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site rules

no real children pictures


It isn't /int/ anymore

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Ω is one of them


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Amy wants to be spread around, help her out http://imgur.com/a/tlksjlC

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Is this the new e-girl of the fascist movement?

1488 b r o t h e r s

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bigfoot proof?????



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Winnie the Pooh sunday movies

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (1977)


Winnie the Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year (2002)


Winnie the Pooh (2011)


Or find what you want


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All things Klim!

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⭐ Jordan Rivera, aka. Yonkers/Meow Meow Kitty/Mittens/Ralsei/Asriel/Jackson/Jaydane etc etc

NB. THIS GUY IS NOT 'ANALOCKMAN'! They are both tarred with the same autistic brush - but different people!!!

⭐ Leave Jordan Rivera alone! It’s not his fault he’s mentally handicapped! He simply cannot detect/appreciate/understand sarcasm, satire and/or criticism [classic signs of high-level Autism]. Don't bother attempting dialogue with him, because he'll just edit/delete/ban you for trying – and throw a tantrum! He is a great Disciple of the “True Autism Lord of Thailand”. ⭐

Have a huge laff at this awesome Autism…

HIS BOARD: https://10chan.net/baaa/

His YouTube: https://invidio.us/watch?v=8XBXPJ0o6E0

HIS DEVIANTART: https://www.deviantart.com/gwow19/gallery

Art Tributes: https://10chan.net/b/res/1243.html

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Greece coronavirus death toll is 168

Greece Coronavirus Covid-19 death toll has reached 168. Greece has total confirmed virus cases of 2,853.

Greece is planning to reopen to tourists on June 15. Decreasing the Coronavirus Covid-19 restrictions would likely benefit the economy. Only tourists from countries with acceptably low rates of virus infection would be permitted to enter Greece. Greece is planning most flights to the country to be resumed by July 1.

Tourism is actually nearly 20% of the gross domestic product of Greece.


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Come make one for YOUR site on ours too!

We all Frens here!


Come catch the Virus!

*No Random Rulecucking

*No Pointless Bandeletions



Here to stay this time!



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The Current China Policy 1 Nation 2 Systems Are Fake, Not The Real Authentic One

Source: freejoy.aimoo.com

The Current China Policy 1 Nation 2 Systems Are Fake, Not The Real Authentic One

The real power is come from knowledge and wisdom.

The Hong Kong and Taiwan are not the smart people.

They are fighting with ego and stupid.

I am not here to judge the Chinese Communist Party for they have made some good and bad actions/policies.

So you should focus on each individual action/policy, instead of just blaming the whole system.

If I am from the team of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet or any other team want a complete independence from the current “evil” system, I would rather use and play counter attack.

The current China want 1 nation 2 systems, so fine let’s make that happen but must be real, authentic (the one must be recognized by the whole international community, not just some self-recognized fake one).

You call 1 nation 2 system but the people in 1 system from Beijing still allowed to tell the people in the Hong Kong system what should be done? Stop that stupid fake news !

If you want to security and want take criminals wherever, then it is ok but there must be a new government above the current Beijing & Hong Kong government is allowed to do that job, not the current Beijing government system.

And that government is pretty much like the system I have provided last week where there will be a Joint Government and many separate region governments.

The Hong Kong are making 5 stupid demands where cannot be met.

The Taiwan is buying expensive defend weapon is not a smart move.

It is better to tell that the current CCP is treating the rest like animals but not humans. The CCP is out dated and the current virus event have proved the flaws of this current system.

And the best strategy must be using words, knowledge and wisdom and demanding areal 1 nations 2 or 20 systems which must be recognized by the whole world.

At the end of the day, the current China government cannot increase life span of people to at least 200, so you have no right to tell the rest how to live, you cannot only show to “good”but hide the “bad” stuffs, that is not the way of Tao, for each people have the own level of knowledge and understanding, desire,etc.

Hopefully, the Hong Kong and Taiwan listen to this advice and change their strategy.

Best Regard,

The Savior

Source: freejoy.aimoo.com

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Americans are so dumb, they don't even know that they are at war with China.

They actually are blaming their own government.

People are going to start dropping dead in the streets soon.


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Analockman is the best and most awesome BO and Mod that has ever existed, let's be honest!

He's fair, balanced, consistent, temperate, compassionate, even-handed, tolerant of other's opinions, viewpoints and sexuality, even open to discussion about different races and religions. He is always accepting of different ideas - a total champion of Free Speech. He would never contemplate editing a post, and has a long and proven track record as a high-quality Mod.

Analockman is Holy, Righteous and of Noble Birth. All those who attempt to disagree with his Superior Wisdom are bound for nothing but endless suffering, as He hath spoken.

We are nothing compared to his mighty self-righteousness.

May we always thankfully come under the Mighty Expulgation of His generous Grace!

Thank you, Analockman!



Господь аутизма



Analockman’s Fan Club: https://8chnl.net/Random/


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Peter and joe defeat the libtards and save fetuses everywhere!


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Enter the jabberwock's quest


Your quest starts here.

There is a message hidden in

this picture, find it if you dare.

Come to my arms, my beamish

boy! I am waiting for the few that make it to the end…

the jabberwock

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Iran navy 'friendly fire' incident kills 19 sailors

Unfortunately, nineteen sailors have died and 15 others wounded after one Iranian navy warship accidentally struck another with a missile during one of the exercises.

The accident involved Iranian naval vessels in the Gulf of Oman, Iran's navy has said.

Iranian media reported that the support ship Konarak was hit by a new powerful anti-ship missile being tested by the frigate Jamaran during an exercise on Sunday.

The Konarak was putting targets out in the water and remained too close to one, according to the reports.

The incident happened near the Strait of Hormuz, a strategically important waterway. About a fifth of the world's oil passes through there.


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Meth addict trying to be sober here. AMA

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i'am prolife for babies children

why i'am prolife for babies children

please watch this video link video:https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=8nhXQS5UUGQ

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There are 3 viruses that were released intentionally by the Chinese government.

One is the virus that was recognised by the WHO that has a mortality rate of around 1% and can cause a viral pneumonia, chesty cough and loss of smell and taste.

The second virus is the happy hypoxia virus. Low Ox% and blood clots etc. This is the virus that hospitals are dealing with mostly at the moment. They can be cured but is worse than the virus one.

The third is a slow burn that can last for months around 5-6 months, It causes a form of vasculitis that slowly cuts oxygen to the brain. These people are the ones at home, sick at the moment "that cannot shake the virus." This is the virus that caused people to abruptly collapse and die in the streets of Wuhan. These are the people who are still having symptoms 60+ days after contracting the virus. These people are going to start dying in the streets and at home soon. There is no cure. (Gates + China are going to be calling this the second wave and will happen in the middle of the year, killing young and old.) It does not affect the lungs at all and it is a vascular illness.

All 3 viruses start off with the same symptoms but have different outcomes.

People are going to start dropping dead in the streets in a couple of months, this was the plan all along.

