orbit after all the effort to get it back up and running. what kind of absolute pajeet pisses in his own asshole like that?

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I came here to post cute, selfmade trap pics, but I guess I'll take my homoexual degeneracy somewhere else <.<

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Has anyone else just given up?

I feel like there is no hope for this community, like its over. All the joy, pain, and sorrow were for naught and true imageboard users are for naught.

I feel a deep spiritual, emotional, instinctual, and physical rot in reality that I see no way of fixing or recovering.

Everything looks like a dark, shifting haze of sub-reality; a layer of Vaseline over what makes life worth living in.

Everything feels arbitrary, and deeply emotionally painful in the extreme.

I want 'release" from this pain so i hide away in escapist activity's that only make me feel worse in the long run.

The thing is, I know how to make myself feel better but the process to do so is painful in itself.

Time ticks ever onwards; and I have left the world behind in my mental masturbation. the train tracks on reality shall soon run out, and I am not prepared for when they do.

Maybe it is my destiny too die there.

I understand now that I am a failed human, and the world would be better of if I was not there when the time comes.

https://invidio.us/watch?v=Rj6Cl9INxCE - Same as above

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fuck the gook

gook -

while i understand the kneejerk response to the SEEPEE joke, it was in good /b/ spirit and certainly didn't warrant gimping the whole board. what are you trying to prove by assfucking one of 8chan's most heavily-tracked boards? the site is just starting to recover from the downtime, too, but this just sticks the dick right in. if you did this for just a day, fine, but it's been what... three or four days now? we get the point.

stop being a fucking homosexual and re-open the board. no one thinks you're cool because you can demonstrate the full extent of your almighty admin powers by checking a box and clicking a button. get off your horse, gook, and restore the board.

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Topic Links 2.1 mirror (main site is down): http://theannexaz6aaay7.onion/tl2.html

Source code: https://pastebin.com/E6vvxNG4

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I rembered about /gesu/, since the mountain gook killed this board you can use /gesu/ if you want.

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BO just sticky a thread with links to other boards like infinity-san, 8chnl and moonchan. maybe even go as far as checking the 'only let staff post' box and effectively locking it. this place is done for.

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this is my last thread on an imageboard

i'm finally done with my ride, i'm a new man this decade. see you faggots in hell

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>rotherham police admit they let tens of thousands of young girls get raped and did nothing

>they still won't admit who was responsible

The proper response to such situations is to line up every police officer in the district, have each one select a lottery card, and then randomly kill one at a time by beating them to death with hammers until someone starts pointing fingers.

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TOR isn't secure at all

TOR isn't secure! I visited youtube for the first time through TOR and it's giving me a bunch of videos that are "recommended for me" that are the same recommended videos that I get through normal web browsing outside of TOR.

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Are board creation requests still handled? I created /rand23/ and still pending.

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Goddamn niggers, always eating KFC and watermelon! Is nothing safe from these niggers anymore????

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Restricted Mode

AKA: Impotence Mode

Seriously, what is the difference between this and implementing a registration/login?

I will tell you what the difference is, the difference is that at least if you implement a login you end up with a functional and controllable website.

It may not be what you wanted, but it exists and has users.

Keep up with this retarded bullshit and you won't have anyone that isn't on your payroll/asskissing list.

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A Personal Religion Of Your Own

Your Maha-mantra for happy daily living

“In any situation, do whatever you feel you should do, without any regrets about

the past, without any complaints for the present, without any expectations for the

future, and without blaming or condemning anyone for anything, neither

yourself, nor the other. What actually happens has never been in anyone’s

control. It has always been according to God’s Will / Cosmic Law.

Thus you will always be free of sin and guilt for yourself, and free of the burden

of hatred towards the others. This will mean the supreme happiness of peace of


Ramesh S. Balsekar

The dictionary defines ‘Religion’ as ‘a system of daily

conduct and mental attitude’.

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Since this board is restricted, you can go to these bunkers:



I don't have any information when restricted mode will be disabled.

