Fringe Guide

History of Fringe

The name "/fringe/" is inspired by the book Fringe Knowledge for Beginners by Montalk (which can be found here: Visiting the montalk site is also a good way to understand the scope of the topics of discussion which /fringe/ covers.

/fringe/ lineage: (✝), (✝✝), (✝ but has been resurrected now), (✝), (✝✝ this board)

These are the various places /fringe/ was hosted over the years. It has died and been reborn about 7 times now. Each cross is how many times an instance of /fringe/ has died. Fringechan used to exist long ago, died for a very long time, but the domain was bought by Alpam and it's alive again now there. 8ch /fringe/ has been wiped out at least twice now also but obviously is alive if you're reading this.

Fringe (the occult imageboard) began with its owner's journey into the occult back in late 2012 or early 2013 after having met various persons with demonstrable occult powers who made him question the materialist paradigm and being introduced to

Who Created & Owns /fringe/?

The name of the board owner is: Fringe Wizard. He posts with the Fringe Girl flag when invoking and acting within his admin role but otherwise posts as a normal anon with the Initiate flag (sometimes other flags). His rank is that of an Initiate as of June 3rd 2016 but he intends to become an adept before 2018. Note that other people also post with same flags as him.

You may reach him at…

Steam ID: 306653328

There are many determined impostors assuming the identity or posting style of Fringe Wizard so be wary of this. If it's important to you try to get to actually know him personally.

What is /fringe/ about?

>/fringe/ is a board for esoteric discussion including matters pertaining to; Magic : Philosophy : Paranormal : Dreams : Religion : Occult : Symbolism : Aliens : Demons & Angels : Metaphysics : Conspiracy : Secret Societies : Mind Control : Morality & Ethics : Mysticism : Qualia : Psychic Abilities – Anything that is fringe in some respect

In other words it's a board for wizards (magick practitioners) of all sorts and other interested peoples to come together and share their ideas, plans, theories, etc.

>How do I post?

Just go in a thread you like and start posting. No name or sign up is required and you do not need to put an email in the email field. Create a new thread if you want but make it good or it will be deleted. You should select a flag from the flags list when making a post to represent yourself. If you have questions you should post in the currently stickied question thread.

>Why would I want to use this site?

We are unique in that we protect your anonymity and let you speak your mind without censorship. If you've ever wanted a place where you can just talk about these subject matters and get honest feedback from other posters this is the place for that. All the problems of identity are averted and you can express yourself however you please (and so can the other posters). Many /fringe/ posters have studied the occult for years now and have done massive amounts of research, experimentation, and practise to arrive at the knowledge they now have and want to share with you. Even if you are sceptical and completely do not believe in these matters, you can still post your scepticism, and challenge the views of anyone here.

>What are the rules?

All of the rules concern the creation of new threads. If you don't plan on making any new threads, you don't really have to worry about the rules, as there are no rules really for people who are replying to already existing threads.


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