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>1. If am new to /fringe/ what books should I read to learn magick?

Go to the sticky ( >>77411 ). Download the whole folder if you can. Note that the books and folders with stars beside them are the most important.

Now read these books in this order:

1. The Kybalion

2. The Arcane Teachings

3. The Arcane Formulas

4. The Science of Breath Note: Contained within the 2013 Series Lessons book

5. Mind Power: The Secret of Mental Magic

6. Psychomancy

7. Mental Influence

8. 2013 a Series of Lessons (2014 edition sucks)

9. Personal Power (of special importance is the Desire Power subsection of this book, which deals with how to use loosh)

Completing the above books (all by William Walker Atkinson) will give you the knowledge you need to begin practising magick and developing yourself into an initiate. You will find more books in the library besides these to further extend and refine your training such as Initiation Into Hermetics and The Universal Master Key both by Franz Bardon and highly recommended. Other books will help you specialize in other areas. Energy Work by Robert Bruce will get you started with energywork and combines with all other practises. You may do further research on your own into various other systems relating to energywork to further flesh out your knowledge by reading about different cultures and authors views on the matter and comparing it.

Also read the Montalk PDFs (and the one text file) with the stars beside them under the Montalk folder. These are little articles but extremely important:

Key Concepts, Reality Creation Redux, Realm Dynamics - v0.2, Synchronicity and Reality Manipulation.

If you want to learn everything about astral projection, read The Doctrine of the Subtle Body by G.R.S. Mead, Life Beyond Death and Psychomancy by William Walker Atkinson, and every book there is by Robert Bruce.

Check out our sticky as well for more resources and visit Montalk's site to get his reading list >>1

>2. How to reality manifestation – achieving success with occult methods?

“Earnest Desire—Confident Expectation—and Firm Demand—these form the Triple Key of Occult Attainment.”

The Master Formula of Attainment is as follows: “(1) Definite Ideals; (2) Insistent Desire; (3) Confident Expectation; (4) Persistent Determination (5) Balanced Compensation.” Reduced to popular terms, it is as follows: “You may have anything you want, provided that you (1) know exactly what you want, (2) want it hard enough, (3) confidently expect to obtain it, (4) persistently determine to obtain it, and (5) are willing to pay the price of its attainment.”

>3. How to heal by occult methods?

In fact, the whole structure of Mental Healing, Faith Cure, Suggestive Therapeutics, etc., rests upon the two principles of Therapeutic Psychology, or Psychological Therapeutics, which may be stated as follows: (1) the strong mental idea, thought, or mental picture of certain physical conditions, and (2) the confident expectation, lively hope, firm belief, or strong expectant attention directed toward the materialization or objectification of that idea, thought, or mental picture.

>4. What are the elements / tattvas?

1. Akasha (Prima Materia, Quintessence, Fifth Element, Void, Spirit) 2. Fire (Tejas) 3. Water (Apas) 4. Air (Vayu) 5. Earth. (Prithivi) (see article for the symbols used to represent each tattva)

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn uses the tattvas and they are also important in the works of Franz Bardon and also Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski. Fire and water are the true elements which come out of akasha. Air and Earth are false elements that come from combinations of fire and water.

As described by Slavinski;

>The air is thought. It permeates everything, but is invisible; only its effect can be felt or seen.

>Fire is emotion or feeling. Its main characteristic is expansion and inconstancy, changing of shape. We often say emotions are warm, heated, changeable and fickle.

>Water is psychic image. It is the only element in which reflections of objects and people, beginning with the unhappy Narcissus who fell in love with his own reflection in the spring water, naturally appear.

>Earth is bodily sensation – physical feeling. It is “palpable” and the densest of all the elements. Hot feeling in our face, knot in our throat, pressure in the solar plexus and similar bodily sensations are easiest to notice, because they force themselves on us.

>5. Astral Projection

There is a lot of confusion existing around this topic. People do not know what the astral planes is or how easy it is to get there.

The astral planes are the mental planes. It is a plane on which mental activities occur and thoughts interact. The astral planes itself is divided into 7^7 planes that is 7 planes with 7 subdivisions each for each subdivision ( 823,543 total ).

If you imagine anything, if you dream, and if you remember; you are interacting with the astral. The astral is not far away from you and not super inaccessible.

If you want to AP just learn to concentrate, visualize, and reproduce/mirror all of the physical senses in the mental. If you can dream you already can AP.