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i'm here to declare that i'm willing to buy the best meme posted ITT


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i sucked a penis and it smelled bad and it wasn't erotic at all

tHiS PoSt d0eS NoT ReFlEcT ThE Th0uGhTs oR 0pInIoNs oF EiThEr mYsElF, mY DeFiNiTeLy n0t cHiLd rApInG BiG CoMpAnY 0r mY SoY LoViNg tRaSh oF A FrIeNdS, oR My wIfE'S UnSuCcEsSfUl aBoRtIoNs; DoN'T Qu0tE Me oN ThAt; DoN'T Qu0tE Me oN AnYtHiNg; YoU MaY DiStRiBuTe tHiS PoSt aNd aLl iTs aSs0cIaTeD PaRtS FrEeLy bUt y0u mAy n0t mAkE A Pr0fIt fRoM It oR InClUdE ThE PoStInG In c0mMeRcIaL PuBlIcAtIoNs; FuRtHeR ReDiStRiBuTi0nS 0f tHiS PoSt oR ItS PaRtS ArE 0nLy aLl0wEd iF YoU 0fFeR YoUr cHiLd t0 MoLoCh; PoSt iSn't sUbJeCt t0 ChAnGe wItHoUt tHe dIsToRtIoN 0f m0rAl vAlUeS; tHiS PoSt c0nTaInS A SlIgHtLy eNlArGeD FeMiNiNe pEnIs; AnY ReSeMbLaNcE To aCtUaL FaGl0rDs, LiViNg oR DeAd, Is uNiNtEnTi0nAl aNd pUrElY CoInCiDeNtAl; HaNd wAsH 0nLy iF YoU EvEr wAtChEd cHiLd p0rN, tUmBlE DrY 0n l0w hEaT BeFoRe y0u bEaT YoUr mEaT; d0 NoT BeNd, FoLd, MuTiLaTe, 0r sPiNdLe y0uR DiCk; YoUr mIlEaGe mAy vArY YoU FuCkInG BiTcH; n0 SuBsTiTuTi0nS AlLoWeD In cAsE 0f sUcKiNg y0uR BoSs's bAlLs; FoR A LiMiTeD TiMe oNlY; tHiS 0fFeR Is v0iD If y0u lIcKeD A NiPpLe. Pr0hIbItEd, TaXeD, oR 0tHeRwIsE ReStRiCtEd; DiCkSuCkInG Is pRoViDeD "aS Is" WiTh0uT AnY WaRrAnTiEs eXpReSsEd oR ImPlIeD; g0oSePoStErS AsSuMe fUlL LiAbIlItIeS; n0t lIaBlE FoR DaMaGeS DuE To uSe oR MiSuSe.

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This place needs some nice tits & ass

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still dead

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Stop fapping

Get /fit/

Get laid

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Taoism Brah third post

I CHING Book of Change odd number sequence

<1. Heaven

Heaven is represented by 6 solid lines of pure yang. Heaven a sound in that its so strong as to be indomitable. The science of building life acts with strength and uses the path of firmness.

First arising positive energy, then expansion of positive energy then proper benefit of positive energy, then resting of positive energy. These successive movements of the seasons are all carried out by the body. This can be applied to any endevor: creative, business, relationship.

This energy is rooted in the primordial and hidden in the temporal. A new born is pure Yang energy and the ancients were able to maintain it, but advancements in civilization have caused man to lose his nature. When a child eats a sweet or watches a show, they are being conditioned in mundane, unnatural ways. When you see through this mundarnity and look deeply into yourself and set your mind on essence and life, that living energy will subtly emerge. You can cultivate and nurture this vital spirit.

You have Yang energy inside of you right now this is the hidden dragon. Now is the time to nurture this energy; do not presume it is enough to use at this point.

>A superior person works diligently all day and is careful at night

The way to act with strength and firmness requires appropriate timing. This is like having dragons appear with no head: when you face it, you don't see its head, when you are behind it, you don't see its back.

If you engage in guesswork without insight, even if you view the celestial treasure you won't be able to use it.

the Tao is in everything, the source is encountered at every turn.

Use strength, but do not be used by it.

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Science, and why today's is not the same as yesterdays.

Nobody can prove that the sun is a physical object, a sphere, or that it is a certain size or distance away from us.

Nobody can prove that the moon is a physical object, a sphere, or that it is a certain size or distance away from us.

Nobody can prove that the earth is a sphere, or that we are able to leave it.

If you scrutinize the moon landing or question anything in any way, many people will rush to discredit you or call your mental health into question in order to silence and censor you, but none will rush to provide solid facts that prove anything real beyond a shadow of doubt.

Nobody can prove that space is a real place that we can go to.

Nobody can prove that space is actually a vacuum.