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First thing that Ron did correctly. Now you can post without waiting 30 seconds or even longer.

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Share your interesting foreign video discoveries

I found this piece of lost footage by pure chance. Apparently, it's a Propaganda Children's Show from Palestine where Muslim Cartoon Knock-offs teach you that: "War is Good, Kill for our Glory!"

I neither support Israel nor Palestine. As oppressed as those people are, there's no good sides in any war (no matter the intention). There's only defenses and benefits. Innocents are just expendable crossfire to all of them (my biggest condolences to all the affected families from both sides of the on-going conflict/mindless oppression).

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The Savior Reveal A Perfect Solution To Solve The Land Territory Conflict

The Savior Reveal A Perfect Solution To Solve The Land Territory Conflict By Having A New Global Nation Calling Standard

Full information: http://freejoy.aimoo.com/topic/The_Savior_Reveal_A_Perfect_Solution_To_Solve_The_Land_Territory_Conflict_By_Having_A_New_Global_Nation_Calling_Standard-728394-17890-1

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any idea wtf kind of rocks these are?

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Does anyone know how to get working credit card details?

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Thailand Thread

Ask me about Thailand all you want here

pic relate

it's our capital city now :)

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Lol, this board is still alive. I thought it already died.

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The Corona Virus NCOV Is Harmless If You Body Is Clean Healthy But Dangerous If Your Body Is Dirty

Original Source: https://freejoy.aimoo.com

The Corona Virus NCOV Is Harmless If You Body Is Clean Healthy But Dangerous If Your Body Is Dirty Toxic

The new corona virus NCOV is harmless, and they just acting like a connector, a leader or a King.

In ancient time, the King may die but the crown is always there for the rest.

That same rule apply to all the NCOV case as well.

You cannot kill the NCOV as long as the toxic and “ingredients” in your body still there.

You do not go against the corona virus NCOV, you go up against the team of many virus and the NCOV is the King/Boss.

So the real objective is the virus in general but not the NCOV !!!

Just like in real battle life, you do not looking for the King, you just need killing the lower ranking people, and then the King will automatic surrender.

The authorities, governments & the media are lying and deceiving the public people.

If the NCOV is dangerous then all people must get the same symptoms but why some people got this some people got that, some test negative some test positive even though they are in the same case plane.

If it exchange for a tiger or lion, they will probably get the similar deadly result. But with the new corona virus NCOV, most people do not. So you must think about that.

And the only truth is that the NCOV is harmless if you body is clean and healthy, and it is only dangerous if your body full of toxin, dirty.

In order to form a new nation, a King must need a certain condition like gold,land, people.

That same rule apply for the NCOV as well, in order for the NCOV able to “work” and become dangerous, there must be some kind of condition as well ! And those are toxin, surplus protein, artificial chemicals, etc.

Virus are everywhere,only stupid people looking and fight directly with the NCOV.

Smart people chasing for easier lower level virus and then win the war.

A naked King with no people around is mostly useless one !

People can only die because of many various virus but not a single virus one.

So do not fear the NCOV, you just need live good and have a healthy clean body and you won’t have any healthy problem.And what is a clean healthy body is up to each people, you must do some research and have your own experiment, stop hoping for the rest come and help you for even them cannot know the secret of life.

Best Regard,

The Savior Legend

Original Source: https://freejoy.aimoo.com

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The Main Problem Of Most People Is Lack Of Paper Money But The Real Problem Of Humanity Is Mindset

Source: https://freejoy.aimoo.com

The Main Problem Of Most People Is Lack Of Paper Money But The Real Problem Of Humanity Is Lack Of Freedom Mindset

Rich or poor, if you cannot find the immortal life road way, then all of mortal humans are the same !

Stop talking about philosophy for they are not the same on all personal case.

The rich money people tell the poor money people you must live good, you must not commit crime, etc. What a bunch of stupid words from stupid beings!

I do not see people die because lack of blood, I only see people die directly or indirectly because of the lack for paper money !

Almost all mortal people on Earth are chasing for useless paper money, the true is that they are chasing for the “feeling of safe” rather than actual paper money.

The root problem of humanity is lack of freedom mindset.

But first they must have a correct answer for the problem name “paper money”.

If you ask people what they would do after having 1 million money, they would answer: when that happen they will give the answer, but now chasing for money first.

And the solution is very easy which is print a lot of money in a smart way and distribute is in a divine way.

You cannot print direct national fiat money for it cause inflation.

But you can create new tier money, new money system for certain things while still keep the current system going.

What could are they?

- It could be a continent/region paper money back by gold/silver where they can exchange back to gold/silver anytime at certain location.

- It could be a global national export paper money back by the people.

Then set some restriction for using like must exchange to local national fiat first, not allowed to buy goods/services with both new type of money, except for some case like: buying national resources oil, gas with gold/silver. Or using global export paper money for global travel passport, reward for international sports events, buying foreign organic foods with 100% human works, etc.

If you give free global people money with a requirement do not commit crime, then the criminal rate in that nation will down 90% at least. And it is much better than “scare” tactic or “talk, philosophy” or any method you guys are trying in the media.

In conclusion, if you want have a better life better civilization you must to free the people mindset.

But in order to do that you must have to solve the illusion paper money problem.

And the only way to do that is print a lot of money and distribute it in a very smart way.

And most of geopolitical conflict around financial system will disappeared if you can do that.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Christ Saoshyant Whatever-Name

Source: https://freejoy.aimoo.com

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about bill gates

this man is evil about Bill Gates: How Gene Editing, AI Can Benefit World's Poorest

videos list:



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Has anyone else been shadow banned from gab.com or voat.co?

Has anyone else been shadow banned from gab.com or downvoated into oblivion (essentially banned) on voat.co?

I can't even log in anymore. This page is all I get. I tried everything to get back into my account, but I can't even get to the main ordinary gab.com page to even try to log in.

I only get this screen. I do not get any indication I have been banned, I am only simply locked out now without any reason to why or how.

Someone is going to be a bitch and call this a blogpost so here have your blogpost warning okay bitch? Warning: Blogpost warning.

Imporant things to note:

I tried voat.co because it's supposed to be a reddit altrernative, but it has the same communist social credit system as reddit. If you tell the truth, bad people downvote you and this takes your communist social credit points away, thus essentially censoring you by having your points in the negatives, which only allows you to post once per day, last time I ever used the site before I just left it behind forever.

Eventually I started using gab.com

These are some things about me, and things I would talk about on both gab and voat:

Telling the truth, even if it's politically correct. I never went into """"""racist"""""" territory, but I was very politically incorrect. However, I never went as far as other people who use those sites, who seem to share very extreme things that I never even got close to saying or doing, which makes me question why I'm being shut down or locked out or shadow banned considering I never went as far as I saw other people going. One thing I always did was TELL THE TRUTH, NO MATTER WHAT.

