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LIST OF DISCORDS : Meme Lords Culture Club; the meme mages shall inherit the Earth! : users from 4&8 Chan /fringe/ & /x/ got a server up for paranormal/cryptids/occult/general esoteria/politics/sciences and shitpost. Just broke 110 regular users (feb/6/2019) : Chamber of light; esoteric wisdom, self improvement, financial freedom, being righteous, tech talk : Liminality; This server is very new, so its ethos and culture has not been set in stone, but the primary intent is to create a haven for serious discussion and debate, blended with banter. Hopefully with people who have very different paradigms, specialties and worldviews. The server members are more important than the rules. : The Order Of The Quest; If you would like to join an occult organization dedicated to engaging in rituals to summon a new kingdom into existence, you are invited to join the order of the quest. : (No Name Given); a safehaven for discussion all kinds of divination, witchcraft, the occult and the like : Midnight Carnival;

List of Fringe-Related Sites : Eldritch Research Center, the reboot…occult,conspiracy, general /x/ server