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Writing and reviewing ink pens and political literature
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File: 724c492fe88fe3e⋯.jpg (88.19 KB,1280x720,16:9,WIN_20210505_11_04_23_Pro.jpg)

e61847 No.1780

Nathaniel Hawthorne: Opposition to preferential arrests, through exploration of victim as priest.

Chris Matthews: Inside information about Washington, DC, through discussion of advice for revenge, as psychiatric condition, placing politics inside the mind.

Frank Herbert: Response to contract fraud or extortion or Freemasonry, as planted religious concepts of mathematical origin, placed inside book as set.

Dennis O’Neill: Use of marketing as major concept of writing, to arrange a publisher as the prime review of origin.

Alan Moore: Understanding psychosis as high IQ, suppressed by low intellectual affect from others; hence, any hero, must contain a low intellectual affect, with the structure of the work as complex and containing a prior work inside collegiate conversation.

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