Fringe Rankings


Our rankings are roughly based off of


A fedora rejects magick and refuses to investigate it, he is actively opposed to the practice of magick and denies its existence. He doesn't want to do anything for himself and wants to sit there and demand you prove things to him so that after hours of preparation and considerable effort to show him magick he may then dismiss it again with "magick doesn't real, nice trick there faggot". His mind's already made up and he thinks practicing and studying magick is foolishness. Some fedoras purportedly have read some magick books before but they may have been really shit books, or they might not be clever enough to make proper use of them, or they think what they read is better explained by a non-magickal explanation. They are men of faith and can't be reasoned with. "Magick is not real, trust me I've never done it!" is a famous slogan of the fedora.


A regular person with no magical knowledge or practice. Probably they aren't interested in magick or only know a little. There attention is given primarily to the mundane pursuits in life. They do not necessarily reject magick and they may be theists or religious but for whatever reason they don't pursue it. They may be apathetic, they may think they can't achieve a level of skill in magick where it would be worth their while, they may simply be too distracted with just trying to survive, they might have had some bad or startling experiences with the paranormal and let fear dominate them and keep them from going further, they might not know where to begin with getting into magick, etc. There are many reasons mundanes don't actively study and practice magick even if they acknowledge its existence or possibility. They are the same same as Hylic or Somatic in Gnostic terms.

(Both of the above ranks are equivalent with the Novice rank in the IOT /)


A person who is learning magick. They have an actual interest in occultism and study it and may be engaged in some basic practices. They've at least read some books – they are learners following the path of illumination. They want to develop adept-hood in magick. They might not be accomplished in the practice of magick for now but they're learning and they respect the initiates and masters who they seek guidance from. Same as Psychic in Gnostic terms, someone with the potential to overcome his material-animal nature and become a spiritual being.

(This rank is the same as Neophyte 4° in the IOT)


A person who has learned a lot of magick, probably studied at least a minimum of one year, read multiple books, engaged in a variety of practices with enough success in magick to not take the doubters seriously anymore. He has achieved gnosis, he's seen some shit, he's got results. He knows there's "something to it" and doesn't doubt his path any longer. Considers himself a wizard, is able to help others along the path and teach them as well. Some of these would be Pneumatic in Gnostic terms but most would still be called Psychic.

(This rank is the same as Initiate 3° in the IOT)


Like a high level initiate, someone who completed initiation years ago, and has been practicing and using his magick for a long while now. He is pretty much done with getting his knowledge from third density books and any further reading of such books is likely redundant and he does it just as a review as he already knows all the concepts and has applied all the knowledge.

(This rank is the same as Adept 2° in the IOT)


An initiate who has finished all of his studies, is extremely skilled in the practice of magick, has much to teach everyone else, and has basically overcome third density and reached a level of consciousness where he is assured not to fall back into ignorance. He has attained mastery of the magical arts. Definitely a Pneumatic.

(This rank is the same as Magus 1° in the IOT)

Master of Masters

Hermes Trismegistus is called the Master of Masters. You will never be him, not without learning and practicing for countless lifetimes in which you consciously remember everything. A spirit of this level of power travels to other worlds and reveals the highest truths to its inhabitants, creating the foundations of religion. He makes even learned wizards who've already mastered their arts still looks like like neophytes compared to him.

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