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Meta Thread

I decided since I read a lot of hentai doujins I wanted to share my thought about both manga/doujins and hentai artists in general. As so, I want this board to foment discussing about hentai in all its forms, with certain degree of freedom and different points of view. Also to keep up with news and the such.

As so, the primary objective of the board is to talk about artists or specific works, not mindless dumps and how much you like X.


1. Obey global rules

2. Post a link for the hentai instead of dumping. ExHentai is recommended

3. Do not dump doujins, that's not the board's purpose

4. Be critical about the things you're posting.

5. Discuss the board in this thread

6. No NTR in any of it's forms. Netori is barely allowed

7. Bans will last 24 hours at best

8. Bans won't result on post deletion

9. Only pics will deleted if it goes against global rules or rule 6

10. Only exception to rule 8 will be spam

3 ways to access Exhentai:

- without plugins: http://smdc-translations.com/blog/exhentai-without-plugins-bypass-the-sad-panda/

- on Chrome: http://haruhichan.com/forum/showthread.php?25188-Chrome-ExHentai-Easy-v2-Get-past-sad-panda

- on Firefox/Android: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/exhentai-easy-2/

You can and should ask for Sauce ITT, but before doing so, check:

* Doujin and manga search: http://www.doujinshi.org

* Google reverse image search: https://images.google.com

* IQDB: http://iqdb.org

* SauceNAO: http://saucenao.com

* Yandex: https://www.yandex.com


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Shiwasu no Okina

To try to revive the board, I want to do something neat:

I'll go and read a manga/doujin that looks interesting, I'll go in blind, and then I'll read more of the artist if I like it and share it with you, mates.

Right now I started reading a manga called Please! Freeze! Please!, from Shiwasu no Okina, and looks damn interesting, good art, and good/cute enough plot, so I'll keep you up with it.

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This guy is pretty great at drawing lolis and shotas and overall making stories that revolves around women being stupidly lusty but without making them gross, at least not the majority of times. I'll talk about his comics mostly rather than his art, but on that subject, his style is pretty great for what he does, parodies of cartoons, and the models fit the source rather well.

That being said, some of his works are shit like that powerpack comic and the Sokka/Katara one who the fuck pairs them?, plus some of his works are sadly incomplete due to lacking time or just being uninterested to him. He does have a couple of OCs that he barely works with, but they are nice.

I personally have talked with the guy, he is pretty great to talk to. However, like most patreon artists, he is mostly a greedy jew milking his work, and I wouldn't mind if he just had a patreon for support, but he have a pay wall for art that it's months old.

That being said, remember to never support any Patreon at all.

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Teisou Gyakuten Sekai

Did you ever thought you had this very specific fetish and that no one would share it with you by how specific it is and yet you are pleasantly surprised when you found a doujin with that exact same fetish? This doujin made it for me.

Synopsis: The protagonist finds himself stranded on an alternative world where the values of sex have been reversed. Women are sex crazed, porn is catered towards women, all they do is want to lose their virginity and there are far more female sex assaulter than men, while men are shy and don't engage in porn as easily as women in that world do

The premise is just perfect in a context that's barely explored, reversing the genre's involvement in sex in a social point of view. Imagine a world where instead of men sending dick pics to women randomly, is women who send tits/pussy pics to men, although that may mean a world where SJW would fight against the evil matriarchy. The possibilities are infinite, and even though the serie is short, it manages to capture that feeling of "roles reversed" at least sexually.

One of the highlights of the doujin for me was the fact that the guy managed to prostitute himself only because he is a man, something that happens a lot in mangas except that the prostitute is a woman. I think it was a refreshing set of pace and the reaction of the women involved, usually virgin, seeing a man wanting to fuck so easily, something not common in their world, is priceless.

Shame this concept is barely afloat, even when it comes to just women desiring men as systematically as men desire women. There are little mangas with "male:prostitute" tags, and most of them are sadly yaoi shit.

As for the art, nothing special, really. It reminds me of old mangas but I bet it have more to do with the artist's resources and skill than anything else, but it does have it's charm.

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Hentai Games

Post hentai games and related stuff.

It doesn't have to be entirely hentai, it can be ecchi, or just have nudes.

Remember, always pirate if able and post links. You can also request stuff.

Useful links:



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Bundle of Cunts

When you fuck some cunt with some other cunt.

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Ich Will Project

Dunno if making a thread specifically to shill my thread is ok, but here goes nothing.

Ich Will Project is a relatively basic visual novel, that puts you in a situations of trust and internalized psychological problems in order to ultimately solve the mystery of the disappearance of your friend, while at the same time making a difference in the life of the people involved, hopefully for good.

Your childhood friend Eileen entrusted you a secret: How to enter people's psyche. The next moment she disappeared in front of your eyes. Now no-one around you is able to remember she ever existed… or do they? With very little knowledge about what's happening, and in the hope of rescuing her you try to follow her instructions and gather pieces inside the mind of key people close to her. Will you be able to bring back Eileen? Or you will end just like her?