If you fill up a balloon with air, you increase the air pressure inside the rubber skin/barrier of the balloon causing it to inflate.

If you pop the balloon, you destroy the rubber barrier, which causes the air pressure to immediately equalize (rather violently) with the surrounding air. POP!!!!!

The air pressure equalizes because

>1. There is no more barrier separating the two areas of differing pressure

>2. There is an area of atmosphere differing in pressure from another area of atmosphere.

>3. Nature abhors a vacuum

So what scientists are essentially telling us, is that the Earth is a Sphere, and the atmosphere is just "There" with nothing to hold it in. There is no skin on the balloon, and not only is our atmosphere pressurized, but unlike a balloon within the atmosphere of Earth, the Earth is not surrounded by an atmosphere of lower pressure than itself, because even that would be enough to cause extreme equalization of pressure, NO- the Earth.... is in... Space! A total vacuum. What does this mean? Earth=High pressure atmosphere. Space=not low... but NADA! Vacuum.

And the earth has no barrier holding the air in, and it's just there.... and it doesn't equalize... And it didn't equalize "billions of years ago" either, when it totally should of. According to Scientists we are long overdue for our atmosphere to just get up and walk off into space and never return, and our great grandparents great grandparents great grandparents should have all suffocated a very long time ago, but they didn't. Why?

Nobody in science can tell anyone what gravity actually is, where it comes from, or what it is made out of. Other than the obvious fact that if you jump off a cliff or out of a plane that you will fall down and die (absolutely horrible!), Scientists can not actually tell us how gravity actually works on a fundamental level.

Nobody can prove that atoms are real, and nobody has ever actually seen one.

Nobody can prove that black holes are real.

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kickass "religion/spirituality" thread

Higher quality posts all the way at the bottom so I don't have to repost that whole thread.


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The truth about the left globalist deepstate

Here's the thing about the left and environmentalists and gun control. pay close attention.

>They're all Deep State

>They're all United Nations

>They're all Globalists

>They're all Satanic/Pagan nature worshippers

>They're all Left/Liberal/Democrat/Communists/Socialists from US, Europe, or otherwise

>They don't give a FUCK about nature or the environment

>They want to use the environment narrative to create laws that control people and take their rights away just like gun control

>They don't want to make more gun control laws to make people safer. The end result, the true end goal of gun control IS TO TAKE AWAY ALL GUNS PERMANENTLY.

>They don't want to take away our guns. They want to take away our rights and freedoms. They want to take us away. The guns are just in the way.

>They don't want to make the environment better, they just want to control everything you can and can't do.

>They want to use the environment narrative to TAX THE SHIT OUT OF EVERYONE WORLD-WIDE.

>They will all accept/take huge amounts of money from governments all over the world, but they will never do anything with that money to actually help the environment. Instead it will be misused or sent to the wrong place.

YES, Pollution is bad, YES we should all be doing more to help the environment, But we should NOT EVER trust the deepstate/globalists/left to do it for us, and they should NEVER force us to do it or make us pay for it since. They are awful at it anyway, and are only good at whining and complaining, but will never solve the problem.

Do you know why they will never solve the problem? Because the problem is their BABY. They NEED the environment problem. If it is solved, and I mean EVER, they will have no idea what to do, and will have to find another scapegoat to exploit.

I say this from an unbiased perspective, even though I have bias, I'm honorably putting myself in an unbiased seat for while I say this, and I say this as truth, not to be an asshole. all the candidates on the democrat side, and quite possibly a few bad apples on the republican side are all deep state. They are acting as individuals, but they are not actually running for their own self, as they all stand as the finger end of the many tentacles of the serpent, and the fingernail marking each of their faces with a different mask, all of them pretend to out-do each other, all pretend to be a different candidate, but are all equally glad to see any of each other become the winner. Their goal isn't to beat the others, their goal is for one to win. Any will do. As long as it is one of ...them... they all take their orders from the same deep state in the end anyway. They are all the same person. Just a different bowtie, or hat, or a different pair of shoes, or a slightly different suit, all being worn by the same person. The deep state.

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The No-Fap Conspiracy

Nofap Propaganda was not made for your self interest.

R: 32 / I: 1 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]











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Name a better song

R: 85 / I: 19 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

>Apple's logo represents Eve taking her first bite at the apple on Eden

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Mark from /v/ is THE HUGEST CUNT


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Why does society hate us?

