Guidelines used for sites listed

1. Boards on the claims page will not be listed. If you want the board listed, claim it and run it, then I will. There can be, however, exceptions to this depending on the traffic the board actually gets, and the nature of said board (i.e. if the mayor purpose is a static dump of content or not).

2. Boards must have more than 800 posts and show activity in within the last week to be added on my own. If yours doesn't match these criteria or if you have a board ring you want added, I make exceptions.

3. Boards that are focused on 3D underage models and that I don't feel pass the Dost test won't be listed. They put this site in danger and likely don't want the extra attention anyway.

4. If yours isn't added because I overlooked it, or it doesn't match the criteria, or for some reason you don't want yours listed, contact me in the meta thread. I do this for all of you, after all.

5. The line between a Lifestyle discussion board and a Porn board is whether or not the board will be used for actually discussing a particular niche or whether it's a discussion of pics and videos linked and dumped. The line between a Hobby and a Lifestyle is a bit blurry, but lifestyles are generally something you are, or a social niche you're a part of, while hobbies are something you do.

Guidelines used for reviews

1. Reviews must be in good faith. Shill reviews, reviews that don't offer much insight, or meme reviews get trashed.

2. There is no set score system. If you choose to score them on your own, feel free, but it's not necessary.

3. Reviews placed out of the thread they belong get moved there. This is to reduce clutter.

4. Unlisted boards shouldn't be reviewed. This includes JB boards.

5. Board suggestions in the review threads get trashed.