The astral planes contain within it everything imaginable. It is not the exclusive domain of do-gooders as I saw one random faggot saying in a thread, it does in fact contain all the horrible things as well. Specific realms within the astral vary and some are very nice places and some very bad. There is also a higher astral and a lower astral, the higher parts being accessed more easily by a highly developed occultist who has refined his astral senses greatly.

The problem with actually making use of the astral is a matter of developing the astral senses and learning to navigate the astral. By the astral you can remote view, you can enter others dreams, you can go visit someone else's astral realm they've been constructing, you can access new knowledge and abilities, and do many other things. The issue isn't with learning to AP but with navigating the astral; you're all already connected to the astral.

RECOMMENDED BOOKS FOR ASTRAL PROJECTION: Mind Power: The Secret of Mental Magic, Life Beyond Death, and Psychomancy by William Walker Atkinson… any of Robert Bruce's books (which mostly deal with astral projection) and Franz Bardon's books. Other authors have written on the subject too (e.g. Lobsang Rampa, Ophiel, Mead), pretty much every occult author always gives a method for AP, and there are other books in the library that will tell you how to AP.

>6. Developing New Faculties

Desire and will and knowledge of the elements are extremely important to realizing, developing, and accomplishing anything.

Fire is expansive, imposing, positive, will, etc. whereas water is contracting, receiving, condensing, holding, desire, etc. it is the opposite of water


Fire and water are the only true elements. Air is basically fire and water in a volatile state and is associated with the intelligence of a thing as such. Earth is stable and denser, it is the opposite of air, and has to do with solidity/touch/heaviness/etc.

Akasha (fifth element / prima materia / void / spirit / quintessence) can be used by using fire and water in a nondual manner. To give an example do this:

1. Go to

2. Set your minimum value to 0 and max value to 9.

Now before you click Generate and get a random number there are two ways to "predict" the number.

3.a Using Water The first way is to caste water and receive an impression at to what the number will be. If you do this, you simply empty your mind, and then hold the desire that the number that will be generated when you click shall appear in your mind and you WAIT. You do not think about it or guess what it is, you just concentrate the desire-force and receive the number. This is how you use water. Don't guess with the intellect either (air).

3.b Using Fire The second way is to caste fire and force the number to be what you want. In this way you could force it to be 5 say 5 times in a row (extremely improbable but if your will is strong enough you'll be able to do it).

This works for mind-reading as well you know. Some people mind-read by picking up the thoughts of people and telling them what they thought but others can "mind-read" by planting thoughts in their minds and then telling them what they just planted there.

4. Using Both If you use fire and water at once, I think that would count as using akasha. Whatever the case you would at once desire to see the number that it's going to be while also using your will to force it to be a specific number you think or want it to be. If you do this really well then you can know exactly when the right moment to actually click generate is, as you can know at once that result you're going to get, while also forcing it to be the number you want it to be. In your mind's eye this could appear as say a number on the left of you showing the number you want to force it to generate and on the right a number will appear to you that shows you the number it will be.

If anyone wants to expand on what I've said here or correct me please do as I kind of have to re-read Zivorad and Franz Bardon again to refresh this in my mind.

If you want any new faculty do void meditation to remove distractions and then just desire very strongly and with intense concentration the new faculty and it should come to you pretty quickly if you do things right and pour enough emotion into it and don't get distracted by other impulses, desires, etc.

>7. The Location of the Soul

The soul is distributed over the whole body and beyond it in a cloud-like or ocean-like matter. It would be pretty accurate to say also that your soul lies "wherever your awareness stretches or is focused". All your cells have a little bit of awareness to them and as such have souls which resonate with and connect to each other and form a super soul for your whole body; which in turn is embedded in a greater world soul and a soul of physicality (the demiurge). Your spirit interfaces with your soul through awareness + will by a process of resonance. Please be aware that when I talk of soul and spirit I am using Montalk's terms which are standard on this board and spirit has a different meaning than soul: — Your soul is a thoughtform.

Learning Energy Work the way Robert Bruce recommends will help you dislodge your soul from your body or create an extra astral body to extend your awareness into.

>8. What are Meditations I can do?

See the Meditations Super Thread here:

The most basic meditations deal with the use of the imagination, the concentration of attention upon a subject or object, the development of insight into problems, and the filtering out of the physical senses (which reveals the void and all that it contains), the creation of thoughtforms, the use of subconscious processing, and various cognitive enhancements to memory and visualization and other faculties.

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