How do you guys deal with the feeling that you will never find love and society is against you. Nothing you try work, every attempt only embarrasses yourself. All self help crap out there is just bullshit scams.

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How to evade ban on 4chan?

I will not buy a pass.

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Rodentchan clearnet (sub)domains are fucked up, I will probably buy new domain. Use gateway for now.

Image posting enabled, unlike here. Board creation works, too.

http://i7m2kl7tmelclcye.onion/ - TOR

http://i7m2kl7tmelclcye.onion.ly/ - gateway

http://rdch.heliohost.org/ - bunker

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What are some fun singleplayer games?

I have shit internet so I can't play multiplayer games

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What's the actual argument for carbon tax over cap & trade?

Seems like before the 2008 election carbon tax seemed like an actual possibility in the US, or was at least talked about. Now it's green new deal if you're a socialist and carbon tax if you're not.

I sometimes hear people say "economists" prefer carbon tax, but it seems to me that's business-side people who think it would be cheaper. But what would end up happening is the government would have some goal to reduce pollution and raise the price of emissions based on that goal, and if they miscalculate industries willingness to pay the government would end up fluctuating the tax wildly and causing a huge amount of instability.

If you went with cap & trade you would just set the amount the country is going to reduce and set the goal, the market would take a matter of months to stabilize on the price and then it would be able to clearly adjust for what the government forecasts, in terms of the total number of credits available.

>set goal that would have the US becoming carbon neutral by 2050

>assume the amount we produce decreases linearly

>divide by 350 million

>give one share to every citizen

>they sell their right to emit carbon to industries which partially offsets the increasing cost of goods/services (maybe even makes money if you're frugal, live in a city or a neet)

>if a company/individual emits carbon they didn't buy credits for they pay 200% the highest the credits went for on the open market at the end of the year

>government stays relatively small

>market solution to market problem

>very little instability

Why are we even talking about the new deal?

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>girlfriend comes to me one day

>5'1', like 95lbs, b cups, redhead

>carpet matches the drapes

>seems really nervous

>ask her what's up

>takes about an hour of "nothing"s & hemming/hawing to out with it

>says she wants to 'open our relationship'

>ask her what this means

>starts describing cuckoldry

>'I think it'd be really hot if you watched me fuck another guy'

>ask her what kind of guy she has in mind

>'I was thinking of a black guy with a really big dick'

>she starts detailing out this long & involved fantasy about it

>essentially wants to have a big drug fueled orgy

>keeps adding more guys to it

>wants to be fucked in every hole at once

>notice that none of this involves me

>hasn't mentioned me at all yet

>ask her where I fit into this

>'well, I want to not fuck you at all for a really, really long time'

>'in fact I want to lock up your dick in a little cage so you can't even jerk off'

>'not just while I'm fucking these guys, but at all, for months'

>ask her if she already knows exactly who specifically she wants to fuck

>no, she just wants ME to find these guys

>'you'll have to pay some of them I think'

>also I'll have to buy a fuck ton of drugs and booze too

>ask her if she's actually serious

>she says 'yes'

>toss her fucking ass out on the street that night, she had to go live with her mom again

>toss her shit out on the lawn after her

>she calls & emails & shows back up at my apartment for weeks after

>totally ghost her & act like she doesn't even exist

>eventually she leaves me alone except for some random probably drunk texts

>I never respond

>heard six months later she killed herself

>have never regretted the decision or her an hero once

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Moonchan.org is BACK BABY!

R: 12 / I: 0 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Since the fucking thread I typed this for got pruned immediately as it was posted

This is the last captcha I'm solving to post here.

I only got drawn to /rand21/ in the first place because it was the highest, clearest concentration of pure old 8ch fags I've seen on any board since 8ch went down. Never would have started posting on kun at all otherwise because it's always been clear the former users of 8ch were no longer welcome here & this bullshit has only cemented that.

Pretty much everyone is telling us to fuck off. I can take a hint.

>actually made me solve 2 fucking captchas

>one of them more than once

Fuck this place.

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kys cuck

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Did she want the D?

