Frequently Asked Questions

What is this place about?
It started as a board made by females, for females; a place to discuss topics outside of the male gaze, a haven for your shunned sisters, and ultimately, a comfy SFW board. But as these things go, the previous owner left, abandoning the board to be swarmed by spammers and trolls. That's where I took over.
Hi, my name is Cherry, and I've been the owner for over two years now.

Who runs it?
As previously stated the board owner is Cherry, with a few in-and-out volunteers, such as (in order of joining) Phlox, BunnyGirl & Chai. To get in touch with the administration email

Why here on 8kun? Shouldn't you go to reddit/tumblr/other social media website?
8kun allows anybody and everybody to join, discuss and even form unlikely bonds, while behind the safe comfort of anonymity and perhaps a VPN or TOR browser.
Under this premise this board exists, for all girls to use.

Why SFW?
To preserve the slow and comfortable atmosphere I personally loved the board for, and as a deterrent to discourage trolls and spammers from taking roots.

Are there any girls in here?
Ah, a popular question.
The short answer: yes.

If so, prove it. Tits or GTFO.
That's an easy way to get banned. This isn't /b/.

I'm a male and come from /r9k/, /pol/, /b/... Am I allowed here?
Don't harass the users, be respectful, and use the appropriate flag, and you'll be welcome to chat, but try not to impose yourself. The board loses nothing from having you permanently banned, rather, that's less work for me to worry about.

I think women are awful and I have this graph proving it, can I post this?
Nobody cares, but if it's funny I reckon you might get a couple replies.

Without male posters, this place will surely die. There are no girls in the internet!
That's not the point. The reason this place exists is in function of itself. It's here because it's not anywhere else. If this makes you feel excluded, please realize you may be part of the problem.

I really hate how you manage this board.
Refer to the sticky Meta Thread for suggestions and criticism.

Why did I got a short ban?
Short bans are a warning. Repeated offense will result in longer bans, eventually to become permanent.

Is this another /fem/?
Does that place even exist anymore? But, the answer is no.

I would like to get to know you girls privately. Can I post my contact info somewhere?
No. Threads created for this reason only will be deleted on sight. If two people on the board wish for any reason to get eachother's contacts, do so via the existing boards such as /soc/, or share an email address. Nothing else is allowed, again, to discourage spammers and trolls.