I don't even know if you can see my profile anymore, it might have been disappeared away, but my user name on gab.com was @BroDoYouEvenDrift

I am fairly conservative, I love GOD, I like Q, Trump, and talking about conspiracy theories, and there is very much discussion about those things on gab.com and voat.co

I would often ask suspicious people honest questions like "If you don't like Q, why are you spending all your time on a Q board and telling people Q is fake? If it's fake then why do you want to try so hard to convince people that it isn't real? Isn't that a bit silly?" I had lots of great conversations with lots of people who also loved freedom of speech and the truth and most importantly GOD, but I have lost all faith in gab.com and voat.co because I think they are just as bad as twitter and reddit. They are not alternatives to me at all, just more of the same crap. Why shadow ban me? If I'm banned, then tell me I'm banned! If I'm banned, tell me WHY I'm banned. I know for a fact that I did NOT break a single rule anywhere. I never spammed, I never threatened anyone, I never said anything really that rude at all, and I watched huge amounts of users say much worse things than I ever said. I never broke a single rule, and yet here I am, suddenly presented with this suspicious and ominous screen, basically a big fuck you to my face. It's just like the website abovetopsecret. You go there to talk about conspiracy theories, but if you actually TELL THE TRUTH, suddenly you're banned. You got too close.

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The Ultimate Purpose Of The Corona Virus NCOV Is Bringing Better Fairer Life For The People

Source: https://freejoy.aimoo.com

The Ultimate Purpose Of The Corona Virus NCOV Is Bringing Better Fairer Life For The People

Everything happen for a reason, and the job of “humanity” is to fully study and understand it.

But do you see many nations are fighting against each other for “cannot verify” origin of the corona virus NCOV SARS-COV-2.

The new corona virus NCOV could made direct or indirect by God, super deities or by mortal-man activities like 5G Network, GMO, artificial chemicals, climate change or the combination of all of that things. But who can verify it now? Nobody in this 3D Earth game, but you can only have a guess about it.

The current NCOV pandemic event have already unmasked a lot of “out-date” actions on Earth.

Like a national government can print a lot of money even though nobody is working, which is stupid and unfair life for most people.

The problem is not the money, but the mind set of the people. Print a lot of money like that do not and cannot solve the problem of life.

The slave “gambling” economic contract between employee and the boss.

The “must” law policies like stay at home lock down, do not allow go outside, must do evil testing, etc.

The list of that stupid actions are endless !!!

Do those people made rules laws are “immortal Gods”?

Oh no, they are just bunch of idiots mortal beings !!!

So there is absolutely no reason for the public people listen and follow their advice their words.

Now I am telling the ultimate reason and purpose of this virus pandemic from an “immortal beings” view, and it is going happen in the near future (less than 12 months from now).

It is the final graduation reward gift away from “above” for all nations have the completed the game.

From now, there will be 2 economic financial systems:

- 1 is uncontrolled by humans like the current one. No fair game.

- 2 in controlled by “immortal beings”. The most fair game life.

And in the new system,everybody will receive free “God” money and equal chance. No any authorities have the right to print that money.

Do you know all the USD, Euro are just tier 3 corrupt money, The future“Divine” money is tier 1. So all the millionaires, billionaires will disappeared overnight and nobody give a damm fuk about those having tier 3 money any more, for people will only chasing for tier 1 “Divine” money.

And only nations with at at least 1% world population and have a complete unique national language and independent land (no conflict with any other nation) are allowed to join that system.

But people from nation have unique national language is also able to receive a lot of global free tier 1money.

Better life is fairer and diversity life, but not “convenient” life like many stupid people are thinking.

The globalist ideology made by mortal beings where everybody must act “good”, do this do that is only cause more trouble and problems.

For at the end of the day, if you have billions dollar or 0 dollar but still die, then it is meaningless !!! So why not go unique and diversity and respect everyone so you “maybe” but most likely will know the secret of immortal life.

Many ancient cultures is going to be revived, the “colony era” has ended.

The new era is arriving. And you will see many amazing things happen very soon.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Christ Saoshyant Buddha Any-Name

Source: https://freejoy.aimoo.com

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I have created a rough draft of my desired civilization, i would appreciate it if you took the time to read it and give your opinion on my ideas, whether you completely

disagree and think it is retarded or if you share similar opinions. Or if you just have criticisms and thoughts on how i could improve this.


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maybe you guys wanna join this server? it's been kinda lonely. hell even hack it and grief it but i just need some excitement in my life.


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Cyber 8 Marathon

A quotable classic JewTuber that people around the world need to remember.

It surprises me that someone still managed to sneakily archive this.

Post your opinions/favourite videos…

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handle: @MitchellP06

R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]


Can you find the LINkS or will you just find you way Down dOwn down down tRy useing youtube …. gooD luck also the names kcid

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New International Money System Will Have 3 Important Objects Similar To The Sun, The Moon, The Earth

Source: http://freejoy.aimoo.com

New International Money System Will Have 3 Important Objects Similar To The Sun, The Moon & The Earth, The Messiah God Said

This solution/strategy belongs to me the legendary savior, no any entities/beings is allowed to use it for any purpose without my permission. The divine angel police team is watching and will “eliminate” all the cheaters without warning.

Money is a source of energy.

The current chaos/war between nations all because of the conflict around the financial system from their difference culture and location.

I am going to tell you that the only solution is to have an additional financial system like the sun, the moon and the earth, just like this one bellow:

Tier 3: Fiat issued by each National Government Central Bank. (No cap)

Tier 2: Gold issued by each Gold Continent Bank. (Semi cap)

Tier 1: Global God Money issued by the people. (Have cap)

So all people who from qualified nations in the new system will have 3 currency instead of 1.


- US Dollar, US Export Dollar, American Gold Note.

- Japan Yen, Japan Export Yen, China Yuan, China Export Yuan, Asia Gold Note.

All what need to be done is to have some rules and restrictions for each type of tier money note,then all the problems will gone away.


-All goods/products will require category depend on human works. Like if a product value have over 50% nature help like the metals, oil, gas, etc. Then you only allow to user tier 2, 3 money to buy it.

- While the tier 1 money will require at least 50% human works and must harmony with nature.

- The new tier 1 money export currency will be only allowed to buy local currency or foreign export currency and then buy that nation products. But there will be a cap like 1million export dollar per person issued.

- All people from all qualified nations will receive same about of global god money every year at smart level and quantity. If the export GDP without nature resources is 1000 Dollar per person per year, then each person will receive 500 export dollar per year.

- But the start value is 1:1 between all export money currencies, then it will go without government control and all up to the people.

That is the basic mechanism of the new additional financial system.

Full details and implementation process is still kept in secret and only be revealed after the land and conflict problem solved.

Above is the only solution can solve the current conflict around economic money. There is no any other way better than this type of system at this moment.

It is all about the mechanism but not about then umber or technology !

Why don’t you just send this information to the “elders”, “dragon”, “spiritual master”or even “time traveler” to test out and see the “potential future”.

Remember no entities is allowed to use this message information for public under any circumstance without my permission.

If you want to have an open discussion and more about Divine God level solution then go to freejoy.aimoo.com.