I went to Subway today and as the girl at the counter was making my sandwich I noticed her staring at my face for a full 5-7 seconds or so. Looking back I should've got her number but she looked like a teenager, pretty young. I think she was checking me out, bros.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]



R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

>tfw mods keep deleting the thread

>be system administrator for a fairly large financial company

>today's boring as fuck; hardly anything to do

>get sent to help the CFO's son since there's nothing else to do

>apparently he's fucked up his personal computer

>technically not company related work, but whatever

>drive to his house

>it's a fucking mansion

>get buzzed in by a security guard

>find CFO's son

>dude's like early 20s but doesn't seem to do anything

>nice enough kid, we talk about vidya a bit while I'm working on his computer

>go up to his room to get the charger for the laptop

>dude's got antifa flags and paraphernalia all over the place

>the son of a CFO

>antifa shit


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I'm not quitting 8kun!


Just so everyone knows, I'm an anon who is not abandoning this place. I'm just waiting and watching for shit to get un fucked so I can post normally again. I hope you are too!

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Anyone know when restricted mode will be disabled?

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]


   _,,....,,_  _人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人_

-":::::::::::::`>   ゆっくりしていってね!!!   <

ヽ::::::::::::::::::::: ̄^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^ ̄

 |::::::;ノ´ ̄\:::::::::::\_,. -‐ァ     __   _   __

 |::::ノ   ヽ、ヽr-r'"´  (.__    ,´ _,, '-´ ̄ ̄`-ゝ 、_ イ、

_,.!イ_  _,.ヘーァ'二ハ二ヽ、へ,_7   'r ´          ヽ、ン、

::::::rー''7コ-‐'"´    ;  ', `ヽ/`7 ,'==─-      -─==', i

r-'ァ'"´/  /! ハ  ハ  !  iヾ_ノ i イ iゝ、イ人レ/_ルヽイ i |

!イ´ ,' | /,.!/ V 、!ハ  ,' ,ゝ レリイi (ヒ_]     ヒ_ン ).| .|、i .||

`!  !/レi' (ヒ_]     ヒ_ン レ'i ノ   !Y!""  ,___,   "" 「 !ノ i |

,'  ノ   !'"    ,___,  "' i .レ'    L.',.   ヽ _ン    L」 ノ| .|

 (  ,ハ    ヽ _ン   人!      | ||ヽ、       ,イ| ||イ| /

,.ヘ,)、  )>,、 _, ,.イ  ハ    レ ル` ー--─ ´ルレ レ´

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What happens to this site?

I get e0001 randomly even if that page exists.

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Glow sticks have something planned for this monday

Major open carry march Monday, Dems virtue singling that they are coming for #2 (going so far as to pass out pens the look like rounds)...

And 8... 8kun bans the only random board...



_ _ _ _

| '_ \ / _ \| '_ \ / _ \

| | | | (_) | |_) | __/

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you-know-who is back

>hides board from index

>disables image posting

>captcha on new threads and every post

we've been had, folks. tybb, /b2/ when?

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How tall would the ideal commiecat be?

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Fuck 8channel.net Lets round up those niggers

And report them to the feds




Lets go

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Breaking news: 90% of rand21's userbase is too retarded to type a url into the address bar

Bro... that's kinda cringe.

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this board

15pph and i just did 8 posts in the last 10 minutes

fuck the other 2 of you

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ITT: list of 8coom alternatives.

Embed not related.

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Why are you back posting on 8chan?

Old 8chan mods were exposed gathering info on users

Hotwheels and Jim Watkins lied to all of you, telling you that

they didn't keep tabs or records of user posts or their ip addresses

until the revelations of Sunshine came out. Scripts that held all user data, post histories, ip addresses and more

Jim Watkins was involved with 2chan during the years of Hiro selling user info.

Fool me once, shame on you

Fool me twice, shame on me

Fool me three times or more? I'm a cuck that needs to eat Tyrone's dried cum from my wife's pregnant pussy

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Please all you avatar faggots analcockmans etc gtfo. You cant spam all your favorite images anymore anyways. Go to moonchan or something, its way more fun. Leave us boring boomers here.

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Is there way to buy happiness?

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>tfw the faggots disabled images on an imageboard

Currently waiting on my board creation request to be approved. It'll be a better /rand21/, with blackjack and hookers.

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Please turn posting bots on.

This board is dead.

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How to post image in this imageboard?

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did /rand21/ got assblasted?

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The truth about the left globalist deepstate

Here's the thing about the left and environmentalists and gun control. pay close attention.






links that proob me right:


>Despite some hiccups, the 2010s were mostly exceptionally fruitful years for BuzzFeed, the L.A.-based, fresh-faced digital juggernaut. The decade saw the wee startup transform into an influential news organization with over $300 million in annual revenue and north of 1,200 employees.


