0. Lurk moar.
 0a. if you don't know the rules, you haven't lurked enough
 0b. ignorance is not a defense.

1. No shitposting.
 1a. light bantz are fine, trashing discussions isn't.
 1b. unironic emoticons won't help your case.
 1c. whining about the subject matter of a thread dedicated to that subject is flagrant shitposting.

2. No shilling.
 2a. telling users to go elsewhere to acquire a link instead of just posting the link is shilling
 2b. so is making threads about games that aren't playable or don't have a reasonable amount of content
 2c. so is making threads without a download link and some idea of the game is like/about

3. No name/avatar/trip fagging
 3a. developers or project contributors are exempt
 3b. they're only exempt as long as they don't abuse it

4. The rules exist to keep /hgg/ comfy ''and'' on topic.
 4a. that means you can be banned for things that aren't on the list
 4b. that also means things that are on the list may not result in a ban if they're funny enough

Violating the rules will get you banned. Innocuous violations will get a lighter ban - probably just a few hours. Flagrant violations, ban evasion, and repeat offenses will escalate your ban rapidly, as will pissing off vols and being an asshole. There is no upper limit to the length of bans if the situation calls for it.

Recent Rule Changes

This section is for documenting rule changes which may be present above:

As of May 2019
 Per the advice of a vol, the rules have been trimmed down.

As of April 2019
 Furfags and Cuckshit have been given a soft ban.

As of April 2018
 Shitflinging is no longer a bannable offense, but may potentially fall under rule 3. Keep it on-topic.
 Rule 3 should be considered a last resort, and should only need to be enforced for repeat violations or anons blatantly abusing the rule.
 Rule 0 is reserved for cases where an anon should be banned, but it doesn't fall under the current rules. It should be used infrequently or preferably not at all.


  Per a vol suggestion the rules have been trimed down.
  The previous update has been further clarified.
  Furfags and Cuckshit have been given a soft ban. Please read: >>330674 ( Please use another board for such content.
  Increased rule 3 floor from '8 hours +4 hours for each' to '12 hours +4 hours for each', minor fixes and formatting.
  Fixed typos and increased general rule 3d clarification.
  Rules have been updated to standerdise formatting and include a passage about unbanning.
  Per advice, 3b has been reduced from 3 days to 1-2 days.
  Removed the personally unnecessary white space before a header's item and at the end.
  I think a case might be made to keep threads for 24, 48, or even possibly 72 hours after hitting the bumplock under the following conditions:.
  1. It's the most recent previous thread.
  2. The new thread and old thread has significant activity to justify allowing anons to respond to the previous thread E.G. probably not a thread that took 6 months to hit the bumplock.
  3. The previous thread didn't hit the bumplock because of shitposting/bait.
  quality generals/non-game-specific threads can circumvent the download link rule if of a high quality, but will be held to a higher standard by the vol staff."
  0: In addition fixing a email spelling error I have also whole sale updated the rules around name/trip fagging to be clearer with a suggestion by Yuri and clarified shitposting/samefaging.
  1: I have just made minor alterations to clarify Name/avatar/art/trip fagging.
  2: Merged everything into a single post and updated/re-organised the rules thanks to a vol . Previous:
  3:Removed redundant "In addition to the above, depending on the vol attempted patreon link posting and the rest of the OP may lead to a minimum ban of three days".