>3 Main routes with 3 unlockable routes.

>Each route is made by 8 parts, not counting the intro with 1 part for each girl.

>Each route will have choices and 3 different endings, not counting the "general" bad ending.

>Each part will have at least 1 CG with multiple variants

The main idea behind the game is variations and subconscious. Each psyche you will travel to will reveal you a vastly different reality, from a military castle, to a futuristic city and a deserted island.

Lastly, I'm open to criticism, suggestions and the such. To give you an idea of the elements of the game, the game mainly draws inspiration from Hoshizora no Memoria, Yume Miru Kusuri and Imouto Paradise, for the story, themes and the structure of choices in that order, among other things. It will not be completely smut, it will be mostly story heavy, but it will have a lot of sexual content.

Here's a link to the latest version.


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The goddess/queen of shota x MILF. This is one of the best hentai artists I've ever read. Her attention to detail is flawless, from the way she draws thick women to the way she draws shotas, including a properly sized penis, almost 99% of the times at least. Her superiority over others is that she actually draws a lot of hentai AND non-related stuff, plus most of her characters aren't really sluts and the actual sluts are really likable, she also love reverse gang-rapes and her ahegaos are pretty nice and not really exaggerated at all.

Tags: MILF, BBW, Shotacon, Harems, Group, Incest LOTS AND LOTS OF INCEST

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Idea Guy Thread

I want to make a thread for you fags to share your ideas about any hentai related stuff you have, either games or doujins, or just pics.

Maybe some faggot would pic it up and do something about it.

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Panda Archive Thread

Since Sad Panda is about to die, and probably dead as you read this, I decided to make a thread to archive and discuss sad panda high priority galleries, and to discuss what to do next, like plans to host, how to archive, and the like.

Discussion threads





Alternatives so far:







Kind of fucked archive: https://panda.chaika.moe/

Sketchy chinese torrent site with SadPanda hashes


Forum where supposedly you need to register in order to go to some kind of backup of sadpanda.


Username: justanon88

Password: anon1234

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Lost Doujins

For whatever reason, copyright or otherwise, ExHentai some times delete galleries, and that means their content is mostly lost. This is a thread dedicated to those doujins you barely remember and that can't find in sadpanda anymore.

Any lead can help, since they must be somewhere else in the net.

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Demodori Mama

One of the oldest mangas I've read, and certainly not the best, but it have an special place in my memory. Demodori Mama, as the name may explain, is about a mom ho left her house, including her husband and son, and then came back. What I like it is that a daughter she had outside this marriage goes home and they all start fucking, it's pretty nice. However, this is Hatch, so the ending fucks over the dad, not like I want him to participate, but the guy was a nice guy so him getting completely fucked in the end feels like shit, mostly because he probably kills himself afterwards.

Tags: Incest, shotacon, lolicon

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serious thread about seriousness

>throwing the glove at my own pornhub comments

Good sir!

I'll have you know I put the upmost effort into my Pornhub comments to make doubly sure they are up to the highest of standards.

When conversing about the acts of reflected in such motion pictures known as pornography it is completely nessesary for the convayence of strong meaning to get behind complex feeling of lust, to be described in such ways that can be reflected and understood by every Gentlemanly soul whom also converses comment section.

Your ignorance as to the manors and serious discussions which are common on Pornhub comments is none the less insulting to everyone who would dare call themselfs a connoisseur in these great fine arts.

I will not be coming back here as you've proven yourself unworthy of my preasence.

- sent from my tomogatchi

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Spiritus Tarou

Plain looking girls who are nymphos inside, this is the best description for Spiritus Tarou. The guy is pretty good at not only drawing "girl next door" kind of women and making them go all lovey-dovey, heart pupils included, but the personality of these girls have a nice range and the situations are usually very funny and enjoyable. Not only that, he makes them sex crazed nymphos without going for complete slut or yanderes, which is really nice.

If you like some cute stories about turning a regular girl into sex crazed nympho with no strange or unlikable turns, this is it.

Tag: Heart Pupils, Glasses, Tomboys, Childhood friends, Vanilla, Defloration

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Sugi G

Sugi G is a high risk/high reward artist. The guy makes thicc women like god intend, but sometimes he also makes them too thicc some times. He also draws a lot of shotacon, but sadly it usually involves the women being prostitutes or cumdupms. And finally, most of the stories involve cheating, but not as intense to be considered NTR except in a few cases, which are parody works and his worst works indeed.

So all in all,the guy is objectively 50/50 with these contradictions. If you like harems, thicc women and shotas, Sugi G is for you. If you're into cheating and prostitutes, he is for you as well, I guess, but you'd have shit taste.

Tags: MILF, BBW, Shotacon, Harems, Cheating, Group

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Yamatogawa has been publishing erotic mangas since 2006. Since then he have become really popular for his storytelling and drawings. He is also one of the few artist that have gone long without drawing degenerate shit, as so, his stories are pretty humoristic and vanilla.

Tags: Vanilla, Comedy, Harem

The guy is pretty good all around.