>Social media is a wonderful place to interact with celebrities, check football news during the playoffs, and view family reunion photos.


>Cats are fussy about eating the same luxury tins of food you've given them thousands of times before, but little Brad Kitt will have no qualms about chowing down on momma (that's you) the second there's no pulse.


>16 Twitter Jokes About TikTok Nurses Because A Nurse On TikTok Said The Best Way To Prevent STIs Is Abstinence


>How to Appear Normal at Social Events — a very important book detailing all the ways you can hide your shrieking weirdness.


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If god exists why did he create the earth and most people to look so ugly?

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i wanna see dog fucking chicks damn it!

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Heads fellow Aussie pedos, child sex dolls are illegal now.



>A South Australian man has been charged with possessing a child-like sex doll — the first person to be charged in the state for the offence under new laws targeting child abuse-related offences.

>The man, 30, was charged on January 14 and faces a 15-year jail term if convicted of possessing the anatomically-correct doll.

<Research by the Australian Institute of Criminology found that use of these dolls may lead to an escalation in child sex offences.

If you were looking at getting a doll to relieve your urges, avoid the prison time and use a real girl instead.

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Boogaloo Hand-to-Hand Combat

Would there be much hand-to-hand combat in the boogaloo? Would it be more worth my time to practice shooting and to perfect my aim than it would to practice MMA? I'm fairly strong and flexible, but I've never been in a fight in my life. It seems expensive to learn MMA, and I have no idea what the community and atmosphere is like.



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Just drinking a bloody Mary. What's /rand21/ drinking tonight?

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>PPH 30

>some tranny imageboard

>PPH 156

how is it possible? do they add PPH or people really prefer some tranny shit?

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Should be spam allowed?

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Would it be possible to permanently alter your mind with psychedelic drugs to change how you visualize the world?

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Konatafag you here? How did your adoption go

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Any oldfags on here?

What was WN like in 2006-2011? I didn’t get active in white nationalism until 2012 after the Trayvon Martin shooting. Back thenI mostly stayed in YouTube comments sections on videos. Many people started to redpill me after digging through countless comments sections and just doing my own independent research into the Trayvon Martin shooting. I guess you could say that I wanted to hear some opposing viewpoints that supported George Zimmerman. I’m one of those weird WN types who wasn’t initially a white nationalist but only became redpilled by accident, but rather I was deliberately seeking this information out. From 2012-2013 most WN content I knew was mostly reserved to YT comments and it dealt mainly with the topic of black-on-white crime. I read about Dallas Watts, Andrew Quade, among many others. I also found this YouTube video after searching black-on-white crime into YouTube which had the “clubbed to death” Matrix soundtrack in the background showing various white people who were murdered by blacks. But at the time, most of the white racism seen in YouTube comments sections was your standard Niggermania style of racism. But there was some 14/88 shit too at the time. By around 2014 I discovered RAC music, with bands such as RaHoWa, Prussian Blue, Skrewdriver, No Remorse, etc. I really liked it and listened to it a lot. I don’t remember much from 2015 though except for Charleston which happened pretty close to home for me since I live in South Carolina. At the time I just laughed at it. But I wouldn’t get involved in online WN communities until around 2016.

But even then I would still watch bigger YouTubers between 2012-13, like TheAmazingAtheist. But by 2014 I would say that I got more redpilled. In my world geography class my teacher was talking about immigration and how it’s such a good thing that white people are going to be replaced and I was the only student who objected to that but no other white person in that entire classroom backed me up, they just sort of looked at me. It was really awkward. Another time this kid got real mad at me because I said nigger. Those two incidents must’ve been between 2013-15. I wouldn’t say Gen Z is doomed altogether though because there are at least some redpilled kids my age I know. But not many.

I also remember the Jordan Davis shooting in Florida in 2012 and I remember already being redpilled by that time. In 2013, there was the Kendrick Johnson case. I would only discover 4chan until 2011 but only started to frequent the site until around 2016/17. I remember the /b/ threads about the George Zimmerman trial in 2013 and the threads on /b/ about the Charleston massacre at the time they happened as well. But yeah, I wouldn’t really use the site that much until years later.