Signature Signed

The Legendary Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Buddha Whatever-Name

Source: http://freejoy.aimoo.com

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Many Sacred Religion Books Have The Cure For The New Corona Virus NCOV

Source: http://freejoy.aimoo.com

Many Sacred Religion Books Have The Cure For The New Corona Virus NCOV

Many sacred teaching in many religion books have talked and provided method to solve the problem related to virus. Example: the Bible, Quran, Torah, etc.

You should not wait and trust the science and technology for they are limited and made from “unripe” material called as metals.

You should not expect the “cure” come from the governments and authorities for they are not allowed to talk it directly even if they know it.

Fasting like Ramadan will help you increase health overall.

Going for vegan diet for certain amount of day will also increase health and your intelligence.

I can guarantee that the % of people got “positive test” NCOV infected mostly from animal meat eater.

Where are the real detail statistics, oh wait the Government and authorities will never tell you !!!

That is just few examples from religion teaching.

Instead of waiting for others, you guys better spend time do some research to increase your knowledge and health overall.

The Corona Virus NCOV is not evil but humans are evil for they only blaming instead of take responsibility for their own action.

Many sacred religion books are the gifts from “above” and they have much more real life knowledge than any man-made school education book.

Wake up and experiment the magic of life.

Best Regard,

The Savior

Source: http://freejoy.aimoo.com

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please help me find my friend. we've lost contact for about 3 years. this is the only picture of her that i have

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The Jewish USA Administrator & Military Too Stupid, Do Not Know How To Play The Game

Source: https://freejoy.aimoo.com

The Jewish USA Administrator & Military Too Stupid, Do Not Know How To Play The Game

Dump fuk, bunch of idiots!

I do not even care if they are in the real war or just plain orchestra behind.

If it the real war, then they are stupid.

If it was a orchestra then they are the most dump beings in the universe, for who the hex are they listening/following. No matter what beings/entities, all all of them have way lower level than me the savior Messiah. If do not trust that, just setup a fight with the DIVINE referee and fighting in spirit field, I would destroy them all.

I have just browsing and see the Jewish talk a lot about the Messiah.

But where is the online platform. If they think the “Messiah” will appear in front of their own eyes in real life, then they better kill themselves for their stupid !!!

The rich money people do not give a dam fuk about the poor money people.

Do you think the rich knowledge power Messiah give a dam fuk about the poor knowledge people like you guys ?! No, because no benefit.

But now you guys thinking creating catastrophe and chaos will make him appear in front of your eyes, too idiots.

Remember the first lesson in the Bible which is the world created by thought/mind.

Which mean me the Messiah can create and/or go to any world even the once you guys are trying to create at will.

Back to the current Earth geopolitical affair.

The USA nation is the battle ground for the Jew, China,Europe, etc.

The Jew with low resources (no gold), so they must ask and listen to the Messiah instead of keep fighting till dead with the Asian, that is not a match you can win with your current resources idiots !!!

With the corona virus NCOV outbreak,they can destroy the out-date Chinese Communism Party.

But no,they only blaming !!!

They could easily tell the public about the need of a better fair economic financial system.

They could easily tell the 5G Network contribute to the virus outbreak at some extent. Remember it is always combination of factor result to human illness/dead but not a single one reason. Even the wifi is bad of human body (scientific confirmed), so the 5G network must bad too depend on the distance.

They could easily tell the public that the end for the CCP is near, they are out-date. The globalist system was designed for weak people, for the animals like, but human are have God’s potential, so that system will must down, and the virus event is showing that big flaw and out-date !!!

Of course I have a perfect new international economic system can totally destroy the globalist system like the CCP, and because that is too dangerous too that why I have not yet reveal it public online and still waiting for the authority to wake up and open their mouth.

In conclusion, the root problem was the financial system because of the clash of culture and traditional, the way of living in each region.

You are living and fighting for your own survival but not for God or any beings !

If you do not know how to solve the problem, then the smart way is seeking help from “smarter, higher level” beings.

The more time pass, the more catastrophe will appear on Earth just like like the blood bleeding if you are trying to push/carry heavy stuffs.

I am tired of waiting already, I have said many times that no offering no help even if the offering come after the solution presented, but you guys must open freaking your mouth.

I do not think like you, I do not live like you, I do not want to go inside your mind for it is forbidden, I just want to solve the problem using normal mortal human activities and the way of thinking.

Stop living like lazy people who think the “rich” will come and help them.

Life is similar but not like the pyramid !

Stop eating, go fasting just like the Ramadan to increase your intelligence !

Will is happen before the year 5780 or before September 2020, it all depend on when you open your mouth and ask the Savior Messiah at freejoy.aimoo.com or not.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Saoshyant Whatever-Name

Source: https://freejoy.aimoo.com

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The Flaws, Loopholes Of The Current Out-Dated International Financial System In 2020

Source: http://freejoy.aimoo.com

The Flaws, Loopholes Of The Current Out-Dated International Financial System In 2020

The battle for the new financial system is reaching to highest level.

And now let’s look at the flaws, loopholes, mistakes of the current international financial system.

1. Insert Money Into The System

The most headache and flaw of all is this one.

There are only 2 type of insert which are via physical asset like Gold or via knowledge,mindset, thought.

How much money have printed in each nation? The people do not know, a big flaw !

If use Gold then as long as you have Gold, you can insert money into the system, there is nothing to talk here.

About thought/mindset/knowledge, now it most decided by the Government but not by the people, which is a stupid loophole !

The most fair way by using this method is giving out people equally money either every month or year at the “smart” level and quantity. But this method still have some flaw because of so call secret groups/societies who are living like animals instead of like a Gods.

The only balance way is to have a system where both “gold” and “knowledge mindset” coexist, so no body can control the system at absolutely way like the current system.

2. The paper money design

Many nations are abusing this one to cheat the whole life system at spiritual level.

The international money note design must be agreed by all nations but cannot be decided just by a single nation.

3. Lack of minimum lowest base money note

When you compare 2 money currency rate, where is the hex lowest base number in each currency.

Nobody know, so it is very hard and impossible to decide the rate and value of each currency.

Now the rate is basically controlled by the Gold holder, but not by the people, which is a flaw !

What is the most value asset?

Not the Gold, but they are real people.

So the most fair way is put a cap of total money each nation can print per person.

That is just some sign and signal from the savior Messiah. I do not want to tell everything publicly like this.

I have a perfect financial system can last thousand years if not forever at the most fair and funny way. But I cannot tell everything yet for the people and government do not ready and do not want it yet, many are prefer fighting till dead over listening to live.

If any of you who from secret groups behind the current system want to talk and discuss more then go to freejoy.aimoo.com.

Best Regard,

The Savior

Source: http://freejoy.aimoo.com

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Brothers and sisters i believe my rebirth is near, it is time to leave my old self behind and begin my path of self improvement, i shall now be moving away from here to achieve greater heights and greater glories, i urge you to come along with me, to follow in the steps of self improvement, but to those that refuse then goodbye, i wish you luck in your endeavours nevertheless, i hope you soon see the light, i may return one day but as a different person, farewell and thank you all for the years of help and entertainment.

