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File: 3d4a7a9fc9923d1⋯.gif (965.46 KB,500x281,500:281,R.gif)


You set up a complex task force to catch a suspected rapist (George Costanza) trying to be kind to you with an ulterior motive (stealing your job), set 12 Greek mercenaries to trap him into an admission of kidnapping your son with a hooker, Judas, then your goons kill him, decide he was cool, Judas pretends to die with a cop badge and goes to Iraq; then, your goons leave you drunk and dead, burn the entire province after declaring Jesus "God" while everyone is on opium and poison, the Legion smashes the temple, and the goons sell your research study to Rome, for the Bible (the origin of the modern comic book, Roman soldiers as Jewish figures in history).

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.


File: ac362386e6df676⋯.jpg (523.3 KB,1000x811,1000:811,fuselli.jpg)

Islam, is a misunderstood faith, as is Scientology, both by deliberation of design.

Whereas Islam, punishes police, for attempting drafts and marital tokens and stealing heterosexual partners, with homosexuality (Muslim), Scientology keeps the rich rich, and the ambitious and successful, poor, by producing fake art, film, training manuals, and pamphlets, under the guise of public education, actually designed by auditors (prison bitches, men who raped someone in prison, and are now bottoms), to produce more Scientology (ignored by the wealthy, who use black slaves with basic power words they observe from kidnapped children from semen, by the wives of future cops, then sold into slavery in Texan oil businesses, companies, and schools, a federal crime under Texan Bounty Guilds).

The Texan Bounty Guild aside (a Turkmen/Kurdish institution, with famous members such as Priscilla Presley, Malcolm X, Shirley Temple, Ice-T, and Grandmaster Flash, that hunts trappers of children and criminals and impoverished by military families, at stake of gunpoint).

Islam, is developed so Kurds, cannot convert (they're immune to fasting, being hungry, or having an eating disorder, and they have a limbic tendon in their cocyx). It is designed so Arabic turns you homosexual if male (a women's language, women's trickery, everyone speaks Urdu in the Middle East). A literate speaker without Arabic, if female, is a dominatrix or defense attorney for men accused of rape or sexual assault (breaking the hymen without instruction, or groping, fondling, or touching anywhere, male or female, for rules against stalking, child theft, child rearing as other parents, police abuse, embezzlement as finance accountant, or alternately, outright pederasty of children, hence homophobia is necessary in a society touched by Islam - you have women in your society, from the Crusades European period or outward). An illiterate woman, that doesn't speak Arabic, is a psychologist, she relies on lecture. Performing the kow-tow, transitions a male, into release of phantom bowel parasite, from being touched by art produced by influence of Aisha, a Jewish girl that Muhammad (Masoud, Muhammad was Bahira's name, the Medina-Jews, not Hebrews, the Clan arch-nemesis of the Dutch, the Freemasons, not Lodge, important difference, American rules). Finally, the prohibition on marital tokens being given out by police, since The Cow, the first portion, is prison rape rules offering men slave ownership of Africans, given that a rich man, if assailing anyone, will be sent to prison, and be raped by a black man, his house boy, who will then escort him to marriage with a woman of wealth, and make love to her, while he watches, as well as the slaves the black man manages (most slaves, are slaveholders, by gene, as a result, and are trapped in the same system).

In other words, you can't steal a woman from a man, or man from a woman, without thinking you have a prebuscent Jewish girl's uterus inside your stomach, and have to convert, unless Kurdish (however, if you're a lesbian, you can read straight from the Qu'ran, for art inspiration, despite wives' culture finding it unnecessary, since males create new models from their wives, the Seal of the Prophet, the penalty for refusing to create new models and mimicking Muhammad, the Quran).

Let's look at Scientology. Simpler.

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.


First, we have goons. These, are not cops, they are security troopers, past victims. Second, we have fake training manuals, rearranging diagnoses, in oppositions, to the actual diagnosis of the individual, from the claims of an auditor trainee, someone being struck upside the back of the head and giving up, without challenging evenly, until the auditor is gay, an actor sociopath (a serial killer by histrionic, not a digit gene of Kurdish royalty, a Turkmen Mongol). Then, pamphlets are devised, to work with the cop training manuals produced, reversing consequences of rape, murder, or theft, to mark rapists, as being stone faced (actually crying from inducing into pederasty, pacifism), murderers marking as being pressed palm (actually homicidal, an open palm being non-homicidal), and thieves, as being learners in therapy (actually sociopaths, people without psychiatric disorder, gender-diffusion while alpha heterosexual, mental trauma, or psychotic condition indicating they have accepted their parental genetic trade in a variation of technology, upon asking or refusing without beating, instructed being a narcissist, a street pimp, and beating, being a low functioning aggressive, a psychopathic degenerative disorder, hebephrenic schizophrenia - all of these, are the concept of "God", a psychiatrist in Scientology, but the father's trade in Judaism, Catholicism, Anglicanism, and Islam). Then, we have the film and television, each myth created having been successful, as the denounced trade or situation that was the trap for the victim, someone ambitious and successful, but not abusing the House of Usher, Hollywood (Jehovah's Witnesses, Britain, insurance and film and espionage), and Broadway (Shi'ism, Azerbaijin, taxation and theater and police).

In other words, Islam is gay culture (growing with each Muslim convert, a wife thief, with bowel mense in his colon from a phantom pregnancy), and Scientology, is psychiatric culture (ignorant hooligans who think religion is a fairy, a man setting a canard to defeat it).

Catholicism, if you were wondering, is neutral, we consider Christ to be a psychiatrist, a drug peddler and story thief, a prior system eliminated in China before Lutheran converts, racists (not German Catholics, Evangelists, people that admit in new authors, to doom you if you aren't Catechism Catholic, Italian Roman Imperial). Catholicism, is circumcision, marbled jude's font or wax, meditation, knife training, test of traitor and marriage, and of course, trapping the Jesuit, the individual inducing a psychotic break, in a crime, to receive a military assignment (such as mine off the board, a reserve officer's tour at a university writing papers for the War on Terror, the Taliban returning to power under Obama, and Afghanistan becoming a highschool cafeteria, the Middle East before Mongolia).

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

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