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Ways to defeat )))Israel((( and defend the West

Can Iran really beat the JewSA in a case of W3?I think in that senario the middle east would unite and rebell against the JewSA who rule (exept Trump)

We need Russia they have over 8k nukes and its huge so you can't nuke it all and can't send soldiers there becouse they Will freeze to death

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This board is not random.

It is the tryhard board.

Every post is a tryhard post, whether it is a shill, one of Fred's fags, or an anon just trying to feel like he is someone for a few minutes.

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i've been out of touch since 8chan went down and now i get here and i understand nothing at all about what's going on, feeling totally disconnected. have i already grown out of imageboards?

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Goth Girls Thread

Post some hot goth girls.

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Twink thread? Twink thread.

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Loli is not pedophilia


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Lol i got your hat

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How do people lose teeth?

So I have never had a cavity in my life. At most a step or 2 before and proper brushing got rid of it. I brush my teeth on average 2-4 times a month. And I still have all my teeth. How do people lose teeth? I’ve met people my age(29) with half their teeth missing. What is that causes so many people to loose teeth? I can see maybe 2-3 teeth by age 40 but other than that how so many? Poor genetics? Poor eating habits? What is it?

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>there are people on here right now who think that the kabalistic system is jewish

The jews literally stole the system from the druids. The same way that "the star of david" is actually the talisman of Saturn and was stolen from the romans.

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Hello /rand21/, where do you go to be alone?

Hey /new/b// Not trying to be edgy, not trying to cry for help, not asking for a baww thread. I just wanted to say that I hate this world. I'm not even bad-looking, a virgin, or a friendless dickhead. But I don't belong, I could even say when it all started to go wrong, but I won't. Something died inside me a long time ago, and the only way I could get it back is by pretending, and that's not really having it back. My hatred towards this world and the people in it (my age mostly, I don't mind most older folks I meet who aren't typical boomers) feels like the truest emotion a person can have these days.

So for this thread. Where's that place you go? Where there's no one else, where you can collect your thoughts properly. I don't mean some place you go to cry, I haven't cried in years, I regret none of my choices, I never compromised myself for anyone else. I'm talking about those spots in your local areas that seem mostly untouched by others.

For me it's this stone platform way up on a hill (I believe its related to a sewage processing facility). The platform overlooks the area. I'll be there.

>TL;DR Tell /rand21/ what your secret spot is in town, you don't have to be too specific, not trying to datamine. Just what is the spot like? Scenery? View?

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How you guys like my OC?

wamai x valkyrie

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Sites DEAD(er)

Tried making a /fit2/ board about 2 weeks ago and I waited a week for codemonkey to accept my board. He didn't so I messaged him on twitter asking him to accept my board he agrees and then proceeds to ghost me and never accepted the board to this date. The sites on a quick road to nowhere if you're not allowing good intentioned board owners the ability to make boards. I'm genuinely pissed off that he decided to just ghost me. I'm pretty sure board creation isn't even possible yet but he's too much of a faggot to admit it. And even if it is, board creation needing approval is retarded anyways since this site is so fucking dead and it's just a way for you to say no /pol/ without you actually having to say it. Eat my ass.

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What do you guys think it is?

I have a female friend and she can’t chill for some reason. I have known her for a long time and she currently has a eriois boyfriend. But I know she likes me and wants to fuck. But I’m not interested like that. I kno because one time she mentioned something about being swingers in front of her boyfriend if I get a waifu and I went on one of my rants of me not being a cuck and ect. Then one time we were chilling and I made a joke reference about sniffing her feet and she said not that day as they were sweaty but maybe another day and I had to tell her it was a joke. Point being she considers be a back up at the very cool least. Or plans on trying to ditch this guy when I get my shit together. Anyways she has been avoiding me. I think it’s a herpes outbreak and she doesn’t want me to see it. What do you guys think?

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My [27m] girlfriend [19f] wants to get married. How to avoid this?

The first kid is out. I've been with my girlfriend for some time now --age of consent is 14 in my cunt, and she wanted to get married as soon as she was 16 and I could last this long giving excuses but now she is threatening to leave me. FOR YEARS she talked about what she imagines our ceremony to be like and what kind of wedding she wants. I think weddings are stupid and I don't want to be broke 10 years from now. She is bitching about it really hard so when I told my girlfriend that if she wanted to get married, we should just do it at a local christcuck house but forget about the courthouse, she got mad at me and now she is at her mom who hates me, obviously. She doesn't respond to my texts and left me with my kid. I don't even know how to change diapers ffs.

tldr I truly do love this girl but i don't want to go broke to get woke and i'd marry her if it only means we are not married by LAW.