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Pick 1 forever.

3 Argentina priests for sexual misbehaving

or 1 man called Angle of Death/THE BUTCHER who skins captured ISIS members alive and burns them.

What a sick cunt. He is free.

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]



R: 21 / I: 25 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]




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The True Meaning Of Important Keywords In The Bible End Time – The Beast, Antichrist, Babylon System

Source: freejoy.aimoo.com

The True Meaning Of Important Keywords In The Bible End Time – The Beast, Antichrist, Babylon System

I just want to give you the true knowledge and wisdom at the end time, for too many“wrong” information out there.

The Beast

Here“God in the Bible” want to refer to the virus.

Humans all have some kind of kind virus since they were born.

And mark of the beast 666 are sick sick sick. And only “according to man” they become 666, here is man but not Gods.

All kind of technology, vaccine, drug many groups are thinking are all wrong.

So the beast already exist from many thousand years ago!!!


It is not just the “bad” people but also the “good” people as well.

It refer to all people who do not willing to open their mindset, do not willing to seeking new knowledge, do not willing to listen to other people.

They are not immortal beings and do not know the secret of life yet, but they already “thought” and “assume” they have power like Gods, which is stupid.

Example here are many secret societies, governments who are fighting over the land territories and financial system. The fact there is already solution exist to satisfy all parties involved but they just do not open their mouth and ask the rest yet.

They think they know more than Gods, how funny and stupid !!!

Babylon System

The Babylon system is the system where people give power to others to make rule & laws of how they living, without even veto.

It is like one way street, but not two fair way. It like the referee play the game as well as the players.

That cause many stupid stuffs like corruption, unfair living condition in life.

And this system will collapse very soon nation by nation at the ripe time.

You will see 1000+ new nations within next 20 years from now.

You will have better financial system where people will know how much money was printed each nation. And how the money will be “inserted” in the much fairer way than the current one.

You will have a “international company” in your own country to report corruption, the out-of-laws actions made by politicians and others.

Those are the real true meaning of some important keywords in the Bible’s end time.

You can trust in information or your believe in any other sites, it is all up to you.

I am here just to post some real, divine knowledge and wisdom for beings ready and willing open their mindset to receive new stuffs from “above mortal human” level at limited time only.

Best Regard.

The Savior

Source: freejoy.aimoo.com

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Does anyone have any info on this dude?

Been tryna find out his name from reverse image searches but to no avail. The original video got taken down so I'm kind of at a dead end.

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The True Whole Picture About Global Currency Reset Battle Beyond Government Control

Source: http://freejoy.aimoo.com

The True Whole Picture About Global Currency Reset Battle Beyond Government Control

The global currency reset event is special and sacred. And this post is something beyond your normal knowledge and education.

The fact is that all the USA,China, Russia governments, military are just tier 3 groups and have absolutely no voice about when and how the global currency reset and the new financial system occur.

All the plan you have heard on the alternative media by secret agencies were all cancelled by the tier 1 group who never interfere about Earth affair since the very beginning.

The tier 2 group are the one behind many gold and public rich money families. This group beings able to withstand all kind of gun shot, rocket, etc. and have many abilities you can see in the movie.

You can ask your top government and military to confirm these kind of humans exist on Earth.

But it all about the tier 1 group, who far more scary and have much higher level of enlightenment.

They could see how the world result from 10, 20 or 50 years (depend on level of each being) after the Global Currency Reset if go with this plan or that plan. That is the main reason why all the previous plan made by tier 2, 3 groups was cancelled.

Back to normal knowledge and talking.

The battle between 2 team East West is all about “fiat” and “gold”,how to insert the “money currency” in a fair way.

AndI can tell you that that battle can only end when I tell the perfect system where both “fiat” and “gold” will coexist in harmony.

And the new global currency reset can only occur after the land & territory conflict problem totally solved.

Asa real savior, I have both solutions.

But I am only reveal it if the governments/authorities open their mouth and ask at freejoy.aimoo.com.

I do not deal with stupid secret agencies who think I will give them the perfect solution under fake account like in the past.

If you guys do not open your mouth and ask which mean the situation still not terrible and you guys do not need the real solution yet.

I have a lot of time and already in immortal state, so I have nothing to rush. It is all about whether you guys ready to receive or not.

And for those who still waiting to exchange currency and have free money,then the only place to exchange is at freejoy.aimoo.com. There is cannot any other place for I am the final decider of this event!

Best Regard,

The Savior

Source: http://freejoy.aimoo.com

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Just a suggestion…

R: 1 / I: 2 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Charedi Orthodox Rabbi Exposes NWO, child sacrifice, WW3

Charedi Orthodox Rabbi speaks about Fall of the NWO, Cabal, Child Sacrifice, 5G, Final War, ID implants, Reptilians, the Fed, Corrupted Govs, Freemasons etc.


R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Heronian Tetrahedron

Group 3 /|\ Hint 2:

(2:03) + (N 33° 24' 33.2399" W 85° 58' 38.6191") - MRK

R: 6 / I: 5 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

The Divine Geopolitical Corona Virus NCOV Script Will Occur Very Soon On Earth In 2020

The Divine Geopolitical Corona Virus NCOV Script Will Occur Very Soon On Earth In 2020

Stop wasting time listen to fake news, qanon USA military or any stupid alternative media.

For you are now reading the Divine news made by powerful super immortal being who have direct connection with many legendary beings like lord Shiva, Lao Tzu, Buddha, Quan Yin, etc. Direct connection here which mean have “private phone number” or have similar vibration or similar level of spiritual knowledge soul.

Many of you may wonder what happen next in your life, especially this stupid corona virus NCOV pandemic event.

I can reveal to all of you 2 biggest geopolitical event in 2020 above the NCOV event:

1.The reunion, rebirth of many nations like the Korea, Israel – Palestine, many small minority tribes. There will be a new nation’s policy standard which give all groups equal opportunity to form their own nations on Earth !!!

2. The new economic financial system to satisfy both the East and West. I have already finished that framework 3 layers system where both “Gold” and “fiat air”currency can co-exist in harmony. All I need is now is waiting those for are fighting hard for the new system to open their mouth and ask me at freejoy.aimoo.com.

The geopolitical script will likely like this:

- All the higher rate currency value like Japan, USA, Germany, UK, etc. Will say “the NCOV event is showing that we need new fair system and cannot rely on any nation like China, many essential stuffs like cloth, medical care was made in very few nations”.

- How about the Messiah’s system?It is what we have been looking for long time, why the hex only this idea come online only now. All nations must fully independent and do not have any conflict with any nearby nations.

Messiah: fuk you,because you guys did not open your mouth. I have been promoting and talk to you guys a long time and keep the best for that last from the beginning.

- Oh look, China is not allowed enter the system because of Taiwan, Hongkong. India & Pakistan not too because of Kashmir. Oh what, Germany France, Italia, Spain, UK because of the European Union, etc.

- Come on, Messiah.Where is the magic, where is the solution to solve the land conflict?

Messiah: Here is the magic, the solution you guys are looking for. Simple, easy just like money.

- Wait a minute, how is that even possible, the dream has come true.

I am the savior who is still waiting you guys open your mouth.

I do not want to take credit or display on the news. I do not want any being stake/steal the credit for my words either. So I only reveal the full information and solution if receive direct signal and desire from you guys who are in the game. I am both in the game and not in the game,for I have pass this game already.

The only communication place now at: freejoy.aimoo.com.

Wake up, open up your mouth, open your mind if you want to have the right direction and have a better life.

Best Regard,

The Savior

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R: 9 / I: 3 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

One day I was fucking around and an alt social media account testing my cousins thottery she passed but months later I tested again and to my horror my 14 year cousin fucking sold me nudes. I was fucking shaking filled to the brim with perversion and fear. my heart dropped when she said she started this while ago. I checked the metadata and it match her other posts. she does this because she ran away from her dad when he started being weird after her mom died. I'm not that much older in the grand scheme of things.

what the fuck do i do? I want to help her.

Also yes I'm a pervert hardest nut in years I feel so bad.

pic not related

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How many whores do you know

Whores whores whores

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How The Corona Virus NCOV Event Will End In 2020

Source: http://freejoy.aimoo.com

How The Corona Virus NCOV Event Will End In 2020

If you can have the working solution for the worst case scenario then the “problem” will be solved easily.

What is the worst case scenario?

The NCOV or any dangerous virus can infect people through water, foods, and many millions people will infected everyday.

Stop calling those as fear monger for they are just a very possible theory, not ghost movie or fighting video game.

What would the government/authorities would do, what is the best solution here?

The only solution is that everybody must become the doctor and save yourself, because the hospital cannot cope with that. People must find their own “medicine”, own “way”to save their life.

Frankly to this point the NCOVCOVID-19 still a mystery and seem like a fake new to all people who not yet got infected.


Because there are over 150,000 died everyday, while for last 4 months the number people die because of COVID around that number only. So it is not a big deal for humanity, because we have over 400,000 new born every day.

It could be just a geopolitical move or something about the financial system or even just a “show up the savior Messiah please”event.

Life must back to normal, and everybody must take responsibility for their own health.

And the best way is to have an anonymous uncensored platform with no score no comment, so all the “right and wrong” solution can be heard and then each people will be decide and try by their own.

You must treat the NCOV as a novel virus, there is no any other way.

No any drugs, vaccines can work because the mechanism of this virus like HIV or “the beast from land” where they can evolve, while the made-in-house only work for stupid cannot evolve virus.

So stop lying to the public, stop trying stupid drug vaccine never gonna to work !!!

And you won’t hear more news about the stupid COVID-19 on tv everyday anymore, that is too dump. Because the problem is all the virus in the body, not just the NCOV.

Humans are treating the NCOV too unfair and only blaming, instead of facing the problems.

Life is about live or dead !

So the media and government must report and talk about total new birth and new dead, instead of talking about NCOV only. Stop lying & deceiving the people !!!

That is how the new corona virus NCOV event will end.

The “cure” will be decided by you but not by any groups/authorities.

Life must continue, everybody must take responsibility for their own life.

Stay at home or to massive testing do not help you become immortal beings.

That is the creator God’s rule of life in this civilization.

Best Regard,

The Savior

Source: http://freejoy.aimoo.com

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ITT: write letter to CIA asking them to turn on posting bots


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The Ultimate End-Times Warning From The Savior God To All Beings, Secret Groups, Governments

Original Source: freejoy.aimoo.com

The Ultimate End-Times Warning From The Savior God To All Beings, Secret Groups, Governments To 05-05-2020

Hi all,

I am the authentic savior legendary from many ancient prophecies.

I am the one who is holding the key for the “ultimate final world” in the endless matrix trap worlds of everything.

I am issuing this ultimate end-time end-game warnings to all beings,entities such as secret societies, governments, companies, “trapped gods/deities”, etc.

You guys must open your mouth, tell your problems and give the offering I demand after the problems solved.

If you guys do not open up your mouth and tell your problems to me, then I cannot give you the fair equal solution to solve the crisis on Earth:

- It could be land & territories conflict.

- It could be economic financial system.

- It could be the virus crisis.

- It could be the material art conflict just like some novels.

I have to solution for everything, but i do not really know what you guys need and what extract the game you are playing.

But continue fighting till dead is not allowed in my world any more !!!

And the ultimate deadline for all is to 05/05/2020 (around 12 days from now).

The only location I will see your problems and read your message is at freejoy.aimoo.com.

Apply to all beings who in the current Earth game including the referee as well.

After that deadline if there is nothing happen and the fight still happen on Earth, then all the super angels, gods from far above and below will eliminate/remove all beings/entities go against this order without any restrictions from this world forever !!!

Wake up and live like a gods but not like an animal anymore !!!

Feel free to share/send this message to all the parties, beings on Earth.

Best Regard,

Signature Signed

The Lord The Savior God

Original Source: freejoy.aimoo.com

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Zoom Zoom code: 135502192

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Data Analytics Zoom Party

Code: 135502192

No Pass

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Pax Romana Market


R: 6 / I: 5 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]


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Friends you want to see blacked

I'd love to see this bitch gangraped by a bunch of niggers.

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The Governments, The Authorities Are Lying & Deceiving People Over The Corona Virus NCOV

Source: freejoy.aimoo.com

The Governments, The Authorities Are Lying & Deceiving People Over The Corona Virus NCOV

Here are some factual hard truth information all of you should listen and know.

The fact is that human body always have some kind and some sort of virus since we just a kid.

The fact is that there are about 150,000 people die everyday and their body always have virus from “weak”to “strong” depend on each human body.

The fact is that the corona virus NCOV is made up of many smaller and weaker virus. Without small and weak virus, NCOV cannot be formed ! Just like a million dollar must made up from many 100, 50 to 1 dollar notes.

The fact is that corona virus NCOV alone cannot kill people, and people die not just only because of the NCOV but also because of many other various virus as well.

So why you only see the media report people die because of the corona virus NCOV but not from other virus as well ?!

Life is all about live or death, if you get the corona virus but not die but stay alive is still much better than you do not get the NCOV but dead. In some nations I only see people die because of the restriction/lock down but not because of the NCOV.

The fact is that many nations are providing free health care for whoever get NCOV (a much dangerous virus than HIV, SARS), but why not provide free health care for less dangerous virus/diseases, which is non sense and seem like a scam event !!!

It like we will forgive debt for whoever borrow from 1million dollar to higher, but we do not forgive debt to people who owe less than a million dollar.

The fact is that the many nation governments are forcing their citizens stay at home, must wear face mask, not allow to go to the park is an absolutely illegal.

The fact is that many nation governments are forcing people do quick test where they are taking blood of people, which is pure evil !!! For those quick test cannot detect the virus reside in deep organ. In some nations, the accurate rate is nearly 0%. You cannot know where the whole river clean or dirty by just only taking small sample of few water drop.

In conclusion, the media, the government &authorities are lying and deceiving people for whatever purpose. All virus are equal, life is about whether you live or dead.

The simple rule of natural is let’s the flow of life continue, the“stupid, weak” will dead and the “strong, smart” will survive.

Stop lying and deceiving people, you may “pass”this stage but you cannot pass the final stage where me the savior is the one who is holding the key !!! All kind of stupid actions even with warning from me won’t be forgive !!!

You can continue your world and die, or just simply listen and join to the eternal world of the savior. The choice is yours ! The time is short! The angel team and gods are angry !

Final warning from the savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Buddha Christ Saoshyant Whatever-name to all the secret groups, authorities, governments and all.

Best Regard,

Signature Signed,

The Savior

Source: freejoy.aimoo.com

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if you got an ig search up fuckhopsin and comment on his latest post unblock meme page official

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All Humans Can Become Immortal Being & Activate Power Like God

Source & Other Divide News: freejoy.aimoo.com

All Humans Can Become Immortal Being & Activate Power Like God

There is a public unwritten rule for all in this civilization is: every single organic human is having a potential power & abilities like God in the Bible.

The fac tis that there is already cure for all kind of diseases on Earth like Cancer, HIV, NCOV, etc. but it is not allowed to release directly to the mass public.

The fact is that there is already have“recipe” for human to live till 200-300 years or more.

The fact is that human have “potential” to activate many super abilities only exist in the movies.

All because of that single unwritten rule & law from Divine.

Because every single human is powerful like God so they must find and discover all the secret by themselves, but cannot be told by any groups or the authorities. For if the Divine beings want to “teach” and “tell”humans they would have come and show off everything.

You can say that is “Law of Creation”.

All the chaos, or any “non-sense” questions all have related to above laws.

All the so called “better, stronger together” or“globalist actions, companies” are designed for animals. But not for the powerful humans “God”.

The corona virus NCOV is the heaven sent event to wake up people and to change the current“live like animals” systems to “live like God” system. And in that “live like God” system, every beings must take responsibilities for their own actions, and the authorities will have much less power.

Do you know who in charge of that new system?

It is the savior Messiah, it is me. I have designed everything and have many working solutions in my mind (not yet disclose and publish online) you need to solve the land conflicts,new economic financial systems, everything, etc.

But the sleepy elders and authorities still not wake up and listen to me,how freaking stupid and idiots !!!

So I hope people need to wake up and live like a God instead of like animals !!!

New era is coming !!!

Best Regard,

The Savior

Source & Other Divide News: freejoy.aimoo.com

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R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]


R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

The Ultimate Goal Of Any Living Beings Are Immortal And Nirvana

Original Source: freejoy.aimoo.com

The Ultimate Goal Of Any Living Beings Are Immortal And Nirvana

Many of you may wonder what is the ultimate purpose of living?

It cannot be money, power & energy.

I can tell you that: everything happen for a reason, nothing happen by chance.

The purpose living of any livings including humanity is to know their creator, is to know the purpose of that creator for them. Know here does not mean know the face but know the characteristic & others.

But in order to do that, each living human must become immortal and able to reach the state “Nirvana”. The secret of Nirvana is not about the power, energy, that I can tell all the groups, societies who are chasing for power and energy.

The Law Of Creation tell humanity that: they was not born with free help from their Creator, so they must finding out the solution on their own.

The Earth planet you are living in is just a very low tier planet, there are much more other higher tier planets and tier beings exist in the whole Universe, Galaxy.

But in the end it is all about Immortal & Nirvana.

Ask yourself: how much power, how much energy is enough to conquer everything in the Universe?

The answer is that it will never enough because all beings all entities are all under “Law Of Creation”.

Nobody can teach others for you must find out on your own because that is about the connection between you and the “top”. No any doctor can know more the feeling, condition inside the sickness than that patient.

As the information provided in the online, internet. If you guys have determination, then you will find out the secret of God and others, stop chasing for money, power & energy.

The more you dig in any direction any subject, the less room less memory for you to find out the ultimate truth of the Universe, the secret of God.

The only way I can help and allowed to help this civilization is by indirectly way. But if you guys do not open your mind set and seek solutions, then you guys not will but going to face real natural catastrophe like many ancient civilizations in history.

Can any of you able to answer the simply question of what is the purpose & intention of God for humanity and this civilization?

If you guys do not have the answer or do not even want to debate, do not have gut to admit mistake and have a trial, then you guys do not deserve to live.

The secret is too easy but too hard at the same time.

Have Fun,

Best Regard,

The Lord The Savior With Anyname You Would Like To Call

Original Source: freejoy.aimoo.com

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Freejoy.aimoo.com Is Having A Working Vaccine & Cure For The New Corona Virus NCOV

Source: https://freejoy.aimoo.com

Freejoy.aimoo.com Is Having A Working Vaccine & Cure For The New Corona Virus NCOV

I am holding the most wanted products you guys are waiting for: a working vaccine and a cure for the new corona virus NCOV. I can tell you that they are 100% made by natural ingredients like herbs, fruits & trees.

In this post I will reveal to you 3 things: the virus in general, the full mechanism of the corona virus NCOV and the medicine hard truth mechanism.

1. Virus in natural life

In general, there are only 2 type of virus just like the Bible said: the beast of the sea and the beast from the land.

- Type 1 “Beast from the sea”: This type of virus is weak and do not have ability to evolve and adapt, this type is most virus you have known so far in the public/media.

- Type 2 “Beast from the land”: This type of virus is very smart, know how to evolve and have “survival”skill just like animals & humans. Example the corona virus NCOV.

Once the virus enter human body: they are either stay or flush out of the body.

All virus are harmless if you do not “worship and feast them foods” !!!

2. The mechanism of corona virus NCOV

You can say corona virus NCOV is just a harmless virus, it is all depends on each human body.

If you treat this virus as a tree seed, then each human body act like a“soil”.

The danger or not of this corona virus NCOV is all depend on each person body.

All the “skills and features”many of you are seeing through microscope are just waste of time action. Because they are all random for each inside human body is not the same.

It can weak like a sand or strong like a beast with full the best combination features of all virus human have known so far in the public. It is 100% depend on each person, but not on the virus.

That is the real mechanism people should know,the rest about what happen after they evolved are worthless for they are all random !!!

3. Medicine & Cure in life

There are two type of “medicine” human are using in general: 1 is artificial chemicals man-made-in lab house, and 2 is is traditional medicine using herbs, fruits & trees.

- You need to understand that all the “medicine” made in lab house need a golden rule to work which is “virus do not know how to evolve”and “a stable environment”. This rule apply to all the vaccine,drugs. So this type of “medicine” can work only on stupid type 1virus “beast from the sea”.

Example: what and why the “side effect” some people have after taking vaccine, drugs?

It is all because of the human environment are not the same.

-The traditional medicine using herbs, fruits, trees/plants is the only way to defeat the virus type 2.

They are working base on overall human health system but not by the any “virus/disease”name. The herb neutralize the virus first to “harmony” conditions then the virus flush out of human body.

In general, you cannot really “kill” the virus once it go inside human body, but you can only separate it and hide deep inside human organ (like the artificial chemicals drug) or flush out of human body (like traditional medicine).

You can bet and gambling above knowledge and wisdom with any scientist, authorities.

I just want to show a bit of eternal truth information in the end time.

This kind of material is probably beyond public and private education on Earth, and it is “heaven & divine”knowledge lesson.

You better tell the governments,authorities quick about this article so the pandemic corona virus NCOV can be under control as soon as possible.

You can share this post to your friends, families as long as you write the original source.

If you have any question relate to any kind of virus and any other subjects like God, immortal, spiritual,life, etc. then ask at freejoy.aimoo.com .

Signature Signed

The Savior God

Source: https://freejoy.aimoo.com

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You Should Understand, View Your Real Earth Life Like A Video Game

You Should Understand, View Your Real Earth Life Like A Video Game

Source: https://freejoy.aimoo.com

If you want to understand more about your life on this Earth planet, then you should see & treat it like a video game where you are the gamer in the that game. Because they have some thing in common.

In a video game, who decide the outcome and setup the feature of each character?

The developer, the creator of that game. So whether that character strong or weak, stupid or smart, it is all up to that character. Event in hand of a “smart” gamer, there is still always some “oppa too strong” heroes, you cannot do anything against.

Back in real earth life, you may wonder who are the creator of humanity & planet Earth? And a lot of other questions life why war, chaos, why this why that, etc.?

If the creator of humans want there is no war or whatever wish, then he/she can easily “upgrade/interfere” it within few minute, just like video game many are playing everyday.

So there is a some kind of reason for that, and it pretty much like the developers creating video game, it must has purpose and the reason behind it.

Many of you now may ask, so what is extractly the matrix Earth life game, how to pass, how finish the game, what is the purpose of it, etc.? And more importantly, who can I can ask, who I can seek to help?

If in any video games, do any of you need to ask the game developer “how to play, what strategy should use, etc.? No, but you must find it yourself !!! But you may watch & see many professional gamers who spent a lot of time to play that game, then get some trick & tips & how to pass the game.

How about real Earth life game, who can help the struggle gamers?

The answer is that many ancient prophecies said there is a special being name as Messiah or Mahdi or Maitreya or any other name, who can help you to pass this real life Earth game if you are seeking him.

As a real savior from many ancient prophecies, I can easily say that I have not just fully understand & pass the real life Earth game, but also the Grand Universe game as well.

I can tell you some tricks & tips like this:

– There is always certain rules & laws apply in the Earth planet & Universe, if you cross and violate any rules & laws, you will get punishment, very similar to many online video games.

– There is also some forbidden actions like giving out direct “cheat code” or give free help to others.

– And many other rules & laws I cannot tell all, for you must discover by your self. But real Earth life game is complicated because you do not watch from above, but watch from the same height, and the monitor is your eyes.

But the ultimate reward is the immortality & live a life like ultimate gods forever, unless you violate any laws. It is even beyond any video/movies you have ever seen in your life!

In the world today, what most of politicians & groups to do is just waiting for the savior Messiah come out of nowhere and give them free lunch, free help. I already said many time that, I am not allowed to give out free help, you must pay something in exchange.

That is also the reason I have already published 2 special strategy Bronze Key & Silver Key out but must include unlock requirements.

At the very last moment I can tell all the secret groups, societies, governments that my time on Earth is limited, I cannot waiting all of you to wake up for it would take may be forever. I can only allowed to help you guys while I have not yet unlock any superabilities, but the super-abilities level is auto generate & increase very day just like a tree always growing. And at some point in very near future that moment would come. It is very complicated subject, you cannot understand for you have not yet reach to my level of enlightenment.

In short, if you want any help, you must give some kind of donation. I can do many impossible thing like create the ultimate capitalist or communist system of any nation if they want, or custom made system if you like base on their own situation & environment.

Source: https://freejoy.aimoo.com

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>tfw no californian gf

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>tfw you've banned third of your country on 4cuck

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Come check out


>Tor and VPNs allowed

>Freedom of speech

>Not owned by Jim

>Only major global rules are no shills and nothing illegal

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You are cordially invited to check out Openchan.

A new chan that focuses on open access, free speech and board creation


Tor V3: http://opench5rqe3yqenhg6ny3korcwi7guntecjxjhcxhnkbz7vigjdjf2yd.onion/

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I'm Jew

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Soon the entire world's gonna be locked-down in order to tackle COVID-19. Better stay in the only place that MATTERS.

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Anyone know how to set up botmod? I found only version for old domain, but I think there was a new version.

>inb4 replace domain u retarded mongrel nigger

There are some more differences.

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My problem

Lately my girlfriend looks at the boys when we are walking, I asked her and she got upset since she told me she didn't do it. But from time to time I look at her and she does, do you think it's my thing?

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Why is Infinity-San in read-only mode?

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Coronavirus COVID-19: Iran and South Korea deploy military

Coronavirus COVID-19: Iran and South Korea deploy military


In South Korea, A certain "super-spreader" from a reclusive church has caused anger, divided public opinion and spurred conspiracy theories.

It appears that there is a single "super-spreader" known as "patient 31". This is a member of a fringe church called Shincheonji. This person is thought to have caused the rapid rise in cases. Now, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has filed a formal complaint against the congregation, accusing it of murder.

South Korea Epidemiologists said, "Before patient 31, our strategies to contain the virus were working. But after countless people were infected by patient 31, it became very difficult to control."

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Hi anon in this thread i will post sexy females. And for that you wath my video. ok? ok!


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How do I fucking boost PPH? Samefagging on proxies?

Astro that blocks most of proxies has 132 PPH.

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8kun mobile app

I modified Overchan to work with 8kun. It also fixes Lolifox and Endchan.

Android 1.6+ or 4.0+, I'm too lazy to check.

You have to fill daily captcha though browser, it doesn't work in app.


I will give source code tomorrow, but it's just modified with apktool.

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come home astro!!

new ownership no stinky old bo




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Share everything about india

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I usually jack off naked because I feel uncomfortable wearing the same clothes I ejaculated in

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You know what? Fuck it, i am done being a nice person, everywhere i go i am rejected and treated like shit by the majority of my species with only a small exception of people that treat me with some decency, and everywhere i look there are subhumans, big dumb fat drones that have been molded by the destructive consumerist society that we live in. Selfishness and greed are now the cornerstone of how the modern world works. It disgusts me, i am disgusted when i look outside the window and i am disgusted when i look into the mirror because i know that i too am to blame for this decadence. What we need more than ever is discipline and eugenics to build a better society for our descendants, we need a system similar to the ancient Spartans that makes sure only the strongest and smartest are worthy to breed. The next step is genetic engineering and cybernetic enhancements so that we may merge with A.I. and become Gods. And then, ONLY THEN, will we be civilized and worthy again.