Board Rules

1: Safe-for-work only both text and media

2: No spam or flood

3: No excessively rude comments

4: No whining about banter when it's clever

5: Be nice!

Mod Policy

All bans will be temporary at a maximum of one week

In trolling cases, posters will generally be given the benefit of the doubt

Spam and flood posts will be deleted and the poster issued a ban

Explicit content will be deleted and the poster issued a ban

What to Expect

An imageboard is not a church, so we do not have membership or a confession. People will post heresy, and you can either tell them why they're wrong or ignore it. If they're baiting you, neither of these are very exciting responses. If they're genuine, maybe you'll persuade them.When you criticize someone else's church, know that your argument, good or not, reflects your own church. At the same time, be aware of false flag posters.

If being on 8kun is too much of a temptation for sin with the other boards, please leave for your purity's sake!