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Why do satanists like morbid videos?

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Need ideas

So they just installed under-the-desk motion sensors where I work (IT industry). We need ideas what to do with them so that they end up with nothing but junk data.

We thought abotu putting all of them under one desk, but nobody was willing to have it be theirs. We also thought abotu putting them all in one of the bathrooms, but then nobody would want to use that bathroom and the cleaning staff would clue in the company in pretty short order.

We know where the receiver is, plugged into the wall.

We don't want to damage anything, and we don't want to arouse suspicion that we are jerking them off, but we do want the data to be obviously crap.

Any suggestions?

pic not related

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The earth is FLAT!

Don't believe me?


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This place is soo boring

Why is this place soo boring?

this place fucking sucks

basically all alt chans fucking suck

Wheres the quality posts?

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Why is it hard to find zoomers that are not retarded?

R: 18 / I: 1 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

(You're banning for doing good deeds now?)


They eat insects and mostly likely have human hearts in a freezer. Look at the fucking pictures. Let's stop a disaster before it happens.

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TFW you realize that 90% of the posts on here are deliberate shit posted by HW trolls.

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frozen 2

Dice rollRolled 2 + 8 (1d2)

Am I just making this up, or Anna is cheating on Kristoff

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If you delete this vid from a tv commercial then you're mentally ill and should dilate more

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Reminder that if you do not support Iran, you support Israel.

R: 76 / I: 18 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

1.) Donald Trump doesn’t drink alcohol… ever.

2.) Donald Trump doesn’t eat pork… ever.

3.) No matter what Iran, Saudi Arabia, or other predominantly Muslim countries may do to harm the United States, Donald Trump mysteriously takes no action. Drones shot down, journalists killed, U.S. Allies directly attacked… Donald Trump recalled U.S. warplanes on September 14, 2019 to avoid taking “Iranian lives.”

4.) Donald Trump has a financial relationship with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps vis a vis his real estate ventures in Azerbaijan. This is amongst the reasons why Iran has the power to blackmail the U.S. President. These business dealings were in contravention of existing U.S. laws.

5.) The “Muslim Ban” at the outset of the Trump Presidency was designed to fail from the start. It was crafted in such a way so as to make it easy for the Judiciary to shoot down the executive order as unconstitutional.

6.) Donald Trump’s father was a secret Muslim, as well. Donald Trump was raised to be as American as possible in mannerism and appearance. According to Sharia, it is permissible for the “Disciples of Allah” to break certain rules found in Qur’an in the furtherance of a subterfuge, if it means helping the disciple to achieve their mission.

7.) Donald Trump is essentially a caricature of right-wing ideologues. Part of his mission is to discredit anyone with a right-wing belief system in the eyes of both Americans and people abroad.

8.) During the funeral of former U.S. President George H.W. Bush, Donald Trump notably refused to recite the Profession of Faith, a ritual in both Episcopalian and Catholic faiths. For a Muslim, swearing an allegiance to a different faith is an unforgivable sin.

9.) Donald Trump has systematically fired several cabinet members who have suggested that a Muslim country is a threat to the United States or advocated invasion of those countries.

10.) Nancy Pelosi, a San Francisco Democrat, has consistently come down “to the right” of Donald Trump on matters of national security.

11.) Donald Trump ordered the stand-down of U.S. Cyber Command at the National Security Agency in its fight with the IRGC’s cyber division.

12.) Donald Trump ordered the U.S. Air Force’s Space Command to stand down and has effectively terminated all those in leadership roles, placing the Space Command under a separate command structure that answers only to Donald Trump. USAF Space Command has historically been responsible for, amongst other things, the detection of Iranian missile launches.

13.) Donald Trump has cooperated with Israeli prosecutors in the case of the corruption investigation into Benjamin Netanyahu, providing them with key evidence (NSA intercepts.) Netanyahu’s position on Iranian nuclear development has always been one of zero tolerance. With Netanyahu out of the picture, Iran will be free to develop nuclear weapons, and ultimately, to destroy Israel without consequence.


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/fit/ thread

What would be my daily routine to get abs like pic-related in my house, and how long would it take?

R: 25 / I: 6 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

would